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06 Dec 14 23:48
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cheers if any one can help i placed a bet on bygonnes sovreign today at korals i know i have done this wrong but just want to know where i stand i took the price off atr at 12.10 it said 8/1 wrote in on slip placed bet didnt get em to sign it but 8/1 written on slip when i got home as it had shortened to 5/1 so i looked on odds checker it was 6/1 at time i placed bet so atr was i get paid at sp or price at time of bet???according to rules where do i stand thanks in advance
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Report THE-GHOST-OF-DICKIE-BIRD December 7, 2014 5:59 AM GMT
Its early my head aint right yetWink

it was 6/1 at time i placed

That will be the price you would get . . .As they went to process your bet it would of flashed up wrong price.
Report ronnie rails December 7, 2014 11:47 AM GMT
as I said in a post last week

the problem with Joe's is that you get the price when it goes through the till.

Picture this scenario a guy goes into a shop asks the staff member for the prices on 3 horses for £50 each all on the same slip the staff member rings PTL and asks for the price on the first horse, PTL ask the staff member if they know the customer and if they are told yes they will be asked if the persons monitored and at what grade and how much the guy wants to stake and if he's winning or losing plus god knows how many more questions including what he had for breakfast, if the price is agreed they will move onto horse number two and ask even more questions, if that price is agreed the same happens with horse number 3, however this can dependant on who answers the phone at PTL take from 5-10 minutes, by then the price on number 1 as gone, number 2 is going and number 3 will soon be following, so the staff member has put the prices on the slip as they are agreed and circled them, the customers happy to hand over his £150 and the bet is put through.

however when the staff member translates the bet it comes up horse number 1 385 second late etc., so when the punter comes to pick his money up he gets a nasty shock at what they will pay out!! once over as a manager you could use your discretion but now there zero tolerance.

piece of advise when you place a bet at Joe's and a price has been agreed wait until its been translated and if you don't get the same price tell them to cancel it and give you your money back.
Report golightly December 7, 2014 11:56 AM GMT
ronnie rails

what grade's do customer's get rated.
Report ashleigh December 7, 2014 11:58 AM GMT
ronnie, worked for an independant bookmakers for 8 years, was allowed 10 secs grace if price changed after checking and accepting. if no leaway with koral must be a lot of disputed bets.
Report _ghostbuster_ December 7, 2014 12:02 PM GMT
Called into a joes yesday in Halifax (westgate)to use the kazi,after that I stood there for approx. 10-15 mins watching the day in a life of a shop manager,pouncing about the shop in a blue t shirt with DEMO written on it,then running back to a terminal to translate bets which was out in the shop nexted to hatch to go behind counter.When screen showed all bets translated he was back "helping" the mugs on the fobts or shop tidying.
The kid had a full set of snooker teeth apart from white,and when he had a spare 5 secs he was checking the queue for the cash machine which was located in the shop window.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Funny as fcuk ,id take bits on he ends up in a lunatic asylum,or should I say another lunatic asylum.
Report ima_mazed66 December 8, 2014 2:09 AM GMT
This is one of the reasons I stopped using shops as they stopped employing staff who knew their stuff (probably due to making conditions unbearable compared to early times) and now they could swap places with the staff on the tills in your local supermarket (including the self scan ones) and you wouldn't notice the difference considering all they are there to do now is take money and hand out change.....The self scan tills have better personalities than some of today's bookies staff too for that matter!

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was putting on a bet and being told I was on at 7/2 having asked for that price, the girl at the till had to get out of her seat to fetch a pen from the next till (which had no staff member on it) sat down again, fart arsed about flicking through screens to find the right race because already having it on the next race to come was too much like common sense, and despite writing and circling the price she then took a few more bets after mine.

My horse won and I then went to collect and was told I didn't get 7/2 and had to take 3/1 and suspected that she put the bets that came after mine on top of my slip and translated them in reverse order, meaning more time had passed from when she "gave" me 7/2 until I ended up with 3/1. Had there been more staff or she translated in the order she took the bets then I might have actually got 7/2 and this wasn't the first time it had happened either.

I was also once told I was on in a 5f race and despite my horse totally missing the break it came from last to first and won, only to be told I wouldn't be paid because by bet was timed 1 late, but again I was queuing with only one staff member and people were asking for prices and all those delays meant that extra 1 second had gone by.
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