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Out with the old and in with the new. Or out with the old and in with the old as my re-worked phrase goes. It's all change in I'm A Celebrity following the sad exit of ancient 'comedian' Freddie Starr, but new blood of Sinitta and Pat Sharp in a surprise double inclusion has made it a rather fun week in the jungle.

The official website of IACGMOOH described Starr as a terrific contestant who gave us one of the stand-out moments in the show's history. I would temper that enthusiasm slightly, but he gave young pup Mark Wright a hammering in the 'greasy spoon' trial. And to think, all those headlines regarding rodents will be left to rot. He looked far too queasy to remain in camp, which is a shame as he had already riled Stefanie.

Farewell Freddie, the man who ate the pig anus and the camel toe. But not the hamster.

Essex man Wright is the new favourite, and trades at 3.15 to win it outright, and 1.85 in the top male market. On both occasions usurping Anthony Cotton - who has drifted to about 6.0 for jungle glory. The TOWIE boy has had some fairly favourable editing, unsurprising considering he has an ITV programme. He's already been nominated for two bushtucker trials, declared his love for old flame Lauren, worn a mankini and taken on the role as team leader. That's why he is 3.15.

Dougie from McFly meanwhile said nothing for a whole two days.

Cotton has been a complete diva, but as my ante-post pick I am still sitting fairly comfortably. Despite a spat with Fatima Whitbread over the cooking (and no one messes with Fatima), he's been fun, entertaining and fairly warming. Whitbread is an interesting betting proposition at the moment, and she's been cut to 3.0 for the top female. The javelin ace cried tears for Freddie, then started a ruck with Cotton over food duties. She might have a good run, and will perform well in the trials having already succeeded in the 'rat run'.

Jessica-Jane Clement took all of about two hours to get the bikini out, and to make doubly sure, the bikini came out once again for the celebrity chest task. I keep studying those two bits of footage for betting purposes just to make sure I make no mistake. JJC is trading at 15.0 to win.

Talking of celebrity chests, tabloid rumours on Friday morning have suggested lingerie model Emily Scott could enter the camp anytime soon. There's no official line on this, but the show has no love interest on the horizon due to Jessica-Jane's engagement
days after the line-up was announced. Watch this space (for Emily, not engagement plans).

The new arrivals on Tuesday have given the show a distinctly 80s feel. Step forward cheesy DJ (and pop star) Pat Sharp, along with cheesy pop star Sinitta. Both had to slum it this week in the cockroach cave in order to win the luxury items, and this
was achieved, with no help from Sinitta whatsoever. She seems a complete nervous wreck who was scared of the claxon. Not surprisingly she's been nominated for the next bushtucker trial. If it moves, Sinitta runs.

Her entrance was also particularly memorable: "Hello, I'm Sinitta".

But this Sharp character is a different ball game all together. Trading at 16.0, he could present a decent opportunity to achieve a green book by next week. He clearly wants to get back on telly, and he is relishing anything that is thrown his way. His cheeky little one-liners are slightly annoying, but he looks as though he means business.

Pat's entrance also prompted a marvellous exchange with Crissy Rock, who said: "He's nice, who is he?" Talk about he pot calling the kettle black. Has she never seen the legendary Pat Sharp's Funhouse? We sure as hell have never seen Benidorm.

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