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harry callaghan
20 Mar 21 15:19
Date Joined: 10 Nov 07
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Anyway I’m done with jump racing just clueless I am

cannot get my handicapping right and being honest Irish racing isn’t my thing and I don’t believe it’s a level playing field in regards performance enhancing drugs, so without moaning about it, I’m calling it a day handicapping jumpers

Just 2 bets all week with appreciate it running in the supreme ...sceaux royal would of run well and latenightpass got in the money so no damage done but it’s time to concentrate on the all weather and flat racing, without the guessing game all season effecting judgement and not being able to obtain the odds I know horses should be, just doesn’t interest me anymore..

Just jumping from the flat to the jumps each season is to tiring for me now, so time to pack it in permanently for jumps

No doubt some will be pleased as most of the stuff I had an opinion on, was a load of junk anyway

Worked on a new handicap system for the last year on the flat that pleases me, so time to work hard at that and I’m anal old goat anyway, so finding something I’m pleased with isn't easy when you are so analytical. I’m happy it isn’t easy but I’m pleased with its progress, so will give it my full attention without distractions from now, plus it doesn’t throw up many bets, so hopefully it will be sustainable, which it has been so far

Anyway All the best to the Cheltenham forum for the future, some of its been interesting
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Report GAZO March 20, 2021 5:51 PM GMT
how does your handicapping go without the irish runners ?
Report irishone March 20, 2021 5:57 PM GMT
Feel the same way to be honest
For different reasons
Its getting worse than fat jockey
All the essays on here
Unbelievable how much
bollux written this year

Well done the winners
We all know who they are
The losers are the bolluxmeisters
Report harry callaghan March 20, 2021 6:09 PM GMT
Not bad gazo it’s just a lot of work when you take it seriously..

as much as I’ve broke even on the season, I just don’t rate my work anymore, just average and don’t think I read it right anyway jumps, to many mistakes and with age it gets harder without the brain power to keep taking all the information in...

I’m hard on myself tbh but it just isn’t good enough for what I want, so pointless continuing if your not happy with the work your putting in and it takes me much longer to do the jumps as well because if you are serious the video form takes you longer and I’m just not making it pay enough to continue

So the time is right to put less pressure on myself and concentrate on what I enjoy which is flat racing
Report jimnast March 20, 2021 8:05 PM GMT

and with age it gets harder without the brain power to keep taking all the information in.

when in my mid 20s  a wise old friend of mine said words like that to me about racing/betting all these years later his words were proven to be right.

i have a different opinion than you about the level playing field.

good luck with the flat hopefully its a good season.
Report harry callaghan March 20, 2021 8:35 PM GMT
Cheers jimnast...just to hard for me now, not that I’m ancient by the way but I just can’t do both..

it’s not just the doping jimnast, I’ve lost interest period, I used to do some pedigrees as well jumping but just cannot take it in anymore, to much work plus I’ve put a lot of work already into my flat work which has taken me a year, which is starting to pay off with the type of betting I like, so no point taking your eye off the ball with no edge in the jumpers for me personally, nor the brain cells left...I thought it was burn out, maybe it is but I can’t continue when it doesn’t interest me either

I’ve been reigning it in since November as I’m not enjoying it...just haven’t got it anymore and not sure I ever did have, it’s a reality check that’s been their for 3 years and it’s time to move on
Report PeteTheBloke April 2, 2021 8:57 PM BST
Fair play Harry. Good luck on the flat. I've been in and out of racing for nearly 40yrs and
never could read the jumps. On the flat I always felt I understood the races far better.
Never was close to being a shrewdie, let alone an expert, mind you.
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