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11 Jun 20 12:56
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Good ordered the death of tribes in the land that the Jews were to occupy. God warned them to change or be punished. Tribes that offered child sacrifices to baal and other gods. This practice of child sacrifice is actually very common. Bethany Hughes and Dallas Campbell talked about child sacrifice in Greece. Almost every empire has sacrificed children.
Is god then the 'bad guy' or should he prop up regimes that are depraved , would you want to live in a society that sacrifices children. Just offer up your children and gain the support of that community.
When the Jews , the chosen, started to drift from God and worship Baal and other gods, started blood sacrifice, god had them destroyed as a nation, enslaved in Babylon.
No double standard.  Murder is not rewarded.
God ordered the deaths of people steeped in murder and debauchery.
A few thousand. While we humans kill millions in genocides. Britain's empire killed at will. Hitler killed Jews,gypsies,poles,gays,and other supposed inferior races. Massacres in Rwanda, Yugoslavia,  . God is not the monster as Richard Dawkins puts it. We are the little monsters.
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Report Foinavon June 11, 2020 1:10 PM BST
We made god in our own image, many still do. the one becomes the other.
Report posy June 11, 2020 1:22 PM BST
zorro hit the bottle early today.
Report UBLE/REGY June 11, 2020 2:00 PM BST
You do know how to cheer us up in a time of crisis don't your ZorroCry

Be very careful of agreeing with Richard Dawkins, I do not think he believes in a God?

and is not over keen on Religion at all?
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 2:58 PM BST
Nice inversion. We made god in our image. Good is evil, evil is good. The satanic mantra.

We are flesh and a soul. But  we lack the holy sspirit, God. Until you accept Jesus as king. You are a partial creation. Two thirds complete. 0.666 percent complete. You make yourself an animal. Animals are slaughtered, cattle. Herd immunity. I belong to God's family. Religion belongs to Satan and this world. It's not in heaven. I have a father, Elohim, a brother, Jesus, a helper, elieser,  millions of brothers and sisters. You want to be a fitting animal. You applaud your humanism. Your pagan roots. God will leave you in misery,, self determined agony, your own choice. You picked it freely. You know better than god.
Report Just Checking June 11, 2020 3:08 PM BST
"Promised Land" would make a great name for a theme park.

You could have signs like "You must be this righteous in the eyes of the Lord to get on this ride" Tongue OutWink.
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 3:59 PM BST
No one is righteous in the eyes of the lord.
Go to any job interview, they question you.
What do you know about the company.
Do you know our boss?
Maybe a test of literacy and maths.
Check if you have a criminal rrecord.
Gauge you are ttrustworthy.

God says all are unsuitable. No one gets the job. How do you feel about his workers, prophets, his son, he listens to you bad mouth the boss, his book, his son, so you are not trustworthy. You do not pass go.
Murderers get to heaven, rapists, thieves, if you admit your flaws and accept god as boss, you are forgiven all. But if you say to the boss... Go off, I am my own man, I can do without you. Being self righteous. Hang onto sin as if it was a virtue. Then God has a right to dissolve his creation and leave you behind with nothing.
Try going to any work place with the attitude you know better than the boss.
This is God, the maker of the universe, a trillion stars. Higher dimensions. He is justified in testing us. Satan was a lemon. Lets hand the keys of the kingdom to Hitler and Stalin. To narcissists who think they can do better than god. This world is a temporary abboration to allow flawed men to become new creations. To put aside petty squabbles. To see the bigger picture. Being legalistic, nit picking, small minded lawyers. Gets you a place in a pit. You reduce God to your size as if he was a politician. He is doing us a big favour. He is raising us up to be sons of  god.   You want to stay here in the mud with pigs. The parable of the prodigal son is about all of us. We only have to swallow our pride to come home. 
You are in the mud wallowing in a decadent life. Hog heaven.
Report Escapee June 11, 2020 4:01 PM BST
Why does god send us so many messengers who talk in a manner so similar to people with mental health issues as to
be almost indistinguishable ?
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 4:57 PM BST
Parable of the tenants.
Luke 20,9_19....
God sent the prophets, his son, all were  killed. What should god do to the tenants.

This world brainwashed us to be good. God says try, you'll fail. All our tv is full of law shows. Cop shows. Hospital dramas. We are taught to be achievers, heroes. This is not the message Of the  bible. Being good, is irrelevant. A side issue at best. If we are heroic. We can jjustify our actions. The ssuperman ego. Hollywood pumps out this formula endlessly, white hat hero vs black hat villain. Being a good Muslim means yoh go to hell. A great philanthropist atheist the same. Being a sinner, a christian by faith alone  gets you to heaven.   no good deed gets you a place in heaven. Bribery? Lest any man boast.
God places one condition only in reaching heaven. That you respect his son. Love Jesus and what he did for you too cancel your debts.
Refuse this loving action is akin to refusing a present from your granny, she went out of her way to give you a present, money or a football shirt?  You decide because you earn a wage, you don't need her present. Granny loves her grandchild and is told to take her love back.
God hung on a cross and was spat at. He was whipped, beaten, thorns pushed in. An iinnocent man replaced barabbas . A substitution for all men that wanted it. God sees Jesus, in our place, a covering.
I dnot need you granny, I have a job. I am the man, hero of my story. Centre of the universe.  Graany says.. I'll give your share of my estate to your sister then. She accepted my free gift.   Pride cometh before a massive fall.
Try to be good. Be a hero. Righteous. Prideful. Be excellent.  That's Satan talking. Seize the day. Eat the fruit while it's ripe. Bucket lists. Be good. Prove yourself.

Or allow Jesus to vouch for you.

Evil is hard wwork. Stoke the oven. Buy z gas. Capture victims. Herd them. Dig pits. Record it on paper. Burn the papers. Law courts. Executions.  It's hard work. All to prove you are better than a Jew. Does it sound good?
Master race. Digging graves.
Report Escapee June 11, 2020 5:07 PM BST

why does Satan speak in such simple understandable sentence?
e.g. "Would you like a beer?", "Come upstairs and see my etchings", "And Now on channel 4.... Naked Attraction"

Where as you, A bone fide messenger of god, you speak with prose similar to an escaped mental patient.

what's going on with God's language skills?
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 5:41 PM BST
I truth to eexplain complex themes in a few sentences. The bible is 880 thousand words. My words cannot do it justice. I may mangle a lot of it.the bible is the source. Not me, nof the false churches that ring fenced it for 1500 yrs.
I warn. I do not mran to preach. Just clarify the bastardisation of God's message by clergy and false priests . The pope is worried about climate change. The bible watts the world will be dissolved. How the f f k does he reconcile those two events. He is a man in a job. Trying to preserve his false beliefs. God is interested in souls. Not flesh. The pope is another politician.  no better than anyone else.
I warn that time is running out. Because israel is back. this is the last lap.
I point out the surface logic of atheists who repeat the same crappola again and again. Such as... God ordered the deaths of some ttubes, god is bad, a monster.Richard Dawkins saI'd it, every othere idiot that listens to Dawkins loads their pistol with this trope and repeats it. As if they are wise. They found a flaw in the bible. They never absorb the answer. Some people are vile creatures that murder children. We could have let Hitler win. We resisted evil. This is not heroic. It's balance. Tipping over into some hellish landscape of genocide is not civilized. Somewhere there are pockets of people who rregard Hitler as a hero. Evil has many faces. Satan is your father, until you defect. You may think that is bs. But you are ruled by the windsors, freemasons, Satanists. Any google search of totals and freemasons will show kings wearing Masonic aprons, Egyptian iconography. Pyramids and set squares. All have meaning. You are in between two camps. Imagining none of it exists. La la la. Oblivious to the war that's raged for 6000 yrs. Satan knows he loses. But he gets his backlist wish. He ggets his price. You get the shaft as likely silk put it. Save or shaft.
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 5:55 PM BST
In a thousand years, after falling through an abyss, you may remember you were warned. That **** Zorro, tried to warn me, he knew because he read the book, understood that men cannot see centuries in advance, cannot steer events centuries penetrated hisvhead, but I thot it was bs, to proud to investigate if there was a god. I was the ten percent smart arses that believed the hype about conquering the universe with knowledge.  Still falling forever. Cannot say the one phrase that can stop my fall. ...Jesus save me.
Report Foinavon June 11, 2020 6:46 PM BST
That god created man in his image is the egotistical inversion. God is the invention, you swallowed the mind-controlling creation, Saul would be pleased.
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 8:15 PM BST
The universe exists. It is designed. Fibonacci sequence in aToms, in flowers,trees, in spirals of stars. Everything screams design. You the wisely says chance?  The chance is ten by the power of 120, times, twenty four other vast numbers, trillions x infinity. Chance is the idiots choice.
DNA is information. Without information no biology is built by mechanisms that also are information.
Chance cannot keep winning through. Dawkins only looks like it was designed? Are we then to dump all observational science. Can a biologist trust his own perception when he looks down a microscope.  Can I see stars in the sky. Do I trust my eyes?  Dawkins destroys all science in one phrase. A blind man cannot know about the stars or microbes. He hears they exist from sighted scientists. He relies on technolOct built by scientists and technicians with sight. If the building appears to be on fire. Get to the exit. Life is designed. Most people understand this and are religious. But what god rings true?
90 percent of mankind are religious. So the minority look to be wrong. I know they are wrong. It's factual to doubt. But I cannot translate my experience to anyone, frankly I dnot care about you. You are an abstraction. A name. Only God can reach a soul. My job as I see it is to warn people by shouting , the end is nigh, like a cartoon character.I don't like it. I'd rather watch tv. Wait for Jesus to show up. I tried to work out the bus schedule of the rapture. It's not in my range. I trusted other people for Sept 22-23,2017. I used my own method for June 2020. Both were hopeful and wrong. God is showing up soon. It's time to wrap up the Eton mess. He is unknowable. Which is frustrating, but he keeps his promises. The time is counting down. One last twit will be on our side and that number that god wants will be met.  End of the first harvest.
You skim over the bible and believe you know what it's all about? Newton and Pascal among others spent lifetimes on the bible. They understood Daniel. You don't know god, so you are blind. Cannot see the stars. Cannot see the flowers. Cannot see the spiral galaxies. All designed.
144 thousand shall lead.
Report Foinavon June 11, 2020 8:40 PM BST
You state that complexity requires design yet postulate even greater complexity as the designer.
Previously you declined to answer my request to explain how this greater complexity should come about. If you can't then you should accept by your own logic that the lesser complexity is more probable.
Report zorrostrikes June 11, 2020 9:33 PM BST
September 23-30, 2017. Possible rcapture? 
Invictus Games between the feast of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Medals for winners says.... I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE. ....
I AM is the name of god given to Moses.
When Jesus said , I AM to caiphas , he tore his garment, his robe of ooffice, his holy robe which is meant to be sacred. They convicted a man at night, illegal, without theit full compliment,illegal, they prescribed a death sentence, illegal. They got Rome to carry out sentence. Stinking would breat boNES.crcrucifixion was a new method of two centuries. Rome used it for 500 yrs ended by Constantine in 4th century.  Yet the messiah would have no broken bones, Passover lamb, he wwould have pierced hands and feet. Psalms 22.  ... 360 factors plus to tick off.
That's very tidy for mad writers.

Your time is ticking off . Part of me does not care. I admit to being callous. I keep warning people and get the same responses. Willy wonka is the same in the film Charlie and the chocolate ffactory a clear rip off of the bible. Stop, stop, don't do it... He knows that the children will do as they want. We the audience recognize Gene Wilder's expression. Oh dear.. That leads to the furnace.
as a man I feel angry that god is throwing pearls before swine. So many wasted humans. Some with excellent potential. But lacking something. An inability to empathize? Or spot the genuine article? I don't care. I have to warn others or I can be seen as a bystander that did not try to help.  GOD alone, can save you. My accidental preaching is faulty. The bible is there. Five billion copies. My only concern is myself and my family. Half of which looks like it's chosen materialism. 
You make a free choice. End of story.
God resolves everything. Humanity vanishes. Earth is retired. Perhaps god makes dolphin people next. He creates, why stop here. 
Resolution comes. God or a meteor.
A final generation will not pass, die. Israel is back after 1,877 yrs. A generation is 70-80 yrs. 1948, 1967? What year is Israel established, is it now, or 19 yrs away.  I want it now. People are going mental with Brexit,virus bs, famines and conflicts,digital currencies, obsessed by phones, nervous, and more garbage, climate change . Ffs. Clearly the end of the world.  I trained as a graphics designer, a forger. My job rolled up ten men's jobs into one profession. Typesetting, print proofs, data handling, photography, scanning,print layout,copy generating,image manipulation, are work, etc.what was many jobs got shoved into one guy's hands. Human beings get stressed. Computers took away the copy and paste artists. All the side jobs. A fellow designer asked me the rOman numeral for fifty, there is only seven numerals. These people are managing our entire internet. Dreamweaver for webpages. Or another editor. They are ignorant of the recent past. Who is Kennedy? What chance have the rest of humanity. I know what bbrainwashing is . I did it. I created sigils, I created illusions. I altered images, I created false slick lettering and animations. It's brainwashing all the way. Graven images.
You imagine the bible is brainwashing you, treading on your toes. It's your lifeline in a word of total lies.
You will be screaming for eternity. This is hell. Not flames. But anxiety x a million. You think it's a jone, some game. It's deadly serious. Satan is upfront, polite, helpful, good  guy, have another, stay and enjoy, then the door closes and the spider eats you.  They pump fast images and lyrics into your brain. Turn on the subtitles and read what their slurred lyrics say. True brainwashing is not text on a page. It's the denial of light, or the overloading of your senses. No need to torture you. Lock you in a room with no light. You'll beg for a word.   The bible is your way out of a swirling mass of crappola. The only think that can cure you. You avoid vaccination because you are an addict to this life. You believe the brainwashing. Lateral stuff.experiential pleasure amother hit. You avoid reality. You need stimulus. More drugs,drink,good gourmet food, holidays,golf,swimming,cinema,on and on. Till you die.
I sold that. I helped to get you hooked. I brainwashed you. Now I say fcukit. Let me out. . Patrick mcgoohan knew in 1967, what was happening. An upfront warning from Satan. He is honest about most of it. A gent. Until the door closes.
Report Shanelee1966 June 11, 2020 10:25 PM BST
Zorro, we are here to learn, to progress as souls, to live in eternity in the spirit world.
Report zorrostrikes June 12, 2020 12:41 AM BST
You are in error because you limit god to our limits. The universe we operate in is a tiny fraaction of reality. God is able to be everywhere at once. In this universe. He is a hother dimenstional being. We cannit see hI'm. excuse chronic spelling, predictive text on phone.
Imagine you lI've on a sheet of paper. A pencil tip whizzes past at mach ten. All you see is the landscape being depressed and graphite carbon being laid down. You are so tiny that canyons are on the paper . This is almmost a representation of a higher ddimension intruding into a lower dimension. That pencil can reach every bit of the paper. In a secone. You a tiny denizen of a minute world would take months  to reach the edge of the world.   to us the universe is huge. To god it's a minor creation. Physicists know we are not able to acfess all dimensions. God intervening would look like a sliver a cross sectional light, llike a torch light hitting a wall.  We see lights in the sky... Oh  it aliens. It literally could be anything. Even an incursion from the higher spiritual realm. God by the vdry nature of permeating all creation would be invisible. He is maintaining the universe feeding eenergy into all space time. Zero point eenergy.  our universe is limited to us. Four dimensions. It's as if we were a stray thot. This universe is fractured. Split into two halves. The earth is a nothing. Meaningless. Satan dominates a nothing.  god may vaporize it?  What is important is the seed and harvests. If you don't germinate, become more, the full 100  percent Trinitarian, you cannot operate in God's realm, you are dead flesh. You never saw Jesus, never fell in love, you lived like sn animal. Satan convinces yoi of this for his oen pleasure. The covering angel, gods brightest star, he left his first estate, his higher dimentionality stripped away. He rules eArth, he is the tenant, he owns the eagle sstandards. The eempire's of the world. Look at the flags of the world. Stars. Swords, eagles. The dragon,phoenix,eagles. Emblems of a flying power. He is called prince of the power of the air.if yoi saw hI'm, you'd want to be wwith hI'm. A great angel. Farrar Fawcett x 100.  The freemasons are the new fljunkies. He has ruled most of the world for thousands of years conferring power to his priests. Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, holy rOman empire, British empire, us empire, this now wI'll be the last empire, the ccapstone will descend, finishing his pyramid of power. A plan that took ththousands of years to ccomplete. He wins for a few days.he is king. I wont be here. You probably will see it. All the stars, pop stard, movie stars, political stars, religious stars, who gained power from his cronies. Will do the one eye salute, the wink.. We were awake bs. Eyes side open. Tom cruise, shot faced grin. Wink. Wink.
Then it's all over. Shows ffinished. Break camp. God takes it off them.  The bible actually says.. Don't trust a man  that winks.
Report zorrostrikes June 12, 2020 1:22 AM BST
For twelve years on youtube and othere sites I argued about rainbows. Even withvfionavon. Tthe seven colours. Gods bow. Noah covenant. Sevens, hepatic structure In the bible. seven notes.  The absolute aabsence of rainbows in cave paintings. How chchildren are drawn to rendering rainbows, cats,dog's,houses, moon,sun, they learn it at sn early age. Fionavon laughed three years ago. Today they are in every window. Gods bow. His warning that came with it. I won't flood the whole world  again. Jesus mentions Noah, as in the days of noa . In vconnection with the end times . Every child draws a rainbow. Why no rrainbows pre flood? Earliest representation 1500 bc. Iraq. Mesopotamian . A stone tablet, carving of a rrainbow.

I was in a food queue in Iceland, eggs and ice cream, last week. I spot a rainbow on the new Plexiglas partition. Not anothher one.  I noticed the word.. Noah, I looked closer, NOAH AGE 7.
Gods seven coloured bow. With Noah age seven below it.
Coincidence, not a Cosha word.
This is the eNYTimes. . Or even the latter days. End times.

More rainbows, the cchildren will be leaving wIHT us.  Noah will live a thousand years in the millennium kingdom. Then he will have a free choice same as everyone else. The hhandicapped, the lost tribes, all the pepole that neher heard of jesus. Will be the grape harvest. The barley harvest,  the wheat, the grape harvest. Three intakes.  #paint the world with a rainbow#  Jeffrey and bungo.
Report UBLE/REGY June 12, 2020 3:37 AM BST
Zorro you are posting on a gambling forum

so do you gamble?
Report zorrostrikes June 12, 2020 5:06 AM BST
Yes , I gamble , i was asked this yesterday? I answered it in full.. Is this Dave javu.
Report UBLE/REGY June 12, 2020 1:42 PM BST
You put up a lot of threads Zorro

yes or no will do?
Report Foinavon June 12, 2020 7:15 PM BST
So much extra hyperbole, the bronze age scribblers would be amazed.
You still haven't answered the question.
Report Foinavon June 12, 2020 7:20 PM BST
Some believers talk about 72 virgins, six dozen, others talk about sevens in the bible. All at sixes and sevens. They can't all be right but all can be wrong.
Report zorrostrikes June 13, 2020 10:14 PM BST
You are mixing Muslim bs with Jesus. Why not have Thor fight Jesus.
Report Escapee June 13, 2020 10:18 PM BST
Why did god protect the pedo priests for so long?
Report leif June 13, 2020 10:53 PM BST
Why did god protect the pedo priests for so long?-Should have been an additional 'command'- Thou shall not bugger young boys
Report zorrostrikes June 14, 2020 12:20 AM BST
The true church, the mystery church is nit a religion.  all those churches at the end of streets are bogus. We who love jesus are the bride,  the true church.  We do nit hsave bishops, monsignors,cardinals,popes. We have a high priest called Jesus, king of kings. We are all priests, who bbelieve in Jesus. Only one middleman exists between us and god , this is jesus, Joshua, yeshua, .
False churches exist because of Constantine. A systematic religion. Men in jobs as priests? Who have to take orders fRom other men. Society gives them respect? Which is a red flag. We are at war with the world, satans kingdom. How can we prosper in a corrupt world?

Pedophile priests, some priests do believe in Jesus, but they are in a world ssystem. They have nit uunderstood their bbible. Jesus dI'd not like the pharisees, or the type of priest that made it harder to reach god. Reaching god is easy, the thief on the cross.  you do not need to go to a false church building, or do ceremonies, wear garments, light chandles, repeat prayers, be good? 
You need a new heart, baptism by fire. Open a dialogue wwith Jesus the bridegroom.

False churches and molesters, a true believer in Jesus who might be drawn to children? Would not gravitate to a profession that has access to children. Policemen, teachers, orphanages, scout leaders,priests et c. It seems to me that the priest role is secondary.  a priest ? Should confess to the police. The false church is protecting a criminal. Also they are enabling his lifestyle. Jesus tells us what happens to anyone that harms a child. A false priest stays in the job knowing he will have acres to cchildren. That is wrong on many levels.
The victims trust in god is gone? The false chitch sides with a tool of Satan, destroyiby the soil of a child, diabolical narcissism at play.
My class mates were molested by a teacher in the sseventies. I did not find out till 2010. My class was seperated A-m and m-z . I got a wOman teacher, who I thot had stick up her, the other class  had a nonce. My friends were experiencing a traumatizing childhood. I dodged it.  The school must habe known.

In heaven, there is no churches?. No denominations. No mention of catholics,protestants. So THINK why are we entertaining them here on earth. I and my brother's and sisters are all priest kings. Jesus alone is my superior. My elder brother. Who saved me. I will one day be sinless. Complete. I will be on his plane of exiistence. Jesus on earth is a man wwithout sin. This gives him the aability and the authority of god almighty. When he returned to heaven he was given the full authority back. No llonger limited as a man aanymore. Part of the hothead, trinity, complete again. One day I will be an elder , one of the 24. Every Christian will serve time as an elder, wearing a crown, rotating our dduties. 
GOD is creating a family. Not a religion. All religions are men looking for dominion on earth. Respect here. Fk that. I don't need the rrespect of pagans. Only brother Jesus. I don't need statues. Heroes. Exemplars. I have the love of the bridegroom.
The pope is a freemason.
The aarchbishop of Canterbury s banker, his prpredecessor was a druid?
They speak Jesus one day and church business? The next.
Business.  Jobs.  False church.
Report Foinavon June 14, 2020 3:09 PM BST
You are mixing Muslim bs with Jesus. Why not have Thor fight Jesus.

Is there any difference? They both have a god, a prophet and a book.
Some would say that today, the tenets of one are more strictly enforced by its adherents but that wasn't always the case.
Report Escapee June 14, 2020 3:21 PM BST
All 3 major 'western' religions agree that they are all worshipping the SAME GOD.

All the killing and wars they've been waging against each other for the last 1,000 + years is because they disagree on the
messengers for each book.

This is similar to a bunch of people agreeing Pizza Hut is the best and only true Pizza, but then killing each other because
they disagree on which delivery firm or driver to use.

It's faqing madness.

All this pain because of the messenger, not the god.
Report Foinavon June 14, 2020 3:33 PM BST
It's all about control of people and territory, in another word, power.
It's why there are so many religions and so many schisms in the older ones.
Report zorrostrikes June 14, 2020 5:16 PM BST
You guys are beyond the pale. Ccontext is everything.
For four thousand years Adam to DANIEL,MICAH. The Jews talked about a messish, in detail. The even said when he would arrive, to the day, April ssixth, 32 Ad. Passover week. The lamb sacrifice. Only this event makes Jesus the messiah. Not anything he said, or did previously. All the other stuff, shows his authority, his mandate. He is the sacrifice for all sin.  the old testament, the law, was killing animals in the millions to atone for sin, a temporary plaster. It was not working.  the mosaic law is dead. Tday the Jews say, we must try to be good, but they are destroyed periodically for that. They lost their temple, the ability to sacrifice for sins, thirty years after Jesus. Jesus is Jewish, son of David,  Joshua Ben David. He will sit on the throne of David in the new Jerusalem and rule the world in the future.
Muslims may think they believe in the same god, they are deluded. Sons of Ishmael? Cast out of God's family. Forced into a desert. Not a legitimate heir of Abraham. The Arabs worshipped stones. That black cube in Arabia houses stones. Muhammad supposedly conversed with an angel for 21 yrs. I submit it was Satan. 600 yrs after Jesus he does a rewrite, saying God could not convey his message correctly through the Jews. God is incapable? He wasted four thousand years dictating to the Jewish prophets. So Muhammad does a post Jewish, post Christian rewrite, first thing to clear up.. Jesus dI'd not die on the cRoss. The llamb of God is negated. Cancelled out. So Jesus is neutered. Suits Satan. Muhammad was a carnal pig. Who did what he wanted. Child molester. Thief. Bandit. Rapist, everything possibly evil, he did. He also did some good stuff. A regular Hitler, prtoo anti Christ.
Christians are the dogs. We accepted the messiah, the stone was rejected by the builders, the cornerstone, the foundation stone. We valued what the Jews threw away. Because they are a carnal people too. Blessed by god. But they are very mmaterialistic. God picked out a greedy people, to show his great power of change. The Jew is the ambassador. The man that deals with god. To hate the Jew is to hate humanity, yourself. Jesus is a Jew. Not a Christian. Jesus is the end of the line. He declared its finished on the cRoss. God completed his work. Mankind is saved. If he wants that. If not, you get a stick up you. God went thru a lot to reconcile himself to us. He hung on a cross in severe distress. Judged by his fellow people to be guilty? Yet he did nothing but feed them, heal them, repairs all their maladies. Spat on, whipped,beaten,tortured, he was judged. Those that refuse grace, are under the law. You stole? You misused your dick? You blaspheme? You are guilty. You know your portfolio of sins. God knows it all, even the stuff you forgot. You refuse the mmessiah for the same reason as the Jewish nation. You want it all. You want to be a carnal pig. When I was an atheist I slept with prostitutes, not slept, I did what I wanted, I stole, I justified it all. I was a pagan. Somehow God grabbed me and tturned me around. No outside human intervention influenced me. God dragged me out of my decadence. I do not attend churches . I test every spirit that comes before me.
You are unclean spirits, trying to convince others that sin is freedom, it's chains. You want to lure people into a trap, because you are trapped. You want company in hell.
The abyss has no solid ground. The freemason is pushed backwards into a blanket held by brother freemasons. This symbolizes the falling into the dark abyss. Any candidate showing fear in their ceremonies is not accepted. You must choose damnation with eyes wide open. A dagger is placed at the throat. Blindfolded you are led about. All this is taken from Anglo Saxon witchcraft. The coven and the four elements, the coven has the added bonus of nudity. Poor freemasons have to wear aprons.
The wiaches claim they predate Jesus? But Jesus is god.
They worship Lucifer and diana, while the freemason worships the great architect, Lucifer. One chapter is law and order, government,earthly power. The other is spiritual warfare, fear. 
I contend they are a nothing. A blip. A boil that appears and is lanced, ultimately forgotten. Jesus is eternal. By refusing jJesus you chose the second death. You are jumping. Not being pushed. You fall backwards into the abyss, willingly.
Completely avoidable. Evil is for the hard worker, the diligent go getter. It's hard work scheming. It's a chore to get rid of victims, digging graves,baths of acid. Waiting for a dealer? Negotisting deals. I see guys with drug problems get up at the crack of dawn to get the money to buy drugs. It'd go go time. Shoplifting or some other scam. Hard work. You want a big tv? Slave wage. Sell your time on earth. Or gamble and hope to win. The ultimate gambit that Lucifer-satan deploys is distraction. Make Jesus a side issue, fill the room with choices. Hobbies, religions, sports, bills, paperwork, money concerns,fear, any activity will do. Don't give the customer time to think.
My old dad, in the seventies started to buy furniture to sell. He had two three piece suites to sell. People would show up and they did not know which one they wanted? Confused, they would walk away. Discussing the pros and cons. My dad then in the future just showed one choice and sold immediately. Distractions lead to no choice. Apple brings out a new phone, take it or leave it.
We are bombarded by choice today , since the printing press we have millions of books. I do not see any that compete with the bible. The bible out sells them all. Five billion copies printed. Top seller every year. Jesus is being listened to. Its not a marginal  belief. Atheism is the marginal nihilist wankur. The voice of doom and gloom. We teach the risen Christ, king of the Jews, king of eternity.king of ultimate reality. If you don't know him, you are in darkness, you literally know nothing. You are a big fat bluffer. Lying to yourself.
When I was an atheist I did nit argue, I screwed and stole, I was busy. I did not preach about God's nonexistence.
Dishonest atheism from fionavon and others who look to justify their existence? Why? Just do it. Carpe diem. Don't try to eulogize, that's my bag. Just enjoy the sunshine.find a hole. Drink and it,ll eventually be all over.
Report Foinavon June 14, 2020 6:03 PM BST
They are death cults, the original Project Fear. Why do the doomsayers crawl out of the woodwork when there is a crisis going on? We didn't hear from you for a couple of years after your last prediction failed, why now? It's obvious. Do you walk around with sandwich boards proclaiming "The End Is Nigh"? We will all die, you too. It will be the same for all as it always was, as it always will be.
When are you going to bring back Velasquez? I know you are the one and the same. You used the same texts then as you do now. Both Scottish, both artists. Too much coincidence. Admit the truth. Your god is watching.
Report zorrostrikes June 14, 2020 6:23 PM BST
You know nothing . I got rid of my internet connection. As a self employed artist. I used the local library  to do my accounts with Hmrc. That is now shutdown. I bought a pay as your go phone. Ten pound top up. Not by choice, by necessity. I have to submit tax returns online. I can agree bbetfair again. The local library blocks betfair. All online betting is barred from libraries. Some consoles ban youtube comments? Which I was leaving. Freedom is not flourishing at the library.
Velasquez is not me. And cross referencing of time stamps on messages would prove that. If you get off your backside and investigate anything in your life. I would suggest the art subject thread. His painting are better. I admit that. He went to art school. I went to GCBP. All this is on the threads. You are no Sherlock, more Dr Watson.
Your faulty logic stems from knowing nothing. But thinking you know it all. Good times ahead inn the abyss?
Report Foinavon June 14, 2020 6:33 PM BST
There's better company in the abyss.
Report zorrostrikes June 14, 2020 7:06 PM BST
It's not a social event. It's a never ending fall from grace. Anxiety times a million. You are divorcing yourself from god the maintainer of life. Like a ssolar panel without the sun. God gave us theverge to look at ourselves.but yoi fell in love wwith yourself. You want the status quo. More of the same. I want out of jail. You are the pig in mud. I'm the prodigal son, I will go to my father's house and beg to be a servant. You like slops. Too proud to go home. I admit defeat. I surrender. I defect from Lucifer game. I wait for the door to open and the boss to show up. I destroyed my ego. I am done. Defeated on earth. But my victory is Jesus. He wins. You believe you can win. The mug gambler. You are marking time with me. But you distract yourself, keep busy. My pain is waiting. I wait for the bridegroom. My true love. Part of the bride, the true church.  We are in love and are loved by God. Death is my doorway to happiness. But Jesus will come to one last generation, who will never know death. I hope to see that. But it's all one.
Report Foinavon June 14, 2020 7:30 PM BST
You are passing the one life you have in a reverie of one you do not. If that makes you happy then I can't say you have wasted it. Other would and do choose differently.
Report Shanelee1966 June 14, 2020 10:14 PM BST
I am not wrong, do not question what i say in that manner.
Report Shanelee1966 June 14, 2020 10:15 PM BST
I have read your posts and accept them. I wouldn`t contemplate telling you you`re wrong.
It`s your opinion/belief.
Report zorrostrikes June 15, 2020 4:56 AM BST
There is one truth. The trouble with education today is the tell the kids it,s all subjective. That's bs. If I kick you in the shin, it bloody hurts. It,s not a matter of opinion. I think it was Peter the aapostle who said he knew jesus but that he had the more sure word of prophecy.
The reason the bible is the truth. Is it makes over 8000 predictions, about 750 plus matters.  It predicts jesus. Alexander, it  predicted israel in 1948, and it predicts the absurd rapture. Two thousand yrs ago paul-saul describes a crazy event of absurd scale. The resurrection of the dead and the departure of the faithful bride of christ. The bible interweaves job with moses with jeremiah, with isaish and daniel. Together all the prophets are interpolating one unified story. And under this dynamic tale is a impossible mathematical structure of sevens. You cannot have forty authors all using the same code. Over 2000 years of writing. Its nuts. Jesus was foretold in eden. The serpent will bruise the heel. The scarlet thread runs thru the bible. Little pearls are hidden. Little comments eith vast implications. Profound subjects hidden sway from casual readers. The bible reads the reader. Its a living creature. Napoleon Bonaparte descibed it as such. , a cipher .blaise pascal. Newton spent yrs trying to understand its complexities? I believe he knew by studying it, he would have access to new discoveries. Many scientists have come up with breakthroughs in their fields because they took the bible literally.  In seventeen places  god stretched out the universe. Spatial expansion. The bible explains creation in one brief chapter, redemption in 65 chapters. Its not interested in giving proofs. Its trying to reach souls. The majority of mankind will choose the world. God sees that from the beginning. Its not about quantity.  Its about quality. GOD  wants a family. Trust. Faithfulness. Unless we stay like children, full of wonder and love. We become serious jaded hateful beings. Modrrn society focuses on molestation a lot. A young child is destroyed mentally and spiritually by a trusted adult. A woman on youtube givrs a lecture about diabolical narcassism. She is catholic? I do not like catholic culture. She hangs onto it, even though she knows of the flaws. She explains tthe main flaw in society. I think she has the truth. Most of it. Why does someone tattoo a pentagram on their forehead? I saw a lad in the dvd store in Glasgow and was quite shocked. It cannot be covered up by hair growth. A prominant f.u. To anyone he meets. Many such statements are evident. Look at me. I was the class clown growing up. Look at me. The fool. Vrry much like Russel Brand. Full of energy and piss and vinegar. I had my appendix out and the kids sent cards to the hospital. The teacher must have gave them a class project. All the cards were the same. I was a spiderman fan. All of them saw me the same way. Spiderboy. Leonard nimoy could not escspe being spock. He had to resign to it. He eventually reversed his first books title and said.. I am spock.  People are one dimensional judgemental idiots. Lowest common denomenator thinking. I hear the same comments repeated endlessly about the bible. Its like atheists are puppets. Ventriloquist dummies regurgiting richard dawkins,hitchens or some other pseudo teacher. No original thots on display. Im changing the spelling of thot and thru. I might even abbreviate the to T .
My original thot about god is that he is a creator. Why should creation stop with us. A trillion stars. Is the dodo gone. Or is there a planet full of dodo birds. Planet tiger. Perhaps the earth is a showcase planet crammed with life. Perhaps there is creatures on every planet out there. We worry about the blasted pandas. But god can make more pandas if he wants them. The bible ends with a new heaven and a new earth. A new beginning. A unbelievable future is promised beyond any imagining. Why would i gamble this mundane life for that?  Why wont you fionavon? Ive spent a lifetime watching tv. Tens of thousands of tales. The very best are poor next to the bible. One dimensional. Ive also read a lot of books. Same thing. The bible is a deep well. Vast. Other books are flash in the pan novelties. Victor hugo says the book of Job is the greatest literary masterpiece of mankind. One book out of 66. Eric Blair descibes the book of ecclesiastes  as the finest example of clarity in writing.
Supposedly written by primitives?  You are the primitive if you believe surface appearances. Complexity describes this universe. Utter complexity.
An atom is a complex whirling mass of energies. All the way up to higher dimensions.
You reduce your world down to a nothing. I see higher dimensions and beings in those dimensions. All you see is yourself and what i can get out of life. A petty existence at best. Yet most of mankind is the same as you. Grounded in utter bs and lies.
Complexity.there is no such thing as uniformity in science. No two hydrogen atoms are exact. One atom has a electron behaving differently in subtle ways. Science cannot possibly address this. We use victorian principles to get by. To deal with the virus, we wash our hands? Pasteur, a firm advocate against evolution pioneered washing your hands.
Soon God will intervene. Strip away the illudions of subjective realities. The full polarization will come to pass. Right now society is being confused, manipulated, being prepared for the schism. God or the world. God wins. Its preordained. James caan the gambler knows we want to lose. Its harder to win.its easy to lose. I like outsiders. I backed tyarat ? At 777 to one for fifty pence.  Satan loses. God wins. Chosing the world is the losing bet. The result is in. God keeps telling you the end before he begins. He is a spoiler. I know how it ends. Lots of talented people have chosen to self destruct by being mutineers. They think God is a tyrant. But someone is always in charge. People followed hitler? Followed bowie. Followed tiger woods. Your independance is bs. Thatcher was a headcase. Tony Blair too. Churchill was ahero and a villain. No one is ss qualified to lead as God. Tony and maggie did nothing for us. Just for the one percenters.  The world is now anxiety ridden. Why? Theres no hitler? God is approaching, our madness is increasing. Rainbows ffs. Ive argued about rainbows for ten years on youtube. They missed it. They covered all their bases. But missed the history of rainbows. No rainbows prior to the flood.
Report Foinavon June 15, 2020 11:12 AM BST
Here we go again. Your frothing rants give Christianity a bad name. Believers like Shanelee are the salt of the earth, please try to be more like him.
Report zorrostrikes June 15, 2020 4:59 PM BST
Jesus the bridegroom. We, who love jesus are the bride.
Last page of revelation, 22:17. He spirit and the bride say come. Jesus told the pharisees he is the bridegroom.

A jewish wedding in the time of christ. After the betrothel. The groom departs and goes back to his father's house.he then starts to build a extension onto his fathers house. This will be where they live. It might take a year, when the house-room is complete  he and his friends gather and make their way to the bride,'s house. The procession is loud , they come at niight and wake up the surrounding neighbours,  the bride has been preparing and waiting for the whole year? She expects the groom at any time. The groom snatches away the bride. She is veiled. For a week celebrations take place. Then the bride takes off the veil. They are married. They disappear into their neew dwelling. The celebration carry on.
John 14,2
In my fathers house there are many mansions, if it were not so,i would have told you. I go to prepare a place for YOU. And if i go to prepare a place for YOU, I will come again, and receive YOU unto myself, that where i am, there You may be also.

This world classes jesus as a religion, he is the bridegroom. The father,son and spirit.  We the bride are also trinitarian. Soul.body,spirit.
One family. In love. The bible is a love story between god and man.
If you look at dr zhivago, boris pasternak, the movie. Its quite a brutal tale, it stsarts out decadent, revolution, war, murders, a rape, torture,executions,prisons, icy landscapes, but fundamentally its s love story about a doctor and his nurse. 
Many atheists focus on the imperfect world, the outragious massacres and conflicts in the bible. They do not understand the plot.  Redemption and love. Out of world history comes millions of people who love jesus. The bride. Jews,chinese,americans,russians, all nationalities in love witth jesus. If you do not love jesus, you are not a christian.
Out of an imperfect corrupt world will come a bride, people who will populate heaven and eternity. Jesus has spent nearly 2000 years preparing our chambers and future. This is the perfect end.
YOU can be part of it, or you can remain an ungerminated seed. Dead inside. God calls out to every man, those that never heard his message will populate the millenium kingdom.
An imperfect world is messy, complicated. But the finished article is perfect in gods sight. 
We are in the final stages its midnight and the bridegroom will be here sooon. We have waited a long time. Yyou can be a late comer, there is no barrier, only your own jaded fears. Drop the lead and accept the love of god. Or you will be the left overs. The dead seed that never awakened.

The story of Ruth is of a Gentile bride she marries the kinsman redeemer Boaz. This is the story of the church. Its a template for salvation.
The story of hosea who buys back his **** wife.
These flag in the air chapters show us that god is forgiving. He wants us, knowing our pasts. God is very much like us. He hates and loves. He is not a statue.
People fear him, because he is not controlled. The sons of cain, need to control life, they build cities, industry, war machines, controllin and manipulating population by law and order, politics, religions. Finance.  Cain offered god the work of his hands. Able offered god the lamb, the template of salvation. Cain was ego, he knew a better way. His way. You talk like cain. God is your enemy. Until you defect, you will be at war with god. Thsts not smart.
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