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01 Apr 18 12:09
Date Joined: 19 Sep 16
| Topic/replies: 71 | Blogger: Th3Phoenix's blog
Okay so was hoping the community could assist me here...

I've created a site (standard pool free betting options so punters can capitalise on the free money).

First things first any feedback on the current site would be greatly appreciated! How does it look? is it too loud? can you easily find/browse the offers? etc etc

Secondly I was thinking of going live with a USP but I'm concerned no one would be interested...

So in breif USP would be:

1.sign up to customised matched betting alerts (specify times you want to receive alerts/capital your putting aside for extracting free bets value)
2. I will essentially "Manage" the peoples portfolio i.e. keep track of if they are on their qualifying bet/redeem bet which bookies the person has already claimed the offer on etc etc

The idea is to take the hassle/work load out of the odds monkey/rebel betting process so punters can merely pop the bets on and cream the profit instead of having to search around for opportunities and manage their progress...

Do you think its a good idea? Do you think anyone would be interested in? -
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Report tomtimtum April 1, 2018 2:54 PM BST
Few years too late I'm afraid, matched betting is dead.
Report Th3Phoenix April 1, 2018 4:57 PM BST
I agree been around for a long time now...however :)

There is a new set of 'new acconuts' every year (x amount of the population turning 18 every year)

plus no other site offers a 'managed service' instead its very hands off - best that is offered is a odds comparison table + a back/lay calculator...

So I was hoping considering the above maybe it would be of some value to a few people?

I maybe completely wrong and am falling into a tunnel vision state...
Report Charlie April 1, 2018 9:17 PM BST
Agree with Tom.

Personally don't see what you're offering which is of value. Do you do live odds comparisons between different bookies? It don't work without that. If so how quick? Before you "pop" the bets on you need to know what bets to pop on.

If you're saying I deposit x amount of money you do the popping and take a commission and I come out out a winner then I'd be interested. Apart from the fact I wouldn't trust you with my money and account details.
Report Th3Phoenix April 1, 2018 10:26 PM BST
Sorry maybe I wasn't clear, so how I envision the USP as follows (I'm sure it will require a lot of refinement but to give you an idea) 

- You sign up (fill out a form) in the form you will specify a 30 min Day/time slot (or slots) to receive 'Betting prompts'
Note. it will be completely personalised so other members will not affect price shorting/drifting (plus chance of account closure will be reduced)

- We store the following info:
    - time slot
    - contact details
    - bookmaker + bookmaker progress (Sign up bonus/preexisting customer bonuses - redeemed/pending - qualifying bet/free bet)

- When your day/time slot appears we:
     - email/sms you the appropriate bets advising minimum prices to place
       note. if you miss it for any reason the person will have to notice us so we ensure your next prompt is appropriate.

So that is it in a nutshell.

The idea is to remove the majority of the hassle from matched betting. leaving people with only need to worry about signing up, deposit/withdrawal, kyc and placing the bet.

Removing the worries of locating the bets (odds comparison/manual), calculating the stakes, understanding the offers T&Cs, keeping track of their progress with a bookmaker or multiple I'm writing this i'm thinking some form of reporting would be a cool feature aswell :)

Can you kind of see where I'm coming from?

I'm just wondering if any one would care about removing that ball ache or whether the kind of person to match bet is quite happy messing around with excel/multiple odds comparison/calculator sites.
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