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30 Dec 11 23:59
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Run good and win at poker
Cash in an event with buy in of more than £1k
Don't start the year with a £15k downswing!
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Report cheezer December 31, 2011 12:52 PM GMT
Report Dooberama January 7, 2012 10:19 PM GMT
adding one more aim, finish in the top 10% more than 10% of the time.

week 1 update

+£720 + ticket for London live

I have run deep in big fields 3 times, but only got a 5th, 9th and a 15th to show.  So close to the nig money each time.

If I keep playing well, the big cash will follow.
Report Dooberama January 12, 2012 2:15 PM GMT
week 2 update

I ran good and won last night's 9pm 12k, and played good to win a GUKPT seat and a 4th in the stars $100 plo8.

In the 12k, with 12 or so left, I got my short stack in from the button with A4 only to run into a better ace and a mid pair. [ ] The straight for the triple up was well deserved.

total +£1440 + GUKPT Seat + BF London Seat.  Easy game
Report alexsdad January 12, 2012 3:10 PM GMT
18:30 10k sh 5/259 - $780 akdd all in pre against chip leader who had kk, no miracle gg
Report JoKeR373 January 12, 2012 4:10 PM GMT
wd and a better start too the year this time gl
Report Dooberama January 22, 2012 3:14 PM GMT
week 3 was a bit rubbish.  Did a few min cashes and failed miserably in the rest, but won the sky roller the other night, so back positive.  I got a star on sharkscope for winning that.  I am now 15th on the Sky year to date total profit list, which doesn't take much winning.  I also managed 40 something in the stars $100 on sunday (from 3000), but the prize was a pretty grim $600.  So I ended up playing to 2am and still made a decent loss on stars that night.

I don't know if anyone is playing TCOOP, but I played a couple the other night, and cahsed in one.  The stalling was the worst I have ever seen.  Half the table were stalling as it got to the $55 min cash (entry was $33).  The worst thing was that they all seemed to carry on once they got past there to $57, $59 and $61.  So my once healthy stack was converted to a 3 big blind shove at that stage.  Only $80k up top, well worth stalling for that extra $6!  Cheers fellas.

Year to date +£600 + GUKPT Seat + BF London Seat.

As an aside I got one of these for the new house

Unfortunately it appears to be bird proof too.  The garden residents are too bird brained to find their way to the seeds, so I am guessing half have starved along with the squirrels by now.
Report The Leopard January 22, 2012 4:56 PM GMT
Is this the feeder where the bird has to tap out the first 20 notes of the theme of the 70's Topic add to open the sealed door...?
Report The Leopard January 22, 2012 4:56 PM GMT
* Ad
Report TheMaskedAvenger January 22, 2012 6:37 PM GMT
Somehow managed to win a seat to the live Feb £560 deepstack on DTD for €2.20, should be a laugh Grin
Report Dooberama January 29, 2012 2:41 PM GMT
gl masked avenger

Things looking up in week 4. 

Managed to finish 2nd in the $100 1R1A on stars for just shy of £10k.  Lost a flip heads up then final hand was AJo vs KhJh (stacks 1m/2m) all in pre.  Flopped an ace with two hearts.  Can't complain, as I was happy to deal 5 handed when the donk had gone and we were all even. 

GUKPT was the same as usual.  Got up to £25k without hands by first break.  Got KK (ace high flop) and QQ (AQT flop) in next two hours and dropped to £12k at the next.  Spewed a couple of hands to drop to 6k.  Then got AA, JJ without a caller.  Shoved 5k, QdJd from button with 200/400 and 50 ante, AK off behind.  Jxdd flop, but he still hit the river.

At least that frees me up for tonight's big session.  Looking forward to a TCOOP main event/sunday million double!

YTD +£8100 + BF London live ticket
Report TheMaskedAvenger January 29, 2012 3:16 PM GMT
Cheers, and good luck and wd to you also.
Report Dooberama January 30, 2012 12:00 PM GMT
I won the $100 plo8 on stars last night.  Despite that and two other cashes, I think I am bound to be down on the night.

2012 wins: stars $100 plo8, $12k on bf and £100 sky roller.
Report The Klup January 30, 2012 12:12 PM GMT
Thats a pretty decent start to the years doobs  - keep the momentum going! well done so far!
Report Dooberama January 30, 2012 9:48 PM GMT
cheers klup

I am trying to be positive this year and I am hoping it will make a big difference.  If I keep getting in when 70/30 and running deep then I am going to cash big some times.  I am coming round to believing that moaning about beats in the thread is just going to make me feel negative about poker. I am also trying to play just a couple of long sessions a week so it doesn't become a grind.  Though with the new baby, I am not sure I could play many more even if I wanted to!

The plo8 was a really good result as the fella I smashed up heads up is highly ranked on pocket 5s and had owned me on a couple of previous occasions late on in the same tourney.

Of course, it is easier to be positive when 8k up at the start of the year rather than 15k down.  See how I feel after the inevitable downswing later in the year.

Clearly going to crush BF London live even with ThaKlup present.
Report johan75 January 31, 2012 7:23 AM GMT

That will be a good and nice start to this year...! keep enjoying the game and best of luck for everyone...!
Report chipfire227 January 31, 2012 6:31 PM GMT
We live on a Headland, about 200 yards from the North Sea so get a lot of migrants at the bird feeders this time of year. For the third year running the bird table has been dominated by the same Scandanavian Robin.

Without wishing to racially stereotype him, for a little fella he's incredibly loose agressive and always seems to end up with the nuts, to such an extent that 3 local blue t1ts have gone on the RSPB message boards alleging my feeders are r1gg3d. Sad
Report Dooberama February 8, 2012 3:10 PM GMT
hmmm 666 views on the thread.  That could explain why the last 2 weeks have been runbad city.

Nothing much to report, down to +£5600 for the year.  I don't think my game has suffered much, so onwards and upwards.
Report NickFiickTheOriginal February 8, 2012 9:59 PM GMT
Keep on running good.
Report Dooberama February 10, 2012 9:25 PM GMT
The minor downswing is officially over.

I played 16 tournaments last night, and cashed in 6.  More importantly I got a third in the 50 rebuy on ongame.  I managed to shove JT off in to QQ when I only had around 7 BBs and survive with 20 or so left.  That wipes a few recent run bads on sky and the harsh AT vs AJ on an ace high flop that crippled me 3 handed.

Yearly total +£8300.
Report cheezer February 12, 2012 5:28 PM GMT
3 - 2 - 1............. yawn!!!
Report Dooberama February 13, 2012 4:04 PM GMT
Flying at the poker at the minute.

2nd in last night's £50er on Sky last night.  Despite getting a few big stacks, I didn't convert one on last night's Stars extravaganza.

Total for year +£9500+ BF live London ticket
Report JoKeR373 February 13, 2012 6:38 PM GMT
1 month and a bit in too the year very well done and keep up the work.
Report Bishy February 14, 2012 12:29 AM GMT
who cares
Report Shosum1 February 14, 2012 9:38 AM GMT
GL Doobs.
Report cheezer February 15, 2012 7:50 PM GMT
stop making out your a success baldy and pay more attention to what your wife/boyfriend is doing whilst you got your head in a computer screen for 9 hours at a time. oh and whist your at it, try being a bit more honest, i know how much you lost on that 2.50/5.00 the other day :-o
Report kwoodo February 15, 2012 10:45 PM GMT
Very nice score just now mate! congrats!
Report Dooberama February 15, 2012 11:16 PM GMT
Report Dooberama February 16, 2012 1:32 AM GMT
crushing at the minute

won the $200 turbo on stars, 2nd in the bounty hunter on sky and won a GUKPT seat tonight. 

total for year +£17250 + GUKPT seat + BF live seat
Report singlecask February 16, 2012 4:39 PM GMT
Go Doobs Go

Keep it up m8

Report Dooberama February 16, 2012 11:48 PM GMT
lol at seeing me losing fortunes at 2.5/5.

We have only been on ongame for 18 months.  I guess if you concentrate on polishing your rocket while playing 2c/4c, you aren't going to notice that there aren't any 2.5/5 tables anymore.

2nd in the $50 turbo on bf tonight.
Report cheezer February 17, 2012 5:18 PM GMT
ongame? who said anything about ongame? think you need to concentrate a bit more on who's rocket your partner is polishing rather then boring everyone with your pathetic "i'm a success" thread. met you a few times  via betfair live poker events and have to say you come across in person as you do on here, full of crap and arrogant totally oblivious to how much of a prat you are making yourself look. My grandad used to gamble on the horses and he would brag about how much he has won and how good his bet was and when he lost the odd time is was because of this and that and..... yawn. poker is a game of luck. If a million poeple was to enter a poker tournament who would win? the perceieved top players in the world? phil ivey? how about 5 times on the trott? what about a tennis tournament? if a million people was to enter I can GTD you it WOULD be the top players in the world who would win. You are just doing what most football supporters do, compensating for your complete lack of skill and talent by making out your a "skilled" poker player, most football fans get this buzz by seeing "their team" score a goal or win a game and think that they have done something or got an advantage over someone because of this. very very sad, please stop posting and do something much more productive and worth while, maybe get some help for you gambing addiction. over and out.
Report Dooberama February 24, 2012 2:17 PM GMT
Obviously some people were never read the boy who cried wolf story as children.

Small downturn, but still getting to the end stages of tourneys, so no real worries. People like to flip on stars. 

I am thinking of downloading, does antbody here play on it? 

+£16k for year+GUKPT seat.
Report Waheyyyy February 24, 2012 3:13 PM GMT
cheezer, I know you obviously don't care but I thought I'd say anyway - you really are a co ck lol Laugh. And just for the record, I've met Doobs a few times at Betfair doo's in the past and he's been nothing but a nice guy. You really should stick to your 2c games and not get so bitter towards other better skilled people who do a lot better than yourself. Cool

Doobs, I'd be flattered by the stalkamont attention, he's got a proper hard on for you lol,plain for everyone on here to see he's just a pathetic jealouser.

Btw, do you not play any cash tables on Sky? Not seen you there at all.
Report Waheyyyy February 24, 2012 3:15 PM GMT
cheezer, have you met me a few times too since you were at all these Betfair events? Perhaps you can refresh my memory if so lol
Report Dooberama February 24, 2012 4:47 PM GMT

Btw, do you not play any cash tables on Sky? Not seen you there at all.

I don't play cash anywhere anymore.  I think I played 15 sessions last year, and none online ofr 6 months.  Of course even if I had, I couldn't have done it at 2.5/5.

I just play tourneys on sky at the mo, but have been contemplating making a comeback on cash there.  I have played a couple of the sky cash superheroes in tourneys and they don't seem that great.

I'd happily lay you a ton that either of us has met Cheezer ever.
Report johan75 February 27, 2012 8:58 AM GMT
Very nice thread and your comments also...
Report Dooberama March 1, 2012 11:05 PM GMT
After playing/spewing vs the donks in the ongame plo8 GSOP, I tilt joined the $500 weekly plo8 on stars.  I haven't played it before but it is a 20 minute blind 5000 chip game that was always going to finish late.

The structure was great and gave me room to spew a couple of hands but still keep a playable stack.     

We got 3 handed at about 3.30am and I think I had 90k vs 110k and 120k.  I think the blinds were only around 1.5k/3k, so the game could have easily gone on another hour and I had someone coming round to do some work on the house in the morning.  I think I had the measure of one of my oppos but was happy to take the chop for just shy of $7k in the circumstances.

I also won another GUKPT seat last night.  Last night's sat was a £150 freeze, but I played the wierdest sat on Sunday.  It was a £50 rebuy with one seat guaranteed.  I think it had around 12 runners.  I immediately rebought to get 4k chips.  Nobody else did.  By the time the 1 hour rebuy was up, we were 3 handed and not one opponent who got knocked out had rebought. 

They then did a ridiculous 10k add on for another 50, and one of my oppos didn't even take the add on.  Of course I got into a big flip with the other big stack straight after the add on and was crippled.

I think the best strategy for that sat is to only rebuy if you need to and take the 10k add on.  It goes against the grain when the field is that soft, but I expect the maths is compelling. 

The GUKPT is really odd this year.  I can't play the Walsall leg in a couple of weeks and the next £1000 leg isn't until August, which seems a stupidly long wait to me. 

I haven't got my spreadsheet on this pc, so will have to do the monthly figures tomorrow.

Finally glad to see the back of the Epic poker league.

[ ] The Lederer family sure have great business minds.

gl at the tables
Report Dooberama March 2, 2012 10:40 AM GMT
Total for year +£18.2k + 2 GUKPT seats.

Played 5 GUKPT sats, got 3 seats. 
played 347 tournaments,
ITM: 18%
top 10%: 13.5%
Up for the year on all 4 sites I play on.

Had a quick go on the cash on skypoker, down around £300.
Report Bishy March 2, 2012 11:27 AM GMT
Report Dooberama March 5, 2012 4:47 AM GMT
Report KingOfNewYork March 5, 2012 12:15 PM GMT
Nice 28k last night sir Wp !!
Report singlecask March 5, 2012 12:57 PM GMT
And a well deserved boooom.

WD and WP m8
Report Dooberama March 5, 2012 2:37 PM GMT
cheers all.  I took down the $100k on ongame last night.

I had some crucial hands.

Hand 1, I am second in chips 20 left.  Number 1 had me just covered.  He min raised, I reraised with kings and he shoved.  I had a hand like this deep in another tourney a couple of years ago when we both fairly well clear of the pack, I lost the flip.  Anyway I had to call and he showed KK as well, phew.

Hand 2, I think we were 8 left and I was maybe 3rd where I got aces vs jacks.

Hand 3, 5 handed, I was 1st or 2nd and the other chip leader had been raising every hand, he min raised to 40k and I flatted with KJ off in position, and was hoping to outplay him (This should probably be a fold or raise, but I'd just 3 bet folded and wasn't in the mood to do it again).  Anyway shortie shoves just over 200k, my fellow chippie folds and I get 6/4 on the call.  I figured that given opener was raising every hand, then shorties should be shoving pretty wide.  I call and face JJ, hit and get the "nh" 

Hand 4.  4 handed am again chip leader In SB, but only just cover 2nd in chips in BB.  Folded to me, I have 10s, I raise, he reraises, I 4 bet to 300K, he shoves. 1m+...I have to call...and hold vs AK,

Hand 5.  I had done half my stack heads up.  I check raise shove 800k on the turn with just the straight flush draw and an over for a big pot.  This made the stacks more even.

Hand 6 and last hand I hit the nut flush vs the 2nd nut flush heads up.  I was about 3-1 in chips here, and he slow/nit rolled the 2nd nuts.  He then told me to suck his **** in russian.  Charming.

Another hand from the other night.

You are playing ~ 14 tables.  You have a couple of big pots brewing and a table pops up.  You have AT off and 795 chips bet in front of you from MP, somebody after you has shoved 3000 all in. 

You realise that this is the $100 ongame turbo which obviously has a fair sprinkling of donks, and you have misclicked somehow.  I am guessing I must have meant to raise to 75, though at the time I wasn't sure if I had 4 bet in error, or put the bet in the wrong table or similar.  It is level 1/2 and blinds are 15/30.  Easy fold?  I had no time to think and called obviously.
Report Mrdozey1 March 5, 2012 5:45 PM GMT
Congrats Doobs...wp

Report Dooberama April 14, 2012 11:15 PM BST
Not posted on this for a while.

Since the last post, I have final tabled two of the bigger sundays on stars (The bigger 162 and the sunday 500).  Unfortunately I ran bad at both final tables.  The latter was probably the worst as I was chip leader or close made the nut straight on the turn when my opponent hit a set.  They all went in and he filled up on the river.  I went from 1m chips+ to 100k in that hand, which was pretty crippled (4 BBs or so), and despite doubling twice, I was out soon after.  I think it was $80k for first and I ended up with 9k in 8th.  The 162 was just 3 bad flips and I went from chip leader with 12 left to ouy in 6th. 

Funny how the mental side of poker works, because I know damn well that I would be way happier if I had got exactly the same cashes for first place.  Despite the run bad on teh final tables, you have to run pretty well to get there in the first place.  I obviously can't complaiun about how I have run this year.

Elsewhere, I have done about £3k on sky cash tables.  I need to run bad somewhere.  I really can't remember winning one all in flip.

In addition, I have played badly on and at the UKIPT.  I am fairly amused that I can't even deposit on for 10 days as I have done the maximum 3.8k euros (after asking for an increase) in around 3 weeks on the former.  I think I need to adapt better to the fish!  3 street bluffing somebody who can't put down 2nd pair is the recipe for the poor house.  UKIPT Nottingham can be summarised as: 2 bad calls when I should have folded; 1 bad fold when I should have called; played badly, deserved to go out day 1.

Totals for the year +£28.5k + 2 GUKPT seats still to play + a couple of stakes outstanding.

I have booked a week in Vegas in the summer.  I am going to be playing 4 WSOP events and 2 venetians assuming I run bad, 2 WSOP events if I run good.  I am not taking the kids this time, so should beat my usual one tourney a trip this year whatever happens.

Finally, it looks like I am starting a new contract in a week.  Because of the early starts and the travelling distances, I may well be cutting right down to 1 day a week.  I am also going to have to lose the Sundays.  Can't say I am overjoyed with it, but it is probably for the best in the long run.  The Vegas trip is obviously going to soften the blow a bit!

So tomorrow I have one last Sunday attempt to win a biggie.
Report cheezer April 16, 2012 11:39 AM BST
WP sir! this is excellent news and looking at the amount of replies you have had since your last post I would suggest this couldn't have happened to a more popular, charismatic and modest guy then yourself. Sad to hear that your "new contract" means you will not be able to spend your evenings being a massive success at poker as well as being a fantastic family man, how do you manage to balance the 2 as well as hold up a highly successful career with all that time you must spend in front of the computer?? you are a true inspiration and someone who should be looked upon as a role model to all youngsters wanting to get ahead in life and be happy as well as being selfless and making all around them happy aswell. Please keep the updates coming despite your changes in circumstances and also let us all know how the new contract is going, should be very interesting. Thankyou once again and goodluck. LEGEND! x
Report cheezer April 16, 2012 11:39 AM BST
WP sir! this is excellent news and looking at the amount of replies you have had since your last post I would suggest this couldn't have happened to a more popular, charismatic and modest guy then yourself. Sad to hear that your "new contract" means you will not be able to spend your evenings being a massive success at poker as well as being a fantastic family man, how do you manage to balance the 2 as well as hold up a highly successful career with all that time you must spend in front of the computer?? you are a true inspiration and someone who should be looked upon as a role model to all youngsters wanting to get ahead in life and be happy as well as being selfless and making all around them happy aswell. Please keep the updates coming despite your changes in circumstances and also let us all know how the new contract is going, should be very interesting. Thankyou once again and goodluck. LEGEND! x
Report Dooberama July 14, 2012 10:39 PM BST
while since I posted

I really haven't played much.  Kids and job got in the way.  Youngest has been on and off sick for the last month (nothing serious), but too many middle of the night wake ups and too many early starts mean I haven't played online in a month.

Anyway, tick these off first 


Run good and win at poker tick
Cash in an event with buy in of more than £1k tick
Don't start the year with a £15k downswing! tick

I went to vegas, and played 5 WSOPs and 1 Venetian.

The first two I didn't play that well, did 1200 first hand I played in the first event (aces busted); second one flopped top 2 in the BB in an unraised pot first hand of the day and did about 1500.  Lost both flips to go out, but both were flips back to near starting stack, and not sure I deserved to cash anyway.

Played really well in the $2.5k.  It probably looked a bad draw (I was sat between Moorman1 and Kevin Saul).  But I have played them quite a bit online, so knew their games.  I don't think either knew who I was, so that levelled it a bit.  Still glad Moorman was on my right.  Despite this, I still managed to play (and win) a big pot OOP against Moorman and ran the stack up from 7.5k to 16k on that table.

Got moved to a much softer table and busted in not much more than an hour.  I did 5k Qs vs AK and another 9k (AQs vs 88), eventually got the last 4k in with Q9s vs JJ late on.

My plo8 table was terribly soft, and I bossed it all day.  Unfortunately every time I ran up the stack I got scooped in a race.  I also got halved in one where I was 90% with 1 card to come.  Eventually ran into AA2x when I near shoved my 5 BBs from the button (you can't shove it is plo8, but potted, he reraised and had to call).  I am absolutely going to try and play it again in future and am told the $3k is nearly as soft.

The antes only comp was a proper crapshoot, but was an absolute ball (started with 4500 chips and 25 compulsory ante for everyone, so was effectively 75/150 blinds at the start).  Everyone just making up the strategy as they went along.  Played with Phil Helmuth, who didn't get it, and Greg Raymer, who was a handful 2 to my left.  Also played with a couple of internet superstars.  All tables were pretty friendly, way more so than the normal hold em tables. 

I don't think I played as well as the two previous tournaments but still limped in the cash for my first live cash in a £1000 tourney, which gets a monkey off my back.  I needed to win a flip to get there when awful short).  Right on the bubble I got dealt 66 and AQ off and folded both which I think must be right even when ultra short?

I also had 1/6th of sky poker's finest in the PLO8 and he took it all the way to 12th, which was another nice bink.

Threw away $600 in a venetain omaha tourney. 

Total to date as taken a hit since the last post, was down about $3k in vegas, I have probably done at least as much staking (despite the tikay bink), and haven't had a decent day online since the last post (probably barely played 10 days total online in the last 3 months or so)

Am currently on +£18.5k + 2 GUKPT seats. 

I am probably going to start playing more again in a week or so.  The current contract ends, and barring the olympics should get some free time and kip at last.

Quiz of the day.

Player opposite raised it to 100 in the first hand of the antes only, player on my left bumped it to 300, player opposite 4 bet to 900.  Player on my left called.

Flop came down 356 rainbow.  4 better checks, player on my left bet like 1200, 4 better shoved, player on my left called.  What were the hands?
Report Dooberama August 18, 2012 9:38 PM BST
Gone on a bit of a tear since I finished work.  I was down to about +£15k + 2 GUKPT seats about 3 weeks ago. I am now back up to +£23K + 2 GUKPT seats.

In the last month or so I have won a highroller and one on ipoker.  Payouts are nothing like stars but still nice touches.  Also won the $100 turbo here, a 20 euro omaha on and finished 1st and 2nd in the 100 euro turbo on  Have been bouncing in to my deposit limits on stars proper, but can't complain.

Have also cut right back on the staking/burning money which became a big leak for a while. 

I really think I should just cut poker to a minium when working.  Work 40 hours + a week + young family + poker just results in excessive tiredness and zero profits at best.

I am away for a few days, but GUKPT Cov is next weekend.  About time I cashed in one of these, and am much more confident in my live game since Vegas.  The London one is around a month after too.  I would really like to play the sky poker main event between them and the betfair cork one. 

Given I struggle when I am working, I feel I should make hay while the sun shines.  Olympics + good weather + profitable poker >>>> sat in an office.  Don't think I have ever timed a contract end so well.  Just need to time the next one to finish for the WSOP I guess.
Report dibble September 7, 2012 8:53 PM BST
you'd be better off writing a blog 'cos there's no-one here to read this

(and no, I didn't read it either)
Report Nohalmdun September 9, 2012 1:03 PM BST
Just been reading this mate and wish you the best of luck in adding to it in the SPT grand final at DTD today where you are going very good at the mo.

Also been looking at the other posts on the forum and cant believe how much this forum has died with hardly a post per day when in the past there would prob be at least 50 or so although when i was reading this i see the trolls still come here to have their say from time to time :(

Anyways mate best of luck in the SPT today and hopefully will be watching you win it by tonight.

Cya later AKAK.
Report NickFiickTheOriginal September 9, 2012 4:12 PM BST
Best of luck Doobs.
Report JoKeR373 September 9, 2012 9:57 PM BST
gl doobs

gives me a little inspiration reading ur posts
as for non contributors to the forum
if u dont like dont reply or put something up urself
rather than random why u post here posts

and thanks for the time and effort doobs
Report Dooberama September 15, 2012 10:10 PM BST
Cheers for the good wishes.  Unfortunately I didn't see them until I was out.  I didn't get back from day 1 until about 4am and my youngest was sick, so didn't get to sleep until 6am.  My eldest was then up before 8. I'd like to blame the lack of sleep for my exit, but would probably still have massacred the hand I did, and would still have lost that flip that resulted in my exit.  Finished about 7 off the money.  There is a 200 pound sky 6 max event at DTD in about 4 weeks and I may give that a go. 

I have been playing well live this year.  I also made day 2 in GUKPT Cov, and didn't cash that either, but if you get in decent posistions it will come good eventually.  I am playing GUKPT London this week, so maybe that is the one where I run good on day 2.

Since the last post I got up to +£25K for the year, but the last 2 or 3 weeks have been expensive.  WCOOP is running on stars, so my daily schedule has got a lot more expensive.  I have had a few near misses (10th in the 50r on stars, 7th in the big 109 and 40th in a $200 rebuy WCOOP), but all before the really big money started.  Hence my profit total is down to +£19k for the year.

I guess the fact that I am playing in the GUKPT and have already won a seat should mean this weeks rate of bleeding isn't going to be nearly as bad. I have just noticed that there is a 500 euro and 300 euro event tomorrow on, so that isn't going to help any.  At least I am not tempted to give the $2100 a go on stars that is on the same time as the million or tomorrow could be horrificly expensive.  Could do without spending £2k on buyins and getting $200 back, which is close to what has happened last two days I have played.... or it would have been if betfair didn't cancel my $200 win and refund me my $100 buy in back instead. 

It never rains..

Hopefully next time I post I'll have binked something big.
Report Dooberama September 22, 2012 10:46 PM BST
Need to play better on day 2 of live events.

Reached day 2 of the GUKPT, which was the 3rd time in a row for live events.  Ran up my stack from 40k to 60k then massacred at least 3 hands to go out 70th or so.  Really irritating exit hand.  There was an old fella on my right who I was sure was bluffing when he bet quickly.  I thought he was easy to read that I called from the button with AT suited, which may be an error with 22 bigs. 

The flop comes ten high he pushes his c bet chips in slowly.  Of course I completely ignore my read and effectively shove over his c bet. Of course he has dem aces. I wouldn't mind but I am sure I missed a better opportunity not long before when he did the bet quickly thing.  I am such a spanner at live poker sometimes.

I could easily have been on 100K in chips at that point if I hadn't massacred those hands on day 2 and a couple on day 1.  I deserved to not cash.   

I had a comedy hand early on in the 300 highroller last week.  I called with 3s to see a flop in position.  The flop comes JT3, I just call.  The turn comes an off suit 8, and I reraise.  Villain then does a massive overbet shove and I think FML.  But it is .fr, so I have to call.  I just catch opponent's KQ and have a nanosecond's celebration, before the ace ball hits.

Down to +£17k for the year, so can't see me playing tomorrow's WCOOP main event.  Would be good to book a winning session after several consecutive losing ones.
Report Waheyyyy October 4, 2012 6:38 PM BST
Alreet Doobs,

Good to see you still at it lol.

Seen you on Sky TV sometimes on the Mastercash tables :)

What's the score with Tikay, how did you get a piece of him?
Report Dooberama October 4, 2012 10:11 PM BST
Evening Kirk

I have spoken to him a bit on blondepoker.  Before the series he set out what he was going to play while in Vegas and there were a few plo8 games in.  I had asked him why he didn't play the WSOP and he had been saying the structures were bad and the buyins expensive.

When I went out to Vegas I bumped in to him a few times, I was playing the WSOP and he was based at the Rio, and I was staying at the Wynn and he played the PLO8 there.  I chatted to him there, and said the WSOP structures really aren't at all bad once you got quite deep, and I don't think you really need a lot of BBs to survive a long time in plo8.  He had sold somethinbg like 15% of his action while in Vegas on Blonde previously.  I said to him a few times that I'd take 25% if he played.  That way his buyin would be below 4 figures and the tournament was soft etc   

I think I eventually wore him down! He carried his short stack to just shy of the final table.  I railed him quite a bit, as I didn't last past day 1 in the plo8, and I was playing the antes only in the next room when he was playing day 2.


Talking of soft plo8 tournaments, I came across this on the internet.  Some plo8 fish almost won a GSOP.  


In other news, September was my worst month ever at online poker. 

WCOOP was on, buy ins were big, and I played a lot.  It wasn't that I didn't go deep, it was just when I got there I busted.  Barring Winnamax, here are the finishing positions of the events I got to the last 2 tables and cashed in September(15th, 16th, 7th, 10th, 14th, 13th, 7th, 4th, 12th, 8th, 9th, 11th).  The 4th was the small ante only turbo on stars.  I also managed a couple of seconds on winnamax, but the tournamants were tiny too.

Basically I got in a decent position 12 times, and didn't covert any.

All in all the above = a recipe big losses.


I am now right at my deposit limit on stars and so the cash bleeding is going to stop on stars for a couple of weeks. 

Hopefully this combined with last night's result and a bink and a near bink on Winnamax gives me a good chance of a positive result for October. 

Currently + £14k for the year, including + £3.6k for the month.
Report The Klup October 5, 2012 7:51 PM BST
Well done Doobs!! Great 2nd in GSOP PLO!!

Report Dooberama October 6, 2012 2:03 AM BST
Cheers Klup, but it was plo8.  I was 15th in the PLO!

I guess I should try and win the leaderboard now?  Can't say I understand how the scoring works.
Report quack October 13, 2012 11:45 PM BST
well played Doobs congrats for the $12k Grin
Report Dooberama October 13, 2012 11:57 PM BST
Thank you.  Hopefully the bad run wil stop now
Report Dooberama October 19, 2012 10:00 PM BST
GSOP went OK in the end.  I finished 2nd in the plo8, 12th and 15th in the standard plo events and a 60th in the main.  All this was good enough for 6th in the GSOP leaderboard and that gets me a seat in the 1 in 9 qualifier for the $5k event tomorrow.

Aside from that, things have run pretty bad.  It is probably a comination of things, but I think tiredness definitely played a part.  Once I realised I was on for a possible leaderboard win, I played every night and 10 days of 2 or 3am finishes and 7/8am starts (when the young one wakes up) takes its toll.  I may have got a couple of nights of earlier finishes, but sure can't remember them now.  I think every leaderboard/rake race I have ever done has ended similarly.  I think I'd have been better off just buying in for $5k.

I have run particularly bad on the French sites, now down on both, which is terrible considering how soft they are.  Embrace the variance.

I also got to discover that stars and have a combined max deposit limit.  Now I can start depositting again, which probably isn't a good thing!

Finally the youngest bought home a lovely stomach bug from nursery thsi week, so after a planned 2 day rest, I have been out of action for the last 3 days.  Am starting properly tomorrow, but will probably just play the sat and a handful of others, so am not knacked for Sunday.

Need to start repairing.

YTD +£9K
Report the good doctor October 21, 2012 1:16 PM BST
Report Dooberama January 4, 2013 1:49 AM GMT
Final update.

After my last post I carried on downswinging until the end of November.

I played well in November, but lost over £4k.  Just got a seemingly never ending series of 7ths, 9ths and 12ths, including a get out opportunity at the FT of the Sunday Supersonic.  I could have made a fair few posts in the bad beat thread in November.  The one in the supersonic crippled me and I ended up 9th.  I also did AA < AK all in pre deep in two tournaments on one night..

Fortunately the year doesn't end in November, or I would have finished +£2.5k.

December was way different.

I was 2nd in the big $162 midweek on stars, won a handful of smaller tournaments, then finished the month with a 7th in the stars million and a win in a decent sized Sunday Highroller on one of the french sites.

I took a beat in a $100k pot at the final table of the million, so think that would win the bad beat thread and be a tough old target for me ever to match.  But I am not going to dwell on it, as 2 tables out I managed a JJ>QQ and also did an ATs > QQ before that when I was really short.  Both were all in pre.

So finished the year +£45K, booking my best month ever, both on stars and overall.  It is 3 years since I have beaten this figure, so maybe there is still profit to be made in online poker.  Overall I managed 4 big Sunday final tables (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th).  If I do another 4 in 2013, it would be pretty hard to run as bad at the final tables again, but wlll probably not run good enough to final table 4 again either!

A lot of last month's result was probably down to run good, but I also finally reinstalled hold'em manager on my main PC.  Not sure why it took so long, playing without it for so long now seems idiotic. 

Also my internet seems to have got fixed now.  Rather than daily multiple disconnections, I had only one while playing last month.  I assume somebody must have fixed something somewhere down the track after somebody else complained.  This is after months of the ****s at Post Office internet telling me there was no issue on the line.  "Could you please try switching it off and switching it back on again?" 

In the last couple of months, that has probably saved thousands from disconnections and the inevitable rapidly following tilt/spew.

2013 has stared badly, -£3k already, but maybe I can fix that in the DTD deepstack at the weekend. 

There won't be another thread this year.  Nobody reads the forum anymore, and those that do don't want to read about beats or join the thread.

Good luck all.
Report shudacuda January 4, 2013 1:26 PM GMT
Well done on your Dec results doob.

Keep the updates coming.
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