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23 Aug 13 13:41
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Day 2

Louie Spence                 3.8 / 4.1      First traded 6, then down to near 4, up to 5.3, down to 4.3, up to 5 then steadily downwards
Charlotte-Letitia Crosby  4.9 / 5.1      £14 matched at 12, then between 7 and 8, then down to 3.75, up to 6.6, down to 4.4, then small drift
Carol McGiffin                6.6 / 7         £10 matched at 14, down to 7.4, drift to 11.5, back down again
Dustin Diamond             11.5 / 13      Opened low 5s, all drift since
Vicky Entwistle              13.5 / 15.5    Opened 15, down to a low of 6.6, all drift since
Abz Love                       17 / 19.5      First trade 10, down to  5, big drift to a high of 23, then shortened
Courtney Stodden          18 / 20         Opened 100, traded between 70 and 100, then between 40 and 65, then steady shortening
Mario Falcone                23 / 25         From a low of 13 to a high of 29
Ron Atkinson                 23 / 25         From 30 to 65 then a steady shortening
Sophie Anderton            48 / 60         Mostly traded between 40 and 50 then between 50 and 60
Lauren Harries               60 / 70         From a low of 28, then steadily upwards
Danielle Marr                  80 / 140      £4 matched at 13, small amounts in 20s, then all upwards

Amount matched £89,497
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Report ahorsewithnoname January 23, 2018 10:07 AM GMT
Tuesday morning, day 22   (after John Barnes backdoor eviction)

In last night's show:
•An everyday tale from Ginuwine about he was nearly kidnapped once and now carries guns around with him
•A touching scene with Andrew chatting to Shane J telling him he can sh@g many many women if he wanted, a different person every night, more than one a day if he choose to. There was lots of cuddling and frolicking for Shane J and Andrew over the episode
•The second (of a planned 3) Men v Women task, this time mental agility. Despite Shane J being amazing saying colours, the women narrowly won, meaning they had an unassailable 2-0 lead. This meant they got to choose who of John & Daniel was evicted. They choose John (Ann leading the way, order, order) who left straight away to the sounds of YNWA. Daniel was tearful he was thought worthy of saving
•5 minutes after John's dramatic exit, everyone was fighting over his bed
•Most of the housemates were drinking, partying and dancing whilst Ann and Amanda were lying in bed chatting. Ann was tut tutting all the drinking going on whilst sitting in bed with an enormous glass of white wine, probably half a bottle in there

We learnt on BOTS that 5 face eviction tonight, Ginuwine was revealed as one. This morning Wayne has been announced as another

Ann's price - Remarkably, seeing as John was evicted Sunday night, there was no leaks/insiders on the market. Although Ann drifted towards 7 during Monday, she came back around the 6 mark and pretty much stayed there until the show started. As soon as it was revealed the women won the task (therefore Ann was safe) she was smashed down to around 3.8 (4.7k matched there). She briefly drifted towards 4 but was back around 3.7 by show end. BOTS was, not for the first time, mostly about Ann. In fact, the 4 news stories all featured Ann. She shortened more because of all this (plus some of the audience were now anti Shane J), even going sub 3, a low of 2.9 was matched around midnight, before drifting back out a little overnight

Current prices:
Ann Widdecombe.............3.05 - 3.2     (see above)
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...3.3 - 3.35     (2.5s pre show, around 3 by end of show then during Ann's BOTS price collapse he drifted quickly, saw 4.3 getting matched before shortening back)
Shane Lynch....................5.4 - 5.5     (shortened all yesterday, new low of 4.5 matched, 4.8 at start of show, 5 - 5.5 at show end)
Amanda Barrie.................12.5 - 13     (9s pre show, same at end of show, drifted since)
Jess Impiazzi....................34 - 40
Andrew Brady..................40- 48     (each day he shows himself to be more and more a t0sser. Matched up to 50 yesterday)
Daniel O'Reilly..................38 - 48     (60 - 95 at show start, 50 then lower matched upon being saved and his reaction, lpm 34)
Wayne Sleep...................42 - 46
Jonny Mitchell..................70- 90
Ashley James...................120 - 180
Malika Haqq.....................140 - 210
Ginuwine.........................420 - 880

£318,774 matched, back 103.7%, lay 98.1%
Report ahorsewithnoname January 24, 2018 11:57 AM GMT
5th Eviction - Ginuwine

Jonny with 4 votes and Ginuwine, Wayne, Ann & Danny 3 votes each faced a flash vote eviction
Lines opened 9:15pm (Betfair loaded the market straight away) and closed 9:37pm

Ginuwine was matched between 1.5 and 1.3 with lpm 1.41
Jonny was matched between 7 and 3.5 with lpm 6.2
Wayne was matched between 9 and 5.7 with lpm 9
Daniel had £3 matched at 12 then 8.8 to 6 with lpm that 12
Nothing (other than pennies at 1000) was matched on Ann
£2,876 total matched

Amanda, Malika & Shane J received 2 nominations each, Shane L & Ashley 1 each and Jess & Andrew (WTF) received none
Report ahorsewithnoname January 24, 2018 12:42 PM GMT
Wednesday, day 23

In last night's show...with Emma interviewing John then Ginuwine there wasn't much time for highlights. We saw the housemates, rarely these days, have normal nominations in the DR and later @rse Andrew get his @rse out, again

Today and tomorrow there's a men v women task with the winning team nominating, and it's going to be a TRIPLE eviction on Friday. Don't think that's ever happened before, it's rare these days there's been no walkers or housemates booted out, although it was mentioned on BOTS that Malika threatened to walk yesterday

Current prices:
Ann Widdecombe.............2.64 - 2.68     (shortened yesterday, 2.7s/2.8s by start of show, new low of 2.46 matched around 10:30pm)
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...4.3 - 4.4     (drifted during yesterday, 4.8 start of show but back to near 4 afterwards)
Shane Lynch....................4.5 - 4.6     (shortened more all yesterday, new low of 3.9 matched around 7pm, was 4.2 start of show)
Amanda Barrie.................15 - 16     (13 pre show, similar after, drifted since)
Daniel O'Reilly..................30 - 32     (34 pre show, shortened a bit during and overnight, don't know why, 27/28 been matched)
Jess Impiazzi....................34 - 36
Andrew Brady..................46- 48
Wayne Sleep...................70 - 85
Malika Haqq.....................85 - 95     (shortened overnight/this morning)
Ashley James...................130 - 180
Jonny Mitchell..................140- 500

£341,481 matched, back 103.1%, lay 99.0%
Report bearcub January 24, 2018 2:16 PM GMT
Cheers Mr Horse
Report ahorsewithnoname January 25, 2018 9:06 AM GMT
Thanks bear Love  Are your emojis gone for good Confused  Poor you Sad

Thursday morning, day 24

In last night's show:
•The Men v Women task started to determine who nominate (not that it matters much). The public voted Ann (OBVIOUSLY) and Wayne the bossiest and they lead the teams. Each team had to build a floating device which all their letters from home were placed. As both teams's devices successfully carried the letters, the ever inventive production team decided doing rock, paper, scissors should determine which team won. The women won and had all their letters read out
•During this 2 day task everyone is on basic rations. Prima donna Malika was most unimpressed with the vile food (in her opinion) on offer and went to the DR and asked to leave. She didn't. Later she told everyone she's decided to stay "for them"
•Ashley was upset after Ginuwine's eviction. Maybe it was due to the briefest of hugs she received when he left
•A Malika led cackle (Courtney, Ashley, Jess) were moaning about Ann
•Later Ann, Amanda & Jess were chatting in the bedroom. Jess was proud of her new found political knowledge and insight (specialist subject - Brexit), and thanked Ann for this
•A paralytic Wayne was chatting to Courtney about his feelings for Andrew. Later, Andrew and Courtney were outside with Andrew saying how much he suddenly likes Ashley, she's his number 1, he wants to protect her, that he's not attracted to Ann, but Ashley is beautiful, he would definitely sh@g her (not sure if she would have a say in this matter), but he's not gonna, 'cos he's a nice guy. You sure are Andrew

Current prices:  (they were very steady yesterday and hardly moved)
Ann Widdecombe.............2.7 - 2.9
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...3.2 - 3.95     (4.6 pre show, 4.4 after, suddenly shortened this morning, 3.8 lpm)
Shane Lynch....................4.7 - 4.8
Amanda Barrie.................15 - 16
Jess Impiazzi....................25 - 27     (36 pre show, 20s after)
Daniel O'Reilly..................30 - 32     (again getting matched  around 27/28 yesterday)
Andrew Brady..................44- 50
Wayne Sleep...................80 - 90
Ashley James...................130 - 180
Malika Haqq.....................130 - 240
Jonny Mitchell..................140- 220

£352,017 matched, back 109.8%, lay 98.2%
Report bearcub January 25, 2018 6:51 PM GMT
They come and go Horse :-(
Report ahorsewithnoname January 26, 2018 9:26 AM GMT
Friday morning, day 25

Shane J, Andrew, Daniel & Jonny face a TRIPLE eviction tonight. Exciting

In last night's show:
•Part 2 of the task involved starting a fire. Bizarrely, Shane L was giving the women some advice, but to no avail, the men won. Score stands at 1-1, it's nail biting stuff
•Ann talked about post war rationing. Jess had a soppy bit where she pretended to be at death's door due to basic rations. Shane J was moaning to Amanda about Ann, saying she's negatively effected Jess's experience. Amanda stuck up for Ann saying that was not the case at all
•Part 3 of the task, Jess v Shane L, they had to find some things in the garden. Jess won, meaning the women only nominated. In an unusual instance of solidarity, they only nominated men. Ann nommed Shane J & Andrew, Amanda - Daniel & Shane J, Ashley - Shane J & Andrew, Jess - Jonny & Andrew, Malika - Jonny & Andrew
•Andrew was not a happy bunny receiving 4 nominations. He was particularly angry with Ann who cited his frolicking around with Shane J as being lewd behaviour and his Mum and Grandma were watching. Andrew, talking to Jonny & Ashley in the garden, brought out the C word, twice, calling Ann it, venomously. Later Andrew was b1tching about Ann to a smirking Shane J in the store room

Current prices:
Ann Widdecombe.............2.76 - 2.86     (drifted yesterday morning, when Shane J shortened, touched low 3s, around 2.8 pre show, 2.5s/2.6s at end of show before drifting back out again)
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...3.25 - 3.3     (shortened all yesterday morning, low 3s matched, around 3.5 start of show, similar at end after getting matched a bit higher)
Shane Lynch....................5.1 - 5.2
Amanda Barrie.................14.5 - 15.5
Jess Impiazzi....................18 - 19     (around 25 pre show, shortened during)
Wayne Sleep...................70 - 110
Malika Haqq.....................110 - 160
Ashley James...................110 - 210
Jonny Mitchell..................110- 270     (probably toast tonight, matched as high as 350 but then shortened upon slim chance of surviving)
Daniel O'Reilly..................150 - 240     (toast tonight)
Andrew Brady..................200- 290     (toast tonight)

£372,480 matched, back 104.9%, lay 99.4%
Report ahorsewithnoname January 27, 2018 8:42 AM GMT
6th Eviction - Andrew Brady  Laugh 

7th Eviction - Jonny Mitchell  SadSad

8th Eviction - Daniel O'Reilly (Dapper Laughs)  Plain

With the above three plus Shane J/Courtney facing a triple eviction, Betfair had a WHO WILL SURVIVE market
Shane traded around 1.18 - 1.2 most of Friday until late afternoon when he started to drift with Jonny shortening
Just as the show was about to start Shane was trading 1.2 - 1.26, Jonny 7.2 - 9.6
Shane had £20 matched at 1.33 then matched between 1.27 down to 1.15 + £15 at 1.1. LPM was 1.2
Jonny was mostly matched between 11 and 6.8
Daniel was matched at 40, 30, 20, 15.5 + £8 at 2!
Andrew was mostly matched at 32 & 34
£5,106 total matched

Andrew's last price matched in the Outright was 200, Daniel's was 90, Jonny's was 95
Report armagnac January 27, 2018 9:33 AM GMT
Special Bets > Celebrity Big Brother 2018 : CBB: Triple Eviction - Who Will Stay?    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
Selection    Odds    Stake(£)    Bid type    Placed    Profit/loss(£)
Jonny Mitchell    *    7.18    250.00    Back         -250.00
*Average odds: On  Off    Back subtotal:    -250.00
Lay subtotal:    0.00
Market subtotal:    -250.00
Commission :    0.00
Net Market Total:    -250.00
Report armagnac January 27, 2018 9:34 AM GMT
i was convinced Sad
Report J.O.TOBIN. January 27, 2018 10:10 AM GMT
Report ahorsewithnoname January 28, 2018 8:55 AM GMT
Sunday morning, day 27

The final is Friday with the "semi-final" Tuesday. We don't know how many will be leaving Tuesday yet, what sort of noms are happening nor how many will be there on Friday

In Friday's show:
•Shane J got by far the loudest cheers of the 4 up for eviction. BTW, the audience are not allowed to boo anyone this series. Lines closed at 9:16pm. The highlights lasted all of 9 minutes
•Andrew (fee for doing CBB...10k!) came to chat with Ann about why he was upset with her. She verbally wiped the floor with him. He thanked her for the chat, hugged her and said no hard feelings, he forgives her, then walked off and when out of earshot called her a fooking witch whilst she muttered "poor old Andrew"
•Jess was telling a few of the about salmonella poisoning in cucumbers, Ann said that was eggs, Jess was sure she's read about it for cucumbers, then wondered if it was gonorrhoea, not salmonella. Everyone, including Ann, laughed their heads off
•Jonny & Daniel put on a show for everyone. Daniel told some jokes, Shane J sang The Locomotion. Ann was not amused when he wiggled his bum. Daniel comperred the Yes/No game which (not so thicko) Jess was a master at. It was, briefly, a Happy House, Happy House

In Saturday's show:
•There was a scary bed screaming task. Andrew, Jonny & Ashley has to guess who would scream more, the 4 women or 4 men. They guessed the men. The women screamed 6 times, the men 71. What they "won" for winning the task I don't know
•A bizarre chat between mainly Andrew, but with Shane J there as well, to Ann about Jesus and the second coming. Basically Andrew was trying to make Ann look like a fool
•Shane ran around in his pants. Ann put her hand over her eyes. Ann was then shown in the DR saying she hoped Shane J would be evicted, that Andrew wasn't a bad lad overall and that Shane eggs Andrew on. When BB asked Ann about Courtney she replied she's brassy and a chav. Leading up to the eviction, Ann was sitting alone in the garden giving a monologue to the camera
•After the 3 evictions, an emotional Courtney was talking in the DR about Andrew
•BB had supplied the housemates with a tub of questions and names and they were choosing one of each and giving their thoughts. Shane L had to say the most annoying things about Ann. Courtney what he liked about Wayne, or something like that, Courtney was saying how he was happy having another gay man there, Ann rolled her eyes, Courtney then called Ann out about this and they had a little spat. Later Courtney was talking to Malika about how Ann makes everyone uncomfortable. Wayne, Courtney, Jess, Ashley & Malika were drunk in the hot tub, they wanted Amanda to join them but she was sticking with keeping Ann company. Later Shane J was with Malika & Wayne all b1tching about Ann. Wayne called her a huge game player
•The show ended with Shane J alone in the bathroom with a bottle of beer (no, not doing a Kinga!) toasting the 3 evictees, before then starting to cry, putting a big blanket or something over him then sobbing (for real, or not, is up for debate)

Shane J's price - shortened during Friday, 2.9s leading up to the show, lpm at suspension 2.9, opened, briefly, 2.8s but then very quickly went to around 2.5 before then going shorter during BOTS, getting matched between 2 and 2.2. Saturday 10am he was trading 2.06 - 2.12. Just before Saturday's show he was 1.99 - 2 and by the end was getting matched at 1.9
Ann's price - drifted a bit on Shane's shortening, lpm at Friday's suspension 3, when Shane J was shortening afterwards Ann was heading to 3.5 land then towards 4. Saturday 10am she was 4 - 4.2, later touched as high as 4.5 I think, before shortening early evening to 3.5 at one stage, was 3.75 at start of show, around 3.8 and 3.9 afterwards, drifted more overnight
Shane L's price - 5.8 before Friday's show, trading 6s afterwards, still 6s Saturday morning but then big drift, had reached 9s by evening
Jess's price - around 17 before Friday's show, around 14 afterwards, was 13 early Saturday morning but then shortened all morning, all the way down to 9 before drifting back out early evening, trading around 13 again just before the show, same after
Amanda's price - around 17 before Friday's show, heading towards 20 afterwards, drifted all Saturday, 40s before the show

Current prices:
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...1.89 - 1.91
Ann Widdecombe.............4 - 4.2
Shane Lynch....................9.2 - 9.6
Jess Impiazzi....................13 - 14
Amanda Barrie.................32 - 34
Wayne Sleep...................110 - 160
Ashley James...................200 - 350
Malika Haqq.....................260 - 440

£427,347 matched, back 102.5%, lay 97.8%
Report hemsby January 28, 2018 12:02 PM GMT
Must say horse you’ve excelled yourself this series ,terrific forensic recaps on price movement and occurrences each morning and funny,pithy comments in addition .

Report VardonVoo. January 28, 2018 12:24 PM GMT
STOP PRESS!!  Courtney/Shane J Lowest Match 1.61 for £25 each side.
Report J.O.TOBIN. January 28, 2018 12:54 PM GMT
Echo what Hems says horse, one of the highlights of my day reading your updates and I don't get manySad
Report sofiakenny January 28, 2018 3:42 PM GMT
I believe horse was a noble second in the FOTY.
Report ahorsewithnoname January 29, 2018 8:33 AM GMT
Hey sofia, I was honoured being joint FOTY last year Happy
Thanks hems & JOT, I try and make amusing comments when I can but I'm not a comedian (I'm no Dapper Laughs!), and some days fail, like today

Monday morning, day 28

We found out last night Shane J is facing eviction tomorrow. We'll find out who else and how many are going tonight

In last night's cracking show:
•Ann in the DR, when asked by BB what she thought of Courtney, said she doesn't acknowledge her, Courtney isn't real. Shane was then shown in the DR also talking about how Ann won't call her Courtney. Ann later asked Shane when he would be Courtney next and for Heaven's sake dress comfortably. There were quite a few shots throughout the episode of Ann being disapproving over the mildest of things
•A load of buzzers have been put around the house for a task and when a housemate's name is called out they had to press it when it went off, do a challenge and receive a reward. Ashley & Wayne were up first and had to endure 10 spray tans (this old chestnut) and won letters from home for both the Shane's. After Shane J's letter was read out, Shane L said he didn't want his read as it would be too emotional and might break him. He said he's actually a very shy person
•Jess's challenge was to sit in a bath of cotton wool and find a key. She has a phobia about cotton wool, apparently. Shane J was saying how ridiculous, but Ann then Amanda were sticking up for Jess. Jess won a meditation session for the house. Shane L & Ann refused to attend though, with Shane J not understanding why Ann wouldn't join in and moaned to Malika about her
•Amanda was shown chatting to Ann saying Shane J's been snippy today and she will say something if this continued
•Shane J & Malika's challenge was a buzz wire thingy and they won Wayne's letter from home
•Shane L, Amanda & Ann were last with their challenge and had to dance to a silent disco, Ann having rave music! They won a glitter party for the house
•Shane J & Malika were discussing about Ann with Wayne, slagging her off for her LGBT views and actions when she was a politician (not for the first time Shane J said he had done his research before entering the house). Wayne was sticking up for Ann. Ashley gave Ann a goodnight cuddle, calling her Gran, Ann reciprocated and they said the love each other. Ashley later said whilst she doesn't agree with her opinions, she admires her convictions
•Wayne was telling Amanda about Shane J's chat with him about Ann, and that Shane should leave Ann alone. Amanda pointed out she's good friends with Ann and as a person in a civil partnership that speaks volumes
•Ashley was telling Amanda in the bathroom how she "gets" Ann now. Shane J was there too and Amanda started having a go at Shane about his spite towards Ann, that Ann's not dictating gay views to the house, and brought up that Shane's fake wardrobe malfunction when he came into the house indicates he's game playing. I think that's pretty much the episode, it was a busy hour and a poor show all round for Shane J

Yesterday's price movements:
•Around noon someone backed Shane J £25 at 1.71 & same at 1.61. After this plunge, his price settled around 1.8
•When the evening show preview was released, shortly after 5pm, Shane J's price drifted to 1.9, Ann shortened from around 4 to 3.7 and Amanda shortened from 40s to as low as 20 before settling high 20s
•Around 6:30pm Shane J was evens, Ann 3.5 but by show start Shane J was back near 1.9
•In the advert break 3/4s though the show, the coming next clip shoved Shane J's price out from just above evens to 2.2s then 2.3s. Ann shortened from  around 3.3 to 2.9s then 2.7s
•in the hour after the show Shane J shortened back again with Ann drifting

Current prices:
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...2 - 2.04
Ann Widdecombe.............2.96 - 3.1
Shane Lynch....................11 - 11.5     (around 12 pre show, shortened during to 9s, 10 as show ended)
Amanda Barrie.................26 - 29
Jess Impiazzi....................34 - 38     (drifted all yesterday, around 18 pre show, 20s after, higher since)
Wayne Sleep...................100 - 110
Ashley James...................270 - 340
Malika Haqq.....................300 - 880

£460,757 matched, back 102.3%, lay 97.4%
Report armagnac January 29, 2018 10:49 AM GMT
outstanding summary Sir Horse Cool
Report ahorsewithnoname January 30, 2018 8:41 AM GMT
Cheers army but yesterday's update was FAR too long, I realised after

Tuesday morning, day 29

Everyone's up apart from Jess & Wayne and face another TRIPLE eviction tonight

In last night's show:
•Ann in the DR saying she's grateful for Amanda sticking up for her to Shane J the previous evening, that Shane doesn't say anything to her face, that Amanda & Wayne are not in the house to promote their sexuality, unlike Shane, that (very astutely) she thinks he is buoyed up by topping the vote on Friday and feels confident to up the ante of the challenge. Ann said she doesn't have anything against gays, any minority, and that decency and kindness define a person
•Shane J had a chat with Amanda to clear the air. He then had a chat with Ann to clear more air
•The housemates nominated in the DR. Shane J received 6 noms (so from everyone apart from Malika), Ann & Malika 3 each, Amanda 2, Shane L & Ashley 1 each (they nominated each other)
•The nominated housemates had to give a speech about their highlights. Ashley droned on but didn't mention Ginuwine! After, Jess & Wayne had to put the housemates in order from best to worst. They had Shane J least loyal, least honest and 2nd least popular! He sulked about this
•The show ended with Ann & Amanda getting in the hot tub. All the housemates were excited about Ann

Current prices:
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...1.85 - 1.9     (shortened during yesterday and was around 1.9 pre show)
Ann Widdecombe.............2.9 - 2.94
Shane Lynch....................14 - 15     (12.5 pre show)
Jess Impiazzi....................27 - 29     (46 pre show, 20s after with confirmation she's in the final)
Amanda Barrie.................44 - 60     (went from high 20s to as high as 70 upon rumours about the triple shortly after 5pm, around 50 pre show)
Wayne Sleep...................90 - 120
Ashley James...................360 - 800
Malika Haqq.....................370 - 720

£490,259 matched, back 104.3%, lay 99.5%
Report ahorsewithnoname January 31, 2018 8:23 AM GMT
9th/10th Evictions - Ashley James / Malika Haqq
11th Eviction - Amanda Barrie

All as the odds predicted. Ashley was called first but don't think it was specifically said she was 9th, but it didn't matter for betting purposes, this time
Betfair had one market with the 6 nominated housemates and 3 to go. Lines closed 9:16pm
Ashley was mostly matched between 1.07 and 1.03, lpm 1.03
Malika had £20 matched at 1.3, £20 at 1.29 then between 1.16 and 1.14, lpm 1.14
Amanda had £24 matched at 1.68, £20 at 1.5 then between 1.4 and 1.31, lpm 1.32
Shane L had £13 matched at 4.2, £30 at 3.95 & £3 at 2.52
Shane J was matched between 36 and 20
Ann had £10 matched at 30 then £13 matched lower
£3,578 total matched

Amanda's last price matched in the Outright was 70 having been matched as high as 110 yesterday. Malika's lpm was 330, Ashley 450
Report ahorsewithnoname January 31, 2018 9:27 AM GMT
Wednesday morning, day 30

VTW has started, we have our final five, nicely split with two and a half women & two and a half men

In last night's show:
•We heard mooted cheers for Amanda, Malika & Ashley, louder cheers for Ann but louder again for Shane J
•Malika cried
•Wild boy Shane L talked about his passion for collecting potato peelers when travelling around the World
•We saw Shane J changed into Courtney on Monday (normally he only does this on eviction nights). Ann shook her head when seeing Courtney
•As it's Year of the Woman, to celebrate all things girl power, Malika, Shane L & Amanda became Destiny's Child with the other 5 becoming The Spice Girls (Ann was scary). Ann wasn't amused and went to the DR to state no way would she sing. Both groups put on a performance, indeed Ann didn't sing, just growled a few times
•Ashley asked Ann if she could fall in love, Ann said not now, that boat has passed, she likes her solitary life now. Ashley said she thought Ann would finish top 2, that Ann is a woman of such conviction, that Ann IS the Year of the Woman
•In a somewhat surprise reveal, in no particular order, Shane J & Ann were announced as Top 2 before the 3 evictions

Current prices:
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...1.61 - 1.64     (1.71 again matched early afternoon, 1.81 pre show, 1.84 at suspension, opened lower, 1.7s then 1.6s, low of 1.58 matched)
Ann Widdecombe.............3.15 - 3.25     (trading 3.25 pre show, 2.9s during show, 3 at suspension, still around 3 when market reopened but then drifting a bit with Shane's shortening)
Shane Lynch....................23 - 24     (shortened during yesterday back down to 10, which was the suspension price, opened higher after it was known he wasn't top 2)
Jess Impiazzi....................38 - 48     (30s pre show, lpm at suspension 27 but opened back in the 30s )
Wayne Sleep...................150 - 370     (110 pre show, suspension price 120)

£539,497 matched, back 102.7%, lay 98.3%
Report BB 3rd Cousin twice removed January 31, 2018 9:49 AM GMT
"two and a half women & two and a half men"  Grin

Brilliant. Great work, Horse. CoolCoolCool
Report ahorsewithnoname February 1, 2018 8:13 AM GMT
Thanks BB3.   Couple of footnotes to my previous two posts...Emma DID make it clear Ashley was the 9th evicted and Amanda was completely bonkers during her interview

Thursday morning, day 31

In last night's show:
•Day 2 of the Girl Power task. The housemates had a champagne brekky with them all giving little speeches about how wonderful another housemate was. It was all quite vomit inducing
•Ann hosted the inaugural YOTW panel show, discussing various topics. One was would a woman be judged more harshly than a man if they had sex on TV. Jess was quite upset and uncomfortable with this discussion as she has. She later chatted to Shane L & Courtney about this
•The housemates had a Girl Power themed party, dancing away to Lady Gaga, well Ann wasn't dancing, she had her fingers in her ears

On BOTS we saw clips of some of the former housemates entering the house. One clip showed India making a fool of herself again asking Ann about her thoughts on spending money on gender reassignment

•The prices were VERY steady yesterday. Ann shortened slightly to 2.9s around 6pm, but was back to 3.1 as the show was about to start (Shane J 1.63, Shane L 28, Jess 40, Wayne 210)
•As the show finished, Shane J still 1.63, Ann 3, Shane L 32, Jess 34 (having shortened to 27 during the show) and little old Wayne 220
•During BOTS Ann shortened again to 2.9s

Current prices:
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...1.65 - 1.68
Ann Widdecombe.............2.88 - 2.96
Shane Lynch....................34 - 38
Jess Impiazzi....................36 - 40
Wayne Sleep...................220 - 300

£569,396 matched, back 102.7%, lay 98.8%
Report ahorsewithnoname February 2, 2018 8:14 AM GMT
Friday morning, day 32   FINAL TONIGHT

In last night's show:
Various ex housemates had tasks. Ginuwine woke up the housemates being a DJ then some male strippers entertained everyone, except Ann, who wouldn't even look at them then ran off to the bedroom and put a towel over her head until they had left. John Barnes had Jess & Ann dress up as footballers for some training then penalty kicks. India presented a news program live to the house showing and talking about some clips (lots of Ann rolling her eyes at this) then got into a spat with Ann over gender reassignment funding, again. Ann swotted India away like a fly. India also told Shane J not to be so preachy about LGBT issues. Daniel reenacted his Yes/No game with pro Jess then Would You Rather with Shane J. Andrew gave Courtney some secret tasks, flirting with Wayne, getting Ann to put on her one Courtney's wigs, etc. Rachel rapped, again, unfortunately. All ex housemates then entered the house for a party. Everyone danced, Andrew told Courtney she's done amazing, how proud he is of her. India droned on. I THINK Shane L was still in the house all during this.

Around Noon Ann had shortened a bit and 2.74 was matched, Shane J was matched in the 1.7s
5pm Shane J 1.64, Ann 2.94
As show about to start, Shane J 1.6, Ann 3.05 (£583,776 matched)
15 minutes into show, Shane J 1.58, Ann 3.15
End of show, Shane J 1.56, Ann 3.25 (£587,306 matched)
11pm Shane J 1.51, Ann 3.45 (£595,311 matched)
During BOTS Shane J was matched at a new low of 1.49 but at Midnight he was 1.55, Ann 3.25 (£600,961 matched)

Current prices:
Shane Jenek (Courtney)...1.54 - 1.56
Ann Widdecombe.............3.25 - 3.35
Shane Lynch....................30 - 34
Jess Impiazzi....................44 - 65
Wayne Sleep...................230 - 290

£606,880 matched, back 102.9%, lay 98.8%
Report jollyswagman February 2, 2018 2:29 PM GMT
not watched the show much, here has been my first port of call for updates.

thank you horse, king of the pithy one liner Cool
Report ahorsewithnoname February 3, 2018 8:03 AM GMT
CBB21 Final  -  Winner = Courtney Act (Shane Jenek)
2nd - Ann Widdecombe  /  3rd - Shane Lynch  /  4th - Jess Impiazzi  /  5th - Wayne Sleep

This series was 32 days long and themed "Year of the Woman"
The final was unsatisfactorily split into two shows, 9-10pm and 10:30-11:05PM, which meant the winner wasn't announced live
The final 5 housemates finished in exact odds order
Unusually, there were no walkers or anyone booted out
Compared with the previous few series, it was all quite calm and harmonious, more mature (which is why Ann agreed to go in, having previously refused several invitations)

The prices were fairly steady during the day until some volatility in the evening:
3pm Courtney was 1.56, Ann 3.3, £615,170 matched
6pm Courtney had shortened and was 1.47 after 5k was put up trying to back at 1.48, which fairly quickly got matched. Ann was trading 3.5 - 3.75, £620,203 matched
8pm Courtney was 1.47 - 1.5, Ann 3.5 - 3.6, £635,545 matched
Just before the show started a few lumps, several hundreds, were put up laying Courtney in the 1.6s and even 1.7s. At 8:59pm Courtney was 1.68 - 1.7, Ann 2.84 - 3.25, Shane L 32 - 34, Jess 44 - 50, Wayne 150 - 290, £645,864 matched

The first few minutes of the show had no highlights from the previous day at all, just a recap of the series
Ann received mooted cheers (not helped by being called first when the numbers are were read out), Shane L louder but Courtney far louder plus the crowd started chanting Courtney's name. This helped shorten her price considerably as the show went on

Last prices matched at:
9:10pm vote freeze.......Courtney 1.56, Ann 3.15, Shane L 30, Jess 75, Wayne 85, £651,255 matched. Lines reopened 9.19pm
9:26pm vote freeze.......Courtney 1.4 (lowest matched so far), Ann 3.95, Shane L 32, Jess 65, £654,637 matched. Lines reopened 9:35pm
9:42pm vote freeze.......Courtney 1.32 (1.3 lowest matched so far), Ann 4.4, Shane L 46, £666,131 matched. Lines reopened 9:51pm
9:58pm lines closed......Courtney 1.3 (initially matched at 1.2 when lines reopened), Ann 4.2, final amount matched £686,614

Give or take a minute, lines were therefore open for a total of 30 minutes during the show with a H2H of 7 minutes

It's been revealed the results were:
Courtney/Shane J: 49.43%
Ann: 39.50%
Shane L: 7.42%
Jess: 2.75%
Wayne: 0.90%

Lowest (& highest for the top 2) prices matched (in order how long they lasted in the show):

Courtney Act (Shane Jenek)    (lows matched during the H2H, highs matched day 4 when he entered the house)
1.20    £128
1.24    £380
1.25    £528
1.26    £80
1.27    £6,350
1.28    £2,051
1.29    £262
1.30    £1,229
1.31    £3,142
1.32    £4,348
16.0    £340
16.5    £44
17.0    £130
17.5    £92
18.0    £112
18.5    £32
19.0    £40
19.5    £4
20.0    £143
21.0    £172
22.0    £99
23.0    £4

Ann Widdecombe    (lows matched day 22, highs matched launch night and day after)
2.46    £157
2.48    £56
2.50    £1,350
2.52    £243
2.54    £95
2.56    £756
2.58    £665
2.60    £1,582
2.62    £500
2.64    £254
2.66    £740
2.68    £839
2.70    £2,301
20    £1,012
21    £949
22    £603
23    £536
24    £676
25    £745
26    £522
27    £370
28    £308
29    £143
30    £286
32    £160
34    £20
38    £4
40    £4

Shane Lynch    (lows matched day 22)
3.9    £18
3.95    £20
4.0    £1,280
4.1    £1,429
4.2    £1,327
4.3    £627
4.4    £353
4.5    £1,209
4.6    £364
4.7    £814
4.8    £861
4.9    £1,237
5.0    £1,265

Jess Impiazzi    (lows matched day 5)
8.0    £31
8.4    £5
8.6    £10
8.8    £392
9.0    £387
9.2    £535
9.4    £779
9.6    £1,024
9.8    £558
10.0    £693

Wayne Sleep
25    £4
28    £18
29    £69
30    £172
32    £78
34    £201
36    £47
38    £32
40    £53

Amanda Barrie    (lows matched day 19)
6.0    £33
6.2    £7
6.4    £7
6.6    £299
6.8    £95
7.0    £857
7.2    £43
7.4    £233
7.6    £194
7.8    £243
8.0    £465

Malika Haqq
10.5    £2
12.0    £160
12.5    £126
13.0    £162
13.5    £160
14.0    £292
14.5    £65
15.0    £29
15.5    £147
16.0    £46

Ashley James
11.0    £10
12.0    £56
12.5    £40
13.0    £44
14.0    £80
14.5    £6
15.0    £4
16.0    £24
16.5    £8
18.0    £24
19.0    £28

Daniel O'Reilly (Dapper Laughs)    (lows matched day 4 when he entered the house)
5.0    £205
5.1    £320
5.2    £284
5.3    £458
5.4    £36
5.5    £1,370
5.6    £478
5.7    £330
5.8    £288
5.9    £362
6.0    £666

Jonny Mitchell
15.0    £40
15.5    £4
16.0    £4
16.5    £14
17.0    £120
17.5    £240
18.0    £64
18.5    £8
19.0    £22
20.0    £236

Andrew Brady    (lows matched day 12)
6.2    £270
6.4    £766
6.6    £479
6.8    £538
7.0    £902
7.2    £414
7.4    £569
7.6    £485
7.8    £321
8.0    £129

25    £20
40    £202
44    £22
46    £8
48    £56
50    £154
55    £78
60    £146

John Barnes
12.0    £33
12.5    £235
13.0    £514
13.5    £292
14.0    £661
14.5    £310
15.0    £164
15.5    £219
16.0    £222

Maggie Oliver    (lows matched launch night)
4.6    £682
4.7    £162
4.8    £805
4.9    £809
5.0    £1,835
5.1    £4,206
5.2    £775
5.3    £423
5.4    £1,458
5.5    £510
5.6    £145
5.7    £196

Rachel Johnson
12.0    £6
14.0    £135
14.5    £8
15.0    £665
15.5    £84
16.0    £152
16.5    £251
17.0    £148
17.5    £215
18.0    £374

India Willoughby    (lows matched launch night)
8.2    £6
8.6    £16
8.8    £44
9.0    £263
9.2    £22
9.4    £45
9.6    £108
9.8    £74
10.0    £724
10.5    £103
11.0    £143
11.5    £79
12.0    £220
Report armagnac February 3, 2018 9:26 AM GMT
may i be the 1st to say, legend Cool
Report bearcub February 3, 2018 9:52 AM GMT
Cheers Horse, much appreciated as always ;-)
Report Henry VIII February 3, 2018 10:11 AM GMT
cheers horse. incredible looking at some of the  prices eg 8s for india.
Report lookingon February 3, 2018 3:14 PM GMT
Brilliant job horse CoolLove
Report hemsby February 3, 2018 3:31 PM GMT
A genuine highlight of each recent day was reading the daily updates Grin

Love horse.
Report VardonVoo. February 3, 2018 5:19 PM GMT
All the more a commendable daily effort as you only appear to have played the market in modest size. I hope you were profitable enough for the effort here, although I guess it's hard to put a price on the kudos earned, being somewaht of its own reward.
Report timbuctooth February 3, 2018 7:09 PM GMT
With this series, you`ve surpassed yourself, horse; many thanks. My favourite line?

`...two and a half women & two and a half men.`
Report Jack Bauer '24' February 3, 2018 7:56 PM GMT
Top work as always.
Report LuckyAz February 3, 2018 8:19 PM GMT
Much appreciated Horse, hope all your hard work paid off & you managed to add to your trading bank.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 16, 2018 8:16 AM BST

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on the last series Love

Thursday morning, launch show tonight. Betfair don't have a market yet but guess that's understandable seeing as the list of housemates hasn't officially been announced. Below are the current best high street prices:

3/1......Ryan Thomas
5/1......Dan Osborne   (20/1 available yesterday)
7/1......Gabby Allen
7/1......Roxanne Pallett
8/1......Stormy Daniels
12/1.....Natalie Nunn
12/1.....Kirstie Alley
14/1.....Chloe Ayling
14/1.....Rodrigo Alves   (33/1 available yesterday)
16/1.....Nick Leeson
16/1.....Sally Morgan
20/1.....Ben Jardine
25/1.....Jermaine Pennant
Report Ghetto Joe August 16, 2018 2:40 PM BST
I'd be happy to lay that Dan Osbourne at 5/1 all day long, the Towie lot aren't good enough actors to keep up the facade for too long, he seems very much in the Lewis Bloor mould.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 17, 2018 8:32 AM BST
Friday morning, after the launch show.

It seems some time during yesterday Stormy Daniels had pulled out of the show. Hardeep Singh Kohli was an added addition. Current prices:

Ryan Thomas..............3.9 - 4.1     (opening trade 7 then matched between 6 and 3.8. Was voted Vice President by the public. Several lumps of a few hundred kept going up backing)
Roxanne Pallett...........6.8 - 8.4     (opened 8s & 9, shortened all the way to 5.7 before drifting back out again)
Kirstie Alley.............9.6 - 12     (first in, was told by BB she was President, initially trading 20 to 26 but later in the show shortened, lowest 9.4)
Rodrigo Alves.............13.5 - 15     (opened 25 before shortening as the show went on, lowest 12)
Gabby Allen...............15.5 - 17     (matched between 15.5 & 12)
Dan Osborne...............14.5 - 17.5     (opened 7, traded 8s for a while before later drifting big, highest 15.5)
Natalie Nunn..............15 - 18.5     (opened 30 before shortening, lowest 15.5)
Chloe Ayling..............20 - 26     (matched between 30 & 20)
Nick Leeson...............25 - 28     (opened 25, quickly drifted as high as 42 before then shortening, lowest 20)
Ben Jardine...............23 - 32     (opened 30, drifted as high as 42 then shortened, lowest 20)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.......36 - 42     (matched between 55 & 30)
Jermaine Pennant..........40 - 42     (opened 20 then steadily drifted as high as 46. Least the roads will be a bit safer while he's in the house)
Sally Morgan..............42 - 50     (matched between 50 & 32)

£24,891 matched. Back 99.2%, lay 85.6%
Report gawdalmighty August 17, 2018 5:30 PM BST

As ever, thanks in advance, Horse for your accurate updates, witty comments and amusing, articulate observations - Cheers mate! 

Sometimes more entertaining than the actual show. GL all.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 18, 2018 7:01 AM BST
Saturday morning, our day 3. First eviction next Friday. This series was tagged, for weeks, "Eye of the Storm". Erm

In last night's show:
•Celeb Sally wondered in the diary room how half the housemates had qualified for the celeb version
•Ben beat Dan & Jermaine in the "who could walk around first without their shirt on" contest
•Rodrigo said the N word, twice (referring to his type) and received a formal & final warning from BB
•President Kirsty & VP Ryan had to choose 3 housemates to receive the following UFN...Ben - cold showers, Dan - to only eat liquidated green vegetables (he wasn't happy) & Rodrigo to receive another country's (?) suitcase

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............4 - 4.2     (matched at 3.7 & 3.6 during yesterday before drifting out to around 4)
Kirstie Alley.................7 - 7.2     (shortened all day yesterday, lowest 6.2)
Roxanne Pallett...........7.4 - 8.4
Rodrigo Alves.............12 - 14.5     (around 14 pre show, was having a good show before the warning, briefly matched as high as 18 before shortening back)
Dan Osborne..............12.5 - 14     (matched as high as 18 during yesterday, shortened back during the show)
Natalie Nunn..............15.5 - 19.5     (a loud confident American. One will win one day)
Gabby Allen................15 - 20
Nick Leeson................23 - 28
Ben Jardine................22 - 29
Chloe Ayling...............25 - 29
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....40 - 44
Sally Morgan...............36 - 48
Jermaine Pennant.........44 - 50

£35,047 matched. Back 102.7%, lay 90.6%
Report ahorsewithnoname August 20, 2018 8:46 AM BST
Monday morning, day 5

In Saturday's show - not a lot of note happened

In last night's show:
•The 3 "punishments" for Dan, Ben & Rodrigo ended. Hardly worth doing it
•A shopping task involved building a wall and guarding it from intruders. Feisty Natalie, very anti Trump, objected to this big time (it wasn't real luv, just a task). She kept having a dig at Trump supporter Kirstie for allowing this task. Last night was very much the Natalie show, for good and bad.
•We learned Sally has not been very adventurous in bed

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............3.65 - 3.85     (been trading low 4s all weekend before shortening a bit around 8pm yesterday)
Kirstie Alley.................7.8 - 10     (shortened Saturday, lowest 5.7, 6s after Saturday's show before drifting all day yesterday)
Roxanne Pallett...........9.2 - 9.8     (8s most of the weekend before drifing more last night, as high as 10)
Dan Osborne...............9.2 - 9.8     (shortened to around 10 on Saturday, matched at 12 yesterday but shortened again overnight, helped by not threatening to stab any of the women yet I guess)
Rodrigo Alves..............10 - 11     (12 pre Saturday's show, shortened during that)
Natalie Nunn...............16 - 17
Gabby Allen.................19.5 - 25     (high of 22 matched, not given much airtime yet)
Ben Jardine.................20 - 23     (shortened down to 20 by end of Saturday's show, seems up for some fun)
Chloe Ayling................27 - 38
Sally Morgan................28 - 34     (30s & 40s over the weekend, shortened during last night's show)
Nick Leeson.................32 - 40     (mid 20s before Saturday's show, been drifting since, high of 50 matched)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....36 - 40     (getting plenty of airtime, drifted to 50 by end of Saturday's show, 60 matched, shortened to 29 during last night's show)
Jermaine Pennant.........60 - 100

£44,042 matched. Back 103.2%, lay 91.3%
Report ahorsewithnoname August 21, 2018 7:53 AM BST
Tuesday morning, day 6

Nominations happened yesterday which we'll see tonight. Kirstie was allowed to give one person exemption for this week. It's unclear if Kirstie and Ryan could be nominated, don't think they are.

In last night's show:
•The housemates woke up and Natalie in particular was not very happy with Hardeep's snoring
•They failed the shopping task (Rodrigo went overboard saying he was to blame) and are on basic rations for this week. A fraught shopping list was done. Natalie was annoyed everyone wanted Hardeep to do the list and also was unhappy that Hardeep was doing nearly all of the cooking and she wasn't getting a chance. She chatted to a fed up Hardeep who said he was more than happy for her or anyone to cook. Natalie's "bullying" Hardeep!
•Dan wanted to give Gabby a massage but received an emphatic no
•Psychic Sally made Chloe cry, talking about her past. A tactile Hardeep helped console Chloe. Later, Sally & Roxanne b1tched about Hardeep, saying he's a bit pervy
•It's bedtime, we saw Ryan talking in his sleep (certainly more interesting than when he's awake) and Natalie snoring. Oh the hypocrisy!

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............3.7 - 3.75     (new low of 3.55 matched last night)
Kirstie Alley.................8.4 - 10
Rodrigo Alves..............9 - 10     (shortened during yesterday to 8s, new low of 7.8 matched during the show, drifted back out overnight)
Roxanne Pallett...........13 - 14     (new high of 16 matched yesterday)
Gabby Allen.................15 - 17     (19.5 - 27 pre show, 20 - 24 after but then shortened, choo choo)
Dan Osborne...............15.5 - 17     (£13 matched at 27 during yesterday)
Ben Jardine.................20 - 24
Nick Leeson.................20 - 25     (shortened during yesterday, not really sure why)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....22 - 26     (shortened during yesterday, 26 - 30 pre show, matched as low as 20 during)
Natalie Nunn...............22 - 44     (around 20 pre show, drifted during, high of 30 matched)
Chloe Ayling................27 - 36
Sally Morgan................36 - 44
Jermaine Pennant.........60 - 75

£49,768 matched. Back 98.1%, lay 86.2%
Report ahorsewithnoname August 21, 2018 7:53 AM BST
I meant don't think Kirstie & Ryan are exempt from nominations
Report ahorsewithnoname August 22, 2018 8:36 AM BST
Wednesday morning, day 7

We saw everyone nominate in last night's show with Natalie receiving 8 and Hardeep 6 and only they, surprisingly, face a Vote To Save H2H eviction this Friday
Rodrigo received 3 nominations, Kirstie & Chloe 2, Ryan, Nick, Roxanne, Sally & Gabby all received 1 with no one nominating Dan or Ben

In last night's show:
•Rodrigo wanted to find out more about Scientology from Kirstie but she wasn't playing ball (to his possible trying to make her look foolish)
•Creepy Hardeep was being judgemental to Chloe about her page 3 modelling career. Roxanne was there for this chat too. Both Roxanne & Chloe were brought up without fathers being present and there was a bizarre scene with the leching & mauling (thanks Tim) Hardeep starting to cry about this (not really sure why) but he received a hug from Chloe for his efforts
•Just before nominations, Gabby in the bathroom with the lads started to cry as Natalie had accused her of not being entertaining and of fading into the background. She also feels intimidated by Natalie. Dan consoled her
•All the housemates had to tell Kirstie and the useless Ryan why they should be exempt from this week's nominations. Weirdo Hardeep was the only person saying they didn't want to be exempt. Kirstie choose Jermaine
•As everyone was waiting in the same room to nominate, Natalie wanted to know what everyone's "storm" was, with no one else wanting to talk about this; Ryan in particular standing up to her. There was also a brief set to between the salacious Hardeep and Sally

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............3.25 - 3.4     (shortened more during yesterday, low of 3.15 matched)
Rodrigo Alves..............7.2 - 8     (shortened again during yesterday, low of 6.4 matched during the show)
Kirstie Alley.................10.5 - 12.5     (comments about her not wanting to talk about anything controversial helping her drift)
Gabby Allen.................13 - 13.5     (had shortened during yesterday to around 13 but actually drifted during the show, briefly as high as 23 before then shortening back)
Roxanne Pallett...........13.5 - 16
Dan Osborne...............15 - 16.5     (again matched as high as 28 during the show before shortening back)
Ben Jardine.................16 - 19.5     (low 20s all yesterday before shortening late into last night's show)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....22 - 25     (shortened as low as 17 during last night's show before inevitability then drifting back out some on chances of eviction)
Nick Leeson.................21 - 27
Natalie Nunn...............30 - 32     (briefly matched as high as 50 before shortening back as she's not the cert for eviction maybe some initially thought)
Chloe Ayling................25 - 40
Sally Morgan................36 - 70
Jermaine Pennant.........70 - 90

£57,480 matched. Back 103%, lay 90.6%
Report ahorsewithnoname August 23, 2018 8:00 AM BST
Thursday morning, day 8

In last night's show:
•Natalie was annoyed she felt excluded from the previous days workout organised by Gabby. She was chatting to Rodrigo about this then had a row with Gabby. Gabby then went to the DR and had a cry, said how nasty Natalie is and that she wanted to go home
•Kirstie talked about how in the past she did coke for 4 years
•Rodrigo had a chat with Gabby telling her he felt she doesn't like him. Afterwards Gabby had a cry in the garden about this. Dan was on hand to console her, again
•The president & vice president roles for Kirstie & Ryan finished. Ryan was very happy and relieved. Later, Kirstie was worried about sleeping in the communal bedroom as she needs a good night's sleep
•The nominations were revealed. Hardeep took it well, Natalie most certainly didn't. To Rodrigo, she accused everyone else of being fake, she ranted and raved for hours, saying that she's got to know people and picked out Kirstie for, she said, not even knowing half the housemate's names. Nick in particular came across well trying to placate her
•Father of the Year Dan had a cry in the DR about missing his kids
•There was a brief scene of I think a drunk Ben cuddling and kissing Rodrigo

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............3.25 - 3.3
Rodrigo Alves..............7.2 - 7.4
Kirstie Alley.................9 - 10
Dan Osborne...............13 - 14
Gabby Allen.................15 - 19     (shortened to 9s leading up to the show but drifted during - too many tears, not enough fight)
Ben Jardine.................15.5 - 19
Nick Leeson.................19 - 23
Natalie Nunn...............20 - 23     (opposite to Hardeep, of course, getting matched mid to low 20s leading up to the show)
Roxanne Pallett...........18 - 38     (very little coverage)
Chloe Ayling................28 - 32
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....32 - 40     (slowly drifted all yesterday as eviction odds shortened from odds against to slight fav overnight)
Jermaine Pennant.........65 - 75
Sally Morgan................60 - 140

£66,609 matched. Back 102.3%, lay 90.5%
Report TheBetterBettor August 23, 2018 8:10 AM BST
Omasrosa would be the perfect fit for replacing stormy.  Reality tv experience and willing to dish the dirt on trump.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 24, 2018 8:33 AM BST
Friday morning, day 9   1st Eviction tonight, Unlikable Hardeep currently 1.67 - 1.94, Nasty Natalie 2.1 - 2.44

In last night's show:
•It was Chloe's turn to receive Natalie's wrath. Natalie was fuming that Chloe had sat on her vanity chair when wet. She ranted at her for ages. Rodrigo tried to calm the situation down, saying Chloe's young, which set Natalie off on him too. Later Chloe cried and Natalie went in again, intimidating her until she was called to the DR. Later, of course, as this is how BB works, Natalie was calmer and apologised to Chloe, for her ranting and intimidation and also for saying Chloe shouldn't be there for not being a real celeb. There was also a scene of Natalie and Gabby making up after their previous day's set to.
•There was a brief scene showing Ryan having a lie down, away from the group. 'Twas his highlight of the show
•Sally was asking Kirstie about Hollywood. Kirstie said she sort of fell in love with Patrick Swayze filming (I enjoyed it at the time, Kirstie played the absolutely nuts Virgilia) North and South but she only ever kissed him as they were both married and she was always faithful. She also kissed John Travolta. Later Dan and Roxanne recreated the Dirty Dancing lift
•Kirstie complained about the house mess and tried to sort out what people would clean, which didn't go down well with Natalie
•Ben and Roxanne may have a thing going on, Ben seems smitten. Sigh
•Dan was saying how happy he was that he and Gabby are getting along and are such great mates

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............3.85 - 4     (still 3.25 pre show, 3.45 as show finished but then drifted with an almost total show no, as high as 4.3 overnight)
Kirstie Alley.................5.7 - 6     (8.6 - 9 pre show, still 8s as show finished then shortened, 7 matched at 11:30pm, new low of 5.6 matched overnight)
Rodrigo Alves..............6.6 - 6.8
Dan Osborne...............13.5 - 16.5
Gabby Allen.................16 - 20
Roxanne Pallett...........16 - 20
Nick Leeson.................17 - 20
Ben Jardine.................17.5 - 23
Natalie Nunn...............23 - 27
Chloe Ayling................26 - 38
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....40 - 65
Sally Morgan................65 - 110
Jermaine Pennant.........85 - 990

£73,738 matched. Back 103.6%, lay 90.7%
Report five leaves left August 24, 2018 2:41 PM BST
Cheers for the price updates and show HL's horse Cool Saves me catching up on it. The Ryan bit, or non bit, interesting. Kirstie just has far more about her than Ryan and should be fav imo
Report Cider August 24, 2018 3:03 PM BST
Great update horse!

Possibly an over-reaction to that Ryan clip. He got involved in the tasks so far including the presidential task from what I've seen. It would seem a bit odd to be undermining him deliberately when it's only a week in. Perhaps they just did it to explain why he was the only housemate not in the 'house' meeting. Initially I thought it looked like they may have been sowing the seeds, but then there's not much logic to it.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 25, 2018 8:14 AM BST
Cheers fig & cider, better show for Ryan last night for sure

1st Eviction - Natalie Nunn

There was one eviction show, starting at 9pm until 10:35pm. The lines closed at 10pm.

7/4 available on Hardeep with a couple of bookies on Wednesday. Thin market on Betfair but slowly Hardeep went fav to go on Thursday and remained odds on until last night's show started. 5 minutes before the show Hardeep was trading 1.75 - 1.79 with Natalie 2.2 - 2.4 with around 13k traded.

When the show started, Hardeep received some cheers and Natalie received loud boos. Natalie's price dropped in one swift move from 2.4 (her highest matched) to odds on, initially trading between 1.8 and 2 before then plunging ever down, lowest and last price matched being 1.41 (her last price matched in the Outright was 20, after trading up to 30 during Friday).

Hardeep's lowest matched was 1.66, highest 3.5 plus £4 matched at 3.85 which was the last trade on him. Final amount matched £22,609.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 25, 2018 8:59 AM BST
Saturday morning, day 10   Natalie was evicted last night, 2nd eviction on Tuesday

In last night's show:
•Rodrigo had some task involving a talking washing machine
•In addition to Ben & Roxanne getting close, Jermaine likes Chloe and was writing not so secret messages to her using her eyeliner compact. Apparently they or the house are going to get punished for this over the weekend
•Kirstie was running some bed swapping game which Hardeep wasn't happy about and sulked. Ryan WAS happy, over excited in fact. He ended up sharing with Hardeep which seemed to amuse him loads. After a few swaps Jermaine and Chloe ended up bed sharers, which a few of the housemates said wasn't a good idea. For a prank, Ryan put some condoms on their pillows, which Jermaine found amusing

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............3.45 - 3.6       (3.9 pre show, 3.8 after, shortened a bit overnight)
Rodrigo Alves..............5.3 - 5.8       (around 6 pre show, shortened to 5s during, new low of 5 been matched)
Kirstie Alley.................5.5 - 5.8       (new low of 5.2 matched yesterday)
Dan Osborne...............14 - 14.5
Roxanne Pallett...........16 - 19.5
Nick Leeson.................17.5 - 23
Gabby Allen.................17.5 - 24
Ben Jardine.................17.5 - 24
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....38 - 48       (last price matched at suspension 46, high of 60 been matched)
Chloe Ayling................38 - 60
Sally Morgan................60 - 100
Jermaine Pennant.........100 - 770

£78,285 matched. Back 104.6%, lay 91.8%   (less than 5k matched in 24 hours including an eviction Sad )
Report stu August 25, 2018 3:00 PM BST
Wondering why specifically Chloe's price keeps drifting - know she's no shortie here, but not sure exactly why a drift either.

Great work as always horse BTW....
Report VardonVoo. August 25, 2018 5:41 PM BST
So far she brings nowt to the table, cries a lot and has latched onto a non-single known player. All that's left is for her to lop her t!ts out.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 26, 2018 7:52 AM BST
Sunday morning, day 11

Just minutes after my posting yesterday news broke (The Sun first) that Rodrigo had left / may have left / had been removed from the house and wouldn't be returning.
Ryan and Kirstie's prices obviously shortened but no one else's prices moved much, if at all.

In last night's show:
•It was a boring show. Until Natalie's eviction a lot was taken up with her still moaning about anything and everything to whoever she could
•Roxanne was upset with Rodrigo's comments about her friendship with Ben. Roxanne claimed they are just friends
•Humble Dan boasted about his number of Instagram and Twitter followers
•Psychic Sally predicted Hardeep would be evicted
•The show ended with Rodrigo called to the DR, then the Housemates told he had left, without any further explanation. What the....

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............2.86 - 2.92       (after Rodrigo's news, shortened all during yesterday, low of 2.52 matched before drifting back out, 2.8s pre show)
Kirstie Alley.................3.35 - 3.55       (shortened to around 4 during yesterday, then shorter leading up to the show, around 3.75, then even shorter as show finished, lowest 3.25)
Roxanne Pallett...........15 - 18
Dan Osborne...............15 - 19
Nick Leeson.................17 - 19.5
Ben Jardine.................17.5 - 23
Gabby Allen.................17.5 - 29
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....32 - 36
Chloe Ayling................40 - 50
Sally Morgan................80 - 100
Jermaine Pennant.........160 - 200

£88,570 matched. Back 103.4%, lay 92.5%
Report stu August 26, 2018 7:38 PM BST
So far she brings nowt to the table, cries a lot and has latched onto a non-single known player. All that's left is for her to lop her t!ts out.

Find Chloe pleasant enough personally, and less fame grabbing and obsessed than most in there, though admittedly slightly quiet too. Don't see anything totally wrong with her though.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 27, 2018 8:02 AM BST
(Bank Holiday) Monday morning, day 12

In last night's show:
•The two day Public Eye task started. Firstly Ryan had to entertain the app voting public. He danced a bit and generally acted daft. 78% thought he was entertaining. Clearly 78% of people are very easily pleased. Roxanne had to be annoying, 70% thought she was. She received kisses from Ben after as a well done. Chloe, Gabby & Nick had to eat & drink some putrid things whilst saying disgusting things. 74% were disgusted. Hardeep was most displeased with that last task, he said it was immoral, but with bum cleavage on show still gave Chloe a cuddle for participating. Hardeep and an arsey Ryan had a bit of a barney about the task. Later Hardeep had to do a comedy routine roasting his housemates. I thought he was half amusing but he only received 46% liked it. Roxanne was upset with him mentioning her fiancée and Ben. Hardeep tried to explain himself and apologised but Roxanne made the most of it. She was worried Hardeep's joke would make her look bad getting close to Ben when they were just friends. All the housemates were dancing and 60% were impressed. Laugh? Well Ryan did, he thought the dancing was hilarious.
•We saw that Chloe eats porridge in a very strange manner
•We saw Psychic Sally tell Dan he will have two more kids in addition to the three he already has. Congratulations Dan.
•Nick chatted to Hardeep saying if he carried on with someone like Roxanne was with Ben his wife would leave him. The show ended with Ben & Roxanne in bed sweet talking each other.

Current prices:
Kirstie Alley.................2.88 - 2.96       (New fav, just! Shortened all yesterday morning, 3 hit around midday, lowest matched 2.78)
Ryan Thomas..............2.9 - 2.98       (Around 3.4 matched during yesterday, 3.15 - 3.3 pre show but shortened back below 3 during)
Dan Osborne...............13 - 16
Roxanne Pallett...........15 - 18
Nick Leeson.................16 - 18
Ben Jardine.................28 - 38
Gabby Allen.................32 - 48
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....42 - 44
Chloe Ayling................50 - 55
Sally Morgan................110 - 170
Jermaine Pennant.........170 - 340

£102,958 matched. Back 102.7%, lay 94.5%
Report mach August 27, 2018 8:53 AM BST
Great work horse, I'm finding the show hard to watch, I've only watched a couple of them so far, but your updates I never miss.
Report stu August 27, 2018 11:52 AM BST
•We saw that Chloe eats porridge in a very strange manner  Laugh

Winner material Cool
Report ahorsewithnoname August 28, 2018 10:14 AM BST
Cheers stu & mach. When I started putting in some highlights from the shows my aim was to give some reference and explanation to price moves so it's quite amusing that some people use the info to get a brief summary of what happened and can then skip watching the show! It is indeed hard to watch this series mach, agree with most on here that it's the worse series I can remember, don't know how anyone can say otherwise to be honest.

Tuesday morning, day 13  2nd eviction tonight, between Chloe & Hardeep

In last night's show:
•The Public Eye task continued. All the housemates did the Conga, 74% app voters thought it was uplifting. Dan had to fascinate the viewers. He took his shirt off. Only 49% were fascinated. Ben, Sally & Jermaine had to attend a confessional. Ben revealed he cheated on his TV show but real wife with a friend who is now pregnant and that he has feelings for Roxanne. Sally Zzzzzz and Jermaine that he had slept with an ex-England player's wife, and likes Chloe. I can imagine Jermaine could have spent hours confessing. Only 44% were shocked. Kirstie picked Roxanne, Chloe & Gabby to put on a sexy performance but only 31% were aroused.
•Kirstie & Gabby were horrified by the state of the shower, specifically the (mainly dark) hair and pubes everywhere. 1/20 Hardeep the main culprit, 8/1 Roxanne, 16/1 bar
•Roxanne revealed she had been with her fiancée now for 10 months and everything is going great. Well, was. She again talked about how she hasn't done anything untoward (with Ben) in the house and is annoyed that others have been stirring.
•The only interesting bit of the show was nominations. Chloe received 7, Hardeep 6, Roxanne 4, Ryan 3 and Nick 2. Ryan receiving 3 was surprising, reasons included not opening up and for being fake. His constant hysterical laughing is extremely annoying, I know that (disclosure - I am red Ryan). Hardeep & Nick were punished for talking about noms. It was actually only Hardeep who did, when chatting to Nick the previous day.
•Kirstie revealed that three times a week was always enough for her. There's usually an interesting Hollywood story per episode from Kirstie.
•The closing scene was Dan and Hardeep in the garden, Hardman Dan being sad (again) due to missing his kids, Hardeep said what a great Dad Dan must be and how proud he is of him which caused Dan to then cry.

Current prices:
Kirstie Alley.................2.28 - 2.48       (2.78 pre show, shortened during, around 2.5 by end, 2.4 lowest matched since)
Ryan Thomas..............3.45 - 3.6       (3 pre show, up to 3.5 matched during the show)
Dan Osborne...............10.5 - 11.5       (16 pre show, low of 9.8 matched at end of show due to his tears)
Nick Leeson.................15 - 18       (shortened during yesterday, army backing, new low of 10.5 matched, drifted during and since the show)
Roxanne Pallett...........26 - 34       (around 17 pre show, big drift during and since, tenner at 40 been matched)
Ben Jardine.................36 - 48
Gabby Allen.................36 - 55
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....42 - 55
Sally Morgan................75 - 110
Chloe Ayling................160 - 350
Jermaine Pennant.........160 - 490

£117,802 matched. Back 103.7%, lay 92.5%
Report armagnac August 28, 2018 10:41 AM BST
I can imagine Jermaine could have spent hours confessing


yes a losing trade on Nick, i just dont think he'll get the airtime to shine unfortunately.
the only one building momentum, albeit gradually is kirsty
Report stu August 28, 2018 11:28 PM BST
Jermaine should be 1 million currently IMO
Report ahorsewithnoname August 29, 2018 7:56 AM BST
2nd Eviction - Chloe Ayling

There was one eviction show, starting at 9:15pm (due to GBBO) until 10:45pm. The lines closed at 10:12pm.

Chloe traded between 1.2 down to 1.12 at the show start but then drifted during the show as she featured so much and Hardeep was hardly shown.
Highest matched was 1.3, lowest 1.11 with last price matched 1.24

Hardeep traded between 12 and 4.1 with last price matched 7. £4,6999 matched.
Report ahorsewithnoname August 29, 2018 8:38 AM BST
Wednesday morning, day 14

Chloe was evicted.
In a "shocking" twist, app users are now voting for their favourite housemate. The two with the fewest votes by Friday's show will then face eviction with the housemates themselves deciding who goes.

In last night's show:
•The nomination results were announced. Nick was upset as he wants to go home. Chloe had a little cry.
•Kirstie had a honorary Brit task which she epically failed but she was still awarded with a afternoon tea party for some reason.
•There was a scene with Dan talking about his past anger issues, which he claimed were only ever with his ex Megan, and that now he tries to walk away from arguments. He said he regrets how he acted (you know, that small incident where he threatened to stab Megan).
•The producers were kind to us, giving us a night off with the very tedious Roxanne & Ben saga. However, the remainder of the show was all about Chloe & Jermaine. Firstly Chloe revealed to Ryan, Roxanne & Nick that Jermaine's note to her had said "I like you". Ryan had hysterics at this and news quickly spread. Jermaine had been in the DR but upon his return Dan was quick to let him know what had happened. Jermaine was peeved with Chloe's revelation. Chloe wanted to have a chat to clarify whether he is in fact single or not but Jermaine didn't want to. Jermaine was telling the others his messages were just banter. Later a very drunk Jermaine now wanted to chat with Chloe but she wisely declined. Chloe had gone to bed and Kirstie was quick to check she was OK. Jermaine was in the garden chatting to Gabby, Dan & Ben and (maybe accidentally) revealed to the incredulous trio that he's actually married. Emma informed the still unaware Chloe during her exit interview. Poor Chloe.

Current prices:
Kirstie Alley.................1.92 - 2.04       (2.28 lowest matched pre show, 2.04 matched during, reopened 2.16, heading to evens by midnight, 1.8 matched overnight)
Ryan Thomas..............3.95 - 4.3       (3.7 pre show, when market reopened matched in high 4s before shortening back a bit)
Dan Osborne...............8.2 - 10       (shortened all during yesterday, 8.6 at 5pm then 7s matched, mid 8s as show started and at end)
Nick Leeson.................21 - 29
Roxanne Pallett...........25 - 75
Gabby Allen.................28 - 50
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....32 - 50       (briefly matched down to 22 during yesterday, 32 pre show, 27 lpm at suspension but opened back around 30)
Ben Jardine.................34 - 60
Sally Morgan................46 - 60       (80 pre show, matched down to 50 during and after. Good luck backers)
Jermaine Pennant.........310 - 560       (200 pre show, matched at 120 during the show)

£131,657 matched. Back 110.9%, lay 94.7%
Report bearcub August 29, 2018 10:33 AM BST
Cheers Horse Love
Report ahorsewithnoname August 30, 2018 8:54 AM BST
Thanks bear

Thursday morning, day 15   Show will end on Monday 10th Sept

In last night's show:
•Ben was lifting Gabby in the garden. Later he said in the DR he likes her
•Jermaine & Dan were lying in bed together with stiffies
•Physic Sally thought that Chloe might be evicted. She's not a fraud!
•Kirstie was giving wise words to Jermaine & Dan about the difficulty of marriage
•Jermaine was sl@gging off Chloe to Dan (who was agreeing) & Ryan but hey, it's only banter
•Wendy the washing machine gave Nick a task to spill some beans over Hardeep and Ryan in order to send his son a birthday card. he clumsily achieved this
•Ben was given a smart respectable makeover but Roxanne didn't like it. Kirstie commented about this in the DR and said how she likes "bad boys"
•Nearing Chloe's eviction, Jermaine romantically asked her to meet him in the toilet. He told her to just say his notes were banter as he has a Mrs. Chloe rightly pointed out Jermaine's confessional so everyone knows it wasn't just bantz
•When Chloe was announced as going, Hardeep's hug was at least 3 times longer than Jermaine's. I thought he was never going to let go
•Gabby noticed Jermaine was now wearing his wedding ring. Jermaine explained he doesn't wear it at home. Nor nightclubs, I would hazard a guess
•Ben & Jermaine were droning on at the end of the episode, wasn't really listening to their nonsense but did hear Ben say he respects Jermaine's honesty. Right oh

Current prices:
Kirstie Alley.................1.69 - 1.74       (1.9s pre show, new low 1.75 matched at the end then 1.65 matched overnight)
Ryan Thomas..............4.8 - 5.9       (drifted yesterday, high 4s pre show, lpm 6)
Dan Osborne...............11.5 - 13       (around 9 pre show, drifted since, lpm 13)
Nick Leeson.................21 - 22       (16-22 pre show, briefly matched down to 12 during, high teens as show ended, higher since)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....44 - 50
Ben Jardine.................40 - 90
Gabby Allen.................42 - 90
Roxanne Pallett...........60 - 95
Sally Morgan................60 - 390
Jermaine Pennant.........400 - 560

£139,860 matched. Back 104.6%, lay 92.5%
Report sofiakenny August 30, 2018 2:07 PM BST
superb work horsey..we love you man!Cool
Report armagnac August 30, 2018 5:06 PM BST
he used to get patted at the end now its bl00dy after every post lol
thoroughly deserved i might add, forum legend and hall of famer in anyones language
Report sofiakenny August 30, 2018 8:11 PM BST
I have sent him a multipack of Polo's
Report ahorsewithnoname August 31, 2018 8:17 AM BST
kenny, army Love

Friday morning, day 16   3rd Eviction tonight

In last night's show:
•An amusing Groundhog Day task where in order to receive a party that night they had to find some tickets, Dan & Ryan (voted by the public the most hottest) had to sit in an ice cold bath (Ryan found this hilarious) and Hardeep had to answer 12 difficult questions about his housemates. After 3 goes Hardeep still only got 10 of the 12 correct but BB gave up then and still gave them the party
•Hardeep and Nick were chatting in the garden (Gabby there too) about how hard they are struggling with Roxanne with her constant attention seeking and play acting. At the same time Roxanne went to the DR and asked to speak to a producer about something that had happened
•The housemates were enjoying the party except Nick & Hardeep, still in the garden and still moaning. Later Hardeep said to Ben he saw him rubbing his foot on Roxanne's back and how does he think her fiancée (who Roxanne got engaged to after knowing him a week) feels
•Roxanne was back in the DR and we found out she had complained about Ryan hurting her when he play acted a few boxing punches earlier in the day (he barely touched her and there are stories around about a past feud between the pair), and BB said they had viewed the footage and would speak to Ryan. Roxanne was upset and said Ryan should be thrown out of the house. She's insane and that's being polite. An incredulous (understandably) Ryan was given a warning in the DR then went to bed. Ben was having his eye make-up (don't ask) removed by Roxanne whilst he was telling her he loved her. The Housemates were getting ready for bed but Roxanne went back to the DR and said she can't sleep in the same room as the now apparently violent Ryan as she is that scared. She again said she can't believe BB have not removed him from the house. Roxanne then went into the separate small bedroom in front of Ben, Dan & Jermaine without saying anything to them about why (leaving Ben to obviously think it was to do with him)

Ryan's price - He was trading 5.3 - 5.6 just before the show. When Roxanne's complaint first aired, three quarters into the show, he was briefly swiped out and matched at 7.2 & 8 (new highs) before quickly shortening back to the 5s. As the show finished he was now trading into the 4s then over the next 2 hours continued shortening to around 3 by midnight. Overnight he's shortened further to at least 2.6

Current prices:
Kirstie Alley.................1.91 - 1.99       (1.66 pre show, new low of 1.6 matched half way thru, still 1.6s after show but obviously since drifted on Ryan's shortening)
Ryan Thomas..............2.64 - 2.82       (see above)       
Dan Osborne...............17.5 - 24       (12.5 pre show)
Nick Leeson.................23 - 28
Gabby Allen.................32 - 42
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....40 - 48
Sally Morgan................70 - 90
Ben Jardine.................90 - 590
Roxanne Pallett...........220 - 320
Jermaine Pennant.........300 - 560       (still a bigger price than Roxanne!)

£184,819 matched (144k matched pre show, only around 2k matched during, around 25k matched over the following hour). Back 109.6%, lay 99.9%
Report ahorsewithnoname September 1, 2018 3:52 PM BST
Saturday afternoon, day 17

In last night's show (no amusing comments I'm afraid):
•Roxanne was in the DR saying she hadn't slept well as she's so uncomfortable that Ryan assaulted her and is still in the house. BB assured her they had spoken to Ryan and she is safe. Roxanne said it's not acceptable, he repeatedly punched her
•Roxanne spoke to Hardeep about his previous day's chat with Ben and not to speak on her behalf. Hardeep said he didn't, he was speaking to Ben about Ben's own actions
•Dan was saying how he won't be allowing his daughter to date when she's older or some stupid sh1t. Hardeep was letting Dan know he was being ridiculous
•Roxanne chatted to Ben in the toilet for 40 minutes. She informed him how Ryan had punched her repeatedly, really hard, he really went for it, she was in so much pain. She demonstrated to Ben how hard he had punched. Later news spread about Ryan's "assault" to the other housemates. Dan & Jermaine were saying how Ryan's now totally screwed. 
•They showed a brief clip from Friday of Ryan & Roxanne talking about the incident and shaking hands
•For the eviction, the app vote closed at 9:35pm (the show ran 9pm to 10:30pm) and Emma revealed that Ben & Jermaine were bottom of the viewer vote (and that there had been 1/4 mil votes). The other 8 housemates went into the DR one by one to choose who they wanted evicted. Half the housemates made a huge meal of this, especially Dan & Roxanne who said she simply couldn't choose, that she would go, before she choose Jermaine. The result was split 4-4. BB then requested a show of hands to evict, calling for Ben first and 5 hands went up (Nick changed his mind) so Ben became the 3rd evictee and left the house whilst the crowd were feverishly chanting "Get Roxanne Out". The market wasn't suspended and Betfair nor any bookies (I don't think) were betting on this eviction.
•During Ben's interview Emma showed him the Ryan punching incident. Ben was dumbfounded at it's insignificance. Emma also revealed Jermaine had been bottom of the vote.

•The housemates are due to nominate today with the next eviction on Monday
•News broke early this morning that Roxanne had, not unexpectedly, left the house

Ryan's price dramatically continued to shorten all yesterday, going odds on lunchtime or in the afternoon. Low of 1.6 matched pre show, further low of 1.53 matched since. Last night at least twice a lump of 5k went up backing, at 1.6 & 1.56

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.57 - 1.6       (see above) 
Kirstie Alley.................3.5 - 3.65       (drifted all yesterday, as everyone else did, as high as 4 I think, 3.35 - 3.7 just before the show)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....34 - 42 
Dan Osborne...............40 - 46
Nick Leeson.................50 - 100
Gabby Allen.................75 - 90
Sally Morgan................140 - 240
Jermaine Pennant.........400 - 790

£278,796 matched. Back 102.5%, lay 97.1%
Report September 1, 2018 4:32 PM BST
only work she will get is in porn films shes historyLaughLaughLaugh
Report Tom_Ato September 1, 2018 4:35 PM BST

Sep 1, 2018 -- 4:32PM, wrote:

only work she will get is in porn films shes history

Doubt it, your penis would retract into your body and it wouldn't come back out for several days.

Report September 1, 2018 4:49 PM BST
the rat only had to wait till monday to get paid she will think about that for years when shes not got a pot to p.i.s.s in
Report VardonVoo. September 1, 2018 10:06 PM BST
So what you're trying to suggest is....

" might have to put on the red light.."
Report bearcub September 1, 2018 11:18 PM BST

Do not turn any of the pricewatch threads into general chit chat threads please. just chat on normal threads or these will just become bogged down....Thanks
Report Tom_Ato September 1, 2018 11:26 PM BST

Sincere apologies
Report mach September 2, 2018 1:18 AM BST
you are right bear, this is worth talking aboutCool
Report ahorsewithnoname September 2, 2018 7:40 AM BST
Sunday Morning, day 18

In last night's show:
•The whole show was dominated by the continuing Roxanne/Ryan saga. Ben confronted Ryan about Roxanne's allegations and Ryan was enraged Ben or anyone could think he would hurt Roxanne. Dan & Jermaine got involved too and the tension was only broken when Hardeep asked if cottage pie was alright for dinner! Roxanne was again in the DR asking to speak to a producer due to Ryan's continuing lies about the incident. Sally did well consoling a very upset Ryan a couple of times. In a surprising scene, Dan was in the DR questioning Roxanne's version of events when BB told him to have a think about why Ryan hasn't been removed from the house. Dan mentioned this to a few of the others and they all started to realise Roxanne's demented. A few of the housemates mentioned, whilst Ryan was there, that the reason Roxanne slept in the spare bedroom the other night was due to being scared of Ryan. Ryan understandably was mad as such an allegation and was proper crying in the DR. Afterwards Ryan & Roxanne had a brief awkward chat to try and put the situation behind them and they shook hands.
•We saw a repeat of Ben being evicted (Roxanne and Hardeep had a brief set to when Roxanne, after saying evict Jermaine, then asked the housemates if they were voting to evict or save). All the housemates clearly heard the loud "Get Roxy Out" chants. Ryan cried again at this. Sally said to him the public all know the real story.
•Kirstie had a cry in the bedroom, Nick had a chat with her. The others were sitting in the garden talking about the situation with Roxanne there too. Roxanne then went to the DR, saying she doesn't know what she's done to receive those chants, and that she wanted to go. In a first, BB said OK then. They couldn't get her out the house quick enough.
•The show ended with Ryan crying yet again in the DR but this time relieved, after hearing the chants, that he has been vindicated. Coming out of the DR he received a hug from Dan.

Ryan's price continued to shorten all day, 1.48 by 7pm, 1.4 just before the show, 1.36 half way thru the show, 1.34 as the show ended but then shortened further when the show's impact sunk in, 1.3 matched soon after with a new current low of 1.26 matched overnight

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.27 - 1.32       (see above) 
Kirstie Alley.................6.2 - 7       (mid 4s pre show)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....40 - 48 
Dan Osborne...............40 - 80
Nick Leeson.................40 - 100
Gabby Allen.................120 - 490
Sally Morgan................160 - 200
Jermaine Pennant.........700 - 1000

£298,358 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 3, 2018 8:10 AM BST
Monday Morning, day 19   Jermaine and Hardeep face eviction tonight

In last night's show:
•Pet boutique is this week's shopping task and was so dull I couldn't be bothered to listen to what it was about, but do know Kirstie, Ryan & Hardeep are owners and the other 5 are dressed up in silly pet costumes and that Ryan thought it all hilarious
•Ryan was in the DR saying this task it just what they needed, it's been a miserable 24 hours due to Roxanne. Get over it Ryan FFS. Ryan said it's time to move on, put it all behind him, whilst sitting there for ages keep wittering on about it
•Kirstie was talking to Ryan in the bedroom about what happened between him and Roxanne (yep, Ryan still going on about it), Hardeep was there too and had a moan saying he's not interested and was annoyed they are talking about this when he was trying to have a quiet lie down. The now bolshie Ryan told Hardeep he was out of order
•Hardeep, not having a good day it seems, was in the kitchen with Kirstie and had a go at her over some cooking matter. Kirstie is not a doormat and told Hardeep in no uncertain terms to back off
•The pretending to be humble Ryan was in the garden with Hardeep saying Hardeep is gonna win this show. Yeah yeah Ryan, you really mean that
•The housemates nominated. Hardeep received 6 noms, Jermaine 4 (Sally & Nick received 2 each, Ryan & Gabby 1 each). Nick surprisingly nommed Hardeep and it transpired Hardeep & Sally really don't like each other
•Dan, Gabby, Sally & Jermaine were eating Hardeep's latest culinary delight and were complaining behind his back it wasn't very good. Hardeep was then shown in the DR saying how much he loves cooking and was getting quite emotional about it
•Nick had some brief task to sing a song to the housemates. When he did, Ryan was particularly excited.
•Hardeep complimented Gabby's on her sexy poodle costume. Gabby told Sally who said Hardeep was manipulative, inappropriate and a whole other bunch of things she better not say

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.23 - 1.24       (new low of 1.2 just before the show, surpassed with 1.18 matched 3 minutes into show, back to current price after show) 
Kirstie Alley.................7.4 - 8       (matched as high as 11 during yesterday)
Dan Osborne...............34 - 46
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....50 - 65
Nick Leeson.................80 - 95
Sally Morgan................120 - 190
Gabby Allen.................250 - 360
Jermaine Pennant.........1000 to back!

£332,983 matched
Report September 3, 2018 8:35 AM BST
the worst night ever on big brother last night mind you wish i could get a poodle like that
Report ahorsewithnoname September 4, 2018 8:51 AM BST
4th Eviction - Jermaine Pennant

First show 9 - 10pm then eviction result in second show at 11:05pm. Lines closed at 9:56pm

Jermaine's opening trade was at 1.4 in the eviction market then all shortening until trading 1.06 - 1.08 just before the show but he then drifted during the show due to lots of grumpy argumentative Hardeep shown. Jermaine traded between 1.6 & 1.06 with last price matched 1.3

Hardeep mostly traded between 6.6 & 4 with last price matched 4.7

£3,268 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 4, 2018 9:12 AM BST
Tuesday Morning, day 20   Next eviction on Friday, final following Monday

In last night's show:
•The tedious Pet boutique task continued
•Sally was moaning about Hardeep, her new pastime. Ryan laughed hysterically
•Dan claimed to be ill and was hinting it was poor Hardeep's cooking
•Sally was giving Ryan sympathy and asking if he was OK after his traumatic week
•They passed the task, receiving a luxury shopping budget. Hooray. I was so so happy. The housemates were gathered writing out the shopping list but there was bickering between them all and Hardeep over what to order. Hardeep said they would never use up all the budget and wanted to donate some of it to a food bank. The others, particularly Dan, ridiculed him
•Hardeep was in the bedroom having a chat with Jermaine about race. Ryan was there too and had a go at Hardeep's regarding his apparent obsession with race
•The nomination result was announced and a fed up Hardeep flounced off to bed. Later Sally was saying at this stage anyone would be happy to be up but Hardeep said he hates it
•The highlights ended with Gabby saying she might change beds. Ryan laughed tremendously at this

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.18 - 1.2       (new low of 1.16 matched during the show. Small amounts briefly got matched higher, 1.51 I saw, when the market went in-play) 
Kirstie Alley.................8.4 - 9.2
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....38 - 48
Dan Osborne...............50 - 80
Sally Morgan................100 - 200
Nick Leeson.................120 - 210
Gabby Allen.................300 - 540

£351,298 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 5, 2018 7:34 AM BST
Wednesday Morning, day 21

At the end of last night's show we were informed the housemates had to nominate ONE person each yesterday (so shown tonight) and that everyone receiving a nom will face eviction on Friday

In last night's show:
•A task was announced in order to receive a party that evening; everyone had to be polite, friendly and complimentary to each other. Sally even gave Hardeep a kiss
•Dan in the garden was still complaining of being unwell and the now cocky Ryan was joining in, saying he's not 100% either. With prefect timing, Hardeep came out and said he was going to cook a chicken for lunch. Both Dan and the now hubristic Ryan said he may but make sure he cooks it properly as they suspect food poisoning. Hardeep was obviously taken aback and proceeded to beat up a chicken
•Sally had a task to win letters from home for everyone. She managed to win Hardeep's, Gabby's, Ryan's & Dan's but then kept on gambling and lost them all. Sally begged in the DR to be given a second chance. Later the housemates were all gathered and each had to say who they would like to receive their letter (three could). The general consensus was Dan, Gabby & Ryan (actually it was only Hardeep who suggested Ryan) should receive their letters. Sally read Dan's, Kirstie read Gabby's and Ryan choose Sally again to read his.
•All the housemates enjoyed their party, Sally was talking about her shoes, she was wearing heels, and Hardeep said they don't look like a good fit and pointed out her bunion
•Jermaine was evicted. Most of the housemates were surprised and vocally disappointed it was him and not Hardeep. No one congratulated Hardeep for surviving his third eviction. Later, Dan, Gabby & Sally were discussing the evictions and saying Hardeep's going to win the show whilst also slagging him off. Hardeep was chatting to Nick and (rightly) pointed out that he's only been up against disliked housemates so far
•Hardeep & Sally was in the garden when Sally said she was going into the bedroom to change her shoes. Hardeep said he can't believe she wears them with that massive bunion. In the bedroom Sally then told the now arrogant Ryan what Hardeep had just said, but making it sound worse. Hot headed Ryan was really rilled at this, saying Hardeep was SO rude, he doesn't like it, he's been disrespectful, he's not having it, if someone spoke to his Nan like that he would kill them, how dare he. Conceited Ryan said he's going to speak to Hardeep about it, Sally said please don't. The show then ended with haughty Ryan marching into the garden to give Hardeep what for. Pompous Ryan said to Hardeep "did you say to Sally look at the size of your bunion, you need to get rid of them". Hardeep said no, that's not what he said and then proceeded to verbally wipe the floor with the hapless Ryan before walking away. Ryan also laughably pleaded with Hardeep not to let Sally know Ryan had spoken to him.

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.3 - 1.33       (1.17 pre show, 1.15 then matched, 1.19 as show ended before he then quickly drifted to 1.2s, higher getting matched at times) 
Kirstie Alley.................7.2 - 8.6       (12 pre show, higher sometimes matched, back to single figures by 11pm)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....19.5 - 22       (30s pre show, matched as low as high teens after)
Dan Osborne...............23 - 27       (65 pre show, still 60 after, 20s by 11pm)
Sally Morgan................75 - 100
Nick Leeson.................90 - 110
Gabby Allen.................170 - 320

£387,229 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 6, 2018 7:54 AM BST
Thursday Morning, day 22

Hardeep & Sally face eviction tomorrow, so all 4 normal evictions this series have been a H2H and involved Hardeep

In last night's show:
•It's 5am and Hardeep's snoring like a trooper. Gabby woke him up to try and get him to turn over but he got up and slept outside
•Hardeep in the DR was talking about buniongate, saying he didn't understand why Sally was so upset about it all. He commented on how Sally totally played Ryan then had a little cry
•Kirstie checked up on Ryan who was in bed pretending to be poorly
•Gabby was upset with a comment Hardeep had made the previous evening about her dress
•The housemates had a task to make Nick do as many steps as possible in order to win his letter from home. They succeeded and Dan read out the letter (as best he could)
•Everyone nominated (one nom each). Hardeep received 5 noms whilst he and Nick nominated Sally
•Hardeep told Gabby he was looking forward to seeing her on the outside so as to see the real her, not the TV version. She insisted this is the real her and was annoyed at his comment. She went off and had a cry. Kirstie went to seek her out, then Dan. Dan later told Hardeep he was out of order, that Gabby is sensitive. Afterwards Hardeep apologised to Gabby and said he's actually proud of her and her generation, how confident they are. They shook hands but Gabby wasn't sure he was being sincere

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.24 - 1.26       (low 1.3s most of yesterday, around 1.3 pre show, shortened during on nomination possibility allayed) 
Kirstie Alley.................9 - 9.4
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....20 - 25       (shortened to 16-ish yesterday, that price pre show, higher now as odds say he's just under 2/1 to go tonight)
Dan Osborne...............24 - 34
Nick Leeson.................60 - 100
Sally Morgan................150 - 500
Gabby Allen.................200 - 400

£409,738 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 7, 2018 8:29 AM BST
Friday Morning, day 23   Hardeep/Sally eviction tonight then VTW will start

In last night's show:
•It was bl00dy dull, featuring too much Dan & Gabby, where Dan's "banter" didn't quite hit the mark with Gabby
•Ryan was still unwell and spent the whole day in bed in the small bedroom on medical advice. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery
•Hardeep again going on about keeping in touch with Gabby after the show. What's he on? As if Gabby would want to
•The housemates read out Tweets from viewers about them and had to guess who they were about. What they didn't know, hehe, was that Kirstie had written them all
•The housemates gathered to discuss various etiquette matters. Hardeep the contrarian was clashing with them all, even Nick is now bored and irritated with him
•The Coming Tomorrow clip at the end of the show showed Ryan back alive and well and laughing his head off. Fantastic news Plain

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.41 - 1.43       (touched 1.4 yesterday afternoon, 1.29 - 1.33 pre show, around 1.35 after show, matched higher overnight, 1.5 I think) 
Kirstie Alley.................4.4 - 4.9       (shortened all yesterday, 6.4 matched as show started, 5.2 during show, as low as at least 3.6 matched overnight)
Dan Osborne...............20 - 24       (shortened during yesterday, low of 19 matched in the afternoon)
Hardeep Singh Kohli.....29 - 36       (40s matched yesterday)
Nick Leeson.................55 - 90
Gabby Allen.................200 - 470
Sally Morgan................150 - 890

£442,317 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 8, 2018 8:00 AM BST
5th Eviction - Hardeep Singh Kohli

One show, 9 - 10:30pm, lines closed 9:58pm

Hardeep traded between 3.95 and 2 (with small amounts matched lower during the show, £6 at 1.86, £8 at 1.82 & £16 at 1.7). His last price matched was 2.3.

Sally traded between 2 (+ £40 at 2.8 and £10 at 2.78 matched when the market was first up) and 1.33 (with some small amounts matched lower, including £20 at 1.25). Her last price matched was 1.48.

Just before the show started Sally was trading 1.67 - 1.73, having traded shorter during the day. The market was suspended at 9pm and not reopened until 9:16pm, grrr. Sally drifted to that evens during the show before shortening back up towards the end.

Hardeep's last price matched in the Outright was 38. £15,886 matched. The housemates will sleep better now.
Report ahorsewithnoname September 8, 2018 8:29 AM BST
Saturday Morning, day 24   Final on Monday

In last night's show:
•Gabby was grumpy due to lack of sleep (due to Hardeep snoring), Nick had a chat with Hardeep about the etiquette discussion the previous evening, Ryan returned to the house.
•The housemates had a search engine request task in order to win the remaining letters from home for Sally, Hardeep & Kirstie. Nick had to motivate the gang, Gabby had to be gobby (which annoyed Hardeep) & Dan had to strip for Kirstie. They won the letters which were read out.
•Kirstie told how she once pooped herself and also when she was pranked by Woody Harrelson (was in Cheers with her for you youngsters out there)
•Hardeep was evicted

Ryan had drifted during yesterday, 1.5 or so, but shortened back when the show started, was trading 1.37 then, then drifted again during the show, as high as 1.6. When the market reopened after Hardeep's eviction he drifted much higher, I saw 1.95 matched just before 11pm but he then shortened back since, during BOTS and more overnight it seems.

Kirstie's price pretty much traded the inverse of Ryan's. Shortened all yesterday, sometimes getting matched in the 3s before a big drift leading up to show where she was trading back in the 5s, then shortened during the show, 3.5 lpm at suspension, then on Ryan's post show drift she shortened as low as 2.4 that I saw before then drifting back out since.

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.45 - 1.54
Kirstie Alley.................3.4 - 3.9
Dan Osborne...............25 - 38
Nick Leeson.................50 - 60
Sally Morgan................100 - 990
Gabby Allen.................250 - 890

£484,450 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 9, 2018 10:18 AM BST
Sunday Morning, day 25   Final tomorrow

In last night's show:
•Sally tactfully said, in front of Nick, that being in the BB house is like being in prison. Nick said it most certainly wasn't and regaled us with some charming prison tales.
•The housemates were enacting an hospital drama, with Kirstie Alley the director. Sally said Hardeep, reluctantly playing a sick patient, looked too well and they should put some talcum powder on his face. Hardeep took offence to this, he perceived, borderline racist comment, and stormed off. A simmering Dan spoke to Hardeep and got angry with him. The arguments escalated, Sally was working herself up, saying she's never been racist, far from it. Hardeep said she's made a few tactless comments (like not knowing the name of a turban). Ryan started shouting at Hardeep. Kirstie Alley calmly got her point across to Hardeep, saying he has a habit of accusing someone then walking away, which he acknowledged. Sally then started crying, worried people will think she is racist, Ryan shouted again, Hardeep apologised to Sally. Sally went to the DR, crying again, over egging things now. Hardeep went to the DR, his annoyance was that he couldn't intelligently debate things with anyone in the house but admitted he over reacted. Later Kirstie Alley spoke with Hardeep again and said he's causing his own discomfort in the house.
•Ryan wanted to clear the air with Hardeep as didn't want tension in the house or Hardeep to leave like this. After a stalled attempt, he did speak with a mostly disinterested Hardeep and they ended up shaking hands then a brief hug.
•Hardeep was evicted and the remaining housemates celebrated making the final. Physic Sally predicted Ryan would win, she would be 3rd and Nick 2nd, although she did admit she's not always right.
•The closing scene was the housemates going to bed with a still overly excited Ryan celebrating that he's in the final.

There was a move on Kirstie around 4pm yesterday when the show spoiler must have come out which looked good for her. She shortened to low 3s (having drifted to 4s earlier in the day) then she shortened further to 2.7. Ryan drifted to 1.7. Just before the 10pm show Ryan was trading 1.61 - 1.65 with Kirstie 2.84 - 2.96. Whilst Kirstie did have a good show, Ryan, for him, also did and at the end of the show he had shortened to low 1.4s with Kirstie 3.8. In the following couple of hours Ryan shortened further, low 1.3s matched, maybe shorter, and Kirstie was matched as high as 5, although the prices have now rebounded some this morning.

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.4 - 1.42
Kirstie Alley.................3.85 - 3.95
Dan Osborne...............55 - 90
Nick Leeson.................65 - 90
Sally Morgan................170 - 460
Gabby Allen.................180 - 250

£545,560 matched
Report ahorsewithnoname September 10, 2018 7:48 AM BST
Monday Morning, day 26   FINAL TONIGHT

In last night's show:
•The last highlight show of the series and it was dullsville. Half the show was Dan & Gabby playing around, bickering, she getting upset then Hollywood legend Kirstie Alley getting them to make up and have a cuddle.
•There was a Cheers themed bar set up for a task, with Kirstie Alley the barmaid, naturally. Ben held a quiz (wanted gimp Ryan to win for what he'd been thru but also his man Dan to win). Rylan, Natalie & Jermaine had a panel discussion about the housemates (shown to them). They "won" the task and had a Karaoke themed party. In addition to Nick being the World's worst trader, he's also one of the World's worst singers.
•Ryan shaved his toes.
•Nick was chatting to Dan & Gabby in the garden saying he hopes one of them win as it would do best for their careers.
•Reality TV pro Dan ended the show in the DR, in just a towel, saying once again how much he's missing his kids and getting emotional.

A more stable day yesterday for the market. Kirstie shortened late morning when a lump of over 1.5k went up backing at 3.5 with Ryan getting matched as high as mid 1.5s at times.
Pre show Ryan was trading 1.47 - 1.55, Kirstie 3.15 - 3.3. As the show ended they were virtually the same prices.

Current prices:
Ryan Thomas..............1.5 - 1.54
Kirstie Alley.................3.25 - 3.35
Dan Osborne...............38 - 48
Nick Leeson.................75 - 85
Gabby Allen.................300 - 400
Sally Morgan................360 - 450

£575,327 matched
Report LuckyAz September 11, 2018 12:39 AM BST
Thanks for all your hard work on this CBB series Horse, hope you made some green out of the perfect storm 'Punch Gate'.
Report timbuctooth September 11, 2018 12:54 AM BST
horse, you get better with every series. Thanks
Report scampi September 11, 2018 1:49 AM BST
Yo Horse, thanks for all your great work throughout the series, hope you made some green :)
This forum needs your great posts and wit - how do I go about voting you FOTY?
Report ahorsewithnoname September 11, 2018 7:53 AM BST
Many thanks Lucky, tim & scamps. I've been FOTY scamps, last year Cool

CBB22 Final  -  Winner = Ryan Thomas
2nd - Kirstie Alley  /  3rd - Dan Osborne  /  4th - Nick Leeson  /  5th - Sally Morgan  /  6th - Gabby Allen

This series was 26 days long and themed "Eye of the Storm"
The final ran 9pm until 11:05pm
The final 6 housemates finished in odds order again

The prices were very steady during the day and surprisingly all during the live show:
4pm Ryan was 1.35 - 1.4, Kirstie 4.4 - 4.7, Dan 44 - 50, Nick 70 - 80, Gabby 37 - 490, Sally 500 - 790, £588,425 matched
7pm Ryan 1.29 - 1.31, Kirstie 4.9 - 5.1
8pm Ryan 1.33 - 1.35, Kirstie 4.4 - 4.6
8:58pm Ryan 1.34 - 1.38, Kirstie 4.3 - 4.4, Dan 50 - 65, Nick 65 - 80, Gabby 420 - 680, Sally 520 - 870. £607,534 matched

At 9:06pm they showed 6 minutes of highlights from the previous day, the housemates having their farewell dinner, speeches and saying how much they all love each other.
6th place finisher market, only loaded a little before the show, had £114 matched. Betfair then only added each finisher market in the respective voting window, including the 3rd place finisher market less than a minute before the market suspended. Brilliant.

Last prices matched at:
9:08pm vote freeze (Betfair suspended at 9:13pm).......Ryan 1.27, Kirstie 5, Dan 60, Nick 180, Sally 890, Gabby 1000, £613,852 matched. Lines reopened 9.16pm
9:25pm vote freeze (Betfair suspended at 9:30pm).......Ryan 1.33, Kirstie 4.4, Dan 65, Nick 100, Sally 990, £625,717 matched. Lines reopened 9:33pm
9:42pm vote freeze.......Ryan 1.31, Kirstie 4.4, Dan 60, Nick 100, £629,001 matched. Lines reopened 9:50pm
10:01pm vote freeze.......Ryan 1.3, Kirstie 5, Dan 36, £639,114 matched. Lines reopened 10:09pm
10:18pm lines closed......Ryan 1.31, Kirstie 4.1, final amount matched £651,359

Give or take a minute, lines were therefore open for a total of 46 minutes during the show with a H2H of 9 minutes.
At 9:45pm, during Sally's interview, Emma talked to her about Punchgate and showed her the footage.

Lowest (& highest for the top 2) prices matched:

Ryan Thomas    (lows matched day 20, highs matched day 15 when Punchgate was first aired, before he quickly shortened back)
1.04    £3
1.15    £303
1.16    £3,324
1.17    £10,862
1.18    £6,718
1.19    £2,435
1.20    £8,023
5.5    £398
5.6    £255
5.7    £78
5.8    £42
5.9    £48
6.0    £183
7.0    £100
7.2    £40
8.0    £70

Kirstie Alley    (lows matched day 15, highs matched launch night)
1.60    £700
1.61    £20
1.64    £71
1.65    £842
1.66    £1,005
1.67    £1,008
1.68    £405
1.69    £952
1.70    £4,500
20    £162
21    £412
22    £80
23    £38
24    £215
25    £368
26    £138

Dan Osborne    (lows matched launch night)
7.0    £72
7.2    £640
7.4    £292
7.6    £18
7.8    £224
8.0    £403
8.2    £198
8.4    £567

Nick Leeson    (lows matched day 12)
10.5    £55
11.0    £281
11.5    £200
12.0    £79
12.5    £193
13.0    £145
13.5    £6
14.0    £45

Gabby Allen    (lows matched day 7)
9.0    £127
9.2    £110
9.4    £12
9.6    £160
9.8    £140
10.0    £40
10.5    £34
11.0    £336

Roxanne Pallett    (lows matched launch night)
5.7    £266
5.8    £14
5.9    £88
6.0    £580
6.2    £363
6.4    £315
6.6    £215
6.8    £236
7.0    £579

Rodrigo Alves    (lows matched day 9/10, the same night he "walked")
5.0    £99
5.1    £69
5.4    £60
5.5    £89
5.6    £16
5.8    £48
5.9    £52
6.0    £125
6.2    £102
6.4    £137
6.6    £203
6.8    £284
7.0    £1,133

Other lows:
14     Natalie Nunn
15.5     Hardeep Singh Kohli
16.5     Ben Jardine
20     Chloe Ayling
20     Jermaine Pennant
23     Sally Morgan
Report bearcub September 11, 2018 9:46 AM BST
Thanks Horse, much appreciated Love
Report Henry VIII September 11, 2018 9:49 AM BST
Brilliant stuff as always Horse.
Report armagnac September 11, 2018 10:20 AM BST
thanks Horse, great work as ever LoveCool
Report five leaves left September 11, 2018 3:00 PM BST
Great work as always horse Cool
Report hemsby September 11, 2018 6:39 PM BST
Hugely appreciated horse.

Without doubt the forum’s MVP.
Report stu September 12, 2018 6:53 PM BST
Awesome work horse (as a given) Cool
Report THEMONEYSHOT September 12, 2018 10:28 PM BST
Top work Horse, you da Group One forumite Cool
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