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06 Apr 13 12:34
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Does anyone have any experience with this irish spread betting company?  Forums seem to mention non or slow payment of customers; are they a viable company?   I know they focus a lot on attracting cricket customers
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Report Deadly Earnest April 6, 2013 11:44 PM BST
A friend had some experience with them.  They took bets quite readily, and then he tried to withdraw a significant sum.  It took about a month and some effort on my friend's part, but, they paid in full.

I know little more than that, other than there was some controversy with one(or more) of the owners diverting funds from another company to the company that owns this firm. 

I would not be keeping my life savings with them, and it is for them to convince the wider world of their integrity.
Report Mahseer April 7, 2013 9:45 AM BST
I was tempted back to them 2 months ago by a promotion, deposited funds, won a little, withdrew mid feb, checked my bank statements mid march, no money. Phoned, and was given the run around, emailed and eventually they claimed a credit card technical issue, which is nonsense as I deposited by debit card and withdrew to bank account, a week later some but not all was received, accompanied by a £6 withdrawal fee. Still waiting on the balance, around 6 weeks overdue.
Will never use them again.
Report nicky27 April 7, 2013 10:26 AM BST
thanks for that Mahseer , I think its important that bad bookies are exposed,I had a similar experience with bet way , got a nice price in the Auckland Test that had to be backed , but then when I came to withdraw the funds they asked me for photo copies of utility bill and debit card etc ...which is OK , cos I know some bookies ask for this , however they tried to make out that the photocopy of the bank statement that I sent them was not dated within the last 3 months , when it clearly was ...I mean , how do you make that sort of mistake ? totally scandalous ... I wrote them an email explaining that the bank statement is clearly dated within the last 3 months and how could you possibly make such a basic error and that if they didn't send me the money immediately I would escalate the matter and make sure that their reputation would be in tatters ...It's hard to understand bookie's like this reluctance to pay out , I mean what are they thinking ?? that i would just let go of it ? or that they are prepared to ruin their integrity for a few hundred quid ...I see they are advertising on the tele now , but I won't be betting with them anymore...
Report nicky27 April 7, 2013 10:26 AM BST
they sent the money in the end , but it took about 2 weeks and a lot of unnecessary bother on my part
Report chrisi April 7, 2013 8:02 PM BST
Thanks for the info.... Mahseer, what steps are you taking to receive the outstanding money?  Was it a large sum, several thousands of pounds, or something smaller that they stalled on for over a month, and which they havent fully paid you out on?
Report Mahseer April 7, 2013 9:41 PM BST
chrisi, its £500 outstanding, I threatened to write to the Irish Justice dept who license them, but havent yet, unless they go out of business they have to pay it soon. I used to use them a few years ago mainly on golf, won a bit and got restricted to peanuts so stopped using them for a while, I suspect the late payment treatment is deliberate.
Report chrisi April 7, 2013 10:25 PM BST
OK.  So how did they come to not pay you the final £500?  Did you initially request a sum including the £500 and they randomly didnt pay you the full lot (was it a large sum you did eventually receive?) or did you leave £500 in the account to start with and have now requested this as an additional withdrawal?

I have heard other stories of people waiting a long time for payments from this lot.
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