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16 Nov 13 17:41
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iPoker announces changes in their game offerings

We can exclusively announce that iPoker will be optimising their game offering to be more simple, coherent and easier to navigate.

1. Currency consolidation
Currently iPoker's cash games offering is mostly in USD. The network’s activity proves that in some stakes, EUR and GBP tables are equal or higher in popularity than the USD tables. Thus, the network will undergo a USD phase out process, and by the end of it only EUR and GBP will be offered.

Tournament buy-ins will change to EUR as well.

2. Clear, simple, and accessible games offering
With the majority of players looking for fun, fast, and easy to find games, iPoker want to give them just that. They are also looking ahead for mobile players, and want to make sure it is even easier for them to find their game and start playing. They will therefore condense their offering by having less negligible sitting options, but in a way that will allow them to keep all games variants. Right now there are seven different table types, in three currencies in both turbo and normal action times. iPoker will soon only offer four types (Shallow, normal, ante and anonymous) with 18 second action time. Players will also be able to enjoy them from a much more accessible lobby.

3. Staying up to date with the market trends
Over the past two years iPoker have implemented many features that has enriched their games selection; KO and Shootout tournaments, antes in cash tables, and more. They have also added features that allow them to provide a better poker experience which has at the same time made some of their tables redundant, such as the recently added time bank on cash tables. iPoker will therefore update their games selection with recent industry trends, adding or removing games to result in a better poker portfolio.

4. Protecting players' funds
iPoker's efforts to optimise their games selection does not end with the above actions of condensing and reducing variants. They are also looking at their games selection with a clear aim to protect less skilled players that tend to lose their money, having analysed the loss per player for every stake. With this analysis iPoker have identified specific stakes which they will remove.
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Report chipfire227 November 17, 2013 10:51 AM GMT
Point 4 pretty much sums up these leeches.

If a punter deposits £100 with them they want to take as much of that money for themselves as they possibly can, and stop the punter losing it to winning poker players.

There is asolutely ZERO chance of them removing casino games where punters are losing money heavily, because they end up with the money.

However they have no issue whatsoever killing poker games where punters are losing heavily because good poker players end up with the money, which they withdraw at regular intervals.

Bookmakers want mug punters in their arcade/casino, betting in multiples, or playing on FOBT's in their shops. They make little secret of the fact people who win are undesirable and they will make life as difficult as possible for them. That clearly includes winning poker players.
Report jc30 November 17, 2013 10:53 PM GMT
100% agree with you there Chip, I should know, I work for a High St bookmaker. Thing is that the 'poker only' sites are starting to jump on the bandwagon with Full Tilt announcing that its going to offer casino games also very soon.
Report McCoy Carp November 17, 2013 11:58 PM GMT
Report GHADDAFFI. November 28, 2013 7:06 PM GMT
I must apologize on McCoy Carp's behalf. He had a recent brain amputation
Report sickoflayinwinners December 3, 2013 8:20 PM GMT
i play something like 5%of the online poker i used to, the fact that i poker have decided to  balance things out  between good and bad players so the bad players  keep more of their cash to lose in the casinos means ill be down to  playing 1 or 2 % soon, ive always disliked i poker but haven't the time or inclination to battle through enormous fields on other sites so ill stick almost totally to live poker.
Report Steve10K January 7, 2014 12:46 AM GMT
Point 1 makes a lot of sense now.
The people who were playing $10 tourneys are now playing €10 tourneys, etc, ec, etc.
Revenues go up 36% straight away

Point 4 still sounds like a load of clap trap though.
The good / better players will always beat the bad / less skilled players in the long run. How can you protect them from that? By removing certain stakes?
Report chipfire227 January 7, 2014 12:46 PM GMT
Like I said, when will they start protecting players by shutting down their roulette and slots, the crack cocaine of gambling where players will lose more long term with no hope of ever improving their chances by getting better ?

They wont because in that instance they trouser all the money.

The bottom line is they hate winners, they hate people who withdraw more than they deposit,  and will make it as difficult as possible for anyone to beat the game. They will increase the amount they keep for running games, while decreasing the amount you get back, and fob you off with a few badly run promotions paid for out of your rake. They happy to feed a few rake monkeys to keep the games going, but these full time break even players are the only ones they will tolerate.
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