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18 Nov 13 19:59
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Tonight was playing double or nothing poker game for 6 players. 4 players remaining I have second largest chips and then the table screen goes off, and on to the log in screen but their is no where to re log in. the log on screen is blank! Im still connected to internet because my sports exchange site was fine and I could chat to the poker help line. they told me to close site down and re start which I did and was then able to log on. Game was finished and when I went back on helpline they were most un helpful,rude and vary sarcastic so much for customer sevice! any one else had this problem?  Ive just come back to betfair poker because they were e mailing me with various promotions but how can I play under these conditions.
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Report chipfire227 November 19, 2013 10:17 AM GMT
There are numerous frequent disconnects threads if you look at this forum. I think there is now also one on the 2+2 Forum.

Its been an issue since they switched to Ipoker, if anything its getting worse, their staff know about it, but they continue to run games and take money off people even though they know the product isnt fit for purpose.

The bottom line is that you cant play under these conditions- not seriously anyway.

I played Klups game on another I-poker skin last night and had two disconnections lasting around 3-4 minutes each, so its not just this site.

As for BF " customer service " I honestly wouldnt waste my time and energy contacting them via telephone based on my previous experiences for on an issue such as this. All they do is read to you from a script they have.
Report ladycarla November 21, 2013 4:36 PM GMT
Happens at least every week with me, have to close it down and re-open it and hope your still in the game, its a pain but only place I get 40% RB so have to put up with it.
Report raithrover November 21, 2013 4:49 PM GMT
Yes, get it loads. Sometimes tables just disappears and I can log in again pretty quick but other times, as you say, there is no log in screen AND when I close the poker and attempt to load it up again I get "betfair poker is already running"  meaning I need to restart my PC before it works again. Pathetic
Report chipfire227 November 22, 2013 12:30 PM GMT
As I think I've mentioned on other threads the new Poker bloke rang me earlier in the year and asked why I wasnt playing on the I-poker side ( back in the day when Ongame was still running )and I made it quite clear I wasnt playing until they got the disconnect issue resolved.

Anyhow he said they were sure they had fixed it, think this was May time, and if he put some 1$ tokens in my account did I want to try again.

I've used the site sporadically since then, primarily to play in loyalty MTT's, sometimes you have a session where everything is fine, but mostly you dont and you get these random discos where everything shuts down on you. Sometimes just for seconds but other times for 3-4 minutes.

If you are playing one low buy in MTT you can live with it I guess, if you are trying to 6-8 table $20 turbo and super turbo STT its a complete non-starter, you can lose 2-3 buyins just with a 2 minute disconnection, and even when it does restart you get bombarded by pop ups telling you that you are re-connected and lobbies for every game which puts you even further onto life-tilt.

Most of these connection issues can be traced back to when they started pishing about trying to get bloody casino and arcade pop ups and links into the lobby and even your table imho.
Report GHADDAFFI. November 28, 2013 7:59 PM GMT
wtf are you still doing here chipfire? I get the impression you can't tear yourself away from betfair.. In my opinion there is only one way to deal with them . walk away
Report chipfire227 November 28, 2013 8:23 PM GMT
I still have Elite status so I play the 5k Monthly Freeroll. Theres usually around 100 runners and the game is pretty soft so I have managed to cash the last two months. If I'm playing that then I dare not play another network as this seems to cause even more disconnection problems. So I usually play a few STT's on BF while Im playing the Elite game as I get bored just having one table open.

Since the switch from Ongame I play on here only if theres a promo running which I think is EV+ me playing.

I played 3 STT's on BF in the whole of July, and 9 in the whole of September.

In the 8 months from March to September inclusive I played the grand total of 56 STT's on Betfair, thats Ongame and I-poker combined. At one point I would play that many in a day.

I dont really play anywhere these days, too busy with work.If I did play properly again it deffo wouldnt be on BF.
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