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29 Apr 17 05:18
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I am not drunk but had a few and have just caught up with proceedings at Sheffield.

What is now yesterday I saw probably the best performance since Hendry's Reign in the crucible.
Ding overcome Selby's good luck and undoubted class and laid out a performance that there will be no coming back from.
To my mind in snooker terms he grew up.
I will be amazed if he is not crowned on Monday night, or even afternoonHappy   
Gentlemenjohn,   you are right, I have not had a penny on him CryCryCry

I think the table is just about playing fair, certainly a lot tougher than the previous rounds and I will not thank Hearn for finally doing what is right .

I can hear the laughter from a few who will no doubt hang me out to dry should he lose but I really believe Ding has finally woken up and over the next few seasons he will become what he has threatened to be.
Ding wins 4th session comfortably.    Selby sulks for the next couple of years.Grin

Think I will have just one moreLaughLaughLaugh
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Report jed.davison April 29, 2017 9:44 AM BST
For me it wasn't so much how well he played, it was how he played - no fear. The safety shot that opened up the balls before Selby found that lucky plant for instance, that was the shot of a very confident player.

It is more than ominous for the rest of the field if Ding has finally found the confidence and belief to go with his extraordinary talent.

Whether he wins today or not, which is still right in the balance as far as I'm concerned however well he's playing given Selby's resilience and his own talent, he will be a better player again next season if he can keep believing in himself.

For me, this change in mentality appears to have happened DURING this match - the change from his timid approach to the first session to last night's tour de force has been remarkable.

Whatever though, that session last night was fantastic, I hope they serve us up something similar this afternoon.
Report gentlemanjohn April 29, 2017 10:06 AM BST
He's all but beating Selby at his own game while not abandoning his own attacking instincts, that aggressive safety shot was truly remarkable for sure, he had the choice after the foul to make Selby play that shot and 99 players out of 100 would have put him back in. It was such a controlled attacking shot, it should be included in the shots of the tournament section but probably wont.

It's a testament to Dings new resolve that i have no idea how the rest of this match is going to pan out I'd still favour Selby slightly, but only slightly. The only shame is that the final is inevitably going to feel like an anti climax after one of the greatest matches for many years.
Report gobelins April 29, 2017 10:16 AM BST
In fairness to Ding, he did rally last year from losing the opening 6 frames against M.Selby. But, after getting back to 10-11 he then only seemed to play well after Selby extended his lead. We probably can't underestimate how much T.Griffiths has helped him, and whatever happens this afternoon he'll be a big threat here for years to come - his dislike, even fear, of playing here is well and truly behind him.
Report Torquemada April 29, 2017 3:18 PM BST
Kiss of death from the OP!
I think Griffiths has been a right drag on Ding's career BTW, he'd be much better if he got shot of him
Report bobweenit April 29, 2017 4:59 PM BST
I want some of what you were drinking!
Report thegiggilo April 29, 2017 10:31 PM BST
Proper snooker match,there will be others for ding just beaten by one of the goats!!
Report moondan April 30, 2017 10:23 AM BST

Could not agree more with your comment.

Gentlemenjohn, again I walk away skintGrin from my 4 bets, think I must be getting old but its been pleasure all the way.


3 pints of Doombar down the pub chased by a bottle of cheap red wine over the next 3-4 hours carefully hidden from the mrs (who is definitely getting more crafty in her searches) as I watch recordings of the days matches.


You must have had a good tournament and like you I find watching Selby totally absorbing and who says pool and snooker don't mix.
He still has a bit to prove for me to put him up there with Hendry and Ronnie and maybe the next few years he can do that.
I find this is a very weak era but he can only play the guys around.


Griffiths is a great coach and an intelligent man so cannot agree.

As much as I love watching Higgins I cannot see anything other than age and decline in his game but a few pints and red wines will help me forget the next decent tornament is some 7 months away.Cry
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