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The X Factor never ceases to amaze does it? Let me re-phrase that; the British public never cease to amaze do they?

Last night you, let me say that again, YOU, the British public, failed to vote for The Risk meaning they finished bottom of a public vote, thus eliminating them from this year's competition. Johnny Robinson has also been eliminated after losing out in a sing-off to fellow Over 25s competitor Kitty Brucknell.

But it's The Risk's elimination, and Frankie Cocozza's survival, that has made the X Factor a bit of a laughing stock. To put it into perspective, The Risk were generally available to back at around the 200.0 mark in the Eighth Elimination market, Cocozza was matched at a low of just 1.5 yet didn't even fall into the bottom three. Hands up if you're voting for him.

Robinson was then voted off by all four judges after his sing-off with Kitty, meaning from a betting perspective the camp, and extremely funny, entertainer was the winner in the Ninth Elimination market.

Meanwhile to win the competition outright, 23-year-old hairdresser Marcus Collins is now the 3.6 favourite after some excellent performances in recent weeks. The Liverpudlian has disposed Janet Devlin (5.0) from the head of the Winner market after the Irish teenager forgot her lyrics during her rendition of I Want You Back on Saturday night.

There may only be seven acts remaining but this year's competition looks wide open; only Brucknell (50.0) and Cocozza (85.0) look to be out of it, though any of Collins, Devlin, Craig Colton (5.2), Misha Bryan (6.8) or Rhythmix (8.0) can still win.

But did I just say that Cocozza looks out of it? Not if the British public have anything to say.

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