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17 Mar 18 06:00
Date Joined: 22 Sep 06
| Topic/replies: 41,534 | Blogger: irishone's blog
the place changes a little every year
and now its vastly different to what it was just ten years
over 60,000 there each day now , still crammed in at times
the bands in the best mate enclosure have become bigger attractions
than the horses for many drunk young ones... mmmmmm
the closing of the centaur bars after an hour from the last race is dissapointing
as was the traditional irish music on a mock paddys day
really ? paddys day at cheltenham ? two days early..... really ?
as for the horses .... some unforgetable battles up the hill
buveau dair/min , mite bite\native river, penhill ... it hasnt come much better
mite bite flicking his ears ten metres from the line ..... still a bit in the tank
when it comes down to it nice to see the horses just about still running the show
the class around the padocks , hendo , willie , chantelle still in blue and yellow
wot a week, wot a place, wot a life !
roll on 2019
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Report eric_morris March 17, 2018 6:04 AM GMT
Attended this year in a group of 3 for 3 days.

Accommodation £266 a night
Entry tickets with parking £876

Drinks on course £18 a round
To use cashpoints on course £2 surcharge

Mislead by ITV racing not giving enough details about the ‘problems with course parking’. Call it a waterlogged bog Olly and they dont want to issue refunds of £12/day for those who prepaid (£20/day paying on the day). Instead turn up like i did and get stuck, 2 poor car park kids telling me they are taking abuse from racegoers trying to push them out. Only just manage to get car out before calling for tractor. Mud all over my shoes, car, miss the Triumph hurdle though would have been much worse if waiting for tractor. £1000’s for a few days there and fk all information in case they had to refund the £12’s parking, b’strds.

Racing dominated by Elliott who learned to produce gambles from Pipey and Martin. Only he does it in non handicaps as well as handicaps so it affects antepost trying to guess how well he has hidden certain horses ability in the build up. Antepost on all but the top 3 races is a gonner now.

Gold Cup day cant move as usual squeeze as many as you can in for £110 entry. Cant use facilities.


Had to take the kids once and that was it. Bye bye Cheltenham.
Report eric_morris March 17, 2018 6:11 AM GMT
Early nrnb guarantees the value is gone from antepost, not in the business of taking guaranteed 40% worse prices in case one or two of mine dont make it there. Compare losing 2 staking points without nrnb to losing up to potential 10 staking points with nrnb in lost odds.
Report eric_morris March 17, 2018 6:32 AM GMT
Left the course a couple of races early having paid £330 entry for the day, missing the Triumph already to avoid armagheddon as all race goers come out into the car park after the last race with tractors flying around trying to get them out as had a 4 hour drive after. DO NOT USE THE COURSE CAR PARK.
Report unclepuncle March 17, 2018 7:16 AM GMT
Totally agree with all your post irishone.Happy

Sorry you had a bad time Eric - I'd never go on my own let alone with kids. Save the money and stay at home and bet, eat and drink in comfort.
The drunken trendies and general overcrowding have ruined all the big meetings.

NRNB is fantastic for filthy arbers like me if you know what you are doing and some bookies don't offer it so you have the choice of better odds if you want, though I'll probably have my B365 and Slybet accounts closed now.Laugh
Report Deptford March 17, 2018 9:23 AM GMT
Watch indoors, walk up pub after, no brainer, sad it has ended
Report sewter lives again March 17, 2018 10:30 AM GMT
went every year from 73 to mid 1990s but stopped going in the 1990s as I wasnt enjoying it

much more expensive and increasingly crowded-the attendees had fundamentally changed

been a few times since and you just cant move around like previously-dont go now

agree with the other guys watch somewhere enjoyable, put the money saved on your best bet and have a great time if it wins
Report conductor March 17, 2018 11:39 AM GMT
agree with most comments. first attended in 1985. enjoyable. affordable prices ie admission drinks food etc. gradually the value for average joe was withdrawn. last attended in 2012. never again. great racing but prices and the trendy mob have taken over. Cheltenham imo is now the rich mans fakenham. Cry
Report unclepuncle March 17, 2018 12:02 PM GMT
It's Glastonbury with tweed jackets.
Report paulo47 March 17, 2018 12:03 PM GMT
Yep did 15 years as Annual Member , stopped after move to 4 days with expenses getting silly .Now record and watch from around 2.30 so can skip the dross on ITV (thought they were doing ok till this year ), then last two races live . Virtually all bets on exchanges or NRNB . Its still bloody tiring !
Report ronnie rails March 17, 2018 12:53 PM GMT
the atmosphere in Cheltenham town centre on Thursday evening made milwall v west ham
a garden party.
Report jumper3 March 17, 2018 2:24 PM GMT
Think I was last there for one of Best Mate's Gold Cups. Was moaning enough then about costs and crowds and that was about 15 years ago. Sounds like it is being taken over by the once a year Grand National types.
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