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06 May 14 03:35
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I know that the topic on the delay between TV and live action on the US Tour comes up all time but this year it seems to be even more pronounced. In virtually every event the radio has been in front of the TV more than before and on Sunday, TV was behind right up until JB's third shot om 18 when it miraculously caught up. The odds on both Betfair and the books are changing well before we get to see (or hear) what it going on. Has anyone else noticed this change?
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Report Mighty Whites 2008 May 6, 2014 5:09 PM BST
The tv coverage isn't obliged to be live. They have a schedule to fill.

During the early part of the tv coverage is always behind. This is deliberate as they speed up as the night progresses to fill the schedule.

The delays are also different if the players are playing in 2 or 3 balls as speed of play is different.

The radio is usually ahead or in line with tv but always behind the money.

On Sunday it was pronounced. The money came in when the event happened sometimes it drifted out and came back in when shown on tv such was the delay.
Report BCDoug May 6, 2014 8:43 PM BST
Thanks for your the response Mighty Whites. You are spot on in that the TV companies tweak the live action to fit in with the flow of play but my point is that I have been following and betting on golf for over 10 years and not seen anything as consistent as this in the past. Certainly something to bear in mind as the season rolls on.
Report Mighty Whites 2008 May 6, 2014 10:31 PM BST
It is always more noticeable when they play in twos, the pace of play was quick this weekend.
Report sandsave May 7, 2014 8:47 AM BST
Have noticed that radio usually way ahead of tv but sometimes you see the action on tv then radio comes back to a player and seems to describe it live. Thought this was a recording but funny thing is they always seem to give exact distance missed i.e same as shown on shot tracker!
So neither tv or radio are live and obviously cant be because many players will be hitting shots and almost exact same time. I guess if you want exact live watch horseracing or football.
Report trebor May 7, 2014 9:35 AM BST
The radio coverage is taken from the TV coverage most of the time,  I mean it's always in the same order as the pictures are shown, but they do have 1 or 2 people on the course as well, I was standing by the 7th green at Bay Hill once and thought someone had PGA tour radio on only to see it was one of the commentators standing behind me, he didn't have a very good view, could see how they just guess sometimes and say things like " that should be close enough for his par" when on TV we can see he has 6ft left,
Report fringe up walk on May 7, 2014 10:41 AM BST
Follow the money, it never lies.
My brother is Stateside and their up to two mins ahead of our pics, pretty sure the Canadians are on a par .
Report racingptpok May 7, 2014 10:47 AM BST
Where do you get the radio coverage from?
Report Total Bosman May 7, 2014 11:26 AM BST
There's the obvious delay between US broadcast and UK broadcast, but, like sandsave says golf is unlike any other sport:  it's not all there in front of you, and there can be 36 things happening at once, all of which may or may not turn out to be relevant.  Plus there are features and interviews to integrate, so, unless it's an obviously important shot coming down the stretch you're more or less watching a highlights package being put together on the fly.  The radio features more live shots because they have a few reporters with just a select few groups, and with any group that isn't being covered that way the shots are described by the guys in the studio off tv coverage. 

So while the time advantage US / Canada viewers have down the stretch is huge, for the bulk of the tournament they aren't getting many live shots either, although it does leave us all frustratedly staring at the awful new leaderboard for information.
Report Mighty Whites 2008 May 7, 2014 6:59 PM BST
tb you can still get shot tracker. Doesn't seem to work in chrome but is fine in internet explorer
Report SophieB May 11, 2014 2:55 PM BST
I live in Canada and normally what I see on TV has minimal delay, I can't mop up any money but likewise not getting hoovered by having money up, have time to cancel bets.
However, like BC says last 3 or 4 PGA tournies have been completely different, I've been between 15secs to over a minute behind the action.
Welcome to your UK world I hear you say...!
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