Fix the lay sp button on the dogs please.2 x bet lapsed rather than sp matched last night - v annoying
Place laying two dogs per race.

Any bet not matched before the off shows as lapsed in my account despite clicking on the take sp button before the race starts.
This isn't good enough as, in most races, normally just one is placed and the other unplaced dog acts as a buffer, covering most of the other bet - the whole point of the system.
If the unmatched bet is lapsed rather than sp matched then in most races your malfunction inflicts a (bigger) loss on me than would occur if the take sp function was working.

Happened twice last night and cost me about a tenner in total.

Please get it fixed immediately and let me know when it has been done.

Thank you,
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And it has happened twice again tonight already.
Please, please, PLEASE - fix it so that 'Take SP' button works on greyhound place markets as it is supposed to do!!!!
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July 27, 2021 7:20 PM BST