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12 Jul 10 08:50
Date Joined: 04 Jun 10
| Topic/replies: 1,139 | Blogger: SamuelMorse's blog
every day for the past 2 yrs you lot have been talking about a big "crash" financial armageddon and yet , day after day after day the markets remain the same . it won't happen will it , this crash you're all saying won't happen and you're all wrong . i'm starting to think its all wishful thinking in peoples heads .
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Report chisel July 12, 2010 12:31 PM BST

You are right. Generally the people that think there will be a crash are those with no home, no pensions and no investments. It makes them feel better if they can laught at people whos homes and penions and investments have crashed!!!    It is not going to be ALLOWED To happen. Governmnet around the world are committed to averting any more crisis
Report gatespeed July 12, 2010 12:33 PM BST
your spot on.... just like Japan!
Report V4 Vendetta July 12, 2010 1:59 PM BST
Markets remain the same?  Gold up rather a lot (which is a measure of how much purchasing power you've really lost rather than a phoney CPI basket).

I see two possibilities:

A) They print enough money to prevent CPI deflation and resume the housing bubble.
B) They don't print enough money...

which route we're on will be apparent by the end of 2010, imo.  Either velocity returns (and they have to work out how to take all this money out of the system before CPI inflation occurs) or it doesn't and they keep printing.

Either way, blowing more air into debt bubbles won't make us wealthy, it will disguise and postpone the reckoning.  It's possible to eek it out over 20 years if they're clever, but Gold will be at $5000/oz by then if they do and bread will cost £30 a loaf...
Report V4 Vendetta July 12, 2010 2:00 PM BST
The interesting point, chisel is the idea that governements won't allow it to happen.

The only 'way out' is to borrow more and print more, but that's precisely what causes the problem in the first place.
Report Mrben July 12, 2010 2:04 PM BST
sameul makes a good point.there IS endless talk of the next crash but b4 there was the 2008 crash there was ZERO talk of a crash.Does that mean there wont be a crash ? Based on that part of the evidence yes.
Report Kent Brockman July 12, 2010 2:05 PM BST
War is another alternative to get out of trouble. Paying people to produce something that is going to explode and need replacing. Then take the country you have defeated, resources and reparations, and make them use your home companies for the rebuilding work too!
Report V4 Vendetta July 12, 2010 2:10 PM BST
MrBen, the reason there is talk now is that people learned what they didn't count on in 2007.  It's worse now because there are no state bullets left - rates are at zero and the government debt is maxed out.  Borrow or print any more and it's Papiermark currency collapse time again.  This is why it will be different this time and the sooner we take the real recession and deflation the better.
Report SamuelMorse July 12, 2010 2:26 PM BST
goring you can talk and talk . when will this happen exactly ? because people have been saying this since 2008 and were yet to see it . seems like a load of hot air to me
Report Banwana July 12, 2010 3:53 PM BST
Funding Cliff is 2012. God knows whats going to happen in 2011 ~ i would surmise that human greed will mean that profits will be maximised until then; and then the blame finger put somewhere else. Japans history isn't a blueprint for me as they had a route out. I can't see a way out with this one but then I'm a cynical (not old) fart now.
Report Lori July 12, 2010 9:57 PM BST
You are right. Generally the people that think there will be a crash are those with no home, no pensions and no investments

I don't think even the morons that inhabit the betfair forums would be daft enough to think there will be a crash and then invest in property pensions and invest in shares.
Report crediter July 12, 2010 11:59 PM BST
all it is sam..a talking point.
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg July 13, 2010 12:07 PM BST
when will this happen exactly ? because people have been saying this since 2008 and were yet to see it

wow 2 whole years and still no calamities!! looks like we're in the clear for the next century at least!!
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg July 13, 2010 12:11 PM BST
p.s. 2008 WAS the big crash. we're in the fallout period now if u hadnt noticed. perhaps the 25%(!!!!) cuts passed u by...
Report SamuelMorse July 13, 2010 12:17 PM BST
ok so 2008 WAS the crash as you said . where are people getting the idea there'll be another then ?
Report crediter July 13, 2010 4:34 PM BST
its amazing anyone has anywhere to
Report Mrben July 13, 2010 11:11 PM BST
Sir Denis Eton-Hogg Joined: 16 Nov 08
Replies: 5622 13 Jul 10 12:07 
when will this happen exactly ? because people have been saying this since 2008 and were yet to see it

wow 2 whole years and still no calamities!! looks like we're in the clear for the next century at least!!

another moronic comment from eton hogg.

samuel is just pointing out there is a lot of talk of another crash, yet market remain flat to up.The point is totally valid.You eton hogg just keep lapping up whatever the media feeds you.
Report chisel July 14, 2010 9:37 AM BST
This is a BULL market.. make no bones, the only way is up!
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg July 14, 2010 2:01 PM BST
the government is having to take more and more drastic action to keep the stock market from tanking. first slash interest rates, then print money, now cut public spending by 25%. u think this can go on indefinitely??
Report chisel July 14, 2010 4:36 PM BST
Actually Sir  Dennis it could go on for a long time yes!! It may have to

Remember , the UK is not the only country in trouble. ! This new governemnt is slashing costs at a rapid rate, and the benefits will soon be seen.. We all need to tighten our belts...And guess what? This is deflationary.. =low rates and high taxes
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg July 14, 2010 6:18 PM BST
well we cant keep cutting by 25% every few years can we??!
Report chisel July 15, 2010 10:02 AM BST
No , of course not, but the point is that low interest rates and QE should support us whilst times are tough!!. The balance is just about right, and only when GDP is improving by 3% plus a year can they consider relaxing things

Just my opinion Sir Dennis.. I may be wrong
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg July 15, 2010 8:27 PM BST
where the hell is 3 % + of growth gonna come from?? u cant have real economic growth without cheap energy and we've run out of that
Report Doyler1987 July 15, 2010 8:52 PM BST
So, when does the world end again?
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg July 16, 2010 12:08 AM BST
in 10 years time u will think the world has ended, trust me
Report SamuelMorse July 16, 2010 11:23 AM BST
whats going to happen eton ?

tell us exactly . or its all bull .
Report chisel July 16, 2010 1:41 PM BST
Sir Dennis

I have no reason not to trust you , and I am 100% sur ethat you actually believe what you write. I actually do not believe what you write. There is enough money in the UK for us all to share a good life. It just needs to be shared out a little better!

3% growth from a low base is achievable.., I hjust dont think it will happen for some considerable time..
Report charlatan July 16, 2010 8:21 PM BST
well we cant keep cutting by 25% every few years can we??!

(in the words of mr obama) yes we can. in about 30 years we might have government of an appropriate size.
Report V4 Vendetta July 19, 2010 1:44 PM BST

If it were possible to know when to the degree you're looking for, then it wouldn't happen...  I'm happy to say that in the next five years, either Gold will be at $5000/oz or the Dow will be at 5000.
Report chisel July 19, 2010 2:11 PM BST

Please!!??? Dont be so daft ...Neither will happen
Report V4 Vendetta July 19, 2010 2:44 PM BST
Well, I think the numbers will cross at least once, how's that.  You're entitled to disagree of course...
Report Doyler1987 July 23, 2010 5:52 PM BST
Sky News - Seven out of 91 European banks fail stress tests on ability to cope with a new economic crisis.

I think we'll be OK. Lot of scaremongering with no facts to back it up.
Report crediter July 24, 2010 3:46 PM BST
yep...we;ll live.
Report V4 Vendetta August 9, 2010 11:07 AM BST
Crash of 2015 Won't Wait for Regulators to Rein in Wall Street

Well, Jamie Dimon has put a date on it for you - within five years...
Report BillyBunnsLane August 9, 2010 2:18 PM BST
The Dodd-Frank Act requires 67 studies and 243 new rules to be created, according to law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP. The act creates a Financial Stability Oversight Council with 10 voting members, including a to-be-named insurance expert and heads of at least 3 regulatory agencies awaiting new leaders. The law’s Volcker rule, which bans banks from proprietary trading and limits investments in private equity and hedge funds, requires a study by the council before rules are drafted.

Unbelieveable !!  One day , they might learn....
Report V4 Vendetta August 10, 2010 7:04 AM BST
Yeah right?  Crazy.  More and more levels of bureaucracy and jobs for sub-standard civil servants.
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg August 10, 2010 12:38 PM BST
Seven out of 91 European banks fail stress tests on ability to cope with a new economic crisis.

seeing how they coped with the last economic crisis i find this implausible
Report Splicer Keats August 10, 2010 3:26 PM BST
the double dip will eventually even out when mortgages are at 4 times annual salary level, or indeed lower, starting now and will continue for about 3 years, hth.
Report SamuelMorse October 15, 2010 12:25 PM BST
dow up to over 11,000 again the other day , still waiting for this crash u keep harping on about gents , been waiting since 2008 wouldn't want to be holding breath would u !!
Report wur October 15, 2010 3:09 PM BST
Money has to go somewhere. The economy is being artificially propped up by the creation of new money from nothing, Ludicrously low interest rates and untold billions to banks in bail out money. The crash should have happened in the 90s, but has beeen postponed by these kinds on interventions. Soon, no interventions will be left and there will be a global meltdown.

Some good articles on the coming economic Armageddon, here:
Report UTI October 15, 2010 5:00 PM BST
Hello Morse.

I thought you did your nuts on the India v Aus game.

you're a total mug fella.
Report SamuelMorse October 15, 2010 6:28 PM BST

glad to see ur still expecting , wait wait wait wait wait wait.... if u keep talking about it for 30years it just might happen !!
Report Mrben October 16, 2010 2:13 AM BST
Agree with samuelGrin Theres no crash coming in the near future.IMO the market is far more likely to rise substantially than fall substantially.
Plenty to be made trading the upside in the coming 12 months.
Report Vasco08 October 17, 2010 11:15 AM BST
SamuelMorse     13 Jul 10 12:17 
ok so 2008 WAS the crash as you said . where are people getting the idea there'll be another then

The difficulties that caused the global credit crises are currently being replicated in the States. The exact same practices, just repackaged. The main investment banks that engaged in these practices rebranded a little as commercial to avail of huge state funding, then resort to type and make a killing buying up worthless debt for peanuts to sell to the government at inflated prices. The American taxpayer is being looted and this has to stop at some point and when it does wall street grinds to a halt. When that happen the international money markets will freeze but as someone pointed out earlier, governments have played all of their cards and no interventions will be available. The system is broken due to the greed of a number of investment banks and the unwillingness of the US government to reign them in
Report UTI October 17, 2010 3:38 PM BST
How much did you lose on the INdiavAus game then MOrse.  You have your own appreciation thread on cricket, I'm sure you've been reading it all. 

I thought you did your entire bank on it so do you just use your account for the forum now?  If so can we expect more expert analysis and tips from you over on the cricket forum?
Report SamuelMorse October 18, 2010 11:24 AM BST
this thread is for smart people calling the not  so smart doomsday people mugs and laughing at them , please leave uti as u are not a smart person . thanks .
Report UTI October 18, 2010 11:58 AM BST
How much did you lose on the India v Aus game?  You said it was your whole bank, was that a lie?
Report SamuelMorse October 18, 2010 4:55 PM BST
please leave uti as u are not a smart person . thanks .
Report UTI October 19, 2010 10:06 AM BST
How much did you lose?  Or were you lying all the time?  You are in the cricket forum MUGS hall of fame, you must feel quite honoured.

Why have you not posted there since?  Too embarassed?
Report SamuelMorse October 19, 2010 8:06 PM BST
please leave uti as u are not a smart person . thanks .
Report UTI October 20, 2010 9:00 AM BST
SamuelMorse Joined: 04 Jun 10
Replies: 608 12 Oct 10 15:14   

aussies have 3 wickets left ok , should last until half an hour before lunch , setting 220 for india , india to block out a draw as they won't go for the win , won't be enough time .

draw STILL incoming .

( price may go up or down , but it's been GSM since monday )


Report SamuelMorse October 20, 2010 9:05 AM BST
please leave uti as u are not a smart person . thanks .
Report chisel October 20, 2010 11:28 AM BST

Why dont you just leave it!?  We all have an opinion and sometimes we are wrong..Have you not ever got it wrong when making a bet?
Report UTI October 20, 2010 11:58 AM BST
I've never gobbed off like Morse did.  And if I did I'd own up I'd admit to my mistakes.  He's a total clown, he's still doing the same right now saying India are a bank job for the current one dayer.  I think people should know the mug there dealing with - you're not taking him seriously I hope chisel.
Report kohaku October 20, 2010 12:03 PM BST
I'm getting impatient..

Hoping for the usual downturn end of Oct/Nov.
Report deepwater October 20, 2010 1:13 PM BST
housing crash is immenmint
Report UTI October 20, 2010 1:41 PM BST
SamuelMorse Joined: 04 Jun 10
Replies: 646 20 Oct 10 12:59 

here come wickets , load up on india , remember i said it when it happens , don't hate on me .
SamuelMorse     20 Oct 10 13:26 
won't get the 275 . i know .

SamuelMorse Joined: 04 Jun 10
Replies: 647 20 Oct 10 13:31   
won't get 24 runs off 2 overs ffs calm down u mugs . india still certs 300+ is par here . they'll chase this easy .

They scored about 100 runs for no wickets after his 12:59 statement.  They got 289 runs in total from the last 2 overs they 38 runs!!!!  This guy is a total mug, and his muginess deserves a bigger audience.  You can see it all live on cricket  if you want, but I suspect he won't post again for a week now.
Report SamuelMorse October 20, 2010 4:47 PM BST
please leave uti as u are not a smart person . thanks .

how many times [smiley:crazy][smiley:crazy]
Report chisel October 20, 2010 5:40 PM BST
Morse, OK , just admit you were wrong and it was an error . Tell UTI that you have backed India in the One Dayer and be done with it

Regards this thread. Dow has now reached a 1 year high and every other stock market is following it. All teh doom mongers are taking a pasting, although I have to confess , teh housing market is stalling!!
Report LazyRamper October 20, 2010 6:58 PM BST
The inevitble renewal of QE across the globe has nothing to do with the rally of course Confused

The UK goverment won't be cutting the total debt the country has until 2016, given that debt to GDP will be well over 100% at the time we will nothing else to give so if we have another crash for any reason whatsoever we are completely screwed.
Report SamuelMorse October 20, 2010 8:17 PM BST
india won chisel , i assume uti is always right and never backed a loser . what a clown to think u have to be right 100 % of the time , but india won in the end so CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool
Report UTI October 21, 2010 9:03 AM BST
SamuelMorse Joined: 04 Jun 10
Replies: 711 20 Oct 10 10:16   

***attention mugs***

it has been decided . INDIA are certs here .

I think this was when Australia were off to a slow start and two wickets down,
as a guess their odds were 1.4 ish.  Let's, for the sake of argument, say that
Morse is a big punter and put £100 on to win £40. Now imagine 3+ hours of non
stop Morse calling everyone mugs mugs mugs.  Australia bat and bat and bat and
then Cameron White goes balistic at the end and they get 289.  MOrse says they'll knock these
runs off no worries.  Then India lose two wickets and need 6rpo.

SamuelMorse Joined: 04 Jun 10
Replies: 711 20 Oct 10 14:28   

i have green on aussies now , red india , but not worried as they can't chase these runs after this start . even johnny agrees they won't win with me .

So he changes his mind, saying he's back on Aus, but Aus were about 1.4 at this point, so to get his
hundred back, and £40, say, green on aussies he would have to put £350 on the Aussies now.  But then
the Indians recover and bat and bat and bat and Raina comes in and goes balistic to the
point that the Indians are now 1.01 shots.

SamuelMorse Joined: 04 Jun 10
Replies: 711 20 Oct 10 17:25   

i have switched onto india for a small green , huge red .=aussies now .

So to get rid of that £350, theoretically, he would have to put £35,000 on India at 1.01!!!, plus a
bit more to green up!!  So yes he won on INdia, when they were 1.01 shots. 

Have a look at the cricket forum, he's a fkin institution.
Report mr milk October 21, 2010 9:27 AM BST
give it a rest ffs!
Report UTI October 21, 2010 9:41 AM BST
Not exactly a serious thread, I'll post what I like.
Report chisel October 21, 2010 9:58 AM BST

You can post what you like!! FACT

I will have a little look in on the Cricket forum to see what is going on!
Report SamuelMorse October 21, 2010 10:32 AM BST
india weren't 1.01 when i switched , uti is making stuff up SadSadSadSad i'll not respond , not worth it , u may think what u like .
Report UTI October 21, 2010 10:58 AM BST
Report SamuelMorse October 21, 2010 11:10 AM BST
please leave uti , ur not here to discuss the thread topic just bring my name down .
Report SamuelMorse February 2, 2011 5:14 PM GMT
so gents , here we are in 2011 , with the dow at 12,000 mark , when u were predicting a crash when it was 10,000 . doomsdayers are seething me thinks .

the world goes on , there is no crash CoolCoolCoolCoolCool
Report Mrben February 3, 2011 1:15 AM GMT
chance of a crash is virtually non existant for 2011.
Its a bull market-almost.

the "crash brigade" is dead and buried.Laugh
Report Live4 February 9, 2011 10:15 PM GMT
We still have a mssive property crash to look forward to which will bankrupt the banks AGAIN, if you think food and fuel is expensive now wait until the pound loses another 10 to 20 percent of it's value - they won't be putting interest rates up anytime soon, official inflation will be in double figures, unemployment will hit 20%, there will be riots in many major towns and cities. 

We ain't seen nothing yet.
Report Live4 February 9, 2011 10:16 PM GMT
However the world will go on, us Brits won't be importing quite so many BMWs and Audis as we have in the past however and more people will be shopping at Lidl.
Report SamuelMorse February 11, 2011 12:21 AM GMT
simply won't happen , u can look forward to it it's a bit sad some people are looking forward to that type of stuff happening , it's no good for anyone .

simple fact is the world won't end , people won't riot , no world war , and we'll all carry on . the world has apparently been in crisis for the last 4 years but here we are carrying on with our lives like normal . i pity the people waiting for the crash......they're a long time waiting .
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg February 11, 2011 1:05 AM GMT
ffs u muppet. we've got food and energy prices rising at 20% a year. how long do you think we are gonna carry on with our lives like normal???
Report SamuelMorse February 12, 2011 11:14 AM GMT
another doomsdayer LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh keep building that war basement then LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh
Report madasahatter February 12, 2011 11:28 AM GMT
we've got food and energy prices rising at 20% a year


Food price inflation was up 4.6% year on year January 2010/11
Petrol up 15% y on y 112.2 to 128.7
Diesel up 17% y on y 114 to 133.6
Gas up 3% y on y
Electricity up 6% y on y

Inflation is a major issue but it ain't 20% - yet.
Report SamuelMorse February 12, 2011 12:24 PM GMT
denis looks a mug now LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg February 12, 2011 9:35 PM GMT
Report inbred_aristocrat February 18, 2011 5:30 PM GMT
I reckon the currency collapse is not far off, forget the stock market, that's as **** as a game of find-the-lady, that said, the insider CEO's, are bailing out of their own stocks in record numbers, which would indicate that a crash there is imminent once the yuppie mugs have all jumped aboard.

With the quantitative-easing presses going like the clappers, the devaluation in most western currencies could be one cause of stock prices rising. Safest bet for protection of wealth, imo, would be physical delivery of precious metals, particularly silver.

The dollar problems started when the fed was established in 1913, by 1933 the USA was bankrupt, a never-ending series of bubbles, booms and busts, ever increasing in size, has kept the ponzi scheme afloat all this time, each new bubble covering the black hole left by the previous one.

The black hole created by the derivatives scam of the last decade is an estimated 1,500 trillion dollars and will have to be covered by the one world fiat currency, the Bancor, if the bankers are to keep the scam going, introduced either after the collapse of the dollar, a world war, or both, and shall probably be electronic only; most likely thumbprint.

A radical reduction in the world's population is also on the cards, so the war scenario is most likely; there's nothing like a world war if you want to commit a bit of mass genocide. The banker instigated and controlled revolutions in N. Africa and the Middle East also point to war being the solution, although how much control the globalists actually have there remains to be seen.

We shall see... I think I smell panic in elitist circles.Mischief
Report SLYBUCK February 18, 2011 5:59 PM GMT
Report Banwana February 18, 2011 6:20 PM GMT
Were you at a David Icke team meeting mr inbred-aristocrat? Not that i doubt your obviously high net-worth contacts for a second. Could you
explain "banker instigated and controlled revolutions in N. Africa and the Middle East"?

My own take on all of this is that the human brain is being mullered by the heavy pressure of doom and gloom supplied by the newsgroups.
Escapism is an easy way out.

PS I do enjoy reading some of the comments but does anybody know what happened walter tull? Or is he in a lead lined bunker?
Report inbred_aristocrat February 18, 2011 7:37 PM GMT
Sarcastic denigration will get you everywhere Mr. Banwana, here you go old chap.

Leaked document published in the Telegraph:

And what it means:

What (and who) is causing the food riots, apart from the devalued dollar:
Report LazyRamper February 19, 2011 5:28 PM GMT
Every single system on the planet that fails so horribly on betfair works in this ponzimarket in nominal terms.
Report melv February 19, 2011 6:01 PM GMT
Aristo. I do not think a world war would be deliberate as a monetary policy. However I like your analysis. I reckon the bankers are desperate to get us to borrow money they have conjured out out of thin air as we speak. IMO they think they do this forever. I hope they are right. But if the perpetual motion machine of Halucogenic wealth does conk out anything can happen and it will be all bad.
Report Stow_judge February 21, 2011 4:22 PM GMT
The end is nigh Sad Have a big sell on the way down Grin
Report PierreLaRogue February 21, 2011 4:35 PM GMT
Yep this is when it starts, if you aint got gold or silver yet you dont have long now to protect yourself against the impending global implosion.
Report Whippet February 21, 2011 7:51 PM GMT
So you're saying the tipping point has been reached? Utter rubbish. Bears have been repeating this statement every day for the past 12 months. All of them have gone bankrupt in the mean time. There are at least a few years before implosion occurs, if any.

If you do believe we have reached a tipping point, why don't you short the entire market? The biggest fortunes are made in crashes, if you strongly think a crash is due, then go for it, you will be minted at the end of it, regardless of what happens to the fiat currencies.
Report PierreLaRogue February 22, 2011 12:55 AM GMT
I have shorted a few things, are we really having a self sustaining recovery? I don't think so, i did try shorting the dow at 11800 a few weeks ago but that didn't turn out well, there is talk of a imminent comex default, just last week they raised margins on silver and gold to 50%.
Report melv February 24, 2011 5:45 PM GMT
Shiite majority poverty stricken in Saudi oil producing region neither same religion as the Sunni king nor historic vassals.If they kick off up goes the oil price like an oilrig on fire. Inflation massive; massive slump.
Report Menelaus February 24, 2011 7:20 PM GMT
wipeout, remind me again, wasn't it you who JUST before this long overdue market correction we are now witnessing you were spewing that the equities markets are "entering a bull market" phase or something like that. Or was it Mr Bean, I always get you two clueless mugs mixed up. Or are you going to deny you posted that?

Well guess what, if you traded on the basis that the markets were entering a bullish phase and then did what they are doing now......YOU JUST GOT WIPED OUT !
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg March 10, 2011 6:56 PM GMT
very soon imo. the oil noose has tightened again....
Report V4 Vendetta March 12, 2011 9:07 PM GMT
Disagree.  Oil is a black herring - up to $140 at least before significant demand destruction.  It's all on the way up for at least a year, then a bit of bobbling about for two or three, then I'll look at buying back some govvies and more gold if it's fallen a lot.  The next crunch will lose currencies and cause wars.
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg March 12, 2011 9:52 PM GMT
well at the current rate of increase it wont be long before oil is $140 and higher
Report Sir Denis Eton-Hogg March 12, 2011 9:54 PM GMT
p.s. we're seeing demand destruction in a 'rich' country like the UK with oil at $110. less miles are being driven
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