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26 Jul 15 15:24
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I had a go once there was this guy who always seemed to make money so I thought I would trade the same as him, it seemed a good idea but what happened was by the time I was going into the trade he was coming out with his profit.
From what I could tell you need to be young with big B**** and fast clicking the mouse.
Bottom line with me was I was to quick to take a profit and to slow to get out when I was in the red.
I am sure others who have tried it will recognize me as one of the people who lose money at the day trading game.
I did give it a go but was just not good enough.
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Report clouded leopard August 2, 2015 4:33 PM BST
Report Rockinron August 5, 2015 9:49 AM BST
My trading history you thought I'd give trading a go :-
1) Opened a "trading Account" with Barclays Stockbrokers with £100k trading FTSE 100 shares's a f*cking call centre with no expertise at all ?? To slow & waste of time - no gearing !
2)Trade Account with "Options Direct" trading FTSE 100 options (puts & calls) biggest daily gain £ 8,000 ....biggest daily loss £ 20,000 !
3) Then heard about trading CFD's ...opened an account with "CMC Deal for Free" gearing is good but as "market makers" they can manipulate the market to suit themselves...when they took a winning trade from me...even though I'd been "filled" and given a green ticket ...I closed the account !
4) I now trade Sport (mainly football) on Betfair's just much easier to call - and no monkey business ...and can predict with around 97% accuracy ...try and do that with the Stockmarket !
Report breadnbutter October 30, 2015 9:01 PM GMT
97% .,,, Shocked.   Put up a few trades  then. ..,, show us what your made of rockinron is a graveyard for trading imo but prove me wrong ..tia
Report Rockinron November 3, 2015 9:55 AM GMT
Here's ya clue ..."breadnbutter" main strategy is to trade the "Goals Markets" - Nil Nils in the Premiership average out at only 8% straight away by trading the 0.5 goals + you can get 92% accuracy - OK I hear you say but small returns...typically 5% at start...but I aim to go in and go for between 12 -15% return. Now by judicial choosing of correct teams to follow you can get this up to around 97-98% accurate.   
The most difficult thing is having the "discipline" and allocating the time to follow a strategy.
Report breadnbutter November 14, 2015 3:16 AM GMT
Well just put one up ...just one itsy bitsy teeny weeny trade ,just dont aftertime it  ,thats all i am asking ,you say football is easy i say football is the fast lane to the poor house ,  just put one up and i will salute your indefatigable approach ,football at short odds like over 0.5 cannot be done imo ,there has been numerous attempts at rolling up a few >0.5 and all have ended in tears ,i mess about in these markets but all you are doing is tip toeing through a minefield with big tackity boots on ,like laying them short but cant say i could do it long term and profit without some software help ,reason i am asking is just want to see what someone like yourself would deem as acceptable short term risk to maintain long term profit and how you would manage that risk factor and what strategy you would employ ,not having a go and genuinely trying to be  constructive RR .
Report Dr Crippen November 18, 2015 3:21 PM GMT
when they took a winning trade from me...even though I'd been "filled" and given a green ticket ...I closed the account !

Something similar happened to me.
I put in an order for some contracts at a stipulated price, ''good for the day,''
This was in the days when your order was pinned to the board at the exchange and anyone who chose to, could take the bet if the price you asked for was triggered.

I was correct the share dipped, and then moved in my favour and I judged it to be about to turn back against me.
I phoned my broker and asked if my contracts had been taken so that I could sell and take my profit of around a 100%.
They said no, they never hit the mark. I said okay cancel my order ''good for the day.''

They phoned me back some time later telling me they were in error and my contracts had been taken earlier.

By this time the options had moved back to my break evens point and I said sell them immediately, and I got out even.

I was right twice and made nothing on the deal.
The brokers apologised for their mistake and offered me a number of future trades free of any commissions.

The cheeky sods. I closed my account with them.
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