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17 May 18 19:17
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Glad to see some sort of sense operating in UK at last .

However does not apply to Northern Ireland  , as usual we are out of step with nearly everyone .  Interesting to see if the worthy local bookies adhere to a self imposed £2 limit .

Shops for sale I guess .
Pause Switch to Standard View FOBT'S £2 max .
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Report workrider May 17, 2018 7:37 PM BST
Great news Kelly, good thread over on main forum about it, delighted for those that needed to be helped, many poor souls doing damage to them having put their weeks benefits in and walking out broke...Maybe just maybe, these accountants might have to start taking a bet again...
Report Kelly May 17, 2018 7:42 PM BST
The bean counters want nothing to do with racing , workrider . That day has gone . Pity , because in the old days the betting jungle was good fun .
Report pa lapsy May 17, 2018 8:09 PM BST
If Fobts were the "crack cocaine of gambling",they(the powers that look after our sugar intake and have a cigerette going towards a euro) surely haven't factored the sums with online slots, they would be calling fobts just a bit of puff.

Time for some serious legislation regarding them.
No wonder the telly is full of ads by the books for these abdominations,push,push, push,shove,rope a dope.

Good news though for the UK and pleased the books couldn't wriggle out.
Report Catch Me ifyoucan May 18, 2018 12:33 AM BST

Report Kelly May 18, 2018 9:16 AM BST
Pa , on line slots should be the next "target" for legislation/ restriction .  No experience re them myself ( FOBT'S are visible on the increasingly rare visits you make into the shops ) .  Slots etc are invisible , mostly played in the privacy of the home / work environment I suspect .

Ads for slots are everywhere , all day , omni present . From providers point of view that figures .

Do slots represent what were called "fruit machines " in the old days ?
Report pa lapsy May 18, 2018 10:40 AM BST
I suppose computer fruit machines really.

Apologies for repeating myself but until people get the numbers and see the sheer scale it is worth it.

Ruby Walsh and Frankie Dettori lend their names to "champions gold" and "magnificent 7" respectively,both types of online slot games,the maximum in a spin that can be done is unbelievebly E500 (fobts remember £200) given a spin is literally just a few seconds,doing the math it is easy to see how quick it is to "turnover" 1 million,(yes 1 million).

Just on your comment "the betting jungle was fun in the old days". Maybe you have the rose tinted nostalgia specs on there, the reality imo was staring up at a little box through the cigerette smoke where the sound came out,(though there was always a glimmer of hope compared to actually watching), 5 or 6 heads packed trying to study form on a sheet of paper and pay tax for hem privilges on top,hmm no thanks.
Unless you lose the run of yourself you have some chance these days with primarily having comprehensive form available through being able to watch previous runs and much more competition though accept that is tightning up.
Report Kelly May 18, 2018 11:50 AM BST
Pa , when I referred to the betting jungle it was mainly in relation to on course betting where there were market makers a plenty and no addiction to Betfair minus 10% .

I remember Kilmartins in particular as they had virtually a monopoly when I worked in Dublin , the betting tax was punitive down south , and bookie shops were as you described .  Byrne ( Leeson st upper probably) was the only light in the dark .  Up north however we had better facilities ( and arguably better bookies ) , than you had .  Sadly most of our bookies have gone the way of the big chains ( but fair play to our locals , they scalped the big chains and sold at the right time ) .
Report mrcombustible May 18, 2018 6:24 PM BST
Yes the betting shop tax at one stage was a punitive 20% which meant there were lots of ways to avoid it. This would have been in the late 70s.
One bookie in my home town had 3 shops and if you were a regular you would write the slip for 10% of your stake and pay the tax on. So a £20 bet you would write a £2 slip and pay 40p tax total cash across counter was £20.40. The bet would be settled at £20 stake.
You also had quite a few pub bookies.
Report Kelly May 18, 2018 8:21 PM BST
In rural Ireland there must still be  pub bookies  , with no shops around .  Easy enough to take a bet and lay off on here  , common enough practice I suspect and no harm done essentially .

That 10% scam would have been predictable given there have always been sharp minds on these shores .

The FOBT change will obviously have no effect in the south , different matter throughout UK .
Report pa lapsy May 18, 2018 11:45 PM BST
Yes, regarding the 20% tax and the stake going to 10% if known, Haugheyesque,brown envelopeish but shure what harm? Still most would be in the front pew then.

Feck the waffling,the point was 5 seconds(?) instead of using your hand to press the press button,move your mouse cursor,500 euro "gambled" repeat process, in 1 minute circa 10,000 euro is spent on computer pokie, in an hour the equivalent of a house is turned over, the million is reached by extra time and peno in a football match.

What do you propose to seeing sense there Kelly?
Report pa lapsy May 18, 2018 11:51 PM BST
^ "in a half hour the equivalent of a house could be turnedover"
Report Kelly May 19, 2018 4:36 PM BST
Not sure what the question is pa ?

Some years ago we were in Australia , Brisbane  . Our friends family all played golf in one of the local clubs , we went there for a meal , I noticed a room off the main area , asked what was there .  "Thats the pokie room " was the answer , How many I asked  .  "Dozens" was the reply .

Russell Crowe bought a rugby league club in OZ , first action was to throw out the pokies .  Fair play to him .

We used to have one fruit machine in our golf club , after pressure from some of our most sensible members we got rid of it . TG.

One guy I knew who was addicted to playing the fruit machines bought a  second hand one for his home , played it at home , zero cost obviously  , saved him mega .

Interesting that Hammond was opposing the recent decision , money as usual being the God .
Report mrcombustible May 19, 2018 8:43 PM BST
It was Tessa Jowell under the Blair administration that allowed these machines
Report pa lapsy May 20, 2018 11:18 AM BST
Mattew Hancock MP (culture secretary) seemed absolutely clueless and was destroyed by the host(Emma Barnett) on the Andrew Marr show this morning(available in bbc iplayer land) concerning online "slots".
He was so bad(simply not an iota) concerning the topic he was representing,i was actually wondering whether was it contrived.
Report Jay Lewis August 28, 2018 12:42 AM BST
Report no-won-sun August 30, 2018 2:51 AM BST
Just reading this thread and in reply to Catch me if you can I will say that in relation to your question re gaming machines in pubs in Ireland there is no way that gaming machines can be operated LEGALLY in pubs in Ireland (Republic) as gaming machines can only operate in a premises with a gaming licence and public houses (as in bars) cannot have a gaming licence therefore it is illegal to have a gaming machine on a premises licensed to sell alcohol (bar) in Ireland.
The gaming machine law in Ireland is controlled by Revenue, this was previously in the control of Customs & Excise. Since the amalgamation of Taxes and Customs under the umbrella of Revenue the emphasis seemed to be played down in relation to gaming machines. This has led to the proliferation of these machines in recent years. Each machine is supposed to display a current licence. In the economic downturn this was an area that seems to have been put on the backburner and the whole area got out of hand.
Then we come to the involvement of the Guardai (police) in the issue. Their involvement dealt with the premises and the amount of the stake, They could prosecute if a client operated without a certificate of suitability, which a pub could not have, or if there were more machines than licensed on a premises that had a certificate of suitability that the premises was licensed for or the amount staked was above the limit.
You see you have two distinct departments regulating the use of these machines and neither are communicating, ON THIS ISSUE, with the other and so today you have gaming machines operating in bars, you have "casinos" springing up in areas where people are going to GAMBLE in premises patrolled by "security" people whose only purpose is to protect the unscrupulous who own and run those premises. There is nothing right about the area of gaming machines in Ireland.
On another thread I read that some English politician was out of his depth in an interview on BBC, I am not surprised as from what I gather it is politically the same in England as it is in Ireland the politicians, in spite of their advisors on both sides of the sea, are unaware of the law in relation to gaming machines. This is a multi million pound, I hate to use the word, industry most insidious and totally illegal but as yet fully unregulated. I could go on but it's bedtime. I pray for the day that some politico will be person enough to stand up to the cute hoors who are fncking about with the law and because of too many loopholes are getting away with destroying lives.
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