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10 Jan 16 16:36
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Please post them here. If there is one in Beverley again let me know.

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Report differentdrum March 2, 2016 8:38 PM GMT
Can only pray Couch has ran out of new material.
Report marvinho March 2, 2016 8:40 PM GMT
didn't even ask Nichols about his potential runners in Supreme - or did I miss it?

Primarily thinking about Modus as JP doesn't appear to have many options and will surely have a runner in the opener
Report marychain1 March 2, 2016 8:41 PM GMT
Is Nicholls' head too fat to get near the mike? Can hardly hear him.
Report MuayThaiClyde March 2, 2016 8:45 PM GMT
Is the F word really necessary in every sentence? If only he was as funny as he thinks he is
Report differentdrum March 2, 2016 8:46 PM GMT
Just embarrassing himself.
Report marychain1 March 2, 2016 8:47 PM GMT
Agree with this fat feck about Annie Power
Report Swardean March 2, 2016 8:48 PM GMT
So do I marychain
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 8:48 PM GMT
what i could of got on even though i was restricted?
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 8:48 PM GMT
got on on friends account but not mine
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 8:49 PM GMT
gutted 100 on woulda been nice
Report guernseylion March 2, 2016 8:49 PM GMT
Quality syrup on winstanley
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 8:55 PM GMT
davy russel cracking me up
Report differentdrum March 2, 2016 8:56 PM GMT
Russell dangerously close to saying something controversial.
Report Swardean March 2, 2016 8:56 PM GMT
For a jockey who isn't supposed to bet.  You get the feeling Davy Russell has more bets per day than bigmart
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 8:56 PM GMT
Yanworth 2/1 max 50
Report yeast March 2, 2016 8:56 PM GMT
Yes. Just stopped himself in time.
Report differentdrum March 2, 2016 8:57 PM GMT
Flanagan doesn't appear to have a clue about running plans.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:06 PM GMT
didn't miss on yanworth lol
Report marychain1 March 2, 2016 9:15 PM GMT
What do we reckon for the next enhancement? Barter's Hill? Thistlecrack?
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:16 PM GMT
preying for thstlecrack
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 9:21 PM GMT
I'd like to top up on thistle crack too.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:27 PM GMT
sick only got 50 on min at 3-1
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:45 PM GMT
lol someones talking about ATR and losing customers or summit cant quite get it
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 9:46 PM GMT
Moaning about the American racing on in the evening lol
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:47 PM GMT
get on thistle
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:47 PM GMT
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:48 PM GMT
lonely letting m ehave 25
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:49 PM GMT
and .50 p on othe
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:49 PM GMT
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:49 PM GMT
Report TimmyRiggins March 2, 2016 9:49 PM GMT
LOL, 50pence
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:51 PM GMT
pulled the handy 3rd account out of the bag aint i lol
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:51 PM GMT
so end up with 75 on lol
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:52 PM GMT
anyone else have the problem
Report ashleigh March 2, 2016 9:56 PM GMT
got £50 on thistle at 2/1.Happy
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 9:56 PM GMT
Got the 50 on. Made this evening worth while
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 9:58 PM GMT
got 75 on thistle was hoping to get 150 shrew ****s blocked my account halved one of my friends. would of been sick if i hadn't got anything on thistle
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:04 PM GMT
just all of  sudden let me have 50 on other account too lol result!
Report marychain1 March 2, 2016 10:05 PM GMT
No mention at all about Vautour going to the Ryanair LaughLaugh
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:05 PM GMT
and another 25 on the other lol!
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:05 PM GMT
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:06 PM GMT
so glad i tuned in
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 10:26 PM GMT
Mary. Because what ruby put on his twitter and blog today I asume. Looks certain to go gold cup
Report ashleigh March 2, 2016 10:27 PM GMT
couldn't back barters hill even at 4/1.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:30 PM GMT
no its one that'll ill leave alone
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:31 PM GMT
didn't realise they did price boosts on this, have they always done this every year?
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:39 PM GMT
is everyones albert bartlett suspended mate just said its suspended on his
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 10:39 PM GMT
Modus could go to aintree
Report scooby91 March 2, 2016 10:40 PM GMT
They did last year
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 10:44 PM GMT
will be better organised in future was running around like a blue arsed fly trying to get on
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:10 PM GMT
really enjoyed that, going to have to get to one live next year. Davy Russel seems a very interesting mna
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:12 PM GMT
some very fair price boosts from betfair
Report Swardean March 2, 2016 11:12 PM GMT
Yes very good, RBoyd, they did the same price boosts last year.   And for the last 3 years Ladbrokes have done significant price boosts on the Monday morning before Cheltenham, so be primed.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:14 PM GMT
where do they do price boosts in the shop or online?
Report Can't Catch Me March 2, 2016 11:15 PM GMT
B0llocks. Been at the match and missed all the boosts Cry
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:15 PM GMT
3-1 min, 2-1 yanworth, 2-1 thistle (GEM), and 4-1 Barters
Report Swardean March 2, 2016 11:16 PM GMT
Online about 9am.   Max was up to £100 but equally generous as tonights.   Doesn't last long, just hope they repeat it.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:16 PM GMT
online is a nightmare with them as doubt they'll let restricted punters surely? like betfair did today!
Report Swardean March 2, 2016 11:18 PM GMT
Not sure, I aint restricted at Lads apart from overnight prices
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:19 PM GMT
apart from overnight lol? normally other way around ! cheers for the heads up
Report TimmyRiggins March 2, 2016 11:20 PM GMT
They let me have a bullseye on the first 2, but then back to 50p on Thisle/Barters.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:21 PM GMT
snap timmy but then i kept trying to do it and all off a sudden it let me
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:21 PM GMT
one kept saying 50p then al of a sudden let me have the 50 after trying like 10 times
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:22 PM GMT
and then went to get my friend to re check his and he had had 25 on , all off a sudden let him have another 25
Report TimmyRiggins March 2, 2016 11:24 PM GMT
Haha, good stuff.

I wasn't arsed about Barters anyway, so not too worried.

Would have liked Thistlecrack though.
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:26 PM GMT
na barters i didn't have anything on but was gutted as didn't realise i could of got more on Min which i really wanted to get more on, wasn't as bothered about Yanworth but got double on, then was preying they boosted thistle and thought I'm going to end up with only 25 on which id of been gutted at but got my mate too get on and then like i say other 2 accounts all of a sudden let me! Not sure what happened there but right result lol
Report RBoyd86 March 2, 2016 11:27 PM GMT
Thistle crack was best boost for me
Report TimmyRiggins March 3, 2016 12:04 AM GMT
Doesn't win me a lot, but love it if he comes home on the snaff Grin
Report RBoyd86 March 3, 2016 12:17 AM GMT
i actually think he's the banker of the meeting including douvan, Vvm etc I think he is a racing certainty
Report TimmyRiggins March 3, 2016 12:52 AM GMT
Would love the Tizzards to win with their main 3.

Might even have a sentimental fiver on it too.
Report jwracing March 6, 2016 6:56 PM GMT
GLASGOW this Thursday:
Where: The Iron Horse, 115 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2SB
Date and Time: Thursday 10th of March at 7pm
Host: Jim Delahunt
Panel: Top Trainer Jim Goldie, The Daily Record's  Garry Owen, more tbc
Cost: £10
How to Book:
To reserve either a ticket or table of ten, call 07840905409.
Tickets & tables can be purchased in the Iron Horse just now.​
Report johnn March 6, 2016 9:14 PM GMT
No harm to big Jim G but he is utterly appalling at these types of events.
Report TheCollector March 7, 2016 1:53 PM GMT
If Jim Goldie told you it was raining outside you'd have to double check for yourself. "Top" trainer...aye no botherLaugh
Report mrtopnotch March 7, 2016 4:49 PM GMT
GANLEYS - Morden
This Thursday the 10th March
Noel Fehily
Tom Scudamore
Paul Kealy
Mick Fitz
Compere: Luke Harvey

Free entry
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 9:53 AM GMT
 confirm our panel: 
Gary O'Brien, 
David Casey, 
Mark "The Couch" Winstanley
And finally a late jockey replacement! Noel Fehily is in for the unavailable Paddy Brenan. Sorry for the late change in plans - WE'RE READY!

GOB introducing the panel. New boy @noelfehily gets a big cheer for his late substitution. #SGPreview

Supreme up first, highlights of the leading lights including market leader #Min
DC: Very good horse, better on better ground, form worked out well. He's not as good as Douvan and Vautour who were bigger prices...
DC: Yorkhill the dryer ground will suit him and represents better value at 7/1. Altior also has a great chance.
Brian Graham doing the first half for us likes Altior "Ticks a lot of boxes regarding ground". Does Min have a temperment problem?
BG: Can't see Min starting 4 or 5/1 but he will start fav. Nicky Henderson great placed form in the race. Altior is the one for me
Couch: Min pulled like Rolf Harris at a scout camp the last time! Nicky had some good horses placed - Buveur D'air for me - taking on Min
NF: Buveur D'air is a very good horse. Improved a lot in his starts. Jumps superbly and has a very good chance. Min's form has worked out
GE: Min is a deserving favourite but he could well be too keen. RH: Shop around to get better offers on Min on the day, entice people
NM: Yorkhill proven he can travel over, form has worked out well will like the better ground and is a great ew price
So good shouts for Buveur D'air and Yorkhill with panel keen to take on Min due to his temperament. 

Onto the Arkle. #Douvan
DC: It's buying money. He'll win from here to the end of the room. If Faugheen got injured at start of season he'd of went Champion Hurdle
NM: Baltimore Rock and Fox Norton for me. Be hoping the race breaks up and we can give owners a good day out. Solid horses doing our best
BG: Be happy to lay a horse at Cheltenham in a grade one at 2/5 all day long!
BG: Give Gordon's horse The Game Changer a chance at each way price. GE: Douvan is a certainty. Hopefully mine will get round take 2nd
RH: Sizing John 7/2 ew without Douvan. Same bet as the Couch. Good jumper. Small field
Let's move on! Douvan, Douvan, Douvan. Couch says should be tens on

Champion Hurdle time then - shame there's no Faugheen but argubaly makes it more a betting proposition. Let's get the panels thoughts...
Couch: Annie Power 7/4 doesn't interest me. How can you have a horse who wasn't prepared to run in the race. Backed Sempre Medici 33/1
DC: Agree with Couch it has a chance but not good enough to win. Lot of pace in the race. Annie P gets allowance but will tke lot of beating
RH: Weak race. Weakest in ages. Camping Ground for me. Will settle off strong pace. Nicholls Canyon has a poor action. Not suited
GE: Open race - My Tent helped by the pace in race. NF: Annie P hard to beat getting 7lb. Like Top Notch solid horse big price. Close 2015
NM: Tough and hardy horse in an open race and has an each way chance. BG: Lack of strength in depth. Annie P won 13 of 15.
So advice for Champion Hurdle is to stick a pin in the card. Or back the fav! Neptune next

NM: Shantou Village will go elsewhere. Yanworth very impressive. Would have to be him after he beat our fella
BG: Have to respect whatever Willie runs in the race. Yanworth looks a cert, improve for better ground. One they have to beat
DC: Would love to see Yorkhill go here but he won't. A Toi Phil very good. Quirky but won good horse at Lep last time. Improving.
Couch: Not keen at the price. Hype horse, press falling over themselves. Yorkhill best form available. Should run here! Bets of Festival
GE: Evens is too short. A Toi Phil has had form franked. Bleu et Rouge goes 3 miler but he has good form too
A few fors and a few against for Yanworth then. 

Cheers already for Gordon's No More Heroes as we look at the RSA
GE: 2 horse race. More Of That is very good. Better than mine over hurdles. Mine jumps better over fences. In good form and happy with him
RH: 2 very promising horses. Rather have the horse who hasn't injury issues. NMH unlucky last year. Jumping is bombproof.
Couch: Jumps like Greg Rutherford. MOT doesn't jump as well. Cooper dreadful on NMH last year. MOT only had two races, Gordon's won 2 g1's
NF: Top 2 market head and shoulders above. Love Gordon's horse jumps well. Improve on better ground. Seeyouatmidnight best of English. E/W
DC: Roi Des Francs better than Black Hercules. Between top 2 tho. MOT fan, best hurdles form, jumps well enough. Ran well at Cheltenham
NM: MOT 4 from 4 round Cheltenham. Going to be hard to beat.

Champion Chase up next. Un De Sceaux takin on the past 3 winners of the race
DC: UDS race to lose. Free going type. Only fell cos he was too exuberant. Immacualte at Ascot. Stays well. Pace for 2 miles though
DC: Nobody can go with him in front. Has plenty of stamina and has the pace. Wouldn't concern me if Special Tiara vies for lead
NF: UDS bit short at 4/6. Special Tiara good enough to be in the money. Sprinter schooled awesome the other day. Back to his best.
GE: Sprinter has no chance. UDS will win it. Felix Yonger can come 2nd.
RH: UDS up against horses who have seen better day. He went away again at the end at Ascot. RUby has learned how to ride him
Couch: Think he'll win but poor price. Sizing Granite waitin for better ground decent shout for an each way bet.

Sorry guys we're back after a break! Champion Bumper to kick things off
DC: We'll run 5 or 6. Battleford nice horse. AUgust Kate does nothing at home, but turns up and is very good at track. Gets allowance too
Ronan has taken over from Brian for the 2nd half. "Still 7's the field" - Castello Sforza good form, been off for a while though. Jp's #1
RG: Race he won last year, had four or five winners come out of it. Gigginstown not keen to send bumper runners to this. Very Hard race
NM: Coeur Blimey in a race which is a bit of a minefield. Decent each way price.
Couch: Race so strongly. Crawl round in Ireland in heavy. Battleford won well the other day and will improve. Ballyandy best of English
RH: West End Story won a couple of races. Don't know how it equates to Irish form.
GE: Avenir D'une Vie - Michael O'Leary is keen to run him which is a surprise. Has a good chance if goes

Ryanair up next...
DC: Valseur and Road To Riches will run in this race. Both have good chances. If Vautour goes he wins. Outside chance to Village Vic.
Couch: Vautour this is the race should run in. Gold Cup is Gold Cup though. Jumps superbly. Valseur Lido needs a trip. Village Vic for me
RG: Vautour would be very short, money talks though and he'll be going for Gold. Al Ferof has no chance but seen money for it.
RG: Dynaste has course form appreciate the ground. Not too many other options for the horse
NF: Vautour woudln't come of the bridal. Vibrato Valtat has a small chance
Consensus is that Vautour should run here but that's with punters hats on not owners hats! 

World Hurdle next
RH: Only hole for Thistlecrack has he beat horses at his best. Cole Harden can boss a race on fast ground. Saphir has a decent shout
Couch: Thistlecrack would be lot shorter trained by somebody else. Think he's a cert. Horse can dominate this division. Aux Ptit Soin chance
GE: Thistlecrack bet of the week, Mullins trained him he be 1/2. Differnet horse to last year. Nap of the week.
DC: No runner for Mullins yard. Thistlecrack one to beat. Alpha Des Obeaux upsides in Aintree when fell. Cole Harden different on good grond
NM: Thistlecrack one of the bets of the week. Whisper had wind operation so could improve. Saphir had same wind op as Conti who won Ascot
RG: Snow Falcon a solid stayer but doesn't go keep an eye out at Aintree. Thistlecrack should win, we'll say a prayer

Onto the final day and the Triumph Hurdle.
RG: Ivanovich impressive the first day. Beat at odds on last day, nobody backing it that day compared to first day. Fully wound up?
RG: Sceau Royal most impressive of English hurdles. Best since Katchit says Alan King. Usually comes down to those at head of the market
NM: Zubayr impressive but Paul not in great rush with him. Sceau Royal worked well other day. Won the trial over C&D.
NF: Alan King has strong hand. Ride Clan Des Obeaux, good race at Cheltenham last time. 16/1 and has better chance than that.
Couch: Strange race. Irish beat each other. Won't be having a bet
DC: 4 runs but not really any standout. Ivanovich was out to 8's at one point. Hear connections are keen. The fillies could be best of ours.
great crowd this evening in belfast @puntersg @SPGBETTING 

Albert Bartlett up next before the Gold Cup
NM: SHantou is top of our list. Loved him from day one. Very hopeful, good run on ground he didn't like last time. Hopeful of good show
NM: Schooled well on Sunday morning. 6/1 solid each way price. NF: Very good horse plenty soft last time, much better on better ground
NF: Barters shoulda beat BAllydine easier last time. Between the top 2 though. Might have to ride the Fry horse though
DC: Could run a load in this. Barters looks good, stays well. Will run pacy horses to try and do him up the hill. Bleu et Rouge or Gangster
DC: Gangster working well appreciate better ground, hasn't been easiest to train. Bleu et Rouge will get trip ok, but keen last day
GE: Fagan runs for the sponsor. Barters tough as nails. Utmost respect for Neil's horse. Blue et Rouge really like him if he settles
RH: worry about Barters, when you see one off there's another that pops up. WOuldn't be backing him. Nothing against him though
Couch: Barters just keeps winning 7 out of 7. Some horses just grind it out. Not everyone can be Kauto or the Fly. Follow till beaten
RG: Gangster will shorten up, been working well. Wish Neil all the best. Shantou has huge chance, great form behind Yanworth

It's only the bloody #GoldCup next. And what a renewal in store #SGPreview
RG: First Gold Cup laid first 6 in the market for good money in antepost book. One of best Gold Cup's in long long time.
RG: Don Poli for me personally. 2 for 2 at Cheltenham. Could drift on the day. Grinds it out. Vautour will go here.
DC: Vautour would be better in Ryanair. Not convinced stay. Don Poli course form. Very lazy. ANyone who backs him won't be happy mid race
DC: Djakadam fan. Trained for one race and one race only. Unfortunate he fell in Cheltenham last time. Working well. Year strong & better
DC: Not overly concerned about his fall. Very good jumper. Generally brilliant. Just unfortunate
DC: Don Cossack main danger. Wins King George if he stands up. WOrry slightly about how he travels through race
GE: Mean world for Don to win it. He's in good form. Better ground = better chance. Trip will suit. Horse i fear is Djakdam.
GE: Davy Russel will ride either Don Poli or Don Cossack says the owner
GE: Thought Bryan was brain dead on him in the Ryanair last year. Wouldn't worry about the track.
RH: Against horses that have ran well in the race in the past. Djakadam has it to do. Between two Don's for me. Poli keeps winning.
RH: Need Cooper to tide Poli as he's complicated ride. But it's between those two.
NF: Cue Card won't be far away ran good races this year. Don Cossack though is very good and has huge chance.
NM: Fan of Gordon's horse. Unlucky in the King George. Funny feeling it could be his year. Best of luck to Gordon
Couch: Cue Card is ten want to take him on. KAuto and Denman couldn't do it at ten. Like backing horses who keep winning like Don Poli
So great Gold Cup in store. 

Onto the handicaps to finish on
RH: John's Spirit in the 2m5f hcap. Holywell Ultimate Hcap. Thomas Crapper novice hcap stable form
RH: Balyalton in the Martin Pipe. SHould run over hurdles. Arbre De Vie Coral Cup
GE: Cause Of Causes comes to himself this time of year. Runs well fresh. Noble Endeavour four miler, better ground will suit, JJ Codd on him
GE: Diamond King slightly high in the handicap bu this been the plan for him Coral Cup.
GE: Desoto County ran well in Lep last time. Needs a few to come out of County to get in. Squouteur progressive would love to win the M Pipe
NF: Minella Present in the grand annual one of Neil's should have a good chance on better ground. Taquin Du Seuil good chance too
Couch: Bouvreuil in the Novice hcap - ran well at Festival before
DC: Arbre De Vie 4th in Albert BArtlett last year. Coming back in trip will suit. Not many of ours well handicapped. Great Fever maybe
DC: Blazer will run in the Martin Pipe. Fancy this myself Out Sam
DC: Vroum Vroum is as much a cert as Douvan. Limini very good in mares novice. Jumping has improved. showing right signs
NM: Southfield Royale in four miler. Improve for better ground. 2nd in Grade one last time. We have Nina on board, great advantage
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 9:57 AM GMT
I would take out of that ria detel goes triumph 120.0
Roi des francs goes rsa.
Albert bartlett
Bleu et rouge
Up for review
And Thomas hobson.
Report ReaseHeath March 8, 2016 10:27 AM GMT
thanks, scooby - I would take out of it that Noel Fehily did n't pay much attention in his geography lessons, MOT surely best of the English in RSA and SYAM best of the Scottish!

David Casey comments interesting - seemingly less confident about Min and Vautour than he is about most of the others.
Report bankit March 8, 2016 5:34 PM GMT
From what I've seen watching bits of these preview nights online is that they think the short price favourite will win, but it's too short, so they say " for a bit if e/w value I would bet......" Multiply that by 10 and there's your preview night!!!
Report delsie777 March 8, 2016 5:56 PM GMT
Mullins could well be mob handed in the AB. Think Ruby would like Long Dog to go that way too - and he has drifted out with PP for the Neptune. They are also shortest for the AB. I know it doesn't mean as much now that NRNB has kicked in but it is interesting. Personally think Ruby would like to ride Min (Supreme) Yorkhill (Neptune) & Long Dog (AB).
All the bookie talk today about Yorkhill being smashed for the Supreme - yet PP are 3-1 for the Neptune!
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 6:10 PM GMT
Delsie.  I appreciate your not saying long dog will Deffo go there. But with Thomas hobson a certainty to go there and confirmed by ricci and his racing manager joe chambers. Do you think he'd have 2 in the bartlett and nothing in the neptune?
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 6:18 PM GMT
Cooper on gangster
Geraghty on bleu et rouge.
Ruby has the choice of
Thomas hobson
And up for review.
All 5 have definite chances imo,
And although I'm already on barters hill antepost, and I think he's got a good chance. there's no way I'd back him at current prices if/ when all 5 of them turn up.
Report delsie777 March 8, 2016 6:19 PM GMT
Don't know, scoob - but I know Ruby can be quite stubborn in these situations. Think a lot depends on this Yorkhill business myself. I think if that one goes to the Supreme, Ruby might well opt for LD over Bellshill. It's a bit confusing regarding Long Dog - if you speak to some people they say he's way down the pecking order, but others say Ruby loves him. Can't remember ever hearing Ruby voice his opinion in public on this one. What's your feeling on Yorkhill, scoob?
Report blackballed1 March 8, 2016 6:21 PM GMT
Ricci said in get in on Friday he fancies long dog to run a big race in the Neptune! Can't believe everything they say but he was at pains that night to say the days of skullduggery at gone and he likes to be as open as he can with punters when possible hence his vautour goes gold Or nothing comments! And he still seemed a little torn on Annie going for the champion as seems really keen to get a festival victory into her and he knows that's far from certain in the champion! But I think willy and ruby will talk him into it.
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 6:34 PM GMT
My feeling on yorkhill has always been supreme. And the honest truth is I have a big win on supreme but I'd win slightly more if he went neptune.
He's been my main fancy since for supreme since day 1.
The way he cruised up in his punchestown bumper against up for review was mighty impressive, he has a huge cruising speed. In the later stages ok corral came out of the pack and was staying on very well, he did exactly the same in the tolworth cruised past the field very impressively imo and tied up a little infront, (I'm aware it was on heavy and he will improve for better ground) I'm adamant he should run in the supreme and be left alone until late, and genuinely believe he will cruise up to min on the bridle. And I have backed min antepost.
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 6:37 PM GMT
Was meant to say I thought he tied up at punchestown too, but if that was a 2 mile race he would have won by minimum 10 lengths hard held.
Report delsie777 March 8, 2016 6:50 PM GMT
Interesting. I'm on YH any race myself, but as I'm also into Min I was hoping that he'd go Neptune. Although I agree with your reading of the Punchestown race, I felt he looked a different horse over hurdles this year. The stable feel he is much stronger but has maintained his speed. Just thought on that Tolworth form in such desperate ground that perhaps the longer trip would be the call. I just think that Ruby will be gagging to ride both whatever it takes and that very short 3-1 with PP makes me think he's not given up.
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 7:05 PM GMT
I'm on yanworth too neptune and any race since september.
That's just my opinion on yorkhill and it's a pretty strong one, I think it's almost the same scenario as nicholls canyon last year.
Although yorkhill can switch off, if they move him to the neptune I think there accommodating rich and ruby rather than the horse himself.
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 7:07 PM GMT
Also to note If yanworth or yorkhill win the neptune I'd win exactly the same. So I'm honestly not talking through my pocket.
Report wellchief March 8, 2016 7:14 PM GMT
Also to note If yanworth or yorkhill win the neptune I'd win exactly the same

Me too. I'd win nothing if either of them win
Report scooby91 March 8, 2016 7:17 PM GMT
Lol chief. There's still a few others in with a shout in the neptune, I hope so anyway as iv backed covers.
Report jonthehammer12 March 8, 2016 9:57 PM GMT
These are my own personal notes from Haydock last night.

Haydock Preview Night – Monday 7th March, 2016
MC – Paul Clarkson (PC)
Jockey - Brian Hughes (BH)
Dark Horses Annuals Author - Marten Julian (MJ)
Professional Gambler - Andy Gibson (AG)
Star Sports Bookmaker – Trevor Harris (TH)

Notes: - Now 40 mins between races. Foxhunters race now off level weights not a handicap. New race the Mares Novices Hurdle replaces the Charity race. Star Sports best price on Min (2/1) and Un de Sceaux (4/5).

Day 1 – Supreme Novices

BH – Min is plenty short enough, bit hot headed. Value EW in Supasundae. Altior best of the English horses, won at track.

AG – Feels Min is one of the weaker Mullin’s favourites, lot to prove at that price. Form is on Heavy ground, could prove to be weak form. Altior will like a fast pace and his times compare with Faugheen on final circuit from last year’s race. Backed this each way for months and is rock solid. Would advise to back to win without Min. EW shout for Supasundae.

MJ – Doesn’t like head carriage of Min, looks susceptible to bursting blood vessels, has heard this has happened at home. Also likes Altior and Supasundae EW but goes for Buveur Dair.

TH – Feels Min will be 3/1 on the day. Unsure on Altior didn’t say why. Move today on Yorkhill. Buveur Dair travels well and will probably back this.


AG – Douvan should win if error free, got form in the book and wouldn’t oppose. Feels Sizing John EW or to win without Douvan is the call.

MG – Will be backing Arzal at 33/1 which will give you a run for your money. Will lead. L’Ami Serge had problems at last year’s festival and wouldn’t be surprised if he ran well.

TH – Douvan is a steering job. Could run in the Champion Hurdle after and win that as well (cue laughter). Also a fan of Sizing John without the favourite. The Game Changer could run on for third.

BH – Wouldn’t back Arzal if he found some money on the floor (cue laughter again). Douvan rock solid, far too superior to this lot.

UBS Festival Chase

BH – No opinion.

AG – Keep an eye on Southfield Theatre if he goes in this.

MJ – Likes Carole’s Destrier, could run well. Back Dr Harper wherever he runs, could go in this. Best of the Pipe handicappers.

TH – Took a rather large bet on Dr Harper also earlier.

Champion Hurdle

MJ – Assume Annie Power is supplemented. Can be a bit clumsy over the hurdles so would lay her. Backed Nichols Canyon EW a while back. Doesn’t like Identity Thief not sure why though. My Tent or Yours pulls hard but will come home. Vale of race is Top Notch and is overpriced. Hargam of little interest, not quite good enough.

TH – If Vroum Vroum Mag is injured then TH feels Annie Power will go back to the Mares. Even with mares allowance TH feels that AP is a lay as no recent form over 2 miles. Can’t have The New One, didn’t say why. Been told that Hargam has been working well at home and is an EW price. If ground is soft then Camping Ground is a live outsider.

BH – If he had a choice would pick The New One. Would love to ride or even own him. Not having Identity Thief. Feels My Tent of Yours is interesting in a different pair of hands. Also Camping Ground EW chance if ground comes up soft.

AG – Also opposing Annie Power. Could wear headgear to stop her getting too buzzy. Feels there will be a lot of pace and it will suit hold up horses. Can’t have My Tent or Yours, too buzzy also. Form of The New One is the best, never been out of the first two and has more substances to his profile. Feels Hargam will be held up and can run well. Also EW shout for Old Guard.

PC – Mullins has said that Annie Power is a quick as anything in his yard.

Mares Hurdle

TH – Not a fan of the race, if Vroum Vroum Mag runs to rating of 140 she will win. Bitofapuzzle could run well at an EW price.

BH – Worried about Bitofapuzzle being pulled up on last run. Value is Aurore D’Estruval EW but form of the yard is a worry.

AG – Also likes Aurore D’Estruval. Would back without VVM.

MJ – In love with Bitofapuzzle and he will say. Felt she would go the Gold Cup route but hasn’t lived up to expectations. Keep an eye on The Govaness, clever trainer.

National Hunt Steeplechase (4 miler)

BH – Roi Des Francs has looked good and will stay, gone well here before. Minella Rocco was a good hurdler but unsure over the bigger obstacles.

AG – Minella Rocco will probably stay but wouldn’t trust jumping. Has backed Vyta Du Roc since NRNB. Probably won’t run here but is a no brainer as if he does the 20/a looks good, would be 10s on day.

MJ – Derek O’Connor will ride Minella Rocco which is a plus.

TH – If he had to pick one it would be Noble Endeavour but little confidence.

CHAPS Novices Handicap

MJ – Javert, nice profile.

TH – Aloomomo been well backed but no interest in race.

BH & AG – No opinion.

Day 2 - Neptune

BH – Yanworth been a very impressive novice and his race to lose. Told by a Mullins insider that A Toi Phil is flying at home and his work has been as good as all the others and could be value.

AG – A Toi Phil a lot to find with Yanworth who is one of strongest bets of week. Slight worry over a sluggish start and has rattled the first couple of fences a few times. Do that here and he could lose a handy position. Has backed Shantou Village NRNB but probably won’t run here unless rain is forecast for end of week. Again a no brainer to back Shantou Village EW NRNB in this race.

MJ – Not a fan of Yanworth, does flick hurdles as AG suggested. Also took a long look at the 3rd last LTO (a bit green still). Also time was slow and thinks he could have peaked too soon which also worries the trainer apparently. Opposing with O O Seven EW at a big price. Could be a bit of rain forecast Tues/Weds.

TH – Poor race but likes Yanworth. If it comes up soft then Itsafreebee is far too big EW. Long Dog not beaten much. Worried about Alan King horses being out of form now.

RSA Chase

AG – No More Heroes was 7/4 but now drifted, still a bit short. Needs to find 20 lbs with More of That from Hurdles rating. Backed More of That for a while now. Also backed Vyta Du Roc for this as well, uncomplicated and stays well. Good chance, very reliable.

MJ – Decent renewal, loves More of That and the way he sticks his neck out. Felt Seeyouatmidnight dossed a bit LTO. Do not overlook Blaklion at EW price. Also feels Jonjo O’Neill will have a good Cheltenham.

TH – No More Heroes is a terrible price but should win (big and strong). Would wait for a sensible price. Underwhelmed by Seeyouatmidnight.

BH – Rides Seeyouatmidnight, would like some rain. Don’t worry about last run, the horse is lazy and needed the run. Seeyouratmdnight needs his work and loves being given a hard time, will handle soft. He is a street fighter and has stamina in abundance and BH feels he is massive EW value. Only negative is the sharper track.
More of That has best form. No More Heroes impressive LTO. Would worry about Blacklion being pulled up.

Coral Cup

MJ – Diamond King should run ok but likes Rock the Kasbah. Watch where Great Field runs, jumps like a stag.

TH – Backed Kilcrea Vale EW, travels well.

BH & AG – No Opinion.

Queen Mother Champion Chase

MJ – Felix Yonger reminds him of Deep Sensation last year, same profile and will outrun his price. Felix Yonger to track Special Tiara and run well.

TH – Un De Sceaux best price with his firm (4/5) but would like to take on. Would back Dodging Bullets place only. Special Tiara poor form at Cheltenham. God’s Own very good EW price.

BH – Will ride Somersby for Mick Channon, 8th visit to festival. Stronger race than last year but thinks UDS will win. Thinks God’s Own better on right handed track. Can’t have Dodging Bullets after being beaten by Top Gamble. Not having Sire De Grugy either.

AG – Price discrepancy between SS and SDG. Average renewal. UDS will win if stays upright. Special Tiara is an interesting pace angle in the race. Has backed Felix Yonger without UDS at 7s and 8s. Also backed God’s Own without UDS, will like the ground.

Cross Country

BH – Be wary of backing Balthazar King after a rib break, hard for a horse to come back after such an injury.

AG – Will back Any Currency if he drifts a bit.

TH – Price discrepancy between Josie’s Orders and Quantitativeeeasing

MJ – No interest.

Fred Winter

BH – Good EW price for Our Thomas if he goes in this.

AG – Diego Du Charmil is a good bet but the price has gone

MJ – Tentative selection Duke Street

TH – Nicholls man phoned handicapper to get a mark for Diego Du Charmil and was give 132 based on French form. Nicholls delighted feels he is well in, handicapper said you will have a lot of fun off that mark. Strange thing for handicapper to say.

Champion Bumper

TH – No real opinion, New to this Town been sold recently. His firm taken big bet on Bacardys.

BH – Augusta Kate out of a good mare. High Bridge could go well at a price, nice form. Shrewd trainer in John Ferguson.

AG – No interest.

MJ – Augusta Kate has shown nothing at home apparently. Ballyandy great pedigree.

Day 3 – JLT Novices Chase

BH – Bristol De Mai done nothing wrong but in much lesser company. Would like rain and very soft ground. Outlander could be a decent rival. One at a price is Shaneshill.

AG – Black Hercules should run in this as it isn’t the best and would have a good chance. Bristol De Mai is favourite by default but still a handy price at 9/2. If ground is Good to Soft of faster I would be concerned.
Outlander is reliable EW on soft ground. Interesting one is Garde La Victoire, jumps low, needs goodish ground.

TJ – Bristol De Mai solid favourite, jumped well LTO at Sandown. Agrees with AG on Garde La Victoire.

TH – Still value in Bristol De Mai, jumped even better at Leicester than Sandown. Outlander form maybe isn’t as good. Would also like Black Hercules to run here and make running.

Pertemps Final

TH – Leave at Dawn under Barry Geraghty would have decent chance.

BH – Good word for Our Kaempfer, race wasn’t run to suit LTO and was brought down when still going well. Stays and Jumps well.

AG – Doubts over Our Kaempfer, didn’t say why,
MJ – Likes If In Doubt but again mentions Jonjo O’Neil horses (Join the Clan and Box Office) and to watch them in market. Missed Approach kept off track by Greatrex, could have a chance.

Ryanair Chase

AG – Al Ferof not a good winning record (1 in 9), the win was a weak event and this could end up favourite if the top of the market goes elsewhere. Noel Meade thinks Road to Riches will run here. Had a big bet on Village Vic but will trade on day as he front runs. Ground should be fine.
Also a small interest EW on Smashing. Warming to Vibrato Valtat as has strong form lines over 2 mils. Can’t have Josses Hill, poor jumper.

BH – Oscar Rock (50/1) would be of interest here if he goes but also entered for longer race. Wants it good.

MJ – No opinion.

TH – Vautour would win here if they took this route. In fact Trevor said he would win on Vautour in this race. Thinks Road to Riches will run here and win. Smashing and Village Vic for EW money. VV has improved immensely over the past 12 months.

World Hurdle

MJ – Thistlecrack 4lbs clear of Whisper and Kilcooley. Whisper can outrun odds if he finds that 4lbs. Kilcooley at a price if he has overcome a setback.

TH – Thistlecrack a bit short but stable in great form, can it carry on? Alpha Des Obeaux fell LTO at an important stage of race so is an unknown. The plan for Cole Harden all year is this race, can win again.

BH – Can’t have Cole Harden, too many excuses this season. Heard a whisper he is worse than ever.
Whisper is lively outsider as is Kilcooley but both have a bit to find.

AG – Cole Harden can turn form on head and do what he did last year. Has backed CH and Thistlecrack all year, will trade CH off in running as he will lead. Thistlecrack has form in back over past 4 runs.
Also backed Whisper EW at 10s without the favourite. Henderson is bullish on Whisper.

Question about Aux Ptits Sons – goes well fresh. Also question on Zabana but AG hasn’t done his homework on all the handicaps as yet.

Brown Advisory

TH – Everyone seems to be on John’s Spirt. Small shout for Stilletto.

AG – John’s Spirit best form is on old track while this is on the new track. Would back him here in Paddy Power meeting.

MJ – Likes John’s Spirit and mentions Dr Harper again if he runs here.

BH – No opinion.

Trull House Mares Novices

TH – Questions why this race is included this year. Can’t see Smart Talk out the frame.

BH – Likes Smart Talk, good stayer and a decent chance. Improving all time and track ok.

AG – Also asks why race is put in, next year they are adding 2 cartoon races from Portman Park to make the day even longer (audience laughs). Smart Talk the value running off 149, if was 150 could have run in Supreme.
MJ – No opinion.

Fulke Kim Muir Challenge Cup

TH – Our Father goes well fresh. Value in Cause of Causes.

MJ – Our Father plotted up for this. Money floating about for Cause of Causes. Eye catching finish by Lost Legend LTO, another of Jonjo’s. Now down to a good mark of 140.

BH & AG – No opinion.

Day 4 Triumph Hurdle

MJ – Apparently Ivanovich Gorbatov had a stone bruise before last race, not sure if this is common knowledge. Will be better for ground. Zabayr was very expensive purchase, likes way he finished LTO but not way he started.
Biggest bet of meeting in this race, Connetable. Beat decent horses and best form.

PC pops up and says a tip for us all is Apples Jade, should run in this race.

TH – Open race and good value in there. Zubayr is worst price of whole meeting, the form is worth nothing. Sceau Royal is the best natural hurdler in the race and should be favourite. Connetable is a decent EW. Sam Twiston Davies will ride Clan Des Obeaux.

BH – Forgive IG for last run, if he could pick one it would be this. Also likes the Nicholls horse Zubayr.

AG – IG, better ground will help but this would be a double figure price if was a different trainer. Zubayr has a chance.
Sceau Royal as must for placepot as will finish in first 3, has good experience. Also Clan Des Obeaux is the other for the placepot.
Not a lot between Nicholls horses but a lot to like about Connetable. Race is wide open.

VOB County Hurdle

MJ – Second best bet of meeting is Kayf Blanco (50/1 with Bet 365). Back NRNB as may not get in but put him in your tracker. Should be higher rated. 4th at Sandown was good form behind some very good horses. MJ very bullish about this horse.
Some Plan has also been plotted up for this.

TH – Agreed that Some Plan has been plotted up for this. The other Nicholls horse All Yours may go to Aintree and should be backed there. Gave small shout for Starchitect.

BH – Will ride Hawk High, will be schooling him in 2 days. Loves the course, ground and will thrive on the pace of the race and will outrun odds of 40/1.

AG – Apparently Nicholls gave his NAP the other day as All Yours which goes against what TH said. Big bet here for AG with A Hare Breath at 16s. Also likes Desoto County but he may not get in.

Albert Bartlett

BH – Rode against Barter’s Hill on Ballydine LTO. Thought he would go past but no way, BH finds more and more and very tough to pass. BH does ride lazily and needs pushing but wouldn’t worry about that.

AG – Can’t knock BH with 7 wins on bounce. Tenacious horse. Even worth backing in running when he is being pushed along. If it rains Shantou Village may go in the shorter race. Ballydine not good enough. If the ground is bottomless then Unowwhatimeanharry will go well.

MJ – Barters Hill toughest bumper horse he has seen. Just keeps finding more. Apparently Mullins reports that Gangster been working well at home. Rich Ricci thinks Thomas Hobson is overpriced. Shantou Village and Jonniesofa EW value.

TH – Barters Hill gets job done and will trade bigger in running. May be 7/2 on day so would wait. If Bleu Et Rouge runs here could be interesting.

AG – Had a bet on Champers on Ice EW. Will go back in again if soft ground.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

AG – Feels 4 of the 5 are ground dependant and that Don Poli can go on any ground and has backed him since NRNB. Good course form, will like the pace and been here and done it albeit in different races. Vautour was very keen LTO which will take up energy here but if he does stay has claims. Smad Place is value EW but will lay ante post bet off in running as he will lead, big opportunity to trade. Djakadam would be the call on more testing ground more than the others. Don Cossack prefers better ground and may wear cheekpieces to help him travel better.

MJ – Potential winner must be a stayer and can jump. If they can’t then don’t back them, this isn’t a speed contest. Rumour is Vautour isn’t working well at home at all although the yard hope he comes good late. Cue Card is a wonderful horse but well beaten on last effort over 3 miles. Worried about the fall by Djakadam LTO. Don Poli is lazy and dull but keeps finding more. Don Cossack is in a safe pair of hands. Apparently Many Clouds runs at Kelso on the rearranged Sunday meeting.

TH – Decent renewal and the betting has been busy Ante Post. This is the people’s race. Vautour is the class horse but feel he won’t get home. Aintree should be the place to run him.
Anagram of Don Poli is I Plod on which says it all. Smad Place overpriced and will be in first 3. Bryan Cooper will probably Don Poli.

BH – Would love to see Cue Card win, it will be a gruelling race. Horses who have tried this race before struggle to come back and win it (barring Kauto, Denman etc.) If he could choose he would pick Don Poli all day long, right profile and always races behind the bridle and within himself. Will stay all day. Smad Place a good EW shout.

Foxhunters Chase

PC – Pacha Du Polder goes with Victoria Pendleton in the plate.

TH – Says put the kettle on during this.

AG & MG like Paint the Clouds.

BH – No opinion.

Martin Pipe Conditionals Hurdle

MJ – Watch out for Eshtiaal if he gets in. Ran a prep race on flat at Dundalk on Friday and won.

Others – No opinion.

Then someone remembers they have a massive word from a reliable source for Qualando in this.

Johnny Henderson Grand Annual

MJ – Next Sensation has once again been plotted for this and should be backed. Also EW on Eastlake.

TH – No Opinion

BH – Would like Surf and Turf if he gets in but probably go to Aintree.
AG – Next Sensation has had breathing Op and on same mark as last year when he won. Will drift on day. Obvious choice and everyone knows this is his target.

NAPS & Best E/W


NAP - Douvan – Told to pick something longer so he says UDS.

Best EW – Hawk High


NAP - Connetable

Best EW - Kayf Blanco (NRNB) should he get in at 50s.


NAP - No More Heroes

Best EW – Hargam in Champion Hurdle


NAP – Vyta De Roc in whichever race he goes in.

Best EW – A Hare Breath in County Hurdle (NRNB)
Report sacrifice1 March 9, 2016 8:31 AM GMT
Thanks for the input especially jointhehammers, I went to the preview in Cheltenham on Sunday at Aqua Vitae, panel Sam TD, Martin Keighley, Ed Quigley, Steedo and Mark ( local pundit ).I deliberately wont include the odds on /even money shots as you will know about them already. Excellent night, to summarise :Day 1 : Altior / Buveur Dair. Vaniteaux ew. For the CH, Nichols Canyon, The New One and Alex was very impressed with how My Tent or Yours looked b4 and during a recent racecourse gallop at Kempton. Day 2 : Long Dog ew in Neptune, Vyta Du Roc ew RSA and Sam flagged Le Mercury at a price. Felix Yonger ew in QM.
Day 3 Bristol de Mai especially if course rides soft side of good, all were a bit vague on Ryanair altho Gilgamboa wears headgear which could be interesting. Samtegal a fancy for STD on good ground, Dr Harper and Our Father plot horses for Pipey, no surprise there !
Word c/o Alex from Greatrex camp that Cole Harden back to his best, interestingly Sam said he would be closer on Saphir de Rheu and has a big ew chance.
Day 4 : The host from *sports said they have seen consistent support for IG in the Triumph, Connetable for Sam although he was keen to mention Clan des Obeaux did a super piece of work recently.
Barters Hill for the AB, Thomas Hobson ew. Gold Cup wide open,Ruby likely to ride Djakadam. In the handicaps SOQUETEUR, Superb Story and Next Sensation all flagged by at least one member of the Panel.

MK nominated Any Currency as his charity bet.
Not as neatly put together as the other reviews but hopefullly does the job of helping you find a winner or two GL.
Report Ming_the_Merciless March 9, 2016 8:39 AM GMT
Thanks Sacrifice, tbh I am pretty fed up with the Ricci horses stealing all the limelight when we know all about them....

I'll be going over the cliff again for Any Currency, as for Clan des Obeaux ... I am in knee deep at big prices!!! bring it on!!! Excited

Le Mercurey likely to go to Aintree, quote in a Nicholls newspaper interview.
Report shockster March 9, 2016 9:08 AM GMT
Went to Wetherby last night and not much to report.

Jim McGrath has backed 3 ante post ALTIOR (Supreme), POLLY PEACHUM (Mares) and a handicapper but thought it wouldn't get in. Apols if I'm wrong re the handicapper.

Nial Hannity - bet of the meeting SHANTOU VILLAGE (A.Bartlett)

Brian Hughes £25 charity bet - Douvan !!!

Not much else to report really.
Report GAZO March 9, 2016 9:15 AM GMT
went well over the cliff on any currency's last run,will just be looking for the rope to pull me back up this time
Report ashleigh March 10, 2016 1:02 PM GMT
went to the beverley preview evening last night. 

c dixon, outlander [jlt] nap. also augusta kate [bumper] johns spirit [brown plate] next sensation [gr annual] 

g topham, bristol de mai  [jlt] nap. southfield royale [nat hunt] paint the clouds [foxhunters] 

m tomlinson, don cossack [gold cup] nap. free expression [kim muir] rock the kasbah [coral cup] fourth act [brown plate] 

d owen, minella rocca [nat hunt] nap. 
m carberry, smart talk [mares novice] nap. 
panel for douvan,annie power,yanworth,un de sceaux,thistlecrack.

panel against min,ivanovich gorbatov,barters hill,vautour. 
many thanks to ken, who puts the event on every year and raises lots of money for racing charities.
Report onehundredandeighty March 10, 2016 6:34 PM GMT
Ah i went last night Ash but was a late arrival so propped the bar up all probs will have seen me at some point. Megan also gave a good word for Definately Red of Ellisons if he rocks up in the cotswolds but Chris Dixon saying Nichols Canyon can deffo not win tickled me. Good night allbeit a struggle this morning Shocked
Report delsie777 March 10, 2016 7:07 PM GMT
Barney Curley put up Annie Power & Thistlecrack as his double for the festival at the PP Preview night
Report corporal March 11, 2016 9:44 AM GMT
Was at a preview at the Sydney Arms last night. Compact venue, small crowd, good night. Tom Segal, Nicky Henderson, Jamie Osborne, John McCririck. Last 2 waste of time in terms of thoughts/advice, but Osborne came across well and good banter between him and Nicky.

All the usual stuff was talked...Douvan can't lose, Thistlecrack best horse at the festival, strong on VVM etc etc. A few soundbites of interest:

Day 1 - MTOY has it all to do after 2 years off the track, but working very well. Nicky felt that on soft ground Top Notch would definitely be in the mix coming round the final bend. Nicky really strong on Altior.

Day 2 - all like Yanworth, but Segal can't have him at the price. Shout out for Yorkhill if he runs. Panel strong on More of That. Nicky not so keen on win chances of Vyta du Roc. Segal stronger. Segal backed First Figaro for Dermot Weld in the Bumper. Good vibes from trainer & previews in Ireland. Felt like Nicky's best idea of a dark horse is Laurium - entered in the Coral but more likely to get into the Martin Pipe. 

Day 3 - Nicky big fan of Bristol de Mai in the JLT.  Segal shout out for Our Kaempfer in the Pertemps. Ryanair to go to Gigginstown - whether Road to Riches or Valseur. Nicky keen on Josses Hill but feels like he might be better right handed. Nicky thinks Whisper will turn up in the World Hurdle but probably running for place. Best of his in the Mares Novice is Bloody Mary but other two are decent too - Chocca Wocca, Robins Reef.

Day 4 - Nicky feels like King has a good hand in the Triumph, panel against Barters Hill at the price. Segal fancies Shantou Village, Segal strong on Superb Story in the County, Nicky's best in this one Cardinal Walter. Gold Cup, Osborne and Segal very strong on Don Cossack, Nicky would love Cue Card to win. Laurium in the Martin Pipe.

JP was also there - best bet of the festival On The Fringe in the Foxhunters. Working very well recently.
Report ashleigh March 30, 2016 12:36 PM BST
owner peter garvey of the sunnybank hotel in dublin had a preview night on march 4th, on the panel was david jennings of the racing post who put up minello rocco, ballyalton and un temps pour tout, garvey added annie power, vroum vroum mag and min for a £1 win lucky 63 for a return of 35k.Cool
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