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02 Aug 18 17:11
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I wonder what Menelaus would have to say about that?Cool

"Apple hits $1 trillion in market cap    Apple hits $1 trillion in market cap 
10 Mins Ago | 02:02
Apple hit a $1 trillion market cap on Thursday, making the iPhone maker the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach the record valuation.

The stock rose nearly 3 percent following a strong third-quarter earnings report earlier this week, briefly hitting a session high of $207.05 in midday trading before falling back below $207."
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Report unitedbiscuits August 3, 2018 8:27 PM BST
Good question Gin but, if readers look a little further down, they will see that you asked the same question 16 months ago, when Aapl was 50% lower.

And, in conversation with me, you posted this:

Each to their own UB (and I certainly don’t profess to be any great financial forecaster)  but if I wanted to get my money out of the UK (and for the record – I don’t), then I wouldn’t swap it for an already historically high value US Dollar and then invest it in an already historically high market like the Nasdaq.

So the forum may be wondering what YOU have to say about that?
Report Gin August 3, 2018 9:41 PM BST
I would say it was a good call from you – I hope you were invested and made money.

However, I would add that if faced with the same question again, I would make the same observation. Buying into an index (or any asset) that is into it’s ninth year of a bull market might pay off in the short term but do it too many times and you’ll end up in the poorhouse.

I would add that I prefaced my comment with the words “I certainly don’t profess to be any great financial forecaster”. I would hope that people would take that to mean that I was just posting an opinion and not a certainty - unlike Menelaus who used to stampede around the Financials forum like a bull on steroids trying to belittle all who dared disagree with him in an obnoxious manner. Because of that, I believe he deserves to have a little fun poked at him occasionally – especially after his “massive short” call of AAPL. Since making that call, the stock has more than QUADRUPLED.

I don’t know if you took my disagreeing with your call as a personal challenge, it was meant to be no more than an opinion (I even wrote at the end of my post “Just my opinion............”)
Report unitedbiscuits August 4, 2018 5:16 AM BST
Fair comments, Gin. Menelaus was overbearing; and nobody is always right, as I think one of us noted in our exchange eighteen months ago.
Best of luck with your choices.
Report Gin November 14, 2018 1:31 AM GMT
Only worth a mere $912 Billion now...............................................

$88 Billion less than just over 3 months ago.Surprised
Report Gin November 15, 2018 11:13 AM GMT
In fact it is now down $214 Billion from the peak ($1.1 Trillion > $0.886 Trillion)Surprised
Report unitedbiscuits November 19, 2018 5:23 PM GMT
I think Aapl is a sell now, Gin, and I'm a longtime holder.
They made a mistake imo by concealing unit sales when they realised they were slowing. Consequently, the news is escaping day by day from other sources (suppliers mainly). At the moment, mkt is just waiting for the next confirmation of the same news to tip selling.
Currently $186, if longterm holders get out before it hits $169, they're still up on the year, which isn't terrible, and well up on a longer perspective.
Aapl is also - by far - the heaviest traded stock worldwide, and is likely to drag the whole market down with it. So, no Christmas rally this year is my prediction.
Report Gin January 11, 2019 3:39 PM GMT
Good call UB Cool

AAPL down more than 18% since your post and also no Christmas rally.
Report Gin January 11, 2019 3:42 PM GMT
Also, market cap down $380 BILLION from peak - incredible!
Report Gin July 31, 2020 9:41 PM BST
A year and a half later and things have moved on considerably!

Apple Market cap is now $1.8 TRILLION SurprisedSurprised
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