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18 Nov 11 01:42
Date Joined: 25 Oct 03
| Topic/replies: 5,929 | Blogger: Mrben's blog
Fellow forumites, after my monumental result from the AUD and to a lesser extent RIO, I will take a back seat in the forum.

My adversary- melly is now thouroughly beaten and it is no longer worth my time to point out his rank stupidity.

Also it has become apparent that there are only half a dozen guys here who actually HAVE a clue.The rest are quite literally- twits.

I have made a small fortune while posting here over the last 3 years, now well into the millions  and I no longer feel like giving that info away free to twits.

My resort investment is almost concluded and I will look for fresh fields.

Its been  a lot of entertainment and I sincerly wish my supporters all the best.Feel free to email me for analysis.Free to you.

To melly- I await your apolgy and acknowledgement thread- whicH I know will never come due to your personality type. I just wish I could meet you across a poker table one day so I could watch your face as I clean you out.

   ADIEU- BennyLove
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Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 18, 2011 3:11 AM GMT
What is the name of your resort and where is it ?
Worth a visit ?
Report Menelaus November 18, 2011 5:55 AM GMT
You've been disgraced enough bennyboy, I'm surprised you survived my torture for so long. Good move to cut and run, it saves you any further embarrassment. If nothing else though, I taught you how money gets created.

Good riddance, the forum will be a lot less laughs but at least we don't have to smell the sh1t you've been posting everyday.


(You'll be back for more, once I get my hook in you, it's for life)
Report bobby2424 November 18, 2011 6:56 PM GMT
Mr Ben this thread brings back memories.....It is with regret.....

03 Aug 11 01:12

.........that after a great deal of thought and consideration I have decided to take a break from posting on here (hopefully a long one).

It should make certain posters very happy.

I know my bombastic style turns a lot of people off  but my intention was never to arouse anger or to offend, it was merely intended to stimulate and provoke critical thinking.

Sharing my often controversial views on here is not worth the aggravation any more or developing the thick skin required to put up with the insults.

Good luck everyone (you too Mrben, FAFH, Pierre and JW), protect your families in these unprecedented times. See you on the other side.


(or David Price III to my friends)
Report Menelaus November 18, 2011 9:30 PM GMT
Thanks for bringing back fond memories bobby. I should have kept to my pledge and stayed away, but then again had I done that a bloke like you would be walking around believing the ECB is not printing because it has Germans on it. ShockedLaughSilly Not to mention benny would still think WTI represents the price of oil.

So all in all, you should both be thankful I"m still around. Grin
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 19, 2011 12:00 PM GMT
Yes I'm extremely thanful for your presence.
It makes me more appreciative of all the other good things in my life.
Report bobby2424 November 19, 2011 4:55 PM GMT
Menelaus, do you think the ECB will print? Come on make a prediction. Whoops did n't mean to use *that* word in your presence..
Report Menelaus November 19, 2011 7:17 PM GMT
Wow, bobby, just wow. You want me to make a prediction on when something will happen on....wait for it.....something that's already happened. Awesome.

You can read a balance sheet, can't you bobby? Ooops, didn't mean to ask a stupid question in your presence..........

(HINT: they've already printed bobby, in violation of their charter. When Merkel screams they won't allow the ECB to print, she's only referring to the trillions more that are required to cover the eurozone debt black hole. I know things are complicated out there and it would be too much to expect someone like you to I'm not holding that against you Silly)
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 19, 2011 7:24 PM GMT
" --- in violation of their charter.---"
Now folks that's where I draw a line.
I am not, repeat not, ever going to sit down and read the ECB charter.
I'd rather have a root canal done everyday .
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 19, 2011 7:37 PM GMT
Btw Menelaus why don't you dismount from this supercilious intellectual high horse of yours, and try to meet the likes of Bobby somewhere at ground level ?.
He is only trying to reasonably engage your attention.
In this case I think it is perfectly clear that he is talking about if and when the really big printing will start to take place, the black hole printing if you want to so continuously gloomily refer to it as such.
He wants your " valuable " prediction on that.
I don't but he does. So why not try to oblige him in a non-condescending manner.
Or if you can't do that, then just politely say that you don't want to be further drawn on the matter.
Is that all really too much to ask of or expect from you these days.
Report bobby2424 November 20, 2011 8:22 PM GMT
Thanks FINE AS FROG HAIR, could n't have put it better myself. That's exactly what I meant Happy
Report Menelaus November 20, 2011 8:37 PM GMT
bobby, I have no idea what that fool said that "put it so well for you", I pressed the "mute" button on his incessant drivel long ago, but I can only go by what you post up here:

bobby2424 09 Nov 11 17:24 
The ECB will not print money. As there are too many Germans in the ECB. They will be aware of German hyperinflation from the 1930's.

You've either had a change of heart or you have no clue what you are talking about or even posting. You need to decide.
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 20, 2011 9:57 PM GMT
What sort of intellectual giant hides behind a mute button ?
Enough said.
Report polybot November 21, 2011 6:17 AM GMT
I agree with Fine As Frog Hair, menelaus is an cowering, mental midget.
well said frog.
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 21, 2011 6:45 AM GMT
No what I meant more is that he is a cowering mental bully.
He met his match not so long ago in a " trading" debate with johnnie walker and was imo soundly exposed as an ivory tower academic.
He did not take this exposure well.
And before that he was also put in his place intellectually quite a few times by subversive.
I get the sneeking feeling that Menelaus has, for some reason, placed his whole real life career trajectory on his current call of the markets crashing and burning in hyperinflation turmoil.
And he is getting very nervous that his extreme, no prisoner viewpoint might not be all that correct after all, and hence his illustrious future career path might be in serious jeopardy.
Thus he is trying to compensate somewhat for this personal insecurity by coming on here, hardly the most erudite of debating arenas, inorder to pick up some easy targets to trash and abuse.
Not a very nice person methinks.
As I've said before just cherry pick his ideas as and when you feel he has made good, valid points.
Just take all the rest as being the usual huff and puff of an intellectual windbag, trying to prove all others are wrong and only he is right and can see the true light.
Just another passing zealot.
Report polybot November 21, 2011 8:40 AM GMT
No what I meant more is that he is a cowering mental bully.
not sure what you mean, hard to be a bully when you're a midget
I get the sneeking feeling that Menelaus has, for some reason, placed his whole real life career trajectory on his current call of the markets crashing and burning in hyperinflation turmoil.
not sure what you mean here either, as we all know menelaus doesn't have a real life, or a career, let alone a whole real life career.
Report polybot November 21, 2011 8:42 AM GMT
generally agree though, he is a bit of a windbag.
Report polybot November 21, 2011 8:50 AM GMT
he's useful though. as it's almost impossible to find a 100 percent accurate source to ping, it' is possible use a 100 percent inaccurate source and use an inverse function to recalculate a similar result. menelaus IS that 100 percent inaccurate source.
Report Menelaus November 21, 2011 9:39 AM GMT
polybot, I didn't realize until now that stupidity can be infectious.....

How is that intellectually dishonest AAPL-Silver cage match you concocted going?

What can I say, if it wasn't for that post you started, I'd still be walking around thinking physical silver is a better investment than paper Apple. Wouldn't that be a disaster where things are heading?
Report polybot November 21, 2011 9:57 AM GMT
intellectually dishonest
can't get more honest than facts, and the facts say silver in any form is losing every round.
Report polybot November 21, 2011 10:02 AM GMT
i bought some antique sterling silver teapots a few months back, mostly to save them from the scrapper, but also for the sentimental value. you see, they remind me of you menelaus, less of the SENTI, more of the MENTAL.
Report Menelaus November 21, 2011 10:06 AM GMT
Not surprised. Reading your posts, it doesn't surprise me teapots are about all you can afford to buy. Money and brains usually go together.
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