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In this time of economic peril, with the country undergoing more cuts than an origami class, ITV's strategic thinking seems a little puzzling. Spending ample pennies training up all these celebs to skate, only to boot four out before the competition begins, seems a little out of keeping with the national mood.

Angela Rippon hasn't reflected the national mood since about 1977, so it was little surprise to see her skate off into the sunset on Sunday. Rippon is apparently absolutely livid about this, despite being a distinctly average ice skater. She vented this fury with a rant about judge Jason Gardiner, suggesting that how dare he call her boring! Or something like that - was too bored to listen.

Also out was Nadia Sawalha - upsetting for her no doubt but not as distressing as when she found out lover Gianni di Marco might be her brother.

The historic pattern of 'D on I' winners to-date reads like a seating plan at a posh dinner party: girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. Hence it would appear to be the very height of rudeness, not to mention a great social faux pas if yet another female were to win the thing this time around. Little surprise then that Eastenders actor Sam Attwater is in the driving seat at 2.82.

Of the other blokes in contention to take the prize, ex-Mr Jade Goody, Jeff Brazier, has already been bashed by Jason Gardiner for not having a commanding enough masculine presence. To recap, whilst wearing lycra bodysuits and ice skating to soft rock music, one must also maintain a commanding masculine presence. That's an ask Jason. A big ask.

Woman news now, and having made it through to the final 12 of a television ice-dance show, Kerry Katona claimed her achievement was like, "getting into the Olympics." Only in the sense that getting a C Grade at Drama GCSE is like winning an Oscar, Kerry.

Elsewhere, Laura Hamilton - unknown last week, leading girl this week - needed a bespoke outfit on Sunday, for similar reasons as the host Holly might. Male voters will like that. Back her at 5.7.

And finally, Vanilla Ice freaked out and was rushed to the Dancing on Ice A&E tent at the weekend, after BLOOD was spotted on his outfit. Disappointingly, it turned out to be jam from a donut, which presumably matched the DNA of the sugar on his fingers. It's going to be a long three months...

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