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13 Nov 09 09:47
Date Joined: 16 Jan 09
| Topic/replies: 18 | Blogger: Highspider's blog
Well done Jim, Bridge Bar won last night. an A1 dog at nottingham graded in an A6 at monmore and they lumped on, won by 5l
Last week Mill Emily won an A8 by 73/4L, EX A1 sunderland and found 120 spots. Is it good training or bad grading?
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Report panda November 13, 2009 9:55 AM GMT
bad gradeing if they are A1 at other tracks they should never be in A6 or A8 simple as that and it doesnt really matter if there trials were not great
Report OTB November 13, 2009 8:54 PM GMT
Maybe the said dogs couldn't run the track and needed time to adjust.Plus just because its A1 at one track it doesn't mean it will be A1 at another. I remember when they changed the track at monmore years ago. Some of the top grade dogs went 4 grades lower and some lower grade dogs went up 3 or 4 grades. It was great then. The bookies went on the old form!! :-) :-)
Report OTB November 13, 2009 9:05 PM GMT
I dont know how Albans Maldini was not seeded wide after his last 2 races!! Wide throughout. Drawn in trap 3 today and just ran straight off around the 1st bend. Hope Tango Shane isn't too badly injured, according to the results on the dogs it didn't finish :-( :-(
Report DoubleDitto November 13, 2009 10:45 PM GMT
Mill Emily took a while to get use to the track have to agree. Still think Bridge Bar was bad grading though.
Report Highspider November 14, 2009 7:53 AM GMT
Ditto, its not bad grading, Its good cheeting mate.
Report masked magician November 14, 2009 9:03 AM GMT
dear Highspider,

Bridge Bar is an APRIL 2005 dog that has had 102 races.

probably 95 of them at Nottingham

understandable that it would improve on its trials at Monmore.

thank you
Report Highspider November 16, 2009 7:20 AM GMT
Well you would expect improvement from a young dog, but you no as well as anyone that doesnt wear blinkers, job done! A1 DOG in an A6, and an A8

Monmore | 07/11/2009 | 21:45 | Grade A8 | 480m | 1st £91

Fin Greyhound Trap SP Time/Sec. Time/Distance

1 Mill Emily 5 7/2 4.29 28.68

(Season: ) bk b Brett Lee-Farloe Veddict Nov-2006 (Trainer: L G Tuffin)
Comment: QuickAway, RanOn

2 Spotted Frances 2 5/2 4.40 29.30 (7 3/4)

(Season: 27.Ja.09) bk b Top Honcho-Spotlight Lady Jul-2005 (Trainer: K Billingham)
Comment: SAw, Imp&Ck 1/4

3 Draw A Line 1 8/1 4.20 29.40 (1 1/4)

f d Conspiracy Seb-La Galga Ellie Mar-2007 (Trainer: K Turner)
Comment: EarlyPace

4 Ballymac Dolores 6 7/4F 4.25 29.46 (3/4)

(Season: ) be b Ace Hi Rumble-Ballymac Mir Apr-2008 (Trainer: C Allsopp)
Comment: Wide, EveryChance

5 Dadleys Sunset 3 4/1 4.37 29.90 (5 1/2)

(Season: ) f b Crash-Clash Winnie Apr-2008 (Trainer: C Allsopp)
Comment: Imp&StumbledRunIn

6 Longton Max 4 4/1 4.49 30.01 (1 1/2)

wbk d Droopys Agassi-I See Kate Jul-2006 (Trainer: M T Baker)
Comment: SlowAway

Well done, hope you would come up with a better excuse in a stewards room.
Report muzzle November 16, 2009 7:39 AM GMT
well done to all concerned, keep them doggies rolling
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 10:24 AM GMT
Hang on a minute. Lets get a balanced view.

Mill Emily

07/11/2009 480m 5 4.29 1st 7 3/4 Spotted Frances Monmore QuickAway,RanOn 28.68 +50 7/2 A8 29.18 View Race

02/11/2009 480m 5 4.47 6th 11 Flyaway Josie Monmore SAway,Crowded 1/4 29.10 +20 6/1 A8 30.15

29/10/2009 480m 5 4.40 5th 8 1/4 Head It On Clare Monmore SAway,Crowded1& 1/4 29.09 +10 6/1 A7 29.85

23/10/2009 480m 4 4.33 6th 7 Wombourne Olivia Monmore Crowded3 29.00 +30 4/1 A6 29.84

15/10/2009 480m 4 4.45 6th 5 3/4 Zigzag Wizzy Monmore CrowdedStart& 1/2 29.34 N 7/2 A6 29.77

High Chrisse

26/10/2009 480m 3 4.18 1st 6 3/4 Headiton Dovey Monmore QAway,RanOn 28.49 +20 4/1 A6 28.69

19/10/2009 480m 1 4.35 4th 4 1/2 Kilgraney Navy Monmore MissedBreak,EarlyPace 29.10 +20 5/2F A6 29.64

08/10/2009 480m 2 4.39 5th 3 3/4 Icemaid Lucie Monmore MsdBrk,EarlyPace 28.99 +30 3/1 A6 29.59

01/10/2009 480m 2 4.27 5th 5 1/4 Earth Mover Monmore FcdToCk1 28.94 +20 5/1 A6 29.55

Why not highlight the other example given here? Which one was a BAGS race where a decent bet could be slipped on unnotticed?
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 10:25 AM GMT
Would the trainer involved be the reason? Have you got an hidden agenda? Dogs find time, jobs are pulled but lets not make Emily look like the worst case.
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 10:26 AM GMT
Was Jim at fault with the Cowdrill b1tch?
Report PENNPICK November 16, 2009 11:30 AM GMT
Highspider. I think your being harsh on Tuffin - he doesnt grade the card. Bridge Bar (Apr 05) has not raced since May. Reasonable trials behind two good prospects and likely to improve. Last Thursday, track was favouring rails- due to heavy rain falling. Plotted up against moderate opposition and duly obliged. The bookies spotted its potential and opened 6/4 - only small money invested. (SP 6/4)
Report OTB November 16, 2009 12:11 PM GMT
If it hadn't of tinned the lids, it wouldn't have led, so therefore would not of won that far- maybe even not won! So not really fair on trainer or grader IMHO.
Report OTB November 16, 2009 12:14 PM GMT
As with High Chrissie - The ** was just coming right from season, although the wheels did fall off the race before, you never know with these **es running through season. I wasn't on when she skated up :-(
Report Highspider November 16, 2009 2:23 PM GMT
Why would i have pulled that 1 out, the same day
Parkwest willy 28.25 A2, Ekatarina 28.56, Woodland Fox 29.08 A9, Obviously the track that day was flying, so why would have a hidden agenda ?......
Nothing wrong with getting it right, not havin a go at Tuffin, very good trainer with quality dogs, but the 2 in question where dropped in.
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 8:30 PM GMT
No, you did have ago at Tuffin. Look at the thread title. Tuffin [b]does it again[/b]. Don't claim you were not having a dig!

We both know the reason why High Chrissie would not be mentioned by you!!
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 8:33 PM GMT
High Chrissie got upgraded 3 grades for winning and is still competitive. Emily got upgraded 2 grades!!!! You still chose Emily to have a snide about.
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 8:42 PM GMT
Also, Ekaterina won again next time in a quicker time and Woodland Fox hacked up 3 runs later in a 20 spots faster time!! You obviously like your times!!

I still think Cowdrill's runner found more than Tuffin's runner!
Report ripped off November 16, 2009 8:42 PM GMT
You don't own dogs with Patricia do you?
Report Highspider November 17, 2009 8:39 AM GMT
You obviously got a problem with either High Chrisse or ME!
I made the point of EX A1 dogs being graded in such low grades at monmore, if it was a perry barr dog, maybe they would be in a lower grade than there old track. As for high chrisse looking back through her card, she was an A3 ** before her seasonal rest, as for what stable im in dont you think thats personal?
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