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02 Mar 22 13:20
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Good grief! The overall standard is truly woeful. I intended to look up some more players in the UK Open and stumbled across this lot. MAD Singles Tour? consists of Modus regulars: Chas Barstow, Andy Jenkins, and Mike Gillet. The other name I recognise is Sam Rooney. This league is 10 weeks in and the playing average is 66. In layman's terms...that's 23 darts per leg. In theory hold in 24 darts, break in 21. Absolute bottom line stuff. Those 3-4 players alone are holding the averages up. I've not picked up a dart for 18+ months, might sack off the idea of giving the Seniors qualifiers a go and instead look into this obscure bottom feeder scene. Surely there's others who look in on here who could compete at this level? I shall return with more stats from across the board.
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Report DartsnBooze March 2, 2022 2:33 PM GMT
Apologises, the running average over the 10 weeks was 68, not 66 as originally posted. That's  22 darts per leg, so little difference. Still 8 throws per winning leg.

Running averages for each level on the darts pyramid from 2021 except*
Excluding County darts = Not tournaments, though could fall under Lakeside Qualifiers.

Womens Series = 63.60
Bottom feeder amateur darts = 68
Lakeside Qualifiers = 68.64
Development Tour= 71.50
Seniors Worlds Qualifier = 74 02
PDC Q School = 79.50
PDC Challenge Tour = 79.60
Seniors Worlds = 82.21 *2022
PDC Pro tour = 92.20

Quite an insight to the levels required. Ultimately it's about having the b@lls to toe the Oche, or just being content in the bottom feeder grade. Sharpen yer arrers, there's hope for all.

According to online data even Simon Whitlock played in this and unsurprisingly tops the averages. Then again he did say in past interviews he was playing some local comps. Of the 112 players who participated in at least 1 event only 4 of those averaged Over the bread and butter line of 83.50 = 18 darts per leg. I guess there's  a case to say those top 4 shouldn't be allowed as they're likely to hoover up the events. There has to be something more than either Pro or Amateur in darts. Some players on the CT have given up their jobs to play Modus, CT and other available events. They're now professional darts players surely? Then there's the semi pros. The most notable one being Johnny Clayton. I'm using my phone so if this don't post it's lost forever!
Report DartsnBooze March 2, 2022 2:43 PM GMT
P.S. MAD Singles Tour (Event 11) resumes next week, but where? Why wasn't I told? :-D
Report DartsnBooze March 12, 2022 9:27 PM GMT
The return of M.A.D. Singles Tour.
Last night Event 11 took place.

Chas Barstow won his opening match with an 102 average. The running average for the event was 69.
That's not all as a new name emerged on the MAD scene in Paul Walker who recording a whopping 112 average in his 3-0 1/4 final win.

Little surprise to see a Barstow/Walker final with Chas triumphant 3-1 with 96 ave. Paul 94 ave.

Avoid a small group of these players and a decent run is on the cards. Your mate asks how'd you get on last night? Played Barstow in the first round. Life's a bitch.

Wonder when Event 12 is? Somewhere southbound. Like Modus, everything surrounded in secrecy. Maybe the information is on fb or Twitter.

Well done Chas. The Taylor of this low grade level, though he also plays the Challenge tour with success.
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