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In 100 years time, when military historians sit and debate the reasons for the decline of the British army, no doubt many theories will be posited. The Suez farce undoubtedly marked the end of British 'superpower' status. Joining the EU has irreversibly diluted our ability to independently defend this sceptred isle. But above all, those velvet jacketed historians will point to January 2011, and the television appearance of Johnson Beharry VC in sequins. Be the best indeed.

Yes kids, it's so back it hurts. If you like dancing, and you like ice, well you're in for a treat over the next few months. Dancing on Ice returns this weekend, bringing with it celebrities, skating, and above all, Holly Willoughby on prime time television (typically only available to the lucky old unemployed.)

Contestants are as usual in this type of show, plucked from a variety of different milieus, and include sportsmen (Dominic Cork), mads-lag fodder(Jennifer Metcalfe) and people whose name fits the show (Vanilla Ice - although former Germany centre forward Paulo Rink must consider himself unlucky to miss out.)

The two hot favourites are 'Enders Sam Attwater, and TV presenter Laura Hamilton (me neither, but a google image search is recommended.) Attwater is at 3.6, whilst Hamilton is available at 5.1.

Those two may not quite be A List, but there are plenty of other intriguing contestants, who will be cluttering up your television over the next few weeks. The guest bookers have scanned the globe to give the ensemble an international flavour. WAG Elen Rivas was born in Spain, Vanilla Ice is from the States and of course Kerry Katona represents Iceland (here all week etc.) And speaking of Katona, she lines up as third favourite on the Betfair markets right now, possibly due to her notorious familiarity with the white stuff.

Just behind Katona in the betting is the lovely Jennifer Metcalfe, who brings with her plenty of experience of being lifted by random males and manoeuvred into various positions.

A dark horse may be Craig McLachlan at 34.0 (former Neighbours surf dude and Mrs Mangel botherer Henry Ramsey) who would certainly have a strong fan base amongst the 30s female demographic, a core % of the show's viewers.

Another shrewd punt could be 'Comedy' Dave Vitty - sidekick of Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 breakfast show. Vitty could be the Widdecombe of this series, and Moyles will no doubt be pushing his obedient, dumb audience to keep him in. He is a decent 5.6 to finish in the top three.

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