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31 Jan 22 13:29
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The Modus continuation re-starts tomorrow

Quite some interest in 3 of Scott Walters matches
£6k+ v Richardson
£4k+ v Payne
£6k+ v Leung

His other matches both £47 matched

All 15 matches starting tomorrow - monies matched:
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Report wisewords January 31, 2022 2:52 PM GMT
someone using those quiet markets to transfer money from one account to another most likely
Report bin bagged February 2, 2022 3:54 PM GMT
How do you successfully transfer money at market prices lol
Report wisewords February 2, 2022 9:54 PM GMT
if a market has no money in it, you can use it to transfer between accounts. it's against betfairs rules though
Report bin bagged February 3, 2022 2:35 AM GMT
Try it more than once and see what happens lol.
Report bin bagged February 3, 2022 2:36 AM GMT
Unless you're doing it for buttons you won't get away with it.
Report bin bagged February 3, 2022 2:36 AM GMT
Unless you're doing it for buttons you won't get away with it.
Report DartsnBooze February 3, 2022 10:13 AM GMT
There is definitely a bot on the scene as I put in £500 @ evens for a 4/6 Chance to see what would happen. It automatically went £500 evens the same in the other box.

As for those having more than one account. I struggle with one Laugh
Report bin bagged February 3, 2022 11:24 AM GMT
But surely thats betfairs cross matching bot? If you want to back someone at evens it will put that you want to lay the other person at evens as they are obviously the same thing. Like if you want to back someone at 13/8 it will put a lay in of the other player at 8/13.
Report wisewords February 3, 2022 3:18 PM GMT
yes bin, what DnB is talking about is betfairs cross matching bot
Report DartsnBooze February 3, 2022 6:52 PM GMT
WW, are you saying those bf b@stards are skimming the cream off us paupers? That might account for all the Lays (pink boxes)Tongue Out for Clayton that completely vanished during the world champs.

Those b@stards at 365 monitored my account and decided if / when to accept my in-play bets, loads during darts.

Eg...darts in-play...I put in a spins around, then says odds have shortened etc...

The opposite is exactly that...odds go out bet accepted.

I had enough of their bs and Self Excluded for the max time allowed, 5 years. Utter b@stards.

They're all at it.

Don't know about you lot but to me it seems the bookies have devised another plan. Instead of closing accounts and getting slaughtered for it they now reduce your stakes to pennies.

Take it or leave it.

Only 2 sites I can get on at decent stakes:
BF Sportsbook and Sportingbet...that's it.

I'll let you know when Sporting pull the plug Cry

Who invented wine? It's mangled my brain!
Report DartsnBooze February 5, 2022 10:12 PM GMT
Josh Payne carrying on where he left off the other day. Superb standard
Report DartsnBooze February 16, 2022 1:35 PM GMT
Downtown Cancun is mental. Had to get this out there - Jason Hogg...he made his debut in Modus league yesterday. He was utter sh!te. 3 tweets stand out... "Great fun betting Hogg matches. Looks like he's sank 15 pints, he's hardly won a leg and every match Under 1.5x180." Another tweet asked why he wasn't playing today and incredibly Hogg replied!!! "I have no idea. " Revert to my opening line "you were utter sh!te." No wonder Modus sacked him off. His last match against Jobber Robson looked like a north east correct score betting special. It is the only Modus match where i've not seen them show the stats. Instead Nicholson quickly moved on to the next day's play start time. Hogg was replaced by Diogo Portela, who's also been sh!te! Hogg is pdc afilliated due to playing Q School? I expect a fine, and or possible ban too for impersonating a dart player. Soon be time to head back to those white sandy beaches. And lastly, come on Wolfie, 3/3 losses today. Needs to beat Portela. Currently 2-2 legs.
Report bin bagged February 17, 2022 9:05 PM GMT
P1ssed lol? What time do they start and where is it played?
Report DartsnBooze February 19, 2022 6:25 PM GMT
The stats are in after a g!mp f!st posed the question on twitter.

Hogg 52.26
Gary Robson 67.04

The flip side of darts as 5 week's earlier...

Q School deciding leg:
Hogg - 129, 125, 180, 67 c/o in 3 darts
Sherrock - 180, 140, 140, 41 left after 9
Report DartsnBooze February 19, 2022 6:27 PM GMT
F@cks sake! Half the post is missing
Report DartsnBooze February 19, 2022 6:42 PM GMT
Modus league is played within the Southampton area at a venue unknown to those on the outside. The whole set up is very cloak and dagger but why so secretive? The league pyramid is complex to how monies are filtered down to players finishing bottom as everyone gets a few pounds. The increased prize funds comes from a host of sponsored bookies. So in theory the books take from the mugs and pay the players.  To quote Tony Green "Look! They're all here." A quip for non tour card holders keen to get in on the lucrative Modus action.

Report DartsnBooze February 19, 2022 6:55 PM GMT
I need some new gadgets...Modus schedule...Try again...

Tue-Fri Mornings:
Start time 9:30am until either side of 2pm. Unless a snail or two is playing then nearer 3pm finish.

Thu-Sat Evenings:
Start time 10pm-1am etc
Report DartsnBooze February 19, 2022 11:23 PM GMT
Michael J fox had to put up with this nonsense in that movie. The last 3 hrs since 2:15pm. Fantastic hotel i'm in. Getting weirder by the hour. The room across from me hahha there it is again. Someone fires up the hairdryer and the noises start all over again. Maybe room 205 is a wh@re den? I'm tempted to knock on the door as in close to breaking it down. That one was over pretty quick. Maybe Sir Alex is in there! Laugh Laugh Laugh

Back to Modus darts.
Report wisewords February 20, 2022 12:24 AM GMT
looks like you're really enjoying the Modus Live League DnB! some good money to be made on occasion in this when randomers who are terrible are introduced. it takes them a while to get used to the setup. Robert Rickwood was terrible for a period when first introduced
Report DartsnBooze February 20, 2022 2:32 AM GMT
Hey WW, love the arrers me. I see you're still  Like you say there's money to be made, no matter the standard. Sportsbook have tied everything up only offering minimal tight markets on Modus. Last year they offered loads of markets. Sporting have enough markets to keep me content. At least the room opposite is now quiet as the f@ckers have left. Watched a bit of Tigers v San Luis. Crunching tackles galore. Splashed on the old spice and all set for some taco tasting Tongue Out
Report DartsnBooze February 20, 2022 2:34 AM GMT
WW, I see you're still moving money around your accounts. This time on the opening Thornton match for tuesday. I'm outta here.
Report DartsnBooze February 23, 2022 10:17 PM GMT
Baking hot today...just 29c degrees. Had to come in doors and cool down. Yesterday I moved across the city to sample a different taste and atmosphere. My hotel is in a lively spot and when I arrived there were 2 hook@rs outside...waiting for me?

It's pick on Jamie day today.

Tomorrow the Modus league sees the return of Jamie Durrant. A player who averages 75 but according to his Uncle between 75 & 90. Glen, where are these 90 averages because I can't seem to find them? He never played  Q School this year so there's nowt on him for 2022. Must have been actively playing somewhere. County? That's only one match per month which leaves local leagues and comps. His running average is 10 points below mid 80's average modus standard. More likely been shoe horned in as a favour?

Averages...Mardle spouting b@llocks all day long but now comms have devised alternative b@llocks. "It's only a guide etc..."

The only way to get a 100% true average is for each leg to be played to completion by Both players. This means when Price for example checks out in 12 darts his opponent keeps throwing until also finishing a leg of 501. That opponent might take 20-25 darts. This is a true average. This is also b@llocks and would never happen. Don't be fooled by the sky hype. It's the top elite players that keep the also rans with good averages, whereas Jamie Durrant played 10 matches on challenge tour. He won 7 with mid 70's averages meaning he hit his doubles. His 3 losses were higher averages.

I will look out for him and hope to see mid to high 80's averages and make a few peso.
Report DartsnBooze February 24, 2022 2:21 PM GMT
JD lived up to the type.

Jamie Durrant Modus watch...Played 5 - Won 1, Lost 4.

Showed petulance ala Mike Smith style in fist 2 matches. At the age of 31 is not a good sign. Lacking match practice and experience at this level or, sorry Glen, simply not good enough?

Day 1 running average of 80.00 exactly.

Tell me Glen, where's this 90 then?
You mean the inflated one win zero legs won?
92+ is good going, but no doubles, against a player who was on fire, averaging 109+ mid match.

Modus, as posted yesterday, on what criteria did JD merit an inclusion? As I said, a favour.

79.50 Won  4-1 with 4/13 on doubles. Perry had a shocker, 1/16 on doubles
71.17 Lost 1-4 with 1/2 on doubles
81.09 Lost 2-4 with 2/5 on doubles
76.10 Lost 0-4 with 0/3 on doubles
92.15 Lost 0-4 with 0/5 on doubles v a rampant Lisa Ashton

Lets see if there's a big improvement tomorrow after a rusty 1st day.

Still, more peso profit banked. Saw a jazzy restaurant yesterday with omelette on the menu $114 peso = £4.50 includes fries and salad. Bargain! Might treat myself or even ask for it as food to go and save on the 20% add on surcharge haha. Will wait until the afternoon to decide as only 8:20am here Wink
Report bin bagged February 24, 2022 6:21 PM GMT
Where are you and how were the hookers?
Report DartsnBooze February 24, 2022 11:10 PM GMT
I'm running late again. Then again I wanted to keep this one under wraps away from vultures feeding off my hard graft. Replicated his recent running form from pdc events in his opening match. BB, I am over 5,000 miles from the cesspit called England and not missing it one bit. Is like stepping back in time to the 70's. Fabulous! I was sat on the corner with a tub of ice cream wondering how many were even 18 in a day as the sun battered me whilst Gilliland & Evans slugged it out. I played the match back in full once back in my room and it lived up to expectations. My man will be primed come his 3rd match then it's tacos for all and iced lemon drinks for the ladies. Hope the dart player turns up and not the comedian.
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 12:12 AM GMT
This is the 2nd time i've seen Modus avoid posting poor match stats. This time Kelling v Osborne.
So what if said player is below par but conveniently ticks a box as he lives on the venues doorstep.

Kelling no stats
Kelling 74.30
Kelling v Evans to follow...

Will the girls receive the refreshing juice?
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 12:26 AM GMT
A bit of searching on Kelling and the lad has been out with a shoulder injury and only started playing again a month ago. All the best fella just not in this match.
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 12:29 AM GMT
Yes! 2-0 and the bet is matched. Won't be long now girls
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 12:36 AM GMT
The comedian is nowhere to be seen. Lee Evans is finally producing his 2022 form albeit in the 3rd match which is where I had him primed.

142 c/o
125 c/o
170 c/o
52 c/\0
4-0 win and over 100 average.

Again no stats shown as Kelling was playing, though their available on their twitter feed so a bit of b@llocks really.
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 12:42 AM GMT
Kelling averages

67.00 v Evans with zero darts at a double.

He plays Gilliland next - You know the drill...
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 1:33 AM GMT
Kelling gonna have a bad average here.
Yep 62.41
Hope some got on.
Been a most rewarding day no matter the standard on show.
Thanks Modus for putting this on.
It's 7:30pm here. Time to head out
Report DartsnBooze February 26, 2022 5:36 AM GMT
A mish mash of all sorts thrown in. ..
I guess people have a life away from the forum but not one post all day. I caught a few Modus matches this morning and was fortunate as the theme park had wi-fi. I sat at a table in a primed spot in the shade from where I watched the madness of The Joker ride as it twisted and turned at speed. Got the darts up and used the scoreboard only. Some decent returns and my 7fold acca came in @ 6.25. Dross got hammered against a player who under performs on tv. Does this one count as it's streamed? I expected Itv4 to be the broadcaster but no, Pdc tv have got it. Eddie Hearn's leaning towards the ppv already. How long before they sack Sky off. If this did happen they'd likely tie in a deal with Danz but who would the new comms be? Turner would be gone for sure. Dr Rod "he's got 6 darts from here" Harrington has been pushed aside, I mean he plays a lot of golf. Not 1 single mention (myself included) did I see on any network for Rod to be included in the Seniors World Champs nor asking why he wasn't. A top player in his day. Modus evening session again produced profits. Did anyone get on with 365 for all players to beat Kelling. Betfair swerved some mafches including Gilliland v Kelling. Wasn't even on the sportsbook to do the acca. Sporting are only offering singles on modus matches. So that was me out of luck. I'm sure it paid 11/8? Had a crazy journey back on a ramshackle bus which was rammed and way over legal capacity but nothing surprises me in this City. The other day a worker on the bins was sat in the back of the bin wagon. What could go wrong? Health and safety does not exist over here. I would return but the air pollution is not good and has f@cked with my breathing. So it's sayonara to the lady's of the night. The one thing the government have clamped down on is the wearing of masks. I had 2 security guards come up to me in Six Flags as i'd took mine off. F@ck off i'm exempt does not exist here. Gilliland topped the table with Osborne 2nd, and Evans 3rd with all 3 qualifying for a shot at Saturday's winner prize of 2k. Is it 3k? No one out there to reply haha. 2 sessions of pdc arrers to come then the Modus from 10ish tonight. 5:30am in Blighty. 11:30pm here. Until many hours later. "That's All Folks!" As seen at the park.
Report DartsnBooze February 26, 2022 7:01 PM GMT
Tablet with most of my captured stuff of Mexico is lost forever. Better board this flight and leave this for a chuckle or 2. Using phone which is a shock as cant normally get on here with. Other tablet never let's me in.Must dash....1 he flight ahead.
Report DartsnBooze February 27, 2022 4:09 AM GMT
Who wants a good laugh?
Those f@cking ramshackle bus merchant's screwed me over. 10 hrs on I'm left thinking one was a magician as my tablet and its case simply vanished. For starters I missed my stop and as the bus reached its end I was the only one on. I gave him b@llocks as I pointed at my phone...Terminal 2 you b@stard. WTF. The bus in front was about to leave and my driver grabbed his attention. Rushing me to get out I grabbed all my stuff and boarded the next bus. My tablet wasn't in my bag. The f@cker was driving off. I had to grab him and get him to stop and rushed back to original lift but tablet wasn't on the seat or anywhere to be seen. My tablet you c@nt, you know I was filming and taking pictures. I then realised all my stuff was still on the new bus so I hurtled back to it. What if the f@cker drove off! It's Mexico baby. You ain't getting sh!t back. I knew I hadn't logged off bf or sporting, not email and had no way of getting online until at the airport as the sim card I got in Cancun was the original stitch up. Even tipped the lass $50 peso. Course, the wi-fi worked in the phone shop as she connected me via their own wi-fi and tricked me, or a case of it simply doesn't work as I trecked back the mile or so to the shop the next day. I guess I'm a retard! That's 2 quips I've now used as a nod to The Hangover films. All photo's and footage over the years lost, or is it as I have Amazon Cloud storage/back up. Will try signing in to it. but what else was on my tablet? About 30 pages were open and thinking back nothing dodgy haha. The good news for some is every time I'm signed onto bf with the newer tablet, the forum says I'm not and wouldn't let me post.

I could be quiet for a while. Gives someone else a chance to post something of note. Thought I'd share a few tales of woe on what was a once booming bf darts forum as I'd only get a fraction of ridicule on here. Won't be waiting for Bito to say "take it to Chit Chat" as it no longer exists, for posting purposes.

I missed all the Modus finals night. Having backed 3 players to win it outright, these 3 in fact, a score on each... Osborne 7/2 was settled  as the winner though it was McEwan 3/1 who beat Evans 7/1 in the final, so I owe Sporting a tenner. I'd contact them but near impossible getting a link as I'd tried contacting them to get my account temporarily blocked. While I'm rambling on...I've stepped from the 70's of Mexico City and it's air pollution to an absolute oven of a place. Acapulco was over 30c degrees today, same again tomorrow! But that's not all...I skimped on a room with air con for one with a fan only as I wanted to experience it. Big regret to start with but also came to the conclusion I no longer have to fly to Havana, Cuba as the night life with its extreme heat is already here.

A choice of 2 beaches tomorrow. Turn left or right from the hotel and both a few mins away. There was a drag singer in one of the many outdoor bars/eating establishments along the main beach front (left)
Report DartsnBooze February 27, 2022 4:11 AM GMT
It worked. 10pm and the local music is booming out. I guess they know it's too hot to sleep on a Saturday night
Report DartsnBooze March 2, 2022 10:09 AM GMT
WTF! Is that gun fire outside?
Report DartsnBooze March 2, 2022 10:11 AM GMT
Another half post missing...4am turn down volume on the least marines base is close by
Report DartsnBooze March 2, 2022 11:23 AM GMT
Who else is watching Modus live league? Lisa's thrown some great darts, but this from Murphy on comms "Tramlines, outer rings?" They're double segments. Word gimmicks like "the big fish" and other made up wordology is slowly creeping into darts speak.
Report DartsnBooze March 4, 2022 2:17 AM GMT
Forget the PL (well played Goblin,) the action from the lower tiered section of dart players produced some marvellous matches and individual performances in the Modus live league. A pleasure to witness it, with Robert  Owen claiming 3 from 4 wins and the plaudits with winning averages including 113+ and 106+. A brutal day of arrers ahead tomorrow starting for me with Modus @ 3:30am-8am. Minehead @ 5am-11am and 1PM-5pm. More Modus from 5pm-8:30pm. What's that, 15 hrs of darts with 2hrs break? Crazy That's 1hr on the hotel roof top in the pool and jacuzzi with the baking sun shining down 33c. Today's lesson is be like the locals and keep a shirt on at all times, especially in water.
Report DartsnBooze March 5, 2022 7:18 PM GMT
Modus Finals Night tonight with 6k to the Champion. All matches best of 7 Legs. 2 groups of 3 players with top 2 going through to semi finals.

Group A

Group B

Winner A v Runner Up B
Winner B v Runner Up A

3rd and 4th place play off: for £1k/£500 respectively.
Final: Winner £6k, Runner Up £2k

I'm sure that's the prize money breakdown?

After a quick look at the Outright odds I've gone for 3 players.

Bulleye on each returns profit 75, 75, 100

Good luck to all having a punt.

1st match start time 10:05pm UK time.
Report DartsnBooze March 5, 2022 10:22 PM GMT
Now that's what you call a master class in darts throwing. McEwan opens Champions Night proceedings with a 4-1 win with 142 c/o and 107 ave
Report DartsnBooze March 5, 2022 10:23 PM GMT
Owen v Baker Over 2.5x180s
Report DartsnBooze March 5, 2022 10:40 PM GMT
Owen wins 4-0 2x180 Pretty much through to semis. Baker well and truly rolled Grin
Report DartsnBooze March 15, 2022 10:18 AM GMT
McEwan won Champions week final with neither player handling the situation very good. McEwan missed tops for the match, then Pilgrim had 1 match dart at tops and also missed. With both on 40 McEwan hit single 20, D10 to win the £6k 1st prize. Pilgrim £3k.

Onto today's action. Comms said 10 brand new names who've never played in this event before. Had me thinking it'd be 10 from the upcoming wdf champs at Lakeside next month. But no, all bar a few are new to this. Klaasen and Alcinas are 2 of them.

Just like this forum, a dead music themed bar across the road from my new hotel. It is an open air joint blasting out repetitive beats loud as f@ck with the bass coming through the walls ffs, Yet from my balcony view there's only a handful of customers. Music still going but volume dropped massively since 3am. I might go over tomorrow and ask the 2 doormen via google translate why the music, I mean constant thudding noise is so f@cking loud. Give me chants of boring boring tables over this noise pollution. Buzzcocks - Noise annoys Angry

Edgar v Klaasen playing speed race darts. Ref did great keeping up. Edgar wins 4-3 with 97 average
Report DartsnBooze March 15, 2022 10:52 AM GMT
Conor Hemeghan looks like a barrel of Guinness would help. Sure to improve as the day goes on...More so tomorrow?

Ffs! Now the Nexican music is blaring out. Who doesn't love the sound of the tubla? Just waiting for the accordion to kick in for a full house. Oh well, darts followed by Cheltenham festival unless I cross the road and end up in the clink. I'm now curious as to what time this noise ends as no sleep whatsoever. I'm on 11th floor (with incredible views across the bay) of 22 and my closed windows do nowt to stop this racket.
Report DartsnBooze April 3, 2022 2:22 AM BST
F@cking storython on here. ^ That was my old hotel. Had a few drinks today but reigning it in. The big modus players reveal for next week was held back by Mason last night (friday) and saved for tonight (Saturday of course.) Like anyone bar a few sad addict f@cks like me even care.

Tues-weds line up
Josh Payne
Colin Osborne
Lisa Ashton
Alan Tabern
Scott Walters
Ciaran Teehan

Thurs-fri 3 plus 3 from above
Andy Hamilton
The other two I can't remember

But no Fallon. Where will she be?

And no surprise to see Tuesday's matches already priced up in double quick time. No more setting the alarm for 2am to watch this. Instead 5am for Lakeside. Wow is me as the music and dogs stay active through Saturday nights where it doesn't drop below 20°c. Took me some time to realise more drinking is key. No wonder there's an AA down the street! I'll twitter a pic tomorrow. Cheers!

P.S. Some belters on modus tonight with ASN beating Dennant in the final.
Report DartsnBooze April 9, 2022 11:17 PM BST
over at Modus live league
It's hammer time Andy Hamilton up against Chas Barstow
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