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23 Apr 11 07:51
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Ok, so Betfair have a new Bonus Bar system and the minimum prize has gone up from 2 pounds to 2-50......woooopeeeee

But already I can see problems with this, one of my issues with the old system which after complaining about on a couple of occasions was that 95% of the time I and others were awarded the 2 pounds prize when this only accounted for 45% roughly of the prizes available, with the new bonus bar system there is no information that I can see as to how many of each prize are awarded.......

# All Standard Bonus Bar free bets are randomly assigned from a pool of 25,765 tickets and each time a customer fills their personal Standard Bonus Bar, they have a chance of winning one of the following prizes: £10,000, £1,000, £100, £25, £5 or £2.50.
# All VIP Bonus Bar free bets or prizes are randomly assigned from a pool of 20,288 tickets and each time a customer fills their personal VIP Bonus Bar, they have a chance of winning one of the following prizes: £50,000, an offline VIP Trip, £5,000, £500, £50 or £25.

So....what happens when someone has a complaint about being constantly awarded the minimum prize this time? Betfair claim that the % of the times they are awarded the lowest prize is the % that prize is from those available??

I really think that for anyone now to have any faith in Betfair as to the fairness of the Bonus Bar system they need to provide not only figures as to what chances of getting each of the prizes are but also facts or information on how the randomness on the Bonus Bar works.
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Report ayce1234 June 1, 2011 11:33 PM BST
i love a gamble, betfair is aware of this, but i do not like been taken for a ride, as im very aware that betfair reads into this , and take us gamblers for mugs. more you gamble, less you get
Report bookie 25 June 3, 2011 12:51 PM BST
I have filled the VIP bonus bar twice and recieved the lowest possible bonus,i filled the normal bar numerous times and the same thing lowest bonus.
I have also fullfilled the feel good friday requirements 4 out of the last 5 weeks and each time recieved £5.
I actually emailed them about it and also asked about payout percentages etc and got the usual them fobbing you off with the 40% chance thing etc and giving you a free bet to shut you up etc.
Now i feel as though iv met the requirements enough times to say that the 40% is a myth because although they probably do give out the odd bigger bonus id say about 90% get the bottom bonus which is shocking.
Also why did they do away with the scratchcards when they used to email you with the odd scratchcard with a free bet inside?
I am really dissalussioned with them it seems the more you use the site the less they give you back and maybe im needing to take some time playing elsewhere so they offer me an incentive to come back because why should i have loyalty when Betfair have none.
Report shitwank September 24, 2013 10:06 AM BST
It seems I am 1 of the lucky ones to have received a bigger bonus bar win and won a VIP trip for 1 I chose the 5* Bali beach break but the win was over 7 months ago an I am now still chasing it all seems to have gone cold an getting no response or replys I think betfair is not very good with customers I supposed to be VIP member but certainly not being treated like 1 I am hoping for a response soon before go to other forms of complaints I've given them plenty or time and warnings but falls on deaf ears I would not recommend this site to anyone as it is a hassle to get ur winning if u do ever win up an till this win I also kept winning lowest amounts an filled bonus bar at least 30 times now they put a block on me saying I gambling to much an they have to show that they are being safe by being gamble aware what a joke they just don't want heavy gamblers to end up winning a jackpot in my opinion even tho u lose that and more
Report shitwank September 24, 2013 10:09 AM BST
That should say VIP trip for 2 I meant not 1
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