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Posted by: Betting.Betfair on Jan 4, 2012 at 09:08:28 AM
[u]Why Barack Obama won't be the next US President[/u] The optimism of four years ago has vanished, the economy continues to struggle and there is little discernible difference from George Bush's much-maligned tenure, with Guantanamo Bay still open for business in spite of promises otherwise. Support from minorities is dwindling, with African-American and, to a lesser extent, Latino voters gradually losing faith, and it won't take a huge shift for traditionally Republican states like North Carolina and Florida, which Obama won by slim margins in 2008, to swing back to the right. History is against him too, with Bill Clinton the only Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt to have been elected for two terms. [u]Why Spain won't win Euro 2012[/u] The European Championship has never been retained,...