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05 Jun 20 07:07
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5th-6th. Evening to morning. Day 1260. Time,times and half a time.. (360+360x2 + 180) 1260 days. Daniel 7:25 ,
December 23 , 2016, to saturday, tonight-tomorrow, the UN voted against Israel. Obama dI'd not block was the USA has done in past, resolution 2334 passed. Instructing Israel to ssurrender all lands taken in 1967 war. Including Jerusalem. Israel stuck up the middle finger. UN freemason flunkies.   Ascension day, eastern orthodox Julian calendar, a full strawberry moon. Penumbran moon. Highlighted for astronomers to view.
1260.1290.1335 days.
Either the rapture happens, full reset, new tribute countdown. Or 75 days is added. August 21 the day of the eclipse in the USA three yrs ago?
Pull the ripcord Lord. the bs train is non stop.
Pause Switch to Standard View Ascension Day. Jesus goes to ready a...
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Report Foinavon June 5, 2020 12:19 PM BST
Beam me up Scotty.
Report ericster June 5, 2020 12:26 PM BST

you need help imo, and you're not going to find it here, I'm sorry.
Go talk to somebody eh?
Report zorrostrikes June 6, 2020 12:12 AM BST
Jesus is the bridegroom. Who will snatch us away. You really don't know god at all. Therefore know nothing.
Report AFTERTHOUGHT June 6, 2020 9:29 AM BST
What do i need to do ?
Report ericster June 6, 2020 12:18 PM BST

Jun 6, 2020 -- 1:12AM, zorrostrikes wrote:

Jesus is the bridegroom. Who will snatch us away. You really don't know god at all. Therefore know nothing.

sounds good t'me.

Report zorrostrikes June 6, 2020 4:38 PM BST
Four pm. To four pm. UK time . Sixth of June. 6pm Israel.the day is straddled. Eastern orthodox . Julian calendar. We modern people use midnight as the start of the day. Evening to the morning .
Report Foinavon June 6, 2020 4:55 PM BST
How beastly. It will be 6 pm here soon.
Report Baphornet June 6, 2020 5:00 PM BST
Report zorrostrikes June 6, 2020 5:21 PM BST
Again you don't understand the bible. Genesis. Page one. Evening to evening is the full day. Four pm here in uk is six pm in Israel. The start off the day. Which ends on the seventh at six pm seventh of June on our day. In Israel. Four pm UK time. The jJewish religious calender also is different. January is not the start of the year.
Jesus was born in sukkoth, October, not Christmas. You know a bunch of pagan bs. About Christians. Gods words are translated to English, but even then you pick them up wrong.  you persist in deliberately distorting the truth. 
Angels have no wings. Yet if ssomeone were toast you to draw an angel. You would draw wings.
You see Jesus as a man with blonde hair and a beard. I see Jesus as a slain lamb. Covered in wounds. Someone that the apostles did not recognize. Whipped and beaten. Covered with scars. On our behalf.
You joke about a god you know nothing about. WhWho does not condemn you. Wants you home and safe . Out of Satan's grasp. You like it here. Jaded. In pain. Desperate for a win .  You lose and never stop losing. The house wins.
Report Foinavon June 6, 2020 5:24 PM BST
I was referring to 6 pm on the 6th day of the 6th month.
Report Escapee June 6, 2020 6:13 PM BST
do you gamble on Betfair Zorro?

Just wondering if you're from the same school of thought as cummings. I.E. Do as I say, Not as I do.
Report zorrostrikes June 6, 2020 10:03 PM BST
Another one that does not understand the bible. old testament is Law. NT is grace. You are saved by FAITH ALONE. Not by what you do. Actions are meaningless. Your life is meaningless. Best astronaut. Best janitor. Justifying your exexistence on sections.  God gave us the law to show us up as hypocrits. Actors.pretending to be good. If you are really good, which no one is. Then laws are unnecessary. The law is milk. For children. When you reach the age of accountability, solid food Iw necessary. grace. You are the heir to God, he is your father if you accept and want his love. Refuse grace. You still are under the law. It condemns you on earth.  all Christians are told by Paul... 1 Corinthians 10:23. ... Everything is permitted but not good for you. Evil is malicious. The breaking of laws can be done without any thought, yet the law condemns. Littering is not malicious evil. Double parking is not evil. Masturbation guilt? Gambling. God gave us random laws? After the ten big ones. He gave the Jews another six hundred. Super keen on the law. We want more laws and rules? To crush us.
Faith alone. As a Christian that believes in Jesus I can do anything I like, but to steal is to go backwards. I don't want the world anymore. Evil people are malicious narcissists. Evil is rebellion, mutiny, against God's set of rules. While here I may gamble. Double park. Be human. Human does not mean evil. God commanded us not to eat blood. Yet I ate haggis and black pudding. Is it my intenation to offend god. Is it a bad thing, high cholesterol?  It's not good for me? God gave us good advice in the laws. Don't have affairs. The husband might get jealous and brain yo.I pay my bills. I have a few pounds left over to hamlet? Crime of the century? A real malicious act. 
You want the scales of justice. EGYPTIAN.
All men are corrupt. God offers immunity by grace an undeserved gift. Only the selfvrighteous refuse a free gift. I don't need it. I am doing great myself. God offers you the universe and his love. You know better. Pride. The world teaches you to be strong. But you are scared of a virus. Of  death. Because you believe in nothing. Nihilism. Energy cannot be destroyed.fact. Yet you believe you die?  All my sins are gone. Even the ones I don't remember? Past,present and future?  God is my father. He has influence. Authority. He can do what he wants. You can be a member of his family or ally yourself with the fourth division team. Save the planet? Mark of the beast... Leviathan cross. (google it) cross means covanent the infinity loop means eternity, infinity. Eternally damning you for accepting an oath. That is anti god. Infinity. A recurring number. 6666666666.
Report zorrostrikes June 6, 2020 10:38 PM BST
I am better than you... You stole a lot, I stole a little. You murdered, I only had a fist fight twice. Points mean prizes.
Your ego is invested in this worthless life on earth. God gave it to yoh and you don't acknowledge hI'm. You are more important? Than god. That's your fantasy. You reduce god down to Morgan freeman?? You rip the pISS. Expect god to take it. Isaish 61. Jesus read it out in synagogue . He read the first part, paused and closed the scroll. This he was completing. The rest of Isaiah 61, is God's day of vengeance. The great tribulation. WhiCh starts soon.
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