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27 Mar 20 23:56
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On the radio the other day saying he hopes we come out of this as a different society, more caring, less selfish nation.

Maybe he will donate one of his for life pensions then.

Maybe he is different but usually it's cnts that pontificate the most are the worst.

Multiple pension recipients love to preach to us,
Tax exciles,  tax avoiders , tax dodgers are all lauded in this country love to tell us what we should be paying in tax  and giving to foreign country's.

Its time they put up or shut up imo.

Michael D is 70 + so could without a doubt give up all his pensions and live off his savings.

But it's a lot harder practice what they preach.
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Report Racingqueen March 28, 2020 5:52 PM GMT
Hes a f**king gob**** as are the rest of the establishment.

Every member of the Dail and Seanad are self serving filth.

The media with the usual Dublin heads in the IT/Indo are lauding Leo and the 2 Simons all of whom have been woefully slow and reactive during the crisis rather than pro active despite them already knowing how the cards would fall.

sickening listening to Harris lauding turbidy and pascal lauding that 5cumbag Conor mcgregor. RTE showing how removed from reality they are with operation covidnation ffs

I genuinely hope the likes of the IT and RTE go bankrupt. They have been utterly abject in questioning and reporting.

As an example today Harris spouted nonsense about how well we are doing as we are not at the expected 10k cases. Of course its hard to get to 10k when the numbers being tested are so low and they are running out of test kits as well as people waiting nearly 10 days for results.

Not a question asked by media bull5hitters like Fergal Bowers, George Lee or whatever Social Justice warrior the cretins at the IT send to the press conferences
Report cloone river March 29, 2020 11:30 AM BST
George Lee wont be asking any of them questions thats for sure.Why do Ireland have a president anyway?
Report peckerdunne March 29, 2020 7:02 PM BST
On the other hand the death rate has for now remained considerably low...

So someone made good decisions...

I have never voted fg btw.
Report Racingqueen March 29, 2020 10:34 PM BST
The only numbers that matter are ICU occupancy and deaths both of which are increasing. Given people are on average occupying ICU beds for up to 25 days on average with Convid, it is impossible to say whether Ireland dodged a bullet.

Testing seems to be an absolute farce with the Pairc in Cork now closed due to running out of tests. Testing didn't happen in Galway or Tallaght either today.

Politicians and Unions should have no input or place in a proper public service. For too long their ilk have abused the system.
We have consultants/GPs who are vastly over paid and milk the system of the vast amounts of taxpayers money which is pumped into it each year and backbenchers dishing out medical cards like confetti

The whole country seems to be full of self serving gougers
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