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11 Aug 12 21:49
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Should be a cracker, can't wait for it

What does everyone think for this one?

Galway were super against Kilkenny and look very hungry, but it wouldn't be the first time if they were a major disappointment.

As a Galwayman won't have a bet on it (can't really back us with our history), just hope we have the same fight as last time
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Report kingrat August 11, 2012 11:03 PM BST
typical galwegian,yre not from the town,they never go to any thing or play anything but yre women,ah yre womenLaugh
Report tobywong. August 11, 2012 11:12 PM BST
think if the weather is decent it could be high scoring , but over 48 is a lot , still will have a bet on the overs if dry
Report tobywong. August 11, 2012 11:14 PM BST
4 or more goals 1/1 with pps , may be a better bet actually
Report lustrumm August 11, 2012 11:22 PM BST
No rain yet in Dublin but forecast is desperate. I am not having a bet (on Cork at 12/1 outright for small beans) but would like to be backing Galway at 1/2 TBH
Report kingrat August 11, 2012 11:33 PM BST
a galway corner back will ask u ,where are u going for a pint after  the gameLaugh
Report ACE JACK DOUBLE SUITED August 12, 2012 12:24 AM BST
Stick ure fields of athenry up ure swiss role dragon dancer. A disgrace of a county. One or two decent GAA men and a few good hiace van boxers but other than that never produced a sports man or Sheila. Good for fighting and producing the odd corrupt jockey.
Report kingrat August 12, 2012 12:35 AM BST
ah no,when they it get right,they get it right,its not in their dna to mix it,but when they are on song they play beautifully,the way the game was meant to be played,hurling or footballWink
Report Stevie28 August 12, 2012 1:10 AM BST
Cork ar bet of the year here lads, easy 5+ pts winners against the bottling county, no idea how anyone back Galway odds on
Report kingrat August 12, 2012 1:49 AM BST
no,i think it is priced up right and dont see any percentage in it,if galway beleive in themselves,they will hammer them
Report lustrumm August 12, 2012 10:39 AM BST
Going to be a dirty day, rain just started a few minutes ago and clouds very dark. No wind about but that is sure to follow down by the canal.

BTW my earlier post should have been would not like to be backing Galway at 1/2.

Always remember the holy trinity of Irish gambling. Avoid when odds on and expected by all to win the Cork Footballers, the Irish Rugby team and the Galway Hurlers.
That Trinity has held us all in good stead down the years.

1.47 Galway as we speak. No thanks
Report Punting for Profit August 12, 2012 10:52 AM BST
you forgot to add Mayo footballers to that list

It has been said that if

Lee Harvey Oswald was a Mayo man,then JFK would still be alive.
Report kavvie August 12, 2012 11:05 AM BST
galway-2 10/11 the bet
Report JayTrumpOldTomDubbl August 12, 2012 1:14 PM BST
Where's the 10/11 available ?.........4/5 Lads, 8/11 Powers. Spoils 4/6...........
Report kavvie August 12, 2012 1:53 PM BST
vc bet and will hill
Report pa lapsy August 12, 2012 4:08 PM BST
Great point from Horgan to equalise,good close game,JBM would want to have a word about marking from goal puck outs,very soft possession.
Report ClayDavis August 12, 2012 4:12 PM BST
Galway will murder them in the 2nd half. Cork hanging on by skin of their teeth
Report kavvie August 12, 2012 4:16 PM BST
hope ur right.wouldnt bank on it tho
Report kiddo112 August 12, 2012 4:18 PM BST
Small bet on Galway to get first goal @1/1. Only team that looked likely in first half.
Report dj876 August 12, 2012 4:18 PM BST
agree with claydavis,Galway big value@ 4/6 on here.
Report dj876 August 12, 2012 4:40 PM BST
Great save,should have buried it,need to put it to bed now while on top.
Report pa lapsy August 12, 2012 4:41 PM BST
Great save by Nash,Cork need a goal, in the height of trouble
Report bobbybocala August 12, 2012 4:52 PM BST
pa.....cork wouldnt get a goal if they were playing london......
Report pa lapsy August 12, 2012 4:57 PM BST
Booby i,m trying to cling on a little hope.don,t pish on it.Sad
Report pa lapsy August 12, 2012 5:05 PM BST
Strong Galway performance,backs were brilliant,hope ye lift Liam.
Report Newmanix August 12, 2012 5:10 PM BST
GAILLIMH ABU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin
Report silvergreaser August 12, 2012 5:18 PM BST
Best team won, thats probably Galway's real ability, that result against Kilkenny was probably one of those freaky results you get from time to time.

Will it be good enough to win an All Ireland?, I'm not sure.
Report lustrumm August 12, 2012 6:53 PM BST
won't be far away in a mediocre year
Report silvergreaser August 12, 2012 8:10 PM BST
I agree lustrumm they've some really decent hurlers, they look like a team who've started to believe in themselves.

Galway have had a rough time in previous years, their supporters and the media questioning their resolve?, many fancied Galway teams capitulating when the pressure was on, and to be honest there was plenty of truth in that. The win over Kilkenny would've gave their confidence a huge boost.

I think Kilkenny were a little bit complacent in the Leinster/Connaught final, and throw in a dirty murky day the type of weather Kilkenny often struggle in and a Galway team fired up like men possessed an upset was always on the cards, but such a comprehensive victory was the stuff of dreams.

I think Kilkenny will beat Tipp, a line through Limerick suggests Kilkenny have the edge and that defeat to Galway would've hurt like mad, but it'll be tight, Kilkenny to shade it to set up an eagerly awaited rematch.
Report kavvie August 12, 2012 10:52 PM BST
tipp will beat kk by 5pts+
Report silvergreaser August 12, 2012 11:06 PM BST
Brave call Kavvie? what makes you think that?
Report kavvie August 12, 2012 11:36 PM BST
tipp are coming slowly to the boil and i feel kk arnt operating at the same level as last yr.i think it will be the day the music dies for this kk team.the greatest i have ever seen.
Report silvergreaser August 12, 2012 11:47 PM BST
Tipp struggled over Limerick, Cork and Waterford never convinced in any of those matches, Kilkenny gave Cork a merciless beating in the league final, I know its the league but the margin of victory was a resounding you're still a million miles from us statement.

I'll forgive the Galway defeat a team they beat by 25 points or something in the league, I wouldn't be in any hurry to write off Kilkenny.
Report kavvie August 12, 2012 11:51 PM BST
the signs are there.if limerick had a bit of luck and took their scores it would have been very close.i also feel tipp have come on a lot since the limerick game.added to that kk have a few injury concerns and richie hogan is missing.all adds up to a tipp win..having said that i was wrong before!!
Report silvergreaser August 13, 2012 12:02 AM BST
Kav what luck are you looking for?, Limerick scored virtually every opportunity that was presented to them, if anything Kilkenny were obsessed with going for goals in the first half when simple points were there for the taking, not to mention the messing around with free takers Henry and Richie.

Don't beleive those anti Kilkenny heads on the sunday game, Kilkenny lorded that game and should've won by a lot more than the final margin.
Report lustrumm August 13, 2012 1:12 PM BST
Easier said than done but beating kilkenny is staightforward enough imo and that is stop them scoring goals. By that I mean use any means possible, fouling, harassing,crowding at the back etc.. and turn it into a points fest.

Tipp do that and they will win pure and simple.

I fancy Tipp. as well. Just cannot accept that Kilkenny can be as good as ever or anywhere near it this year. I'll keep opposing them until I have no money left.
Report kavvie August 13, 2012 3:21 PM BST
bring it on..i fancy tipp and wont be swayed.i wont go as far as lustrumm but wont be far behind him. i doubt the tipp backs will leave fennelly without a back within 20 yards of him to score a goal?and "that" henry goal?!?i happen to think it was a fluke.!!
Report silvergreaser August 13, 2012 5:49 PM BST
At least I know its not my money
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