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Don't Bet on Winning
21 Oct 13 09:30
Date Joined: 11 Oct 04
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Has anyone had their rake back credit yet or is it just me?

"There is no confirmed time frame as to when these credits will be applied to your account" - this suggests that it is going to take some time. It was good to see the initial notification regarding the delay for a change.
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Report chipfire227 October 21, 2013 10:24 AM BST
I got mine on Friday. It was around 20% less than I was expecting.
Report Don't Bet on Winning October 21, 2013 11:25 AM BST
Good to hear it was sorted for some and you got your credit. With the instability/inefficiency of the system that generates the reports I would not be surprised if some of the games you played were omitted causing a miscalculation. I had a period were I was missing like 90%.

Its hard to keep a track of the rake you pay which is maybe part of the problem Betfair have when it comes to figuring out how much rake to give back and to whom. If it is done manually, it must be a nightmare. Surely it is worth hiring a good developer for a couple of days to knock together something that works well to keep customers happy.

With the increase in rake paid we should get more back.
Report chipfire227 October 21, 2013 11:05 PM BST
They will rely on data produced by I-poker, given there's been outages again there could be data missing- God only knows ? I keep a record and have done for 5 years of every game played, so I could actually go back to any day in that period and tell you how much I won or lost and how much rake I paid. The only thing that I dont have records for is rake from cash games as nobody knows what this is thanks to the Essence system.

During the last period I paid a whopping 52 dollars and 60 cents in rake, and am on a 30% deal, so should get 15 dollars and 78 cents back. I got exactly 8 quid, which looks wrong unless the exchange rate has suddenly gone bonkers.

To be fair they got both of the previous 2 periods right for me. I paid nothing in rake and got nothing back. Thats clearly the way forward for me. Happy
Report Don't Bet on Winning October 22, 2013 3:26 PM BST
Yea the issue may be with I-Poker not providing Betfair with accurate data. It always going to hard to maintain service to a system provided by a third party. I would be interested to know where all the unpaid rake back goes, it must sit in some lost and found account. I am still waiting on my 17th October rake but at least I have been assured that the Poker Team are working around the clock to detect where is has gone.

Sound thinking there, in paying no rake as the rake back will meet your expectations 100% of the time and looks like certainly the way forward for me too.
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