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07 Oct 12 21:01
Date Joined: 01 Oct 09
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Well... end of story.


Thank you for contacting Betfair.

please be advised that this decision was taken by Ongame, our poker provider. Your poker access will not be re-opened.

Should you wish to try and dispute this you can contact our verifications team on

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Kind regards,

I will not dispute anything. I find this a little bit stupid from betfair and ongame.

Im a low stakes player ffs! Check my stats! Well better be a low stakes player somewhere else.

Someone warn me when betfair left ongame please.

Sorry to bother you all with this story but i believed this forum was my only valid weapon.

Goodbye and GG
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Report Ovalman. October 7, 2012 9:39 PM BST
If you feel hard done by then you should dispute it.
Report SHLIMPY October 8, 2012 8:29 AM BST
if i were you id go lose your money somewhere else! its obvious its too overwhelming for bf!!
Report Pablito_Aimar October 8, 2012 10:34 AM BST
I will dispute it.

So Shlimpy because im a low stakes player i dont deserve to be a betfair client? A lot of morons here with nothing to say.
Report jc30 October 8, 2012 3:20 PM BST
Just as I thought, you were found to be colluding. Ongame aint just gonna make it up, you broke the rules and thats that, SIMPLES!
Report Pablito_Aimar October 8, 2012 5:08 PM BST
You are a genie jc30! But your simply word and what they say without showing me any proofs are not enough for me.

I know i didn't committed any collution so they will have to show me where, with who, against who and in what tournament i committed the collution.
Report chipfire227 October 8, 2012 6:38 PM BST
The fact they want you to contact the verifications team suggests they are more concerned with your identity ( you are who you say you are, or that you dont have multiple accounts )rather than something else.

Looking at your Scope records you have paid one buyin ($3) in the last 6 weeks or so, in which case you are hardly a priority concern. Your game history also suggests you play a lot of freerolls trying to win a dollar or two ( very hard for us in the decadent West to understand why anyone would play for hours to win a few pence ) then try and spin that up playing 30 pence games, to a tenner, before withdrawing the money and starting again.

You aren't making any contribution to the poker ecconomy that I can see- neither do I so not in itself something I disapprove of- but not hard to see why BF/Ongame would want rid of you.Constantly slating them on here isnt doing you any favours either I would imagine.
Report SHLIMPY October 8, 2012 7:18 PM BST
i agree...theres a lotta morons here with nothin to say!!! ......however... us non-morons like to say a lot!!

heres the story....

you signed up 3 times before actually making a doller profit from your deposit bonus, you then decided youd keep that account as your now rich n all that... then u hav a superb plan of making a weekly wage from freerolls, and maybe make some friends by throwing the odd insult out at good players in hope that someone in the same mindset as you will share the hatred and bond with you... however, what you forgot to understand is that the proxy your using is as pointless as the follow up youl write to this post, and that all along bf knew u had 3 accounts...they decide dto take action after you tried to withdraw $100 from your $0.87c account balance. ....after an afternoon of laughter at the bf office they decided to just ban you, and watch the drama unfold in the forums.

they decided 1 posts just wasnt getting enough attention, so they decided to block it, forcing you to create more threads, which are obviously now popular!!

it is a great advertising ploy, as its kept at least 10 ppl entertained and therefore is a good thing for the site!!

the conclusion....
you shouldnt feel upset about this incident, becuause what theyre doing is helping you progress in the poker world!! betfair looked at your games and decided youd suit more at the $500 a game mark!! ...which is really good advice and you should start playing that level right away!

i talked with bf top dogs and they said... "skill is not something we ignore, and when we see skill going to waste, we put it right"

so please..... enjoy your coconut milk!!
Report Pablito_Aimar October 8, 2012 7:45 PM BST
How old are you Shlimpy? 12? Everything you tried to guess is wrong...But keep it trying.

chipfire227 i play poker for entertainment. Can i do it? And look again at my records cause i paid much more than $3 dollars...I dont know what stats are you looking but ok...

If i did the collution why should i trying to defend myself? I can open another account easily! But i didn't done anything wrong.
Report chipfire227 October 8, 2012 8:29 PM BST
Of course you can play poker for entertainment, absolutely no issue with that. The reality though is that if the user name you gave me is your real one, your average buy in is 96 pence, you have played mostly freerolls recently, and you are in profit using the site.I dont know if you have ever deposited or how often, but I suspect if you have it wasnt much.

I personally have no issue whatsoever with that,however you freely admit that you are expecting BF/Ongame to provide you with free entertainment, prize money at the end of it, then calling them worse than sh1t when they ask you to contact their verifications team, something I suspect most of us have had to do at some point on a poker or betting website.

If you look at things logically you must understand that BF do not really like poker players who win money playing poker and then withdraw it and spend it on other things. If players have to win consistently ( and they do what they can to ensure that gets harder by the month )then they would much prefer them to pish away their winnings sports betting, or in their arcade or casino which means the money doesnt leave the site.

The bottom line tho is that they actually dont have to show you any evidence. Its their site and if they dont want you playing on it then they can ban you.

Finally regarding your comments on other forumites, at the end of the day its our r@ke that pays for the freerolls, which are essentially handouts, or as you call them, entertainment. Something a lot of regulars dont agree with, myself included.
Report SHLIMPY October 8, 2012 9:31 PM BST
im 11 actually!!! ....wanna make friends???
Report shudacuda October 13, 2012 5:55 PM BST
Jimmy Saville does ^^^^
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