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Posted by: Alex69 on May 22, 2011 at 05:55:24 PM
[b]HELLO[/b], good afternoon and welcome to my latest blog. I just thought I'd take this opportunity to commiserate with West Ham, Blackpool and Birmingham and remind you all of one of my earlier, Nostradamus-like pieces of punting advice. [b]This is from my 'Success buys more champagne 18 Feb 11 09:44' post...[/b] [b][i]BACK Blackpool to be relegated from the Premier League 2010/11[/b] While I never take any pleasure in people’s misfortune, watching Blackpool FC is like rubber-necking at a motorway pile-up. With a squad thinner than my bespoke cigarette papers, they’re a car crash that’s already happened and are nailed-on relegation certainties, despite not being in the bottom three as I write this. You’ll have to wait until May for your cash, but those strawberries will...