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02 May 16 09:44
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As a newish golf punter i posted before i was on a losing run and a kind post told me this was usual. After reading palmers book in desperation i started doing betting bias  ew  double at massive prices .This week i said this is my last golf bet vegas 10win 240-1 and bjerregaard 10 win 90-1 and a £5ew double on betfair. On sat i saw cash out on my screen 640 for the double 219 vegas and 194 bjerregaard so being nearly broke i cashed out not having heard of vegas i thought at least i have over a thousand back which was desperately needed so imagine my horror to see 3rd in china and vegas still there. The sad part for me is if funds were good i would never have cashed out and i understand now why leicester fans cashed out. Put me out of my misery if vegas gets placed whats the damage the whole double was over 34,000  .Is there any body out there who thru lack of funds has cashed out and lost!
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Report lewisham ranger May 2, 2016 10:16 AM BST
yes cash out is really just a con, if you have a good bet you should just run it.

most people struggle to find an edge, and when they have one their good judgement is destroyed by this cash out option.

essentially by using cash out you are changing your bet to an inplay one which requires a completely different set of skills altogether. my advice to you in future is in placing golf bets to solely do does with bookies who don't give you a cash-out option, otherwise your tendency will be to panic.
Report El Bandido May 2, 2016 10:20 AM BST
You can disable the cash out option in your settings. Was the first thing I did when they switched to the new site.
Report Westender May 2, 2016 11:08 AM BST
The above poster is shrewd Wink
Report 6troytown May 2, 2016 11:37 AM BST
Thank you so much for the above posts in my case it was lack of funds that was the problem but advice given will be heeded!
Report wedge1 May 2, 2016 5:44 PM BST
shrewd cash out
Report 6troytown May 2, 2016 6:14 PM BST
Its been     quite week end now i have some funds will keep the bet going 10 win on each 5ew double if the sel is big 10 ew on the singles
Report Ski-Wiz May 2, 2016 7:57 PM BST
Don't use cash out as i have my own software that does it better.
Just wondering thought. When you cashed out... did it cash out all the bets in one go or can you do it separately.
Report 6troytown May 2, 2016 8:13 PM BST
ski-wiz the ew double stood to win 34000 approx and the cash out was 639 and the singles were separate 219 vegas and 194 bjerregaard because i had no funds and no wins on golf i panicked and the thought of a grand was the reason hope i have built enough funds not to do it again.
Report Ski-Wiz May 2, 2016 9:40 PM BST
So you had 3 different cash out?
Report Mighty Whites 2008 May 2, 2016 9:46 PM BST
turned out well in the end.

A 640 return on £30 stake after 54 holes is a nice return
Report Mighty Whites 2008 May 2, 2016 9:46 PM BST
turned out well in the end.

A 640 return on £30 stake after 54 holes is a nice return
Report 6troytown May 3, 2016 2:44 PM BST
Thank you for comments will post this weeks efforts later! Yes 3 cash outs  ive aged a little bit last week end .
Report 6troytown May 4, 2016 1:22 PM BST
This weeks non cash out bet! wells fargo  rodgers and hassan dunne £10 ew dble £26,500 approx and £10 dunne £290 and £10 rodgers £990. N O CASH OUTS ! Any old timers remember wells fargo tv series and the character jim hardie!
Report Kelly May 5, 2016 10:23 AM BST
Have never used cashout , but invariably I trade out when a position becomes healthy. For me "cashout" was always available , in total or in part , part being the way I would operate .

For me , cashout is a catch phrase , a sound bite , made up to make you think someone is doing you a big favour . Reckon most of us can do the sums ourselves though .
Report 6troytown May 25, 2016 10:20 AM BST
Long price double hatton 50-1 and mcgirt 100-1 £10 ew double pp ist 7 places £54 370  i can dream !
Report 6troytown June 1, 2016 8:46 PM BST
This week double larrazabal and leishman £10 ew double pp approx 38.500! plus 2 singles £12 win leishman to win 1068and £15 win larrazabal to win 960 good luck to everyone as usual
Report 6troytown June 6, 2016 7:30 PM BST
Aweek too early for mcgirt ! ew would have been ok with hatton never mind !
Report 6troytown June 8, 2016 6:27 PM BST
this week retirement special seun yul noh and slattery £10 ew pp £32,697 plus 10 ew seung 100-1 and 10 win slattery 33-1 mcgirt was a week late ! we,re on the right track and a bonus to relieve   sj  2 /50 ew double on the same 2 slatt and yeung £11068  good luck everyone!
Report yorkshirela July 8, 2016 9:48 PM BST
I once had £38 at 1000-1 on DA POINTS and cashed out at 38 to have a £1000 winnings. He went on to win outright.
I was on the losing end too when Man city beat Man utd to the premier league title. Man u were 1.01 in running and I could have made 10k by cashing out....I didn't and didn't win a penny.
I've had some luck too. Cashed out on Kj choi when he led after two rounds made 2k at Birkdale and the biggest one was Chad Campbell at Royal St Georges made 5k by cashing out and he fell back over the weekend.
It's all about confidence and nerve.....profits profit at the end of the day.
Report xmoneyx July 8, 2016 10:01 PM BST
golf has huge swings,cashed out on Day 60 secs before tee-shot 16th world

had DJ top 7  open a few opens ago to win 2k,he had a meltdown 5 holes to go when in lead £0 back

warren Scottish open 3 stroke lead 3 holes to go,just about to hit cashout,he drives one into gorse--£5k to £0 in 3 mins
Report kincsem July 9, 2016 12:24 AM BST
You can't have the cash out and the win.
I could have cashed out in the US Masters for 9k, but let it run for 104k and he didn't win.
Part of the thrill is watching with a possible payout fluctuating wildly.
Report xmoneyx July 9, 2016 11:01 AM BST
hope it wasn't speithSad
Report Golfvet July 9, 2016 11:12 AM BST
Why dont you just do it yourself instead of using Betfairs Cashout feature? Why lay all the options when most cannot win
Report kincsem July 9, 2016 4:22 PM BST
Not Spieth
€500 at 440 Smylie Kaufman., 69 3rd round, 81 4th round..
I'm on someone at 1000 in the Open. Happy
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