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Get on the value sled, giddy up the huskies and pile into Betfair's White Christmas market while the price is still ripe. After that, hot toddies all round!

With race meetings and football fixtures obliterated by the torrid conditions, Betfair punters might be wondering where to put their money this week.

While there's plenty of exciting sport going on in warmer climes - and at the PDC Championships at Alexandra Palace - if you fancy punting on something closer to home, this might be the year that the White Christmas market yields value.

When I look out of my window, see the pond frozen and the ground caked in snow, I can't believe that Yes is as long as 3.0 in Betfair's White Christmas market. The odds, which have been steadily coming in for weeks, touched 7.2 when the market opened and narrowed to 2.54 during the first deluge just over a fortnight ago. There was a brief drift (sorry, couldn't resist!) when things warmed up last weekend but by now I would have expected a plunge to around evens.

Perhaps punters are stranded away from their computers and simply can't get on. Too cold for betting? If airports and, gasp, shopping centres can go into lock down over a couple of inches of the white stuff maybe bettors activities' will be similarly disrupted. I doubt it but, while we're on the subject, I have a couple of friends coming to England for Christmas. They are currently stranded after their flights were diverted away from Heathrow yesterday. They've flown in from Moscow and Boston, places where the snow soaks your knees and the cold makes you feel like your face is bleeding. It's fair to say they are bemused by our inability to cope.

Of course, a meteorologist I am not, but with this December due to be the coldest on record, freezing conditions prevailing across Christmas week and the country in meltdown, I'm having me a slice of that 3.0 before the odds, like the temperature, drop again.

Happy holidays!

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