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mr jimbo jones
04 Mar 13 16:49
Date Joined: 05 Apr 06
| Topic/replies: 53 | Blogger: mr jimbo jones's blog
i aint normally 1 2 claim fix but Jesus Christ these games are bent as f*ck, b4 any1 starts there **** value, no skill i know!! but seriously about the past 2 months musta played about 100 of them an won less than 15!!!! just tried 2 search my history 2 show u all an guess what? Account Statement : Main wallet
04-Mar-2013 16:41
It can take up to 10 minutes after a market is settled to add the records to your Account Statement
You do not have any transactions.
no poker records???
why is there no poker records?
how do i lose 85 50/50s outta 100?
why do i always end up playing a person with the same name? he cant b real!!! how can some1 who is real play coinflips 24/7 for weeks on end an win all the time??
i understand variance but have been here like years an years yet NEVER had a winning streak yet lose 10 times or more in a row almost everytime!!!
betfix ur taking the piss!!!
get a British license an quit ur thieving u bastards!!!!
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Report mr jimbo jones March 4, 2013 5:05 PM GMT
sorry was 2 busy ranting but im sure u knew i meant ongame not ipoker CrazyAngry
Report chipfire227 March 4, 2013 8:54 PM GMT
In other breaking news " Man loses £10 playing roulette on FOBT in Laddies "  David Mcthick told the BBC, I was doing 20p on 25 numbers but none of them is ever coming out. The number 27 for example hasnt come up for 2 years. I cant understand it, I just cant." His loving partner Shakira Smack told the BBC that the ten pounds was from her giro and they were fully expecting to turn the £10 into £1 million and that they had planned to use the winnings to fund their spiralling crack cocaine habit. " It just isnt bloody well fair" she told the reporter, "We lost the lot in just two spins, its meant to be the crack cocaine of gambling, but its nothing like crack cocaine, which we both really like."

The pair now plan to stick to coin flips where Mcthick has an 85% win ratio.
Report mr jimbo jones March 4, 2013 11:27 PM GMT
chip nice reference to the lotto as my strike rake on them is about the same as it would b with scratchcards! only difference being i expect it from scratchcards when the win % is 1 in 4.9 or whatever but even u must agree that 100 times $21 means a stake of $2100 with a loss rate of 85 % = a return of $300 is way below what i should expect from a 50/50? and why do i always end up playing against the same "people" regardless of time or day, if every1 is expected 2 lose as heavy as i do how can they afford 2 keep doing it? millionaires? and why when nobody is playing them in the middle of the night 4 instance do these "people" suddenly register right after i have even tho nobody else has in like the past 20 minutes or so? yeah i probably sound like a conspiracy theorist nutcase but its my opinion now they are house "bots" 2 create liquidity an take ur dough! has any1 ever seen a post on here about how some1 had a long winning run? i aint but if these ppl r real then loads of ppl have yet ive seen loads of posts about losing streaks, whys that? if any1 thinks im wrong go play 20 of these an come back an tell me how many u won, i`d near enough guarantee u win less than 7 an wouldnt b at all surprised if u win 3 or less.....
Report Ovalman. March 5, 2013 1:11 AM GMT
Download Holdem Manager and run the races report. I bet you'd be surprised at how close the stats actually match especially if you have a big enough sample.

I've only 210 hands on I-Poker but my stats are pretty much as they should be.
Report chipfire227 March 5, 2013 10:24 AM GMT
My mate Joe used to play the bandits in the bookies back in the mid Nineties. In every other respect he was a nice normal bloke with a decent job, a nice flat, and an attractive wife.

However he clearly wasn't the full shilling when it came to bandits. I reached this conclusion based on the fact he would talk to the bandits ( he had a particularly deep relationship with the one in William Hills next to Tooting Bec underground ) uttering phrases ranging from " Come on baby let your daddy on the board " to " You filthy f****** b**** Im gonna f*** you over big time "

He would also play on them for hours despite there being a note on the machine stating it paid out at the rate of 85%, so it was essentially telling him in plain black and white it was going to keep £15 of every hundred he put in.

Every Saturday he would play these machines for hours and lose about £30-£50 of his hard earned. By rights he should have been at home making love to his attractive wife. Or doing something else constructive with his time.

This did not end well for Joe as eventually he was true to his word and he assaulted the bandit in the shop with a claw hammer and got arrested.

I do not know why Joe was addicted to the bandits. I do not know why someone would play 100 coinflips. I also do not know why they would post the fact on a poker forum. The logical thing to do if you think they are crooked is to stop playing them I guess. Alternatively attack your laptop with a claw hammer.

Was someone making love to Joes lovely wife while he was pishing away his life on the bandits you may be thinking ? I rather suspect they were.
Report singlecask March 6, 2013 12:11 AM GMT
Betfix now on it's 2nd move and seems with the move to i poker ( have you ever seen so many quads Excited) they will now shoo away what players they had left. The community they had seems no more. Just glad the one thing we can count on for sure is chip blasting the bad beat threads Grin

Just to add my pennys worth :

Betfair PLC is now up there with the banks driven by profit for shareholders and not much thought about customers. As it was Betfair that asked Ongame to stick a system in that stopped sharks chasing away new players. You can see that Betfair might not care if some players feel hard done by ( will only show them to the regulator Grin) the player has only the forum to vent on and Betfair know chip will make short work them. hey presto all bases covered and the can cheat all they want GrinGrin
Report chipfire227 March 6, 2013 9:27 PM GMT
100 coin flips (allegedly ) proves what ? The square root of f*** all. If someone wants to produce some evidence the RNG is r1gg3d I'd love to see it, but nobody has.

There are a multitude of things wrong with Betfair Poker, thicketts proclaiming its r1gg3d because they cant hack a few bad beats, just detracts from the very many genuine problems.

What I dont understand with people like you Plod is that you whine and whine about "Betfix" and yet you still play on the site.You are still fking here bleating on about it. What does that tell people ? Either you dont believe it actually is r1gg3d or you are too spineless to act on your instincts.

If you think its fixed then just fk off and do something more constructive with your life. If you can't handle variance quit playing, you will never be any good at the game anyway.

I dont like I-poker so guess what ? I dont fking play there. Then again I do  have a backbone. Wink
Report singlecask March 7, 2013 12:18 AM GMT
LOL once a vile little troll always a vile little troll.

Just to update you I aint played good stakes on betfair for ages and if you think give a **** about what you think want to get over yourself chipdonk
Report bloodclot March 7, 2013 3:59 AM GMT
Report bloodclot March 7, 2013 3:59 AM GMT
Report bloodclot March 7, 2013 4:01 AM GMT
hey pc we love you
Report Ovalman. March 7, 2013 8:30 AM GMT
Are these coinflips as in AKo v 22 or coinflips as in 5% rake games?

If it's the latter then you're better off playing roulette as you get better odds.
Report chipfire227 March 7, 2013 9:45 AM GMT
For someone who doesnt care what I think Plod you have done a pretty good job of mentioning me in at least half of your posts on here for a good 18 months. It's a borderline obsession. I've told you before, I'm not attracted to men, its never gonna happen, accept it, and move on.

You accuse Betfair of cheating, an accusation you have been making over and over for as long as I can remember, and yet you are still here, still playing on their site, and still banging on about it without ever producing a single shred of evidence to support your crackpot theories.

Simple question which Ive asked before- if you think Betfairare chea ting you, why do you still play on their network ?
Report shudacuda March 7, 2013 1:20 PM GMT
Why would any poker site r1g the games?

They get their r ake no matter who wins.
Report chipfire227 March 7, 2013 4:24 PM GMT
There are actually people tho who would think a coin was r1gg3d if they tossed it 100 times and they got 80 heads.
Report chipfire227 March 7, 2013 4:29 PM GMT
Plod knows fine well the site is straight, thats why he plays on BF, that and the fact he has about a 60% ROI, and has always been a winning player.

And he calls me a troll. Laugh
Report casemoney March 8, 2013 11:27 PM GMT
I knew a bloke called joe in tooting bec ,he was a mentally sick man with one leg ?
Report chipfire227 March 9, 2013 10:55 AM GMT
This Joe deffo had 2 legs. There were 2 large mental hospitals there back in the day-one of them closed in the 90's and they built a supermarket on it, so there were quite a few people with mental health issues in the area.
Report Boogie Cat March 14, 2013 1:07 PM GMT
im sick of reading your tripe chipfire. all u do is come out with smart alec comments on everybody threads, who the **** do you think you are. claiming everybody else on the forum are idiots especially if they disagree with you.  you think your so clever dont you, well you come across as a complete tool.
Of course the RNGs are ****, if you think theyre not you are extremely nieve. you'll be saying fruit machines arent **** next.
Report shudacuda March 14, 2013 5:34 PM GMT
boogie you are a bit simple if you are comparing fruit machines to poker.

On fruit machines it tells you the payout - typically 92%.
Report chipfire227 March 15, 2013 11:22 AM GMT
One thing I have noticed, is that the vast majority of people who believe the RNG is r1gg3d are barely literate.

Boogie Cat I'm not going to claim you are an idiot, I think there is already enough evidence in your post for people to make their own minds up.Wink
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