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10 May 13 18:20
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Despite the information provided from disgruntled customer on here I played the IPOPS 1V games and finished high enough for a payout. The final game was 5 days ago on Sunday 5th May and I am still waiting for my money.

The signs were there when Betfairs own site told us that a leaderboard would be coming soon when the promo had been running for a month and even that link was taken down last Monday. The only information as to the state of the tournament was found by looking at WHill's and other sites.

Earlier this week I was told by Betfair that the money was to be credited within 2 days but now I am told that Betfair cannot credit the money because of a third party.

I appreciate the previous posts of Chipfire and wish I had moved to William Hill earlier rather than squander my time and energy on this appalling site.

The whole thing stinks.
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Report chipfire227 May 10, 2013 10:25 PM BST
I spoke to the new BF Promotions guy for best part of an hour today. He was asking about promotions and players feelings generally. I told him why I wasn't playing much here anymore, and I also told him if they advertise/run promotions then they have to deliver. When people put a lot of time and effort into a promo and BF fk up it creates massive, massive, bad feeling which takes ages to repair.

I was doing some Ongame promo the other week where you had to get all pairs as starting hands playing 0.50/1 cash games. I got most of them on day one but for some reason I couldnt get dealt 66. I actually got quite obsessive about it, at one point I remember getting hacked off because I had got KK three times in about 5 minutes but I still couldn't get 66.

Eventually on Day 3 I finally got frigging 66, so I was quite elated at completing my task, even though the reward was only 10 bucks credited to your account. And anyhow I didnt get the 10 bucks !Jesus I was fuming, I fires this mail off to the Helpdesk, " Wheres my 10 bucks you thieveing scum ? " or words to that effect. And this is 6 quid we on about, so it was totally irrational on my part, but it was the fact Id spent what felt like a lifetime trying to get this bloody challenge done.

And I got a mail saying its an Ongame problem, we will get back to you when they fix it, and they never did. So I only played these cash games because of this dumb challenge, and I won something like 300 bucks playing cash, which I almost never do, and I was still hacked off over this 10 bucks.

And that was what I was trying to get across to this Anthony bloke today, was people get quite anal about promotions, and if you dont deliver on them as a company, even if its over relatively small amounts, you can lose a lot of custom over it.

I hope you get your money mate, but I wont hold my breath. At the end of the day if you hand your coin over to BF and it says BF on the table, then its them you have the contract with. Theres far too much of them blaming third parties and wriggling out of their responsibilities.
Report Baginz May 11, 2013 1:23 AM BST
I must say i am loyal Betfair poker customer from pokerchamps age... i had maybe 1 delay in something i even dont remember... let alone payouts. 99.9% on time like clock (i mean cashouts). About promos yes i agree there was some delays in past too BUT always paid.. So i have nothing bad to say. And i play almost every day.

So dont worry you will get your $$$.
Report chipfire227 May 11, 2013 10:46 AM BST
Cashouts, yes I agree I've never had an issue, promotions though...Lordy, I could write a book. Anything Leaderboard based is usually farcical.
Report Ovalman. May 11, 2013 3:57 PM BST
Matrix promo is great, especially with cakeback.
Report YZF_R1 May 11, 2013 8:01 PM BST
For me also there is a delay for the second payment of my bonus - first deposit. they told me on May 8, will look at my account and they will credit the amount. I had not played much only 2000 vpp, and there is no probelm pay me and after a few days, I know that they will not lie to me, because they would only lose by this thing, I can quit anytime. They have no reason to lie their customers, because befair poker is not the only poker room in the world.

I hope these people understand how difficult it is to build trust and customer loyalty and how easy it is to destroy it and lose them forever!
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