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Hello! is my page, which will be driven by two passions. One is the football game, the matches, the emotion and the cold sweat deriving from it. The other is the markets, in this case the betfair market, the love for the numbers, the ups and downs, where is required exactly the opposite a tremendous control of emotions and a careful planning and actions.
I created this page with some ideas in mind, with the main principle of showing my starting career as a betfair trader. I’m, for all means, not a professional although I know my ways around it, and I’ve done it for some time.

I'll keep here contents updated about what I put into the page, but if you have some interest please follow it, on facebook and twitter. Along the way geeks toy will always be my companion

In here, and in my page I'll show my progress from a starting modest bank of 200€ and will show my evolution, my increasing profits and my bittersweet moments. I'll share all moments with you guys. Content will keep updated whenever possible, I have another profession as well as other developing skills, so don't mind if sometimes it takes me some more days to post or even if I don't trade at all because I think the most important condition for it is not there, focus.

I'll keep follow-up posts, show my decisions, explain them and encourage debate about them. I'll try to keep some previews and ideas for games. Also videos of me trading, and my strategies will be posted into the website soon.

Focus will be on Football unders, eventually match odds, which are the markets I'm more familiar with. Also tennis and horse racing pre-live will be explored during this time.

So this is my idea, keep following and you can expect always honest results from me.

Follow my page on and check my introduction post and my first 2 days results.

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