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The Snake Pit
Anyone of a dozen sides can win (well maybe not a dozen, but forgive my enthusiasm). It seems possible for the first time that a side outside the top 4 could actually have a shot, such is the evenness of the competition this late in proceedings.

The Hawks have beaten nothing for 10 weeks, but it's the manner in which they've done it that has me continuing to believe they are the team to beat.
Great test this week against the Pies, back on track after an inexplicable hiccup that seems even less likely after the Blues curled up their toes on Friday night against the shinboners.
I'm not getting carried away with the Hawks. Their form needs forensic examination. It isn't as good as it might seem. But you can't help thinking they might finally have hit their stride. We'll know a lot more after Saturday, that's for sure.
Loving Saint's footy this year. They might not be the dominant side of previous years, but **** they're fun to watch. Some creative flare finally for their bored out of their mind fans, me included. We're not kidding ourselves that their brand can win a flag, but given time I am confident they are on a positive path.
The Tigers have finally done what we were all waiting for. Sorry, Tigers fans but ninth is odds on again...I haven't written them off. They could win 5 of 7 to make it. We know they're good enough and their draw is semi soft. They look likely to win 4 which would put them, you guessed it, 9th in all probability. I'm sure they'd rather lose all 7 and finish 14th.
Geelong looks all but gone. Varcoe hasn't made an appearance and I saw Chappy standing and watching the action around him on Saturday night. Not the manic and instinctive Chapman of old. They look slow to a man, short of the little guys. Selwood, Bartel and Stevie J are still great, but some of their B graders don't look up to it.
The Swans looked the real deal today, but the last time they met the Saints they got smoked and they have them again this week. Will be interesting to see if they can come up with a better strategy this time around.

Lots more to come. Really looking forward to finals series. Should be a ripper!
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In the beginning

05 Jul 12 08:13
Since this is the first post I should probably take some care with it and make it memorable and thought provoking, but since I'm a lazy focker at the best of times I am just going to start the ball rolling by rambling and see where it takes me.
The main purpose of this blog is going to be to keep me sane since I am always on the edge. I don't care who reads it and what it contains so long as I can pour my heart out in the middle of the night when I have little else better to do.
So to that end, but given that it isn't all that late, maybe I'll just say here is the opening salvo. It might very well be the last.
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