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23 May 14 19:01
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15 winners from 21.Unreal and for sure that cost someone alot.
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Report Lex May 23, 2014 6:11 PM BST
Aye. But what goes around comes around; especially in racing. Its a matter of balance.
Report swingwhenuwinning May 23, 2014 6:15 PM BST
im off to JD sports tomorrow so i dont give it all back
Report theonlywayforward May 23, 2014 6:24 PM BST
Considering the amount of doubles trebles etc it was expensive for layers with the shortest returned @ 5/6
Report wizards_sleeve May 23, 2014 9:32 PM BST
at time of posting as racing as now finished i make it 26 winning favs from 40 the following though there were a few joint favourites.

GW 7 races 5 favs

Hay 6 races 4 favs

Yar 7 races 5 favs

Muss 7 races 6 favs

Ponte 6 races 3 favs

and including

tow 7 races 3 favs

a fookin excelent day for the backers anyone who managed to string a few together well done you. Excited
Report HorseBurger1989 May 23, 2014 9:53 PM BST
Not a fav backer myself tbh, but I did well laying today 11/12 on the lays (6pts up). only idiots back all favs and same goes for the layers laying just favs. the fav seems to get all the attention in the market, luckly today was a good day for fav backers.
Report deadbrain59 May 23, 2014 10:21 PM BST
the 3 that lost ' ponte had bad draw.i lay them.Love
Report breadnbutter May 24, 2014 1:09 AM BST
Report theonlywayforward May 24, 2014 1:16 AM BST
Regardless of whether you are a fav backer or not it still cost alot for layers as with follow  on bets rolling on to the jolly it cost alot for some .
Report theonlywayforward May 24, 2014 1:20 AM BST
And the shortest being 5/6 there are a few layers hurting for sure.
Report HorseBurger1989 May 24, 2014 1:23 AM BST
oh defiantly. layers in the punting world are hated as much as the bookies so I'm sure it went down well with punters, but as a layer myself I wouldn't keep laying the favs personally, better to lay what you actually think is going to lose rather than blindly lay the fav every race.
Report theonlywayforward May 24, 2014 1:26 AM BST
You are new and you will learn that horse racing is a difficult and precarious game.
Best policy is to back.
Report theonlywayforward May 24, 2014 1:37 AM BST
Trust me as I have fkd up many times laying including today but recovered my losses with some by backing.
Had a good day overall but for sure when you add it up laying is only an option when you hate one.
Report HorseBurger1989 May 24, 2014 1:41 AM BST
I'll admit the sr you need to be making is so much higher compared to backing, backing you could be making profits with a 20% sr but laying you really need to be hitting upwards 85%-90%, but if you know the bad one's it can be fairly combatable to hit 85%, only takes one bad lay out of 8 though and your back to square one. so I'll agree laying is harder in terms of needing a high sr.
Report HorseBurger1989 May 24, 2014 1:43 AM BST
I back but do lay as well. and backing on a good day out does any excellent days laying.
Report shearer2therestcue May 24, 2014 1:48 AM BST
Werent a good day for the Premiership punters LaughLaughLaugh
Report theonlywayforward May 24, 2014 1:50 AM BST
Only trying to help you .
Seen plenty of people before you make the same mistake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report deadbrain59 May 24, 2014 5:34 AM BST
kasb btn .44Mischief
Report deadbrain59 May 24, 2014 5:44 AM BST
if u backed following top jockeys favs u wouldnt win anything ,apart from ap mcoy,15/wins from 23 rides.ConfusedConfused,as regards laying,more than one a day, u will get stung,laying odds on is fun ,low risk high gain, backing odds on .45 below u will tread water.GrinGrinHappyLaugh
Report deadbrain59 May 24, 2014 6:05 AM BST
20th may ,yarmouth mdn,aktabantay,r moore .25 2nd.CoolCoolCoolGrinHappyLaughLaugh
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