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Prima Donna
28 Feb 12 12:40
Date Joined: 29 Apr 09
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O.M.G!Shocked Extraordinary choice even with the line breeding,on hearing that news my reaction was LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughI'm I missing something?At least connections will race it themselves I suppose!
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Report ovalu February 28, 2012 1:34 PM GMT
They're certainly keeping it in the family, I think he's a fine looking horse personally and really liked him when he won his group 3 tho he went off the boil after that (losing me a good pile of money in the guineas) Shes not in it for the money really so why not try and breed a good big classic horse from two of her favoutites, I enquired about him off you prima in another post about his suitability for my Linamix mare but you weren't too enthusiastic from a commercial point of view, incidentally are you still liking Le Cadre Noir? Its decision time for me
Report Prima Donna February 28, 2012 2:11 PM GMT
ovalu,Why not as you say,maybe they together might just get a half decent runner.And yes Le Cadre Noir for low money offers good value,first foals this year,he is a smashing looking young sire from a very commercial sire line.Good luck let me know if you do use him.
Elusive Pimpernel imo never going to be commercial even if the above mating does come up trumps.
Report potentialmillionaire February 28, 2012 3:05 PM GMT
Mrs Patino has done a truely brilliant job with Big Bad Bob. I don't know where he'll end up in the run of things, but the fact is no-one else has produced a stallion privately from nowhere for a very long time.
No-one can say categorically that it wasn't entirely her skill that produced him, so no-one should say she shouldn't try exactly the same thing with Elusive Pimpernel.
(She shouldn't though should she? Crazy)
Report Johnny_Mustang February 29, 2012 4:13 PM GMT
Ah yes, this will be another example of the famous Elusive Quality - Intikhab nick that's worked so well in the past.........

Is it just me who finds Snow Fairy a little too close in Elusive Pimp's pedigree for comfort?
Report Prima Donna February 29, 2012 7:51 PM GMT
Its close Johnny but I could live with it,have know closer matings mind.Mrs Patino must have more than a massive dose of tremendous faith in Elusive Pimpernel,as posters know I certainly am not against using a cheaper stallion nothing wrong with that,but him with herShocked still each to their own I suppose.....good luck to her mind.
Report potentialmillionaire February 29, 2012 8:12 PM GMT
It's 3 x 5 Johnny Mustang and the common ancestress Gay Fantasy is pretty obscurely bred by modern standards. It doesn't really register as an inbred pedigree in my eyes as there are many more differences in the cross than similarities.
Report The Gotchee February 29, 2012 10:24 PM GMT
Mrs. Patino will almost certainly support Elusive Pimpernel with most of her best producing mares. On that basis EP is odds on to get some good winners in his first crop. He looks exceptional value at 1000 euro. I don't know what breeding theories she uses but she is doing something right.It surely can't all be luck. Breeding racehorses will always be a mystery but as someone once said "as soon as it becomes an exact science I'm outta here".
Report Prima Donna March 1, 2012 1:28 PM GMT
Are you sending EP a mare The Gotchee?I remember you always liked Big Bad Bob did you ever use him?I'm going to be very interested to see if Bob can keep it up now he's on the open market.How do you think he'll do?
Report furniture-removal March 2, 2012 9:15 PM GMT
I read someplace that she, Mrs.Patino, was sending 7 mares to EP this year,
a lot of her mares would be far from being blue-bloods which makes what BBB has achieved all the more remarkable.
Report The Gotchee March 3, 2012 11:46 AM GMT
PD, without giving too much away, I have used BBB and I am in the waiting room at the moment. All going well I intend to sell as a yearling. Now that he is being properly marketed I think BBB will do really well, people are only now beginning to identify how well he has done from limited opportunities. His first proper crop (77) wont be racing until next year so we will just have to wait and see but his offspring so far have ticked all the right boxes. What further evidence do we need? Maybe I am missing something and I wish somebody would tell me.  He is full again this year so that cant be bad. Fingers crossed.  As for Elusive Pimpernal, I wont be using him this year but when I see what mares he covers in his first crop then I 'll decide. If I had the right mare I would definitely use him.
Report potentialmillionaire March 4, 2012 8:47 PM GMT
Well done The Gotchee. I think I would probably have used Big Bad Bob if I was in Ireland. I certainly think there are fewer question marks with him than some others.

He seems to be a bit freaky in a lot of ways as he is obviously capable of getting offspring with plenty more substance than himself and ofcourse plenty with more speed and ability than you would expect.

My slight worry would be that a small sample size, which I supppose is how we can view his crops, often leads to skewed results. Perhaps other people worry about that, but personally I think he will rise above that. We shall see.
Report Prima Donna March 5, 2012 12:43 PM GMT
Yes well done The Gotchee,I thought you must have used Bob so fingers crossed you get what you hoped for.He certainly has done very well from as you point out limited opportunities.His stock have so far ticked all the right boxes and the further evidence as to his ability as a sire will undoubtedly be rubber stamped next year,I'd hope he goes on the right way and think he most likely will.when you stand back and look at him he's maybe not exactly the sort you'd think would  upgrade his stock but he remarkably has.
I agree with Pot M's slight concern about such a small sample size,but at least he has proven he can get good horses that can win!I too think he will rise above the negative doubters and can see his yearlings being popular this autumn.I can't help but think with EP whilst he was a decent runner and from a good family who seems to get good runners popping up along with being a son of a class stallion he himself is a bit of a boat being so big.....really too big I'd say.
Report proxygene April 26, 2014 1:28 PM BST
I, like many, am still fascinated by this mating. I don't rate it but can understand it. It certainly promotes the visibilty of the previously forgotten Elusive Pimpernel, must have facilitated his transfer to INS and financially may even be worth sacrificing her maiden covering for the publicity and attracting more mares to him.

Being a 'public' property it may also take some of the weight of expectation off Snow Fairy (as Ouija Board, Soviet Song and Zarkava have had to contend with). For the owner it must increase the anticipation and hopefully enjoyment of her second career.

With her Plebian heritage and pedigree unsaturated with any dominant strains she is a blank canvas for who she could visit.

Having run an analysis on Intikhab/Charnwood Forest/Marju mares my top 3 would have been
1 Dubawi
2 Cape Cross
3 Sir Percy

one to avoid Pivotal

So if you were Mrs P, who would your top 3 have been  and who would you have avoided specifically with Snow Fairy.
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