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02 Nov 09 15:59
Date Joined: 29 May 09
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It is still a few more days until the cakeback is paid into your account. When it is if you have a day similar to your last here it will all be gone on day one. I am willing to stake you for $20,000. You are falling behind in the aussie rkerace by the day. There are just a few conditions.

1) You pay me back $25,000 by December 31st.
2) I get 50% of the Aussie Package.
3) You take thirty minutes away from the tables per day and take a 'poker class'
4) You drop down to $20 games.
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Report Waheyyyy November 2, 2009 4:02 PM GMT
Jesus, see a shrink will you. Talk about obsessed. I thought Arbboy was bad but you're literally 10 times worse.
Report ForumTramps November 2, 2009 4:05 PM GMT
this thread is a serious business proposition, so like dragons den either try and beat my offer or get lost.
Report HU4ROLLZ? November 2, 2009 4:06 PM GMT
play in the traffic.
Report Waheyyyy November 2, 2009 4:06 PM GMT
Where should I get lost to? The peasants gutter from where I came from? :^0
Report stu November 2, 2009 4:36 PM GMT
I think it's obviously love. Give them a room and 20 minutes they should both be fine.
Report cheezer November 2, 2009 4:38 PM GMT
can feel a new disney film coming on,

Donkey and the tramp
Report arbboy November 3, 2009 12:58 AM GMT
forum how big do u think arbboys bankroll is? do u seriously think i have gone skint? i can never tell if u are serious or whether u are just joking? i have had a downswing of less than the mtt win i had 2 weeks ago if u include my** its easily the sickiest downswing u will ever see over a sample of games that small. yet i am no worse off than i was 3 weeks ago. therefore if i am skint now i would have been skint 3 weeks ago surely?

people in the sports betting and poker who know me find ur threads so funny its untrue that i have gone skint. i have never been staked into anything in my life both sports betting and poker i am 100% self made your comments really do give so many people who read this but dont post a lot of laughs. i will get the aussie package. dont worry about that. i appreciate your concern but i dont deal with loan sharks. i would suggest its more likely i bankroll you in the future than u ever bankroll me. i dont have issues with blowing huge dough on buffalo wings and tk max shopping habits etc etc to prove i am the man.

everyone asks me who all these florida based guys are - i say i dont know. they always ask why if they are such big time players why they have time to engage in some much hating and bragging about pointless material things like buffalo wings and shopping malls and impressing florida gold diggers?
Report JalapenoHot November 3, 2009 1:05 AM GMT
but will you go to australia knowing what awaits you?
Report fastfoot November 3, 2009 12:56 PM GMT
i might go just for the crack..........................
Report MRH4YE5 November 3, 2009 1:38 PM GMT
I can confirm arbboy is broke... I am his Ocean Finance loan broker - even we wont touch the cnut. Worse credit rating than Romanov
Report MRH4YE5 November 3, 2009 1:39 PM GMT
Obviously the Hearts' owner, not the Russian dynasty
Report o o o o o o o o November 3, 2009 2:58 PM GMT
So whats gonna happen when kangaroo and arbboy both go to aus? are u gonna be best buddies out there or what?
Report o o o o o o o o November 3, 2009 3:20 PM GMT
And why do u hate each other so much? what caused this in the first place? not a bad beat surely...
Report Waheyyyy November 3, 2009 3:23 PM GMT
Both 'only children' :(
Report arbboy November 3, 2009 3:53 PM GMT
arbs sports betting partner is going to aussie to play it. not the poker player on the account. part of arbs deal with him to refinance him after arb going broke
Report R0ykeane November 3, 2009 4:28 PM GMT
where can i check my ipoker results?
Report ForumTramps November 4, 2009 5:28 PM GMT
arbboy 45 -£12 £67 -19% -£519 LWLLWWWL N/A Betfair 12Hours x

Thank god I am not staking you today.
Report Bruce Wayne November 4, 2009 5:33 PM GMT
Report Dooberama November 4, 2009 5:35 PM GMT
how do you do the 12 hour thing? You seem to be able to get more out of sharkscope than I can
Report FFsmd November 4, 2009 5:40 PM GMT
Advanced feature, have to pay to use it.
Report chipfire227 November 4, 2009 6:31 PM GMT
the great man appears to be doing his brains in again tonight :-)
Report ForumTramps November 4, 2009 6:38 PM GMT
arbboy 51 -£16 £69 -25% -£795 WLLLLLLW N/A Betfair 12Hours x

He has sucked out so much also, should be £1500 minus
Report B.S November 4, 2009 6:40 PM GMT
You don't get to be number 76 on the European Pub League Poker Rankings Division 7 South without having character. The big man will turn this around.
Report ForumTramps November 5, 2009 10:21 PM GMT
offer 100% cancelled
Report chipfire227 November 5, 2009 11:19 PM GMT
wtf is going on with these swirly star things on sharkscope btw ?

we all seem to have been given one overnight. as arbboy has had one for ages, i'd rather not have mine, as they are probably the kiss of death. :-(

and why isnt the great man playing tonight ? has he really gone busto ?
Report HU4ROLLZ? November 6, 2009 3:39 PM GMT
arbboy 11,069 $0 $139 -1% -$2,555 - 75 Betfair
Report HU4ROLLZ? November 6, 2009 3:40 PM GMT
11k sitngoes might not be enough of a sample size. See you at the tables
Report HYPE November 6, 2009 4:06 PM GMT
Wont there be around$45k in cake fom those 11000 games ?
Report chipfire227 November 6, 2009 4:37 PM GMT
yeah, he pished that away laying dogs. :-)
Report the jakeball November 6, 2009 5:12 PM GMT
Forum tramps put up the top ten list now for sharkscope now, arrboy was always showing it and boasting
Report ForumTramps November 6, 2009 5:28 PM GMT
Betfair £27,235
Betfair £14,237
Betfair £12,218
Betfair £11,794
Betfair £11,714
Betfair £10,102
Betfair £10,038
Rivva rat
Betfair £9,187
Two Face
Betfair £8,946
Betfair £8,368
Report the jakeball November 6, 2009 5:33 PM GMT
Is that from the start of the year?
Report McCoy Carp November 6, 2009 5:33 PM GMT
MrKangaroo's graph weird? Wtf happened there?
Report FFsmd November 6, 2009 5:38 PM GMT
If i remember right he bust up imperium one night pretty bad
Report page-413 November 6, 2009 5:39 PM GMT
staked this clown forum kok for 5k 4 yrs ago ,,, never saw a return ... tell a lie he came 3rd in a 150 $11 mtt the bell end ...

mate seek help you are a**

dont bother getting back

your thick
Report dibble November 6, 2009 5:48 PM GMT
"your thick"

ah the irony of it
Report McCoy Carp November 6, 2009 5:48 PM GMT
easy mistake, but lol.
Report HYPE November 6, 2009 9:18 PM GMT
at least correct them if you're going to highlight mistakes Dibble ...

It's not 'your thick'


'your fick'

Report chipfire227 November 6, 2009 11:08 PM GMT
your thick what ?

it could be anything thick, but if you type the word thick into google the top 3 searches are :

thick of it

thick as thieves

and unbelievably, your thick white discharge :-0
Report Helmuthian Folds November 6, 2009 11:09 PM GMT
But my discharge is yellow! :0
Report ForumTramps November 7, 2009 4:17 PM GMT
ForumTramps 06 Nov 21:01
Right a chance for a few of the peasants to make some cash. Get your cash out of the bank, rob your gran's pension, pawn your jewellery, put your electrical goods in cash converters, pimp out your partner.....basically get as much cash as you can and a wheelbarrow ready. Watch this thread and you will be given free money within 24 hours.

Well done Arbboy I am glad you listened and scraped some money together to get on. Hoepefully you won enough to get a stake together for the poker tables.
Report 1hearts November 7, 2009 4:50 PM GMT lost ;-(

not taking sides just stating a fact.
Report 1hearts November 7, 2009 4:52 PM GMT
Before you say it. There is no mention in your post of back to lay or EW.
Report Stringer Bell November 7, 2009 4:54 PM GMT
if ur backing a 14/1 and not doing it e/w or with the intention to lay then ur retarded and dont deserve to win n e way.
Gd tip imo
Report ForumTramps November 7, 2009 5:03 PM GMT
Well said, betfair is 21st century gambling. Not 20th century betting shop. Most people know Arbboy is a specialist gambler who backs and lays the same selection. Betfair is more about trading than simply win or lose.
Report 1hearts November 7, 2009 7:50 PM GMT
Stringer Bell 07 Nov 17:53

if ur backing a 14/1 and not doing it e/w or with the intention to lay then ur retarded and dont deserve to win n e way.
Gd tip imo

It was great Tip. It reminded me of the ealry tips from Don'twork on here a while ago. One of those guys went of to the USA then they fell away drastically. It didn't win though and neither did the other one.
As for your retarded coment. None of us had any idea how good/bad this tip was going to be, so all but the original people who recieved it, would be backing it for an interest rather than with the expectation of a win. So unlikey to have an amount on worthy of bothering to lay.
I personnaly had a 100 quid on it and was to busy to be bothered to lay.
I'm not critisizing or dissing it, as IO said it was a good tip. If you get anymore and put them up I'll take them more seriously in future. ;-)
Report ForumTramps November 7, 2009 8:00 PM GMT
To be fair I said the two bets I was on today. The only one advised for people to back was the first. Whilst it did not win it was not a disaster for most who backed. It is the first and last tip the syndicate will post on this forum. Racing is a mugs game.
Report ForumTramps November 7, 2009 10:37 PM GMT
arbboy 34 -£15 £85 -9% -£513 WLLLLLWL N/A Betfair 12Hours x
Report ForumTramps November 10, 2009 5:14 PM GMT
arbboy [Click for details] 41 -£19 £77 -32% -£767 PLWLLLLL N/A Betfair 12Hours x
Report ForumTramps November 10, 2009 5:16 PM GMT
arbboy 1,407 -£7 £86 -11% -£10,049 PLWLLLLL N/A Betfair 1Mths x
Report B.S November 10, 2009 8:49 PM GMT
Just chip dumping for a laugh now. The big man can't be trying.
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