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28 Aug 12 11:58
Date Joined: 12 Mar 11
| Topic/replies: 37 | Blogger: tradn's blog
So I've played this a few times for fun, and I've reached the last 2 around 5/10 times I've played.

Most times with a big stack, other times short, and somehow I've managed to lose every single one of them. ALL OF THEM!!!!

Doesn't matter if I get AA KK, or my opponent has 1 chip left, and goes all in on 2-3. I've played poker a long time, and I've had downswings before. But this right here is just plain ridiculous.

This also goes for the other SnG's... honestly I've never seen such a ****ed "random" card generator system in my life; and I've played on many sites, but the amount of bad beats on here almost surpasses them combined. Never have I seen so many low pairs, straight draws, flush etc constantly suckout and win on the river with according to betfair "2-6%" chance. I suppose what makes it worst is that on the rare occasion I go all in and my opponent has a slightly better hand he wins every time.
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Report tradn August 28, 2012 12:07 PM BST
As I typed this, I lost AA vs 5-9 preflop all in.
Report Ovalman. August 28, 2012 5:07 PM BST
I think you should be contacting the Sun as you clearly have plenty of evidence. I'm surprised they haven't done this scoop before you found it.
Report chipfire227 August 28, 2012 7:23 PM BST
Got to love these clowns.

Thread title, mad tilt all in, then comes out with the comment "I've played poker a long time"

I'm amazed they have the intelligence required to turn their computer on. Laugh
Report tradn August 28, 2012 7:48 PM BST
That made no sense...can't you read ****? I was playing it for fun, obviously I was expecting a donk fest but if the OnGame odds claim to be what they are, then I should have won at least a few of these.

As mentioned before, I've played on many sites and though I've seen thousands of suckouts, in the long run I've been able to make good money...but on here it's impossible, bad beat after another, anytime i win a showdown it's short of a mircale.. in short this site takes the cake, plate and ****ing spoon.

Anyways not that I care much, the evidence is all there in the hand history. It's simply amazing how a 10% odds preflop finds an out on the flop/river 90% of the time.
Report chipfire227 August 28, 2012 9:41 PM BST
Evidence LOL. Go and post your horsesh1t on chit-chat or the arcade forum. Someone there might give a fk.

At least you will be among people of a similar mental capacity.

Oh and keep donating. Laugh
Report singlecask August 28, 2012 9:55 PM BST
never anything positive chip always downing folk ( your tone is always vile )thought you had fkd off to 888 anyway so why bother with what players are moaning about on here ?
Report chipfire227 August 28, 2012 10:14 PM BST
Ah the return of the anorexic Rab C Nesbitt.

You would know all about mad tilts, coin flips and allegations of it all being bent. Laugh

Anyhow, I might be vile, but at least I can wash and feed myself. Now do us all a favour and trot off back to yr mates on chat, theres a good fellow.
Report singlecask August 28, 2012 10:56 PM BST
Yup sums you up chip.Tongue Out Seems it is you with the low IQ or you would come up with  much better than the dribble you post time and time again. Wash and feed yourself lol I would be suprised if you can dress yourself you vile little troll.
Report Bruce Willis August 29, 2012 11:52 AM BST
Report R0ykeane August 29, 2012 2:47 PM BST
Report Frustated August 29, 2012 2:47 PM BST
You know something chipfire, it's not often that I agree with others on this site when they admonish some other Forum Member, but in this instance I do agree with the sentiments expressed by singlcask in reply to you!!

You have a vile and venomous tongue and you sound like a very bitter little man and I don't know as to how in God's Name you were ever 'elected' to represent poker players from Betfair and if you used that kind of tone in your meetings with Betfair representatives , no wonder you never achieved anything of note for those that you represented!

I think you would be better refraining from ridiculing people who are perfectly within their rights to Post on this Forum about any Poker topic that they want to air their views on, because after all, it is a Poker Forum.

I have noticed over the months, that less and less people put posts up here and it's because of the the likes of you that this is happening. Who wants to be ridiculed for making their views known?

Maybe by doing what you do on this site, you are sticking to an Agenda, which only you would know about, but perhaps you might be better off not replying to people unless you are either invited by that person to do so, or that you have something constructive to say.

Finally, you did say that you were leaving Betfair and going to 888, so why are you still looking in on this Forum?
Report chipfire227 August 29, 2012 7:41 PM BST
Plod ( singlecask ) I cant even remember when or why you started stalking me. At the time a few people contacted me and warned what was about to happen. One comment I got via PM read :

I've had nasty banter off him before and he comes across as a nasty piece of work and a bloke to avoid imo

When you threatened in lobby chat to find me and end up doing time for your subsequent actions, I'm not sure what reaction you were expecting. The admiration of your mates in chat for sure, perhaps some snivelling pleading from me ?

I have already made it abundantly clear that I am not a h0m0sexual, and even if I were, I'm sure you wouldn't be my type. This is me letting you down gently. It isn't gonna happen, accept it, move on.
Report chipfire227 August 29, 2012 8:16 PM BST
Ahhh, Frustated, I'm very hard to take someone who cant even spell their own username seriously. Not a good way to get the ball rolling that is it ? So, how to address a man who can't spell his own name ?

This is a public forum. You express an opinion to kick things off ;in this case "after a few games" the OP has " evidence " that the "RNG is **** " and then people respond.

Normally if you post something patently stupid, people respond by being sarcastic,as was the case here. They may accuse you of posting horsesh1t, but then if that's what you posted, well, that's not the end of the world.

The thing is, people on this forum generally fall into 2 camps:

1)Those who believe it is all r1gg3d but who cant produce any evidence of this, and still play on the site regardless ( making them idiots or liars-possibly both, because lets face it anyone who claims they are being systematically cheated yet carries on has to fall into at least one of those categories)

2) Intelligent rational people

Unfortunately some of the people in category 2 ( like myself and Ovalman ) sometimes take the p1ss out of the people in category one, even though these are the very same people who pay for their Christmas and holidays. You are right, this is truly vile and ungrateful behaviour. I apologise for my low idiot tolerance threashold. Im working on it.

I never said I was leaving, I said I was off to  play on other sites for a while once the May cashbackpromo ended, where it was more financially advantageous, but obviously I will still play here when they run promotions I can benefit from, like the current Summer Slam. 

You may however like to see if you can recall who said this 2 weeks ago :

Would it take too much savvy for BF to post the up to date situation on this site, so that their CUSTOMERS might have a clue as to what is going on!!!!!!!!!!
This type of service is not good enough and just shows that  Betfair do take their customers for granted!!
I will be off to another Site today, as this type of service is scandelous and shows no respect for the people who relly make this Site what it is!!
Customer Service my ass!!

I will give you a was either me or you, and it wasn't me. Blush
Report Frustated August 29, 2012 10:02 PM BST
Chipfire, well done on spotting the mistake in my name, but do you not see that it was intentional on my part, as mis-spellings and mistakes occur when you are really FRUSTRATED!! Got it now?

Regarding the paragraph that you have quoted in type, that was me and I make no excuses for posting it. It was posted by me on 18th August 2012, when the Sports Site of Betfair went down for over 3 hours and no one from Betfair even bothered to update the 100's on the Racing Forume as to what was happening. Now that is bad Customer Service, especially when we the punters are the people who keep this Site going, isn't it?

I did join another Site, so now I can use both sites, to ensure that if I want to get a bet on a sporting event, that I can. I am a professional gambler and I make my living from both backing and laying horses and that is why I was so annoyed on the 18th August!
( By the way,you must be trawling all the Forums, to have found that Posting)

Now, back to the subject matter.
You state that you are intelligent and rational and that others who are not in your category are either stupid or liars or both (generally speaking, to quote yourself).
If you believe that, (and you say that you do) then you suffer from a 'superiority complex', which is very far removed from being intelligent and rational.
It means that in your estimation, everyone else is inferior to you......and that is the reason that you think of other people as being stupid and/or liars, or both! How sad is that?

You say that you are being sarcastic, well I beg to differ, as I say that you are downright rude and trying to appear to be very smart, at other peoples expense and again I say, how sad is that?

Also, you told the person who initiated this 'blog' to post on another Forum and I ask you now, who do you think you are to say that? You are only a Forum Member the same as everyone else, though you might think otherwise, so try to engage your brain the next time that you are tempted to post a smart reply on this Forum, because people do not appreciate your smart remarks!
Report chipfire227 August 29, 2012 10:35 PM BST
Jesus Wept. Try reading the following out loud and concentrating very hard on the words.

I said that anyone who says they believe they have evidence the site they are playing on has been r1gg3d to systematically fleece them of money, but yet continues to carry on playing on that site, is either a liar ( they are saying something they know to be untrue ), or they are an idiot, because they continue playing on a site they believe to be r1gged.Why would any sane, rational person do that ? Indeed whenever you ask someone why they keep playing if they think it is r1gg3d, they never, ever, answer.

It's no different to the mugs in the bookies who bleat on and on about how all horse races are fixed by bent jockeys, but continue to bet on horse racing day after day after day. Because it's easier to spout that to anyone that cares to listen than it is admit to themselves they are chronically addicted mugs pouring money into a bottomless pit.

There is a mountain of evidence PROVING that the RNG is precisely that, a random number generator. There has been no evidence whatsoever posted on here to suggest that it is not.

Whats killing this forum, is not " vile" remarks, its a combination of falling customer numbers, and the relentless posting of sad, self-pitying, horsesh1t, by a group of losers who can't handle a few bad beats, and have to blame it on Betfairs RNG, rather than on their own very basic and fundamental grasp of mathematics. They also seem to think that the only people with a right to post on the forum are like minded conspiracy theorists.
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