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doncaster rover
17 Sep 20 12:31
Date Joined: 22 Sep 08
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Well I wrote 8 months ago about my return to greyhound ownership after 25 years,In November 19 I bought two dog pups from Laughil Blake x Sidarian Pearl who won two oaks at Shelbourne I told you then and in further posts that I would try and keep interested persons imformed of their progress.They are now named JUPITER and SATURN STORM The corona virus and serious **** ups with their paper work meant we couldn’t school or trial them until last month ( August ) to say I am bitterly disappointed is perhaps the understatement of the year.They both are struggling to Grade at Nottingham indeed I think Saturn Storm may be destined for a forever home trouble is he is a big black dog 76 kilo and may be difficult to rehome,though I haven’t entirely given up on them both yet it may well come to it.Also I have bought other pups this year a dog and both have brother and sister who are half brother/ sister to Ice on Fir the dog is namedMETIORIC RISE and the birch is in season is called SCORCHED EARTH Meteoric is graded on and will be debuting soon as Monmore his track is closing next week for a short while while the re sand and grade the track,he also is disappointing and will be lucky to win an A8 he runs off at every bend and though he has won all his trials they have been rubbish times,he has a lot of learning to do.i also bought a hound dog in partnership with a guy from the midlands he’s had foor races at Monmore and won his last one an A1 he’s called Ballybrack Buddy.i also bought a 50% share in a pup in Ireland he’s won 2 races at Mullingar and ran in the Derby heats but got knocked out in the second round he is in a 1000 euro open at Shelbourne on Saturday two races after the derby he’s called Towstar Paddy I’m not in as a syndicate owner but own 50% on my own,he’s a good dog and will soon be going in staying races.My son and I clubbed together with 3 other guys to buy a 13 month old pup from Ireland he cost good money we have named him Elderberry Itoje he’s had 3 solo trials and is a machine he weighs 88 lb so we have to take our time with him he has his first run in company in 11 days me I don’t call a goose a swan but this dog is a open puppy all day long so long as he is ok in company then we are onto a open class puppy he’s a may 19 so bags of time,sensible comments are welcome
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Report frank60 September 17, 2020 2:20 PM BST
Good luck Doncaster,
Report Winja September 17, 2020 5:44 PM BST
its not a new story with pups and its the risk you take.....i wish ability was parallel with looks as there are some beautiful looking dogs who struggle when it comes to racing but once that is accepted as you clearly have they are still beautiful animals........good luck with the dogs who have taken to the racing and dont forget to do the right thing with those who havent........
Report Catford Toteboard September 17, 2020 6:59 PM BST
Good luck Donny. I know its disappointing when puppies don't turn out as good as hoped. I've been lucky in  that respect and am looking for one to grade at Hove. Well done for persevering an and I'm glad you have got a couple good ones. Be lucky CT
Report doncaster rover January 7, 2021 11:29 AM GMT
Well it’s early January and I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as I said I would though I claim extenuating circumstances ,how often do we hear that old chestnut,any way I have had a heart attack so that as well as my motor Neurone Desease has pretty much floored me.But I’m well on the road to recovery,so on to the dogs.well firstly forgive me if I repeat anything from a previous pos but here goes
Report doncaster rover January 7, 2021 12:00 PM GMT
Ballybrack Buddy has won an A1 but spends more time on his sick bed than I do and is lame again as I speak he’s one not to believe in. Saturn Storm with Annalise Thomson at Nottingham has won 3 races but he barely gets 480 mts and is well out of form and though running b4/d2 I wouldn’t back him in a B 6 at present he is at present best avoided with a capitol A.Jupiter his full brother out of a dual oaks winner and Irish derby finalist is finally starting to show his full potential though to quote Annalise he still runs as though he is three months old and has won his last three races that I think is 4 out of 9 and landed some serious touches in the process.His next race will undoubtedly be in an A2 and I’m not sure he is up to that,as yet any way.Scoched Earth a half sister to Ice on Fire is currently on the easy list with a foot problem she I think has won two ( Monmore) she would for sure make A2 at least but is the second widest runner on the track after her brother Meteoric rise who runs on to p of the hare rail,well almost.hes won four on the bounce and he would be open class from his current A2 grade if he didn’t leave 10 yards on the track each time he runs he’s also on the easy list with a foot problem.Elderberry Itoje has started back on solo trialing this week but his time was poor though yesterday the track at Monmore was horrendous for any dog to race on let alone a 39kilo pup having his first 480 solo.I still believe he will make a good dog but maybe not the open class dog I thought I had five of us own him,others are more optimistic than I am.On the back of Some hefty bets on Jupiter and Meteoric Rise I have purchased a pair of pups now 9 months old from a Ice On Fire repeat mating as you can imagine they weren’t cheap but at least the money can’t go back in the bookies satchel,well not yet any way.They are in the process of being named the dog will be METEORIC PHOENIX and his sister will be METEORIC STAR,I own the METEORIC prefix,a xmas present from my son wo is one of the five syndicate members of ITOJE and I might add his most fervent supporter all we hear over the dinner table is ITOJE this ITOJE that his mother is getting fed up of it I’m sure,it would be worse if she knew what he cost,they don’t come cheap out of the Ballymac kennel and Liam Dowling,any way when the dogs get racing again I will try and update you again,health permitting of course
Report doncaster rover January 7, 2021 12:14 PM GMT
Oh forgot to mention I sold my 50% stake in Towstar Paddy he was based in Ireland and ran in two rounds of the Irish Derby but he was patently out of his dept he was starting hit and miss and in that grade you just can’t do that.I asked the syndicate manager to bring him over to England to race at my choice Nottingham or Monmore he said he had to stop in Ireland so I sold him back at a substantial loss to him.Two weeks later I read on Facebook he has arrived at L fields kennels to race at Monmore.two weeks after that the syndicate collapsed with serious accounting issues,I wonder why when a man can pull a stunt like that.obviously the dog was his to do as he wished but it does leave a sour taste in the mouth,
Report irishone January 7, 2021 12:53 PM GMT
Great stuff Les , well done mate !
Report casemoney January 7, 2021 6:28 PM GMT
Thanks for the Update Les , sounds bang out of order to bring the Dog over after you bought out

Keep safe mate and G luck
Report backatrier January 9, 2021 6:02 PM GMT
Enjoy reading your updates & you capture both the joys & frustrations of owning greyhounds very well. Wish you a speedy recovery & look forward to plenty more updates over the next few years.
Report doncaster rover January 17, 2021 12:37 PM GMT
Well things are not going well for me and my dogs at present Jupiter has gone into A2 at Nottingham and I feel it is a step too far for him but at least he is running well Saturn Storm Nottingham well I haven’t a clue what’s happening with him he has just lost it altogether can’t trap ,no earl pace can’t stay be yo-yo day 200 yards,I’m at a loss what to do with him.Ballybrack Buddy a A 1 winner is ready to be trained ready for a trial he’s been off for about the last 12 weeks he’d fall over a matchstick and hurt himself.Elderberry Itoje ou five man share dog that was thought to be the second coming,did a A6 time in his trial last week he has his second trial next week and I reckon will win his share of A 4/5. Races.He is a massive disappointment to me he cost good money at 13 months as did Buddy who I only own 50% off.Scorched earth been o ff lame and ready to trial soon she is the second widest runner on the track ( Monmore ) she is fast but loses about 10 lenths running wide off every bend.then we have my favourite dog I know you shouldn’t have favourites but I can’t help it with this fella,even if not only is he the widest runner on the track. He is also probably the widest runner I’ve ever seen Earth and Rise are sister and brother Rise being the dog.hes also off lame and has been for about 8 weeks I don’t know when he will be back trialling The December bill is going to be bigger than the national two pups ( pair D and B )10 months old full brother sister by repeat mating to Ice on Fir are doing very well over in Ireland but I will have to bring them over 2 to 3 months earlier than I anticipated other wise I fear I will be facing a hefty VAT bill under apparent new rules which come into force in July,if this is true then a fear greatly for Irish breeding as the U K is their biggest market to sell to or at least a bid part of it .Any way that’s about it for now nothing good to report at the moment but hopefully things will pick up in February,Stay safe be lucky and keep on backing those winners
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