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16 Nov 09 18:17
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I have to say I love reading what these guys come up with. It always makes me feel April fools day must be near.

Anyway they have made a plea to Horse Racing Ireland to cut prize money in racing. (I guess they think there are too many tryers in Irish Racing these days) ;)

I reckon this should kill any myth that bookmakers live in any sort of fear of Trainers and Owners trying to land a gamble to make ends meet to justify keeping a horse in training these days.

If this latest submission by IBA to Horse Racing Ireland on how to reduce costs is anything to go by.

I can't wait for RTE and Ted to interview somebody from the association on this. That should be fun :^0
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Report CALLING CARD November 16, 2009 8:06 PM GMT
UNREAL it just shows how many of these vermin have horses in training. parasites they just want to cream off the money. with the balloting system so bad in ireland the pizemoney needs to be the way it is to justify having a horse trained.
Report Kelly November 16, 2009 8:12 PM GMT
Cant believe this , Bless . Even if they thought that , why articulate it ?

Maybe like the Kerry Aussie they dont know when its best to sit on your hands and say/ do nowt .
Report Blessington November 16, 2009 9:26 PM GMT
Yeah guys, hard to believe.

One, because telling somebody else how to run their business is just unheard of especially coming from where there coming from.

ie, That is an orgainization that seems totally blinkered to the fact the biggest problems most of it members has is it own fellow members running Internet sites and even off shore telephone call centers just to avoid paying any revenue to the Irish goverment and HRI.
Not to mention the over supply of shops by its member now in the industry.

Its also just dumbfounding how they can't see what lower prize money would do for the intergity of the game.
Surely if a guy going to make more from landing a winning bet than landing the average race why would a small trainer ever bother then ever running a horse on it merits.

If that wasn't enough to really rub it in, as well as reducing Irish prize money they also want the HRI to reduce its own expeniture I suppose that means on the likes of its investiagted and secruity services.

A few years down the line these very same bookmakers will be asking why nobody backs horses any more. :(

CRAZY talk from the IBA they be a million times better sorting out their own mess imo that thrown darts at HRI whether its merits or not..... Cheers

PS...Kelly sure O'Driscoll said the same thing as our lad yesterday on TV about getting Elsom. He said the better you know a guy the harder your inclined to hit them. Its all part of a big game. :^0
Report spurs to buy big November 16, 2009 11:55 PM GMT
surely the owners entry fees pay for the prize money ffs
Report Kelly November 17, 2009 7:56 AM GMT
Not tuned in to BOD or Elsom , Bless , so cant comment on that . Kerry Aussie has a runaway ghost writer it seems , or maybe it is just an attempt at being a Kew Tour .
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