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03 Sep 20 14:14
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I see another one of my post's criticizing Betfair (none existent) customer service has been removed. Never mind This will be my last post anyway, see how long this one lasts.

To Pushkin and anyone else that wants to listen, I'll say this. Betfair have got to a stage where they are totally uninterested in the satisfaction or otherwise of their customers. They feel that others have tried to copy their exchange model and have failed so are in that comfort zone of feeling they have a monopoly.

Like most things in life, people are not really interested until something affects them directly and I can tell you, if and when you have a cause to deal with these people you will understand to what a terribly low level they have reached.

I have just opened an account with B ETDAQ, I had a problem with the account process (it was my error), I contacted someone on their live chat and it took 5 minutes to sort. I typed, he replied instantly and the whole thing was sorted quickly and easily. None of this you type, they reply "ok give me 15 minutes to look into this"!!

This is not sour grapes, I'm just amazed they have operated like this for so long and not lost custom. I now have an exchange account at B ETDAQ and play I poker at BET356, so I'm only losing out in the lack of liquidity and available markets on the new exchange. This would change if more people followed my lead and made the jump to a company that deserves and actually values your custom.

As for my poker issue that still hasn't been sorted, I've passed it over to IBAS and will get my money eventually. For the sake of 16 quid, Betfair have lost all my exchange commission and poker rake for years to come. That's the sort of short sited business you are dealing with, leave them, join me over at purple and then see how quickly they change their tune.

Betfair are a terrible company that has grown too big to bother about their custom and deserve to get their comeuppance.

See you at the purple Pushkin!

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