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08 Dec 18 21:36
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Here's what really happened:

I thought Stacey's Charleston was very good but no way was that a 'wow' moment so how was it a 10?  Give it 9 if you have to (I'd ideally say 8.5) but look at say 'Hollins' one in the final or Joe last year let alone others we've seen over the years.  Yes we've seen some dances throughout this series that were amazing and worth a 10 but come on that wasn't one of them.  Very good yes but a 10? ........ No.

Her second dance very good too, again no way could you honestly give it 10 but two very good dances and she should be in the final so well done to her.

Joe:  I'm sorry but I have to stick with being honest and Joe put in two mediocre performances for me.  First one was rightly scored low and in the AT I thought he hardly did anything!  Compare it to Faye's at the end ...... see what I mean?  No sorry Joe a distant fourth or fifth for me and if there's any justice you don't win the final even though ideally I'd like you to.

Ashley?  Well the first dance was very good and her American Smooth was just absolutely brilliant, one of the best dances we've seen on Strictly.  Every single week she's terrific and tonight right at the top of her game.  Again if there's any justice she must be in the final.  My gut feeling is she dances off against Joe or Lauren so she must obviously go through so well done Ash.

Lauren:  She's never been good enough with the real best dancers, I thought Charles even was better than her for a start and tonight she's put in two very average performances, the second one maybe not even average.  Nice girl, she's really had a go and done well but she should not make the final.  If she dances off against Ashley she won't.

Faye:  Like Ashley she's been great every week and thoroughly deserves to be in the final.  First dance once again not brilliant for me so no way was it a 10 but her AT at the end?  Fabulous and deserving of 10's.

Summing up I think Ashley very undeservedly so will be in the DO with Lauren or Joe and of course she blows either of them away.

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Report K Whizzburgstar December 8, 2018 9:44 PM GMT
Totally agree but there is the chance of a Faye vs Ashley dance off
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B December 8, 2018 9:47 PM GMT
Yes possibly as we know for a start that Ash not at all popular with the voters though.  Do hope not though as a travesty if they DO and yet Joe and Lauren go through.  Let's wait and see.
Report Lion King December 8, 2018 9:51 PM GMT
Agree with all that. Lets hope Lauren goes at last, she should have gone weeks ago. Will not enjoy the final if she is in it!
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