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Confident Football Betting
I am going to bet on 100% certanty bets with full bank!

The rules below I will stick to, however I am going to start with £3.57 as I am experimenting and those are the leftovers of my account at the precise moment. :)

* Rule 1: Only start with a bank you can afford to lose
* Rule 2: Bet full bank till I have doubled my starting bank
* Rule 3: Withdraw half the bank I started with when I have doubled my start bank
* Rule 4: Mainly focus on football bets as I have more knowledge in football than other sports
* Rule 5: will bet full bank and withdraw £5 from £10 and carry on after
* Rule 6: Patience is a virtue, do not try to force bets to increase the bank quickly.

Starting Bank £3.57 / Current Bank £3.57 /

Bet 1. Juventus v B Munich / Over 1.5 Goals / £3.57 @ 1.33 / Potential Returns £1.18 / Result Pending

Reasons I am confident about bet 1:

* With Juventus needing to win here by 2 goals or more they will need to go on the attack, with that said it will leave space for Bayern to exploit on the counter, Juventus in their own back yard will be fired up for this and I can honestly see both teams scoring here.

Goal statistics:
                          Juventus         Bayern
Avg. goals scored p/m       1.89            2.22   
Avg. goals conceded p/m       0.67            1.11

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