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08 Aug 21 18:38
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149 names are currently in the book for the **** Irish Greyhound Derby ahead of tomorrow’s opening round draw.

Drumcrow Honey came home clear at Drumbo Park to secure the final Derby Trial Stake, while the last few entries trickled into to the racing office.

Michael Dempsey suggested he might attempt to find one more to leave 150 with a view to having 25 opening round heats over Friday and Saturday night but, whatever the final number, it’s a most impressive entry.

The draw for the Derby is set to commence at midday on Monday and it can be viewed live on the Shelbourne Park Facebook page. A link to the draw will be posted on Talking Dogs and the various GRI social media channels in the morning.

And so, the time has come to start really concentrating on the incredible five weeks to come. As you would expect the best of the best are amongst the names in the book and a complete list of the entries can be viewed below so start studying.

Finally, ahead of the draw, we’d like to wish every owner, trainer, breeder, kennel hand and punter the very best of luck in the coming weeks. It’s going to be a great ride so make sure to enjoy it.

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When: 09 Aug 21 13:39
Any English  entered frank ?
When: 09 Aug 21 16:26
For those interested


Heat 1

1 Singalong Sally

2 Scooby Princess

3 Craggan Mor

4 Droopys Wyatt

5 Front Amani (w)

6 Speed Winner (w)

Heat 2

1 Breffni Comet

2 Edencurra Bree

3 Stefans Rocket

4 Explosive Boy

5 Droopys Dude (w)

6 Ballymac Cooper (w)

Heat 3

1 Moanteen Maestro

2 Knock Billy

3 Angry Dad

4 Kildallon Pearl

5 Buttsys Bullet (w)

6 DRomduit Bermuda (w)

Heat 4

1 Ten By Thursday

2 Magical Jasper

3 Triangle Hugo

4 Cash Returns

5 Coolavanny Chick (w)

6 Buttsys Best (w)

Heat 5

1 Towstar Gazza

2 Ballymac Wild

3 Knight Tornado

4 Glory Katie

5 Nitro Johnny (w)

6 **** King (w)

Heat 6

1 Fawn Cruiser

2 Razldazl Peaky

3 Skywalker Barry

4 Glenquain Pat

5 Zero Gravity (w)

6 Clona Bolt (w)

Heat 7

1 Ballymac Fairone

2 Jacks Lockup

3 Razldazl Annie

4 Billys Diva

5 Another Dream (w)

6 Priceless Jet (w)

Heat 8

1 Deerjet Sydney

2 Newyork Sydney

3 No Green Dye

4 Ballybough Danny

5 Ballymac Ariel (w)

6 Sizzler (w)

Heat 9

1 Monraud Thunder

2 Deadly Destroyer

3 Roxholme Sheik 

4 Droopys Yes

5 Storys Peewee (w)

6 Getawaywithit (w)

Heat 10

1 Kilara Icon

2 Skywalker Cilla

3 Broadstrand Ryan

4 De Machine

5 Sonny The Kid (w)

6 Massachusetts (w)

Heat 11

1 Kameko

2 Shinnagh Jet

3 Own Spice

4 Scart Jim

5 Tip Top Taylor (w)

6 Zoom (w)

Heat 12

1 Pennylane Sheba

2 Sweep The Yard

3 Barefoot Supremo

4 Callaway Mort

5 Gunboat Showman (m)

6 Auxerre (w)


Heat 13

1 Darbys Delight

2 Razldazl Monarch

3 Coolavanny Sando

4 Burgess Glengar

5 Rural Star (m)

6 Dromana Bucko (w)

Heat 14

1 Droopys Good

2 Ballymac Belvult

3 Frontline Star

4 Monbeg Zinzan

5 Gaytime Milo (m)

6 Headleys Turbo (w)

Heat 15

1 Carrigeen North

2 Call Me Steve

3 Ballymac Kingdom

4 Ballymac Art

5 Storys Direct (m)

6 Dark Devil (w)

Heat 16

1 Ballymac Merlin

2 Jaytee Wexford

3 Jacob Tashadelek

4 Burgess Cassie

5 Catchmeflying(m)

6 Oran Don (w)

Heat 17

1 Amidus Luke

2 Deadly Samuri

3 Drumcrow Honey

4 Bling Bling Paul

5 Dromana Fury (m)

6 Matt Shadow (w)

Heat 18

1 Vanderbilt

2 Rains Confident

3 Vigorous Buck

4 Knocknaboul Syd (m)

5 Swords Maestro (m)

6 Salmic Sunset (w)

Heat 19

1 Warwick Avenue

2 Ballymac Beanie

3 Galvarino

4 Evermore (m)

5 Pierno (m)

6 Gortkelly Nestor (w)

Heat 20

1 Tradesman

2 Great Name That

3 Brykar Oak

4 Coom Leo (m)

5 Madabout Cody (m)

6 Allforthebest (w)

Heat 21

1 Trap Joey

2 Fast Fit Paddy

3 Artax

4 Jackslittlething (m)

5 Vipers Buzz (m)

6 Athlacca Zette (w)

Heat 22

1 Macho Pride

2 Angry Tornado

3 Millridge Bobby

4 Knock Skipper (m)

5 Glengar Bale (m)

6 Re Sure (w)

Heat 23

1 Susie Sapphire

2 Burgess Pippa

3 Meenagh Myles

4 Lord Boomerang (m)

5 Dromdoit Casper (m)

6 All About Ted (w)

Heat 24

1 Kilbannon Psycho

2 Spinosaurus

3 Navy Blue

4 Moyola Seamrog (m)

5 Mallogs Marley (m)

6 Narcos Dode (w)

Heat 25

1 Whitewood Axel

2 Droopys Gloss

3 Epic Hero

4 Romeo Magico (m)

5 Crafty Bonanza (m)

6 Beach Avenue (w)
When: 09 Aug 21 16:46
£15 sheets both nights to view probably
Worst  Irish derby I can remember
now wheres that switch!!!
When: 09 Aug 21 18:05
Doesn’t look a vintage derby… £15 seems cheap though. Trouble with greyhound racing, always undervaluing itself.
When: 09 Aug 21 18:12
So to view that Friday Saturday
£15 a night cheap ??
I think there coming it myself
now wheres that switch!!!
When: 09 Aug 21 18:29
Fattie.. I know people that pay £60 to watch Arsenal every weekend
now wheres that switch!!!
When: 09 Aug 21 18:30
When: 09 Aug 21 20:07
When: 10 Aug 21 00:25
No market on here ? Didnt they used to have a market ?
When: 10 Aug 21 14:40
back in the day case
When: 10 Aug 21 14:41
eng derby a/p turnover was shocking
When: 10 Aug 21 14:50
It was wonders, I had to go to shops to get on and at a better price which you would think was just not possible .It was absolutely unbelievable how little there was on the event. I think it was around 800K or thereabouts when it was closed. You'd get more turnover than that on a decent weekend handicap.
When: 12 Aug 21 06:29
Can Ballymac Wild win this Derby case?  He's been on the go a long time but he's only just past three.
Presumably this will benefit the wides again?  It usually does.
When: 12 Aug 21 10:52
Wild been a Great dog , was looking at a couple Peewee dog looks like qualifying type , and All about ted looked decent round tow could be a bit more in the locker ..
When: 13 Aug 21 20:15
Well done Wild - brave as a lion.  Took 1 out around the first bend and powered away like the champion he is.
SPk form/race comment says, for last time - "blk 1st".  Badly blk 1st would be the accurate term.  Can#t believe a word they say on performances.
When: 13 Aug 21 20:40
Fairone.  Nice run.  I liked the way he raced the third bend.  He'll be very tough to catch whenever hr gets out front.
When: 13 Aug 21 21:55
Pmsl at Sheba wunning the last WTF that run come from LaughDeffo the old magic gloves involved ,WTF are the pennylane syndicate listed as Trainer
When: 13 Aug 21 21:56
What time has it Done ?
Ravage Again
When: 13 Aug 21 22:46
Yer don’t know Irish form at all

On its shel runs shudda been 80-1

Mebbys 28.47 round Tralee a good time?
When: 14 Aug 21 01:15
Last Heat would give it at least .20 slower than early heats = 29.33 IMO Grin
When: 14 Aug 21 16:07
early doors obviously but I like razldazl peaky
When: 14 Aug 21 19:05
Bocko Gone Shocked Not sure what happened hope dog is ok
When: 14 Aug 21 19:08
Not seen replay seemed to fall on his own Sad
When: 14 Aug 21 19:09
WTF how has 2 picked ted up Laugh
When: 14 Aug 21 19:10
Wrong thread
When: 14 Aug 21 20:14
Syd pinged paceless Lucky to qualify more carnage behind
When: 14 Aug 21 20:47
Bocko dog looked a flying machine Connection must be completed gutted Sad
When: 14 Aug 21 20:57
Littlething 29.10 Shocked
When: 15 Aug 21 04:21
Seems to be a recurring nightmare round there with what I would describe as aeroplanes , Newlawn ,Pastana ,the Bocko dog could have been better than them all , Only thing I have seen in person similar  was Premier Fantasy at don,place  was like a morgue after .

Lot of trouble in these qualifying Rounds looked like Bocko has just gone wrong ,but been a few heats where half the field has been taken out at the first bend
, Perhaps and I include the English derby ,the way forward would be to keep the comp to 96 ,based on qualifying trials those fastest are put in the hat .

Those who Disagree have a look at Warwick Avenue tonight how is that dog in the Derby it nearly killed Pierno at the bend, a wrecking ball.. 

Nothing against the dog but very lucky Pierno was not badly hurt ,Qualifying Times warwick is not in the hat and Righly so ,Come back

next year ,and try again  ,wrong race half the field would have been decked .. It all needs looking at  ,maybe I'm wrong ...
When: 15 Aug 21 04:24
I would ADD 3 trials to get the Qualifying time if needed ,You don't get sent to the Olympics for running 11 second hundred meters ...
When: 15 Aug 21 11:25
bucko broke his hock at the first bend when in front would have done some time
metro john
When: 15 Aug 21 12:17
I thought Ballymac Ariel put up a glorious display, running wide and losing time, a good bunch of bitches on show. The 16.96/29.10 from Jackslittlething was something to behold, but I suggest the track was quicker for that heat, the second doing 29.45 beaten 5lengths tells me that anyway? it's all about opinion.
When: 15 Aug 21 16:35
Emma saying Syd not right may not go next week
dr . atkins
When: 20 Aug 21 21:13
de machine got to get the red card
When: 20 Aug 21 21:15
Said that on Other thread Doc  look like fought Plain
When: 20 Aug 21 21:28
Strait red Sad
When: 21 Aug 21 21:59
Decent nights racing Draw going to be very interesting for next week
When: 25 Aug 21 06:52

After a foot-perfect display on Saturday, Explosive Boy remains the clear favourite for Derby glory with sponsors ****.

Pat Guilfoyle’s brilliant son of Good News may be facing a very tough draw in the third round but he is as short as 7-2 to win on September 18th.

Jackslittlething will be the shortest priced favourite in the third round and he is a 5-1 clear second choice in the outright market, ahead of Ballymac Ariel at 8-1. Of course, Ballymac Ariel will lock horns with Explosive Boy on Saturday but so too will Jacob Tashadelek. He is only 12-1 for outright success after another professional display in the second round.

Deadly Destroyer is also on the 12-1 mark with flying ladies Scoobys Princess and Susie Sapphire on the 14-1 mark. Deerjet Sydney and Ballymac Wild are next in at 16-1, while All About Ted and Ballymac Fairone are 20-1. Broadstrand Ryan, Athlaca Zette, Swords Maestro and Priceless Jet are all on the 25-1 mark.

SpoilsportsBet: 7-2 Explosive Boy, 5 Jackslittlething, 8 Ballymac Ariel, 12 Jacob Tashadelek, Deadly Destroyer, 14 Scooby Princess, Susie Sapphire, 16 Deerjet Sydney, Ballymac Wild, 20 All About Ted, Ballymac Fairone, 25-1 Broadstrand Ryan, Athlacca Zette, Swords Maestro, Priceless Jet, 33-1 Balymac Art, Epic Hero, Gortkelly Nestor, Droopys Good, Skywalker Cilla, Beach Avenue, 40 Rural Star, Singalong Sally, Monraud Thunder, Carrigeen North, Pierno, Amidus Luke, 50-1 Bar.
When: 28 Aug 21 10:22
Another kind draw for Wild caseHappy
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